Shanks insisted that Zari stay with them during the duration of their stay. He even offered for her to come with them, but she insisted she find her captain. "I thank you for your hospitality and your kindness, but I know Ace will look for me there, common sense really." Zari said with a weak smile.

"Yes, I understand," Shanks said with a big grin. "Now, you tell Luffy that I'm eager to see him again when he's a great pirate - or Pirate King as he swears." Shanks said with a hearty laugh. "Now you take care of yourself." He said lowly and she nodded. The rest of the crew wished her farewell and a few were sad to see her go.

"You take care of yourself and that little one. Also tell my son he's doing great and I can't wait to see him again." Yasopp said with a grin. Then they all got on their galleon and set off, many waving bye until they could no longer see her.

Ben came up to Shanks. "Ace got himself a good woman." He said with a grin and Shanks nodded.

"He deserves happiness - he's a good man. I hope they find each other soon; her worrying over him may not be good for the kid." Shanks said finally turning his back to the island and out to open water.

A few days passed, Zari was sitting at the eatery, picking at her food, until she heard familiar voices. "I don't see why I'm here. I have to get supplies for the ship," Came one of the voices.

"Because I want to eat," came another voice, dull but accertive at the moment.

"And i want to drink," Came the third voice that Zari didn't want to deal with currently. Nothing was said for another moment and then Zari heard footsteps rapidly approaching her. Had it been anyone else she would have drawn her sword but she knew there was no need.

"Hey Ace!" Luffy said loudly and slapping, unknowingly, Zari on the back. Zari released a loud cough in response.

"Oi! Treat a lady gentle!" Zari coughed and took a few breaths. Luffy had a curious expression, and Zoro and Sanji were shocked. "How can you confuse a woman's figure for someone Ace's size?" Zari coughed again as luffy looked dumbfounded. "I wish Ace was here though," She said lifting Ace's hat a little and looking at them. "It's good to see you again sencho. i'm glad we found each other so soon."

"Why do you have Ace's hat?" Luffy asked solemnly.

"Ace found Blackbeard - they fought. Now there is no sign of either of them. I searched and I waited for three days and nights, but all i could find was his hat."She said as she pulled the hat down to shadow her eyes. A tear managed to escape her restaint and ran down her cheek. Sanji put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Why didn't you help him then?!" Luffy snapped, causing her to flinch.

"I wanted to, more than anything, but," Zari said, then stepped down, and turned around. Sanji and Zoro looked at her in shock.

"Who knocked you up?" Luffy asked bluntly. Then Sanji kicked him on the head with the heel of his foot.

"Don't say it like that! It's rude!" Sanji shouted angrily. All eyes were on them now and the barkeep was about to head over. Zari gave a smile and a wave to let him know everything was okay.

"It's okay, oniisan. Luffy, this child will be your niece or nephew." Zari informed him with a gentle smile as she rubbed her stomach.

"WHAT?! Ace knocked you up?!" Luffy shouted and everyone looked at them again.

"Shut up!" Sanji and Zari growled in unison, one kicking him and the other hit him upside the head. Zoro stood behind Sanji and luffy, scowling.

"Ace loves me, and I love him, luffy." Zari asserted seriously. "But there is another reason why I've been looking for you." She said darkly. "However, it'll have to wait until the crew is all together." She whispered lowly. Then they all sat down at a table. "Oniisan, can you give this to the barkeep? It's my tab." Zari said handing over some money.

"Yeah, of course," Sanji said and took the beli. Sanji did as she asked. The barkeep nodded and then cleaned off the bar.

"What happened to you guys? You're all wrapped up. Who'd you fight?"Zari asked trying to get them on another topic.

"Lots of people. Now don't change the subject." Sanji said seriously, and Zari frowned in response. "How far along are you?" He asked as he sat back down.

"Five months and this one's a fighter - forever squirming!" Zari said with a laugh. "Oh there he goes," she said, taking Sanji's hand and bringing it to her stomach.

"I wanna feel!" Luffy shouted, reaching over and placing his hand on the other side from Sanji's. "Wow! You've become a punching bag!" He laughed happily. "I'm gonna be an uncle!"

"But wait, you left a little over five months ago." Zoro said leaning on the table.

"While that part is none of your business. It doesn't take but fifteen minutes to get pregnant, and there's 96 quarter hours in one day." She said glaring at him.

"A few years ago I received a letter from my brother. It said he saved a girl at sea, and he said that this girl captivated him." Luffy said thoughtfully looking at the ceiling.

"Yes, it was the last night I spent with the navy. A fierce storm threw me overboard. I had been wanting to leave but not in such a way." Zari chuckled leaning on her elbow. "I found a crate that went over and held on. The next thing I knew I was waking in Ace's arms." She said dreamily. "Whitebeard didn't want to keep me inboard because do could have been a spy. However, Ace vouched for me and claimed responsibility for me. Whitebeard agreed that I could stay until they next made port. It was fun being a pirate. I knew that was going to be my life. It would be the tale to tell!" Zari said happily remembering all the fun times she had with Ace. "I made sure to keep my head down and my nose clean. I didn't want him to get trouble because of me. He's hasn't changed, but Teach sure showed his colors!" She said becoming serious again.