When You're Gone

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The cycle repeated,
As explosions broke in the sky,
All that I needed,
Was the one thing I couldn't find,
And you were there at the turn,
Waiting to let me know,

We're building it up,
To break it back down,
We're building it up,
To burn it down,
We can't wait,
To burn it to the ground.

- Linkin Park

You really have got a lid on it, haven't you? What's your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?

X Steve Rogers X

The call to Tony's office had turned into 'field trip' to Portland, Oregon. He had only gone to visit Stark Industries because Pepper had wanted his opinion on one of Tony's new projects. Some sort of World War II memorial museum. The call for assistance from SHIELD had taken them all by surprise. Unfortunately the only ones who had been available to go were himself and Tony. Hogan the Grim was currently in China helping Natasha and Clint with an alien problem, and no one knew where Bruce had gotten off to.

Unfortunately the problem the two of them had been called to had turned out to be Loki. They had called for assistance, but no one had answered. They had been cut off from SHIELD and Stark Industries.

"Damn it. Captain I don't know how much longer we can hold him."

He looked over to where Tony had landed after being blasted out of the sky yet again by one of Loki's minions. They were getting hammered. What they really needed was Thor or Hulk, but neither were currently available. "Has there been any answer yet?"

Tony shook his head. "No, and Pepper isn't answering either. Jarvis thinks that either there is some sort of interference, unlikely, or everyone really is just that freaking busy." He let out a rather loud curse when Loki literally threw one of his minions at them. "Gods I'd give anything for Thor to be here right now, but no… he had to be busy."

Steve let out a short laugh as he pulled back and threw his shield at Loki. "Can't always get what you want Stark." He winced when the Asgardian merely batted it away like it was an errant Frisbee.

"Can you two just please shut up and die already?"

Tony paused for a moment the green lizard-like minion in his hand still as he pretended to think about it. "Umm… no."

Loki growled as he dodged when Tony threw the lizard at him. With a half turn he sent blasts from his staff at both Steve and Tony, knocking both men to the ground.

With a quick motion Steve flipped back to his feet and dashed towards the trickster. With a hard right uppercut the Asgardian faltered, his staff clattering off to the side. "Tony grab the staff." A quick series of jabs pushed him back farther away from his staff. Steve barely kept on his feet when his opponent punched him in the stomach.

"You belong on your knees mortal."

It was through sheer force of will that Steve was able to straighten his screaming muscles and stand nose to nose with the demigod. "Never."

A sudden crack of thunder caused all of the combatants to look skyward. There was not a cloud in sight. Steve nearly laughed when Loki backed up a step, nervousness now clearly colouring his movements. "What big god scared of a little thunder?"

Loki shook his head and slammed both palms flat into Steve's chest, sending him flying back into the two lizards that were trying to hold Tony down. Another crack of thunder startled them. Looking up Steve let out a sigh of relief, for there high up above them was a figure draped in a red cloak.

"I'm not afraid of thunder, Captain. As I'm sure you can see I'm not overly fond of what comes after." Lifting his staff the god of mischief sent a blast of magical energy at the hovering thunder god, only to have to run himself when it was not only dodged, but answered back with a veritable downpour of lightening. "Come down and face me Thor."

The red clad god only laughed, revealing that it was in fact not Thor, but rather to Steve's surprise a dame. "Well Loki I don't know about you, but I don't think that lady is Thor."

Loki's face contorted in rage. "How dare you? Where is Thor? I will have your head for this woman."

Another laugh was his answer as the lady slowly descended from the sky. When she had nearly reached the ground Steve finally got a good look at her as Tony let out a low whistle. What he could see of her face was beautiful, but the rest was covered in a half-face mask that matched her cloak. Her hood was thrown back revealing long curly hair so dark that it was nearly black. Though she was dressed in armor that matched Thor's, it was the fact that she was wielding Mjölnir that really shocked Steve. 'Who is she?' "I thought only Thor could pick that thing up?"

Tony stood and clapped a metal covered hand onto his shoulder. "As far as I knew, he is. Any ideas Captain?"

"Not a one."

Neither Avenger was particularly surprised when Loki and his minions vanished as soon as the woman's feet touched the ground. Mjölnir was deadly enough in Thor's hands, but to find another who could use it was just plain unnerving.

"Ma'am?" Turning the goddess looked at Steve with a pair of very familiar blue eyes and a smile he had last seen only a few hours earlier. He knew her. "Freya?"

Tony looked between the two, his eyebrows drawn together in confusion. It was apparent that he was trying to figure out how Steve knew this Thor-like goddess type and wondering where he had met he and why he didn't know about it. "For the sake of everyone here, being mostly just me at this juncture, please explain who you are and how you managed to use a mythical weapon that, to date, has only ever been able to be picked up by our very good friend Thor."

Freya reached up and carefully removed her mask, revealing her delicate features. "I apologize, Mister Stark, but that information is classified, even for you. What I can tell you is that I am not a threat to you or the rest of the Avengers Initiative. I was sent to assist you while Thor is in absentia, nothing more."

Steve let out a little hum of understanding as he connected his meeting with her earlier that day with what she had just revealed to them. "You're a SHIELD agent, aren't you ma'am?"

She ducked her head with a light laugh. "Can't get anything past you Captain, can I?" She nodded, motioning to the waiting Quinjet, she asked for them to follow. "We need to return to Malibu. Agents Barton and Romanoff should be returning to the house in the morning with Hogun. Not to mention Mister Stark, you have a party scheduled for this evening. I understand that you like to be fashionably late, but missing it all together would be a touch rude, even for you sir."

X Anthony Stark X

AN: Well here is the next chapter. Not much by way of Jane/Thor, but it did have more of their time traveling daughter Freya. Her little arc will be done soon and it will be back to the regular story line, however there will be repercussions that'll be felt through the rest of the story. As a matter of fact, there is going to be an off-shot story of this for Freya's match, who will be introduced to this story in the next chapter. Please stick with me. I promised a long story and now that I've got my story notes back I can certainly get this going again. Next chapter will be up at some point, no promises as to when since I am participating in Camp Nanowrimo this June, so please do keep an eye out. Love and cookies to all.