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Some friends I have. Mary and Sirius ran away to do Merlin knows what together. Remus ran after only a few seconds of dancing with me. Leaving me with James Potter.

I hate how I like him so much. He's standing in front of me, right now, just looking at me, and I feel like someone is steadily pumping air into my stomach, trying to blow it up.

He is still looking at me.

Say something!

"Hi." Okay, it could be a billion times worse. That was good, actually, considering the circumstances. Well done, Lily. James chuckled

"Hey." Merlin even his voice is creating tingles all over my body. How, how, am I to have a civil conversation with him if I cant even look at him.

That's right, I'm admiring the floor. I promise you, it's extremely beautiful. See, the carpet's really intricate and…I'm a coward.

We continued to stand there quietly, me admiring the carpet and him lookin gat me. I should say something. I really should say something. I looked to my right to see Mary and Sirius dancing. Mary caught my eye and then waved her hands, as if telling me to move on with it.

Thank you so much Mary, as if I didn't already know that.

"Walk?" he asked, and I looked up at him, and frowned, "You want to go for a walk with me?" he asked, gesturing outside, and I flushed as he smirked at me.

"Er, yeah, sure," I said, and he grinned. He turned around and headed towards the portrait hole. I turned around and Sirius, Remus and Mary all gave me two thumbs up. I looked up and James was holding the door open for me, "Er, thanks," I said, and climbed out. He grinned and shut it behind me.

Merlin I needed to use the bathroom.

"So," he said, as we walked down the deserted corridor. I am not afraid to admit that I'm frightened. I hate walking around Hogwarts at night. It's scary.

"So what?" I said, and James grinned.

"Well, Lily, Padfoot just told me an…interesting story," he said, and even though I wasn't looking at him, I could picture the smirk on his face.

"Oh really," I said.

"Yes," he said, "It was extremely entertaining."

"Sounds intriguing," I said, and then shivered

"Are you cold?" he asked, and I bit my lip, "Here," he said. He took off his jacket, which I'm only assuming he was wearing as I didn't notice what he was wearing, and wrapped it around me, "Better?" he asked, and I nodded.

"Thanks," I said quietly, and he smiled.

"No worries," he said happily. We were down by the Entrance Hall at this point and he grinned wickedly

"What?" I asked, and he looked down at me

"I pulled you and Mary out of that broom cupboard," he said, and I felt a grin spread across my face as I remembered

"Yes you did, and Mary told you that we had done the dirty," I said, and James laughed.

"So Lily, do you want to hear the story?" he asked, and I bit my lip

"I'm pretty sure I already know the story," I said, and James grinned.

"But this is a different version!" he said, and I sighed. I knew he was going to do this. I knew he was going to gloat. He took my silence as a yes, "So. Once upon a time there was a bloke named James," he started, "James had three best mates; Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. James had been chasing a girl for seven years of his life," he continued, not looking at me, "One day, James snogged her," he said, and I felt a flush rise up on my cheeks, "After he snogged her, he asked her out once again, pretty confident that she would say yes," he continued, sitting down on a bench. I stood there uncomfortably, "She, however, didn't. James had asked out a different girl earlier that day to fill the empty void in his life, and he continued to be with that girl, trying to forget about she, who he really loved."

I looked at James, and saw that he was looking at me. He patted the bench next to him and I hesitated for a moment, before sitting down next to him.

"Now, while he was with this girl, James noticed something. He noticed that his best mate,"

"Which one?" I cut in, and the corner of James's mouth twitched

"Sirius Black," he said, and I nodded, as if I'd never heard the story before, "James noticed that his best mate and she were getting oddly close. James got suspicious. Sirius Black, you see, has a reputation," he said, and I nodded, "One day, James saw Sirius Black hugging her, and he got furious. He knew that his suspicions had been correct, you see, because that's what always happened to James," he continued, and I bit my lip, "James and his best mate didn't talk much after that. A few days later, something similar occurred, a row between the two mates, and she was, once again, the topic,"

"Sorry," I whispered, and he looked at me

"Lily, I'm trying to tell a story here," he said, smiling, "Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, so, James and his friend are having a row. That night, James and Sirius are not fighting, and are decorating for their friend, Remus Lupin's, seventeenth birthday party," he said, and I watched him, "James went to fetch the girl he was dating, because he knew that she, who he really liked was going to be there. While decorating, James tried really hard not to notice her, but, the thing is, she is amazing," he said quietly, and I bit my lip, feeling my heart rate sped up

Call me a loser, but I was extremely engrossed in the story.

"The next day, James's friend Sirius was called over to sit with her and her best friend. As you can probably imagine, James was not very happy. James kept his eye on them, and noticed that his best friend sat next to her. So James sent Remus over to see what was going on. Remus came back and told James that Sirius and her best friend were having a row. I forgot to mention, actually, that Sirius and her best friend were dating," he said, "So, when James heard this, he was worried. He wondered if her best friend was worried about the same thing as he was," he continued, and I smiled slightly

Hey, my plan had worked. I deserve to give myself some credit.

