Title: An Experience Worth Sharing

Pairing(s): Light Yusei/Aki

Rating: K+

Warning(s): None.

Note(s): Enjoy.

"Two is company, four is a party, three is a crowd. One is a wanderer."

-James Thuber

Aki had nearly forgotten how much she loved riding her D-Wheel. Since she was obviously unable to take it with her abroad, she was a little rusty with the manuvering, but she had gotten the hang of it again very quickly. Nevertheless, it was comforting to know Yusei was riding a little up ahead of her, just in case she wiped out. The young women smiled and lifted her slightly, feeling the cool summer night air whip past her form as they rode over the Daedalus Bridge. Yes, she had missed this feeling dearly.

"Aki." Yusei's voice, which came through tiny speakers installed inside her helmet, caught her by surprise and cause her to wobble a little bit. She managed to regain control, however, and reply.

"Yusei?" she questioned. "What's the matter?"

"You may want to start decelerating. We're stopping a little further up," he explained calmly. Though he couldn't see, she nodded and pressed her foot lightly on the brake. The two riders eased to a stop alongside the pier in the Satellite area. Aki took a long look at the Neo Domino City from across the bay, noticing how bright and glorious it seemed from such a distance. She briefly wondered if Yusei often came here before the two cities were connected to admire the glow of the utopia. She followed Yusei's lead and dismounted her D-Wheel, removing her helmet and shaking out her hair.

"Why did we come here, Yusei?" she asked finally, setting her helmet on top of the seat. He remained silent for a long moment, tilting his head upward.

"Look," he said plainly. And she did.

"The stars," she mused, watching the thousands of tiny little white dots twinkle in the blackened sky. She really had no idea where he was going with this.

"They're harder to see from the city," he explained. "The lights make them look bleak."

"Ah," she replied, though she still didn't quite understand what he meant. Silence fell and Yusei dropped to the ground swinging his feet over the edge of the chilly water. He then gestured for Aki to join him. She hesitated, but timidly sat beside him nonetheless.

"Mars is supposed to be visible tonight," he remarked suddenly. Aki cast him a wary glance.

"Is it?"

"Yes." He cracked a smile and pointed upward. "There it is. Can you see it?" Aki strained her eyes, but was unable to find something unusual among the massive field of stars.

"No," she confessed sadly. Yusei gently grasped her wrist, moving just the slightest bit closer to her as he tried to point her in the right direction. Her cheeks flushed pink as he did; sometimes, she wondered if he had any idea what kind of effect his touch had over her.

"There," he said. "You'll have to look carefully, or you'll miss it." Aki tried to locate the planet again and this time was successful. Her eyes widened a little bit in awe, entranced by its unusual beauty. It was dim and difficult to see, but the reddish dot she saw was unmistakably Earth's sister planet compared to the white paradisical stars that tried to outshine it.

"It's beautiful," she muttered quietly. She tore her eyes off of the celestial body for a moment to look at him, and was surprised to see that he was already looking at her. "But... why?" Her question was vague and could have been interpreted in several different ways, but Yusei was able to understand exactly what she meant. He smiled.

"I just wanted to show you."

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