When You're Gone

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I've never felt this way before
Everything I do reminds me of you
And the clothes you left, they lie on the floor
And they smell just like you,
I love the things that you do
When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
And when you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too.
-Avril Lavigne

"I'll return for you. Deal?"

"How is she?"
"She's searching for you."
He smiled.

X Jane Foster/Darcy Lewis X

Darcy started when Jane grabbed her arm and hissed at her to get up and come with her. "Where are we going?"

Jane's dark troubled eyes met hers. "I'll explain in the van. Okay?"

"Okay." She grabbed her iPod and computer bag and followed her professor/friend towards the door. Hearing Eric coming behind them she stopped and turned. "Hey there doc."

"Where are you going?"

Darcy laughed nervously and leaned forward as though imparting a great secret and in a conspiratorial tone whispered, "Girl stuff."She nearly laughed when he blanched and backed away from her.

She waited until he had disappeared back into the back room and the followed Jane outside.

Jane was waiting with the van running for her. "What was that about?"

Tossing her bag into the passenger side Darcy motioned her to go as soon as she sat. "Head towards Wal-Mart until we're out of sight. "I told Eric we were going out for girl stuff." She paused as Jane let out a sigh of relief. "Didn't figure that you'd want him to know where we were heading, wherever that is."

"The Bifrost site."

This confused Darcy, because they had just been there two days prior. "But there's nothing there except for the markings and SHIELD's nerd squad."

"Just their equipment," Jane shrugged. "Coulson has promised me some time without observation today."

Darcy hummed and settled in for the drive out of town. "So why today?" she asked after a few silent minutes.

"Because of what I found on Thursday and what the doctor told me yesterday."

This surprised the younger woman, as far as she knew the only thing they had found Thursday was a slightly elevated energy level or something like that. She really wasn't good with all the science mumbo jumbo like Jane was. "You found something other than dirt and electricity?" She was clearly skeptical. At least until Jane pulled a tiny red velvet pouch out of her pocket, an equally small hammer (Mjölnir) pendant hanging from its drawstring. "What the hell is that?" She shook her head in disbelief. "I mean other than the obvious."

Jane smiled sadly. "It's a ring bag with a ring and a note inside of it. It took me most of yesterday to translate it." She sighed. "He asked me to be his wife and apologized for breaking the bridge."

Darcy's reaction was an immediate "What?" A few minutes passed as she tried to wrap her head around the idea that Jane's boy toy god had broken a wormhole. The only thing she could come up with to say was, "Why? I mean there's gotta be a good reason, right?"

Jane nodded, "Loki forced the bridge to stay open. He had to save Jotunheim. The only way to do it was to break the bridge."

"But what about you?"

"I'd rather he be who I fell in love with and sacrifice our happiness if it means saving innocents." She laughed softly, the sound barely disguising her tears. "At least now I know he's okay."

"And he still loves you."


The two women were silent the rest of the drive to the Bifrost site, each lost in her own thoughts.

X Jane Thorwif X

When they arrived at the Bifrost site the autumn sun was still high in the sky and mirages danced across the desert. Jane would miss this. She was delaying; she knew she had to tell Darcy that they weren't going back, that Stark and Coulson were going to hide them from the increasingly erratic Eric Selvig. She just didn't know what to say. How do you tell someone that they had to give up their entire life? She at least knew what they were getting into. As she stopped the van she sighed again. "We're not going back."


Jane saw that her assistant was totally floored by her words. She tried to find the words to explain. "We can't go back. Eric, he's…"

"Nuts." Darcy let out a laugh. "Yeah I know. But where are we going to go then?" She waved her hand at the desert in front of them. "I mean we are in the middle of nowhere already and he kinda knows who we are."

"We're going to die."

"What?" Darcy practically screamed.

Jane waved one hand as she rested the other on her fluttering stomach. "That's not what I meant. Not really, just… It's just going to look that way."

"But, what about Thor?"

She pointed to the Bifrost site. "That's why we're here. I figure that this is the best and probably the safest place to talk to Heimdall." She shook her head as she started to open the door. "I know he can't answer, but I need to try."

Darcy nodded. "Okay."

Both women got out of the van and Jane moved forwards to stand in the center of the Bifold knot-work that had been burned into the stone, while Darcy remained standing next to the vehicle.

Looking to the sky Jane once more took the ring bag from her pocket. "Heimdall. I think you can hear me." Her head dropped. "We're going into hiding. Darcy and I." She looked up again. "We think that Eric is being controlled by Loki. And…" She cleared her throat. "Tell Thor… I said yes."

A sonic boom to the west drew the attention of both women, prompting Jane to finish what she was trying to say.

"Please Heimdall tell him that he's going to be a father and I'm never going to stop looking for a way." At the sound of the Iron Man suit coming nearer, Jane pulled the ring out of its bag and slid it onto her right ring finger. "We'll be waiting."

Nearly as soon as the words were out of her mouth did Iron Man land a few feet from Darcy. "Hello ladies." A simple movement and his face guard popped open. Looking from one woman to the other he nodded to each. "I'm here to get you out of here. Don't tell me your names, I don't want to know. This is a favor for Coulson nothing more."

The sound of a helicopter reached their ears.

"There's your ride. Jarvis is going to be your pilot. Just tell him where you're going and what your new identities are going to be and it'll get taken care of. I'm not going to know anything."

Darcy shook her head confused. "Why not? And who's Jarvis?"

Tony looked at the younger of the two. "It's safer that way and gives me deniability. Jarvis is my computer. It'll be so highly encrypted in his databanks that no one will ever be able to get it out of him without destroying the data."

Jane nodded. "We're ready to go when he gets here." She looked up one last time. "Thank you Heimdall."

Beyond her knowledge and far from her mortal sight, Heimdall stood on the broken edge of the Bifrost and nodded. "Norn's watch over you and your child, my Lady."

X Thor Odinson X

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I beg forgiveness. To save Jotunheim from Loki, I had to break the bridge.
Leaving it open would have lead to disaster. Know my heart remains with
you in Midgard. Wear this ring if you accept me, as I will wear mine.
I will find you.

Thor Odinson