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"Alright Evans?" Potter asked, as he passed by me in the hallway.

As he always did.

Every single day.

With that stupid smirk displayed on his face, his stupid hand in his hair, his stupid beautiful eyes twinkling behind his glasses. Sirius Black, the big buffoon, on his other side, laughing, as usual. Remus was on Potter's other side. The only nice one, in my opinion. The other three were impossible.

"Hello," I jumped and looked around to see Mary MacDonald standing next to me, smiling slightly

"Hi," I smiled, leaning on her shoulder

"Aw, what happened to Lily today?" she teased, and I rolled my eyes

"Same thing that happens to Lily every day," I said, and Mary laughed. She was the cutest little thing, Mary. She was shorter than me, and I'm around 5"4. She's one of the only girls at Hogwarts who has short hair, which is actually very strange right now, as we do live in the 70's. Nobody has short hair. She's got a cute little pixie cut though, mahogany brown hair, and bright blue eyes. She's a petite little thing, and she's always happy.

"Potter, of course," she said, rolling her eyes happily, "Well, think of it this way, it's Friday!" she squealed, and I felt a grin spread across my face, "It's Hogsmeade tomorrow! Hell it's the weekend tomorrow!" I shook my head, smiling, and she grinned, "Aha, there's that smile. Mary one, Potter negative three billion," she said, and I burst out laughing

"I bet you have more than one Mary," I said, and she shrugged.

"Oi! MacDonald!" we turned to see Black sauntering our way, grinning devilishly, Potter, Pettigrew and Remus along with him. I groaned as Potter grinned at me, and Mary nudged me.

"What?" I said, and she shook her head, grinning at me.

"Lily and Potter," Mary started singing in a whisper, so only I could hear, "sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S- BLOODY OW!" she screamed, laughing, as I whacked her on the back of the head, "Should I keep singing? Loudly?" she asked, as the boys stopped in front of us, watching our exchange in amusement.

"If you do,"

"What are you going to do? Put me in detention?" she teased, and I rolled my eyes, "You want to laugh," she said, poking my cheek, "I know you do,"

"Go away!" I laughed, slapping her hand, and she grinned at me.

"I win," she said simply, before turning to the giant boys in front of us. No joke, they were massive. I had to crane my neck to look Potter and Black in the eye, not that I ever did. Remus was only a little shorter than them. Pettigrew, on the other hand, was much shorter than them, "You hollered?" she said, looking at Black, and I saw his eyes twinkle

"I was wondering if I could borrow you," Black said, and I had to hold back a gag. We all knew what Black's 'borrowing' was. It usually involved shagging. Mary raised her eyebrows at him and I watched her.

"Sure," she smiled, and I felt my eyes widen, as did Potter's and Remus's. Black grinned at her widely

"Excellent," he said, and she shrugged, causing his smile to falter slightly

"Lily, can you tell Cody I cant make it tonight?" she said, turning to me. She winked and I bit back a laugh, keeping my face straight.

"What about Adam? From Hufflepuff?" I said seriously, and Mary bit her lip, pretending to think

"But, he's so cute!" she said seriously, and I nodded, trying to ignore the looks of incredulity on the Marauders' faces, "Maybe…oh okay I'll meet him before and then meet Black," she said, and I nodded. She smiled and then turned back to Black, who looked bewildered, "So what time?" she asked sweetly, and Black coughed.

"You seem busy," he said uncomfortably, and she sighed

"Why does this always happen?" she said, looking at me, and I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know Mary, you might need to get a planner book or something," I said, and she nodded.

"Shame," she said, and smiled sweetly at Black, "See you later then," she smiled, and then grabbed my elbow and dragged me away. The boys were still frozen in the spot. I swerved, leading us into an empty classroom, and we promptly burst out laughing.

"That was so, funny!" I choked out, holding onto a desk, clutching my stomach. Mary was unashamedly lying on the floor, laughing silently, with tears streaming down her face.

"Nice try girls," my head snapped up to see Black and Potter standing in the doorway, smirking at us. Mary sat up quickly and looked at Black, who was grinning at her. Potter was staring at me, and I had to stifle an eye roll

"Well played," Black said, helping Mary to her feet, and Mary grinned at him, causing my eyebrows to rise. I knew that smile.

"Thank you," she said, and then turned to look at me, throwing me a pleading look. I shrugged and she beamed at me, "So tonight?" she said, looking at Black, who grinned at her.

"How about now?" he whispered, and Mary flushed.

"We have class," she said

"We have a free period," I said, and Mary smiled at me.

"Okay," she said to Black, who grinned at her. He took her hand and dragged her out of the room. I chuckled and rolled my eyes, before heading out the door. I had forgotten that Potter was still there, and I ended up slamming into him.

Potter smirked at me and I glared at him before walking around him, "Evans," he said, "Hogsmeade tomorrow?" he smirked, and I just looked at him.

"When hell freezes over," I said, before turning around and stalking away to the library.

"Hello," my head snapped up to see Mary sitting in front of me, smiling.

"How was your shag?" I asked, and she laughed

"I didn't have one," she said, pulling out a muggle nail file.

"Then what did you do?" I asked incredulously, and Mary rolled her eyes

"Snogged," she said, and I snorted

"For an hour?" I asked, and she shook her head

"Then we talked," she said, flushing slightly

"About what?" I asked incredulously, and she shrugged

"Random things; school, his friends, my friends, you and Potter," she winked, and I narrowed my eyes at her, "I still think I'm right," she said, and I looked at her curiously

"About what?"

"I bet that you two would get together," she grinned, and I gasped


"What?" she asked, grinning at me.

"You told Black, Potter's best mate, that we would get together?" I asked, and Mary giggled, "Merlin help me," I whimpered.

"Lily," I looked at Mary to see her looking, wide-eyed at the entrance of the Common Room. I looked over to see five people walk in.

Remus Lupin

Peter Pettigrew

Sirius Black

James Potter

Stella Jones

I frowned. Potter had his arm around a girl.

I don't know why, or how, but the quill in my hand snapped in two.

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