Title: Five Little Nobodies.

Genre: Angst.

Rating: T.

Summary: Five little nobodies, all broken and bruised. They tried so hard, but life just refused. Team7.

Note: This idea was inspired from Xinthos' story And Then.




Sasuke slams the door to his bedroom. It echos through his empty house.

He falls on his bed, no feelings course through him like they used to.

He remembers a time when he felt proud of his training, his knuckles split and bleeding.

Now he sees it only as a sign he needs to try harder because he can do better than this and he has to do better than this.

Because this isn't an option for Sasuke.

If he had the choice, he would have chosen them.

Five little nobodies, looking for a home.

One couldn't stop falling, and he fell all alone.




Kakashi is wondering where he went so wrong, making the Uchiha his little protegé.

He thought he could fix his past mistakes through Sasuke, and in turn, prevent the pain the boy would soon feel.

But he failed.

Kakashi smiles cynically because this is just so fucking ironic.

He hitches his mask up a little higher, and pulls his headband down a little lower.

And when no one is around to see him,

He falls apart.

Kakashi cries for the first time since he was seven.

Because he feels he could have, would have, should have stopped all this before it started.

Now they all feel the pain he felt when he lost his genin team.

And Kakashi can't help himself, and tears open both old and new wounds to watch the pretty colors flowing.

Four little nobodies, all trying so hard.

One wasn't smart enough and dropped his guard.




Naruto doesn't smile now.

He tried to fake it once, but after a while it begun to hurt too much.

Naruto doesn't even try to fake happiness now.

He withdraws himself from comrades. Because they aren't really friends now. Not anymore.

His hair seems colorless, and they all notice this.

But that's okay, he tells himself every night, because he has felt this pain before. And nothing can possibly top that pain, right?

Naruto doesn't smile now. He lies to himself everynight and tells himself that this isn't the worst pain he has ever felt.

Three little nobodies, all looking for a fight.

One looked to hard, and fell from the light.




Sakura is much like Naruto.

But she still makes an effort to mask her depression.

Ino comes around often, she always brings those cosmos flowers saying something about how they started their friendship.

Sakura listens, but she can no longer speak.

She has lost her voice, her smile and her heart.

And Ino knows this. That is why it's no surprise when she leaves.

But Ino still misses her and cries everyday.

It's a vicious cycle that can't seem to end.

Two little nobodies, both trying to make it through.

One wasn't good enough, she fell too.




Sai is the replacement.

He always has been. He tried to bring a sense of joy to his team, though he couldn't feel it himself.

But he still failed miserably.

Sai is the replacement.

When Sasuke, Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura are gone, he goes too.

Because he is the replacement, and even though he shouldn't feel anything, he feels it is his responsibility to go with them.

It isn't an instant thought. No, Sai tried to brave and stoic and keep protecting the village.

But he failed in that aspect too.

One little nobody, who tried to be a hero.

He tried far too hard, and now there are zero.