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Something Is Amiss in Host Club Town

A castle, in all its mighty presence, stood intimidatingly amongst the forest trees. It was newly built, but screamed the history of a most sinister kind and with millions of bricks that had an ancient appearance. Trees reached to the heavens in twisted agony, their arms grabbing for something they cannot have, if you looked hard enough the shadows of the forest moved in intricate dances amongst the mist. The moon was glowing amongst the harsh waves of fog on a dark night, and the only thing disturbing this eerily peaceful scene was the thoughts of a "young" boy.

Eternity has been dull and less than pleasant; where had the excitement gone? Where was the battles and never ending mind games? The 20th century in all honesty was anticlimactic. There was no more duels, no chivalry, no honest words, or family rivalries. Everything was monotone to him. Recently he had been insisted upon to make take matters in his own hands and make eternity a little more palatable, but it all seems to bore him. He was begging for some excitement… and though not known to the now slumbering "young" child things were about to get shaken up.

Ciel hated mornings, even as a human he had hated them and being a demon had made it seemingly worse. He was not as normal as the other demons for he was once human, but held most demon traits: immortality, the need to devour souls, and demonic strength and agility. Though he relied heavily on Sebastian for God knows what reason. Perhaps he was just plain old spoiled, but who was to blame him he was an earl after all. Sebastian was his butler and needed to be reminded of his never ending servitude from time to time as well, so for this reason he was "spoiled".

"Master you must awaken you have important duties to full fill today." That cocky jerk knew he wanted nothing to do with those half-witted Host Club hooligans, and for all intents and purposes he would just sleep eternity away. Sebastian had other plans and lifted him in a grand motion out of bed and standing in front of it ready to be dressed.

"I don't see why you insist on playing such childish games still, young master." Ciel merely gave a prompt frown and glared while Sebastian dressed him. He did what he wanted and that was that.

Once he had finished being prepared for the day ahead, he looked at Sebastian in the car and plainly stated "I am growing hungry". Now he didn't mean tea and biscuits, he meant he had a most primal urge for the life of another starting to nag at his demonic senses but knew Sebastian got the gist of it. Sebastian merely replied, "I shall procure one for you in the next month". Every 50 years Ciel would go on his own "hunt", but for now he had Sebastian do it. He required a larger amount of souls than Sebastian, but in turn he did not truly feel the difference of the type of soul. His thought process was cut off once they had reached that monstrosity of a school and he was about to punish Sebastian for his smirk. He unwilling got out of the car, for fear Sebastian would cause a scene, and walked gracefully to class ignoring the way the entire courtyard had become silent. He knew they were all looking at the scene his butler and him made, but chose to let them stare like fools.

Sebastian dropped him off at his class room, and smartly remarked "Now behave Ciel, I will be back at lunch to retrieve you". Had it not been for the class of mortals in the room, which were all swooning, he would have punched him in the face. Sebastian sauntered out of the room leaving a plethora of rabid fangirls.

"Awee he stole our class time, brother." "Yeah we're the ones that put on the show around here." He heard the Hitachiin twins whine out.

"I have and never will have the urge to put on the show for a room full of estrogen raging fangirls", Ciel snidely remarked. The duo slowly walked backwards, for they felt an almost frightening chill go down their back at the glare Ciel had turned their way. For such a little thing he looked so scary, the twins thought to themselves. Obviously not feeling the chill in the air Haruhi spoke up, "Now Ciel they are people no matter how much they annoy you". He raised his eyebrow and then shrugged in a nonchalant manner and sat at his seat waiting for the class to start.

"What crawled up his ass and died?" "Ouch Haruhi!" One of the annoyances spoke thinking he could not hear them. If it were up to him he would be sleeping, but even he doesn't get whatever he wants.

Class seemed to fly by and the only thing that drew Ciel out of his distracted thoughts of the past was the hand on his shoulder. Normally he would promptly annihilate anyone touching his person without permission, but he didn't want to move quite so fast and Sebastian would never let him forget it, he could see the headlines now "PHANTOMHIVE HEIR GOES BATSHIT CRAZY" or something along those lines. He looked up to see who the offending appendage belonged to and saw the face of a Miss Haruhi Fujiioka. "It's time for lunch Ciel, classes ended 10 minutes ago", she quickly removed her hand once he looked at her. "I suppose so." Ignoring his bored tone she took his response as a thank you. "Do you have a lunch?" He looked for Sebastian and noticed he was not present. Sebastian should have been here 10 minutes ago, and his butler was not one to disappoint. But as fate would have it he did not seem to be coming any time soon. He looked back to Haruhi and shook his head no.

At that moment something strange happened for the both of them. Haruhi grabbed his hand and giggled, "I guess I'll feed you today". To anyone who had met Haruhi knew she did not giggle or hold hands. Even stranger a quick glimpse of a memory long forgotten flashed through his head.

"Ciel, I only want to make you lunch!" Lizzie cried. Her mother had told her women are supposed to cook for their husbands on occasion and Gosh dang it she would cook for her fiancé!

"Now Lizzie Sebastian has surely already prepared something", he said trying to defuse the situation until Bard ran up and stated Sebastian had to run an errand and had not had time to make lunch. Before he could notice the uncanny timing of the situation Lizzie shouted with joy, "I guess I'll have to feed you today!" grabbed his hand and drug him to the kitchen.

Chopsticks being placed in his hand awakened him from his dream like state. He noticed he was now seated amongst the cherry blossoms on a marble bench with Haruhi. They ate together in silence, Haruhi noticing nothing wrong and Ciel still in shock of the events that happened previously. The similarity was not just coincidence; something strange was going on and it involved him. They were about to leave when something or someone hurled themselves at him. Reflexes like a cat reacted and on instinct he caught the person. Hunny looked up at him with tears in his eyes and cried, "We couldn't find you! We thought you had been kidnapped!" As if he would allow that to happ… we? All of the sudden it felt as if a tornado had begun around him and his sense of hearing was being over loaded with the obnoxious sound of high wind speeds. He looked up to see a helicopter with a blond nit wit hanging out of it with a megaphone shouting, "MY DEAREST DAUGHTER DADDY WAS SO WORRIED!" Idiots. He was surrounded by bloody idiots. He never noticed the glint in Hunny's eyes or the fact that he had drawn him away from Haruhi.

Things were about to get interesting in the young earl's life.