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Starting Today, You are a Host!

Years had passed since the faithful day Ciel Phantomhive had left behind his life as a human. He had seen the world and beheld its wonders from the great pyramids to the Grand Canyon. Something was missing though; the dull world held no interest to him and he intended to change that. Taking destiny into his own hands he lifted the Phantomhive Company from the shadows and into the light. Surely enough it prospered and Phantomhive brand products flew off the shelves. Headlines for months only reported on the growing empire and the company's head being shrouded in mystery. The CEO of the company had made their mark on society and became insanely rich as he once was. A shock spread through the world when Ciel Phantomhive attended the Phantomhive press conference as owner; they were a little taken aback to say the least. With his new held status in the world of business he was expected to do what normal kids his age did: attend school. And where do the young, beautiful and wealthy attend school? Why Ouran Academy of course.

Sebastian had been the person to suggest Ouran Academy to Ciel. He insisted that he should make ties with the kids there to expand his company and he of course grudgingly accepted his proposal. After all if he could not help his master prosper in the world of business then what kind of butler would he be? So they packed their bags and moved to Japan right away. He had built a carbon copy of the original Phantomhive estate back in Japan, and after getting settled into the Victorian styled home he had enrolled in Ouran Academy immediately. Ciel would be attending as a first year, while Sebastian would be attending as a second year. The reason why you ask? Well Ciel really doesn't know how to function properly without Sebastian, but he'd never tell him that. So our story beings with Ciel's unusual encounter with the students of Ouran's class 1-A.

Never in my life have I seen such a weird sight, and that is a feat on its own for I have had a very long peculiar life, he thought. He was currently standing in front of a class room full of students. The girls all had hearts in their eyes while fainting at his British accent and childlike face. He was currently very irritated at their behavior, but being surrounded by Lizzy for such a long time he didn't show it.

This place was an enigma to him and honestly he did not like it all. Were all the mortals here overly filled with raging hormones or was it just his imagination? He could never be alone for fear he would be taken by the fangirls that had already formed in the short two hours since he arrived. What had the new generation come to? He wondered how Sebastian was fairing.

Somewhere close by a handsome butler sneezed while diving over a stampede of fangirls.

"You can take your seat in front of Mr. Fujioka", the teacher said while pointing toward a small girl in the last row, though he wondered why she was in a boy's uniform. He quickly took his seat without a word while moving gracefully down the aisle. He ignored the whispers and stared out the window. That's how he spent the rest of the class. He was broken from his peaceful state when he felt the gaze of a stranger directed his way. He looked up to see two orange headed twins and Fujioka standing very close to his face , well the twins were not Fujioka.

"I'm Hikaru and…"

"I'm Kaoru …"

"We're the Hitachiin brothers!" they both said in sync.

Ciel quickly went over their statuses in his head, for Sebastian had made him study the attendance charts during his tutoring lessons.

"Hello." He said in a bored tone. He really didn't feel like pleasantries at the moment, he just wanted to go home. It had been a very tiring day. Why did he agree to this again? The twins shrugged and started again.

"We're in this club and…" Hikaru started.

"… you should …." Kaoru continued until interrupted by Ciel short answer.


"That's not fair you didn't even let him finish!" Hikaru yelled.

"My answer still would have been no", he said in an irritated voice. They were starting to get on his nerves. He stood up abruptly and grabbed his bag starting towards the door hoping to end this irrelevant conversation.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?!" Kaoru yelled standing in front of Ciel.

"Home, now move out of my way." He was very close to summoning Sebastian to kill them: he was too tired to do it himself. It would be hard to cover up but it could be managed. The twins got an evil look in their eyes and then pounced on him, grabbing his arms and dragged him kicking and screaming to the club room. Unfortunately he had to go along with the human charade for now. Haruhi just sighed and followed, she honestly did feel sorry for him.

"Boss we found you a new a recruit!" the twins shouted while throwing the red faced Ciel into the club room.

"We also found a new recruit, his name is Sebastian Michaelis", Kyoya Ootori stated.

Ciel looked up from his position on the floor and saw a very amused looking Sebastian staring back at him. Also he saw a man with black hair and glasses writing in a notebook, a boy with blue eyes and blonde hair with an annoying smile sitting next to Sebastian, the twins were standing next to a table with a young blonde boy devouring cake and a black haired boy watching the young boy carefully, and lastly Haruhi was standing in the doorway looking unamused. Ciel glared at them all, he was not one to discriminate after all.

"Sebastian", he called sharply. Sebastian stood up at an amazing speed and helped Ciel stand, then proceeded to dust Ciel off. He looked like he was handling a porcelain doll that could break at any moment. This confused everyone watching the little endearing scene. He straightened up and ignored them all as Sebastian straightened his tie.

"I will never join your ridiculous club no matter what it is!" He stated angrily. The blonde boy with blue eyes acted like he was stabbed with an arrow and went into a corner while acting depressed. What an odd mortal he thought in disdain. Was he growing mushrooms?

"My name is Kyoya Ootori and this is the Ouran High school host club. This is Mitsukuni "Hunny" Haninozuka, Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka, Haruhi Fujioka, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, and Tamaki Suo." He said while pointing everyone out. "Please excuse the twin's rash behavior." He added.

"No I will certainly not join a host club." Ciel said in a disgusted voice. He was about leave when Sebastian grabbed his hand and whispered in his ear with his deep seductive tone that would melt any girl's heart.

"If I may young master, joining this host club could be a very prosperous thing. You could gain many pawns in your game." He stopped and thought over all the possibilities this opportunity could bring. He was always looking for pieces to add the game of his own design. A game that for everyone but the players ended in unfortunate accidents. It couldn't be that bad right? He turned around sharply facing the members of the host club.

"Fine I shall join this host club." Upon hearing this Tamaki sprung out of his corner of woe and jumped in front of Ciel. He struck an annoying pose and yelled.

"Then it's settled! Starting today, you are a host!"