"So, then, James's replacement girlfriend, as I should call her from now on, sat down next to him and distracted him by chattering away about something stupid," he said, and I giggled, "next thing James knew, Sirius and her best friend were in a row. A loud one, I might add, and they broke up. James was afraid. He noticed as she ran after her friend," he said, and then looked down at his hands.

"I have a question," I said, and pretended to raise my hand. James looked at me and chuckled


"What happened to the girl that James was dating?"

"The replacement one?" he asked, and I nodded, "well, after she ran out of the hall after her friend, the replacement girl started to laugh. James got frustrated. She said that she was in for a lot of screaming, and then James looked at the girl and chucked her," he said, and I cocked my head to the side

"Why?" I asked, and James crossed his arms

"Lily, may I finish my story?" he asked, and I nodded, "Thank you. So, at his friend's birthday party, James had a plan. James had decided that he would dance with her and try and get her, because he didn't like not being with her," he said, and I sat up straight.

I hadn't heard this part of the story…well, obviously.

"James waited by the stairs, so he could catch her as soon as she came down. Her best friend came down and then ten minutes later, she did. James looked at her and he felt his breath catch in his throat. She looked gorgeous," he said quietly, and I felt the intense need to hug him, "Before James could say anything, however, Sirius Black came over and put his arms around her. James couldn't breathe. Do you know why?" he asked me, and I shook my head, "Because they were dating," he said, and I bit my lip, "Sirius Black dragged her away onto the dance floor and James stood there, shocked. He then felt extremely angry. How dare his best mate do that to him," he said, and I saw the anger flicker across James's expression.

"Are you-"

"Shh I'm telling a story," he said, holding his hand up, and I kept quiet, "So James walked over to them and asked Sirius Black if they could talk. He then led them up to the dormitory and shut the door. James turned around to glare at his best mate, and then, before he knew it, he was crying," James said, and I instinctively put my hand on his. James froze, and looked down at my hand, and I removed it quickly.

Damn reflexes.

James looked down at his hand for a few seconds, before clearing his throat, "So, Sirius Black walks over to James, and James tells him this story," he said, and I looked at him, "Sirius Black then looks at James guiltily and chuckles, causing James's anger to flare up, then, you know what he said?" he asked me, and I shook my head

"I really don't," I said

"He told James that it was all just a scheme to get him jealous," James said, and I felt a flush rise up on my face, "Turns out, she actually liked James all along, and that Sirius was only helping her make James jealous because James had been dating the replacement girlfriend. Isn't that crazy?" he asked me, and I chuckled

"It does sound pretty silly," I said, and James grinned at me.

"So, Lily, what do you think of my story?" he asked, and I bit my lip

"Well, I'm on her side," I said, and he looked down at me, his eyes laughing.

"And why is that?"

"Because I would've done the same thing in her place," I said, smirking.

"If you were James, would you take her?" he asked, and I felt my stomach freeze

"I don't feel like that's my decision, really," I said, and James crossed his arms, grinning.

"Lily," he said, "Do you want to know who the girl in the story is?" he asked, and I giggled, before nodding, "It's you."

"Really?" I said, and James laughed, "Wow, I wouldn't have guessed," I said, and James nodded seriously, "It was very well told," I said, and he grinned, "Although your grammar needs some help"

"WHAT?" he laughed, "My grammar is impeccable,"

"I should've recorded that story for you," I said, and he grinned. He turned slowly to look at me and I suddenly felt extremely nervous.

"So," he said simply, and I bit my lip


"This story has really gotten me thinking," he said, still looking at me, "I think if I were in James's position, having liked the girl for so long," he continued, and I couldn't hear him


"I would take her," he whispered, and I felt my heart stop all together.

That's right. It just stopped beating. Oh no I could feel my body shutting down. Slowly. Muscle by muscle.

"Really?" I managed to choke out, and he nodded, leaning towards me. He was getting closer. I could count all of his freckles. My eyes drifted shut.

Have you ever snogged someone, and felt your whole body relax? No? Well that's because you've never snogged James Potter.

My hands, as if having their own brain, were suddenly on his shoulders, pulling him closer to me. He had his hands on my hips again. I swear I have first-degree burns on there now. But it doesn't hurt badly. I hope it burns like this all the time. Something pressed against my lip and I gasped, and he took this opportunity to shove his tongue into my mouth.

I never want to stop snogging James Potter…

Sadly, as human beings, we need oxygen.

We pulled away from each other, gasping for air, "So, Lily," he choked out, and I looked into his eyes. He was grinning, "You owe me 10 thousand Galleons," he said, and I choked.

"What?" I squeaked, and he grinned at me.

"In our second year, if I'm correct, you bet ten thousand galleons that you would never like me," he said, and I flushed, "I'm waiting"

"I don't have ten thousand galleons," I said, and he laughed.

"Well, okay, fine, I have a compromise," he said, and I rolled my eyes, causing him to grin, "I'm going to ask this again, and if you say no I am actually going to kill you," he said, and I giggled, "Will you go out with me?"


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