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Chell slid down the test chamber wall clutching her side, blood trickled between her fingers from her latest brush with the turrets. Her eyes drifted to the silent potato battery skewered on her hand-held portal device.

A small part of her resented GlaDOS' presence. Not due to the computer's multiple attempts to murder her or even the constant sarcasm and cutting comments. No, it was because the super-computer's current form brought thoughts to the forefront the woman desperately wanted to ignore.

Unbidden, her memories flashed back to the hall of long abandoned potato batteries. A sad remnant of Aperture's first and last "Bring your daughter to work" day. Even if she could speak, she wouldn't have drawn Wheatley's attention to the fact that the single potato overgrowing the Enrichment Center was hers. A small part of her found it a poetic analogy of her own situation. Judging by the decay of the building, the owners of the decomposing specimens must have died ages ago, while she was still alive.

'However,' a dark part of her thought, unconsciously echoing GlaDOS' tone, 'normal potatoes don't grow like that.'

She shook her head as the pain-induced haze cleared from her vision. Pulling her hand from her wounds, she numbly watched the last bullet push from her skin. Only pink welts remained. Suppressing a shiver of revulsion, Chell pushed off the wall and completed the chamber.

While GlaDOS and Wheatley tossed around the first AI's insults, a bitter smile twisted the test subject's face.



A horrible person.

The insults were so petty, they were amusing. Chell refused to let either AI know that only one of GlaDOS' barbs struck home and even now reverberated in her mind...

"You MONSTER..."