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i just love Detective Conan so much, and since when i don't know.. i fell in love with the dynamic interactions between edogawa conan and haibara ai (or kudo shinichi and miyano shiho—yeah, they're virtually the same person).

so this is it: my imaginations.

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Detective Conan /名探偵コナン

Gosho Aoyama©1994

::Memories in Mozaic::



Kudou Shinichi. Miyano Shiho. They grew up in different worlds and had never met. But to Edogawa Conan and Haibara Ai, they knew they had each other. There was no such thing called reincarnation in this evil reality, but they both were reborn, indeed. Collections of drabbles and one-shots.






A GIRL with strawberry-blonde hair stood silently under the downpour, eyes transfixed to the ground. Her clothes were soaking wet and her body shivered a little, but it seemed that she paid no care at all. She sighed, looking up to the sky and let the rain hit her face fully, almost painful. She was standing in a small park nearby, only three meters away from the swings. No one saw her. People were busy walking down the street, wanting to be home—or reach their destination—as soon as possible to get away from the pouring rain.

She loved rain.

The sound of water hitting the ground...

The chill going down her spine, sometimes making her lungs hitched for the slight cold...

The faint smell of wet earth after it stopped raining...

But most of all, under the downpour like this, no one would notice her tears. She was able to cry as much as she wanted—no evidence would left. She could freely tell the grass, the air, or the wind, about her feeling.






Please... wash the pain away... so that I can put up that emotionless mask again tomorrow.

She felt water had stopped hitting her face even though she could still hear the noise of the rain. Something was definitely wrong. Abruptly, she opened her turquoise orbs. She couldn't see the grayish sky. It was blocked by a pink polkadot umbrella.

"What on earth are you doing here?"

She turned around, her breath was unexpectedly caught in her throat. "Kudo-kun...?"

Edogawa Conan stood behind her, his right hand stretched forward to share the umbrella with her, while his other hand was kept inside his pocket. His tone wasn't teasing like it always was... and surprisingly didn't sound angry either.

"Professor was frantically looking for you. He thought you are spotted by them on your way home and get caught. I had a hard time to get him convinced that you'll be okay."

No, Kudo-kun. I'm not fine...

"H-how did you know I was here?"

Conan grinned. "This is called 'a detective natural instinct'! You won't understand though, Haibara."

Ai flashed her ambiguous smile. "Oh?"

"Come on, let's go back to Professor's house! You will catch a cold." He offered his hand to her, but Ai simply ignored him and just walked away.

"I'm not a weakling, Kudo-kun."

Conan shrugged. "Yeah, maybe. But... Ai?"

"What?" she retorted, glancing over her shoulder. It wasn't so often that he called her 'Ai', so there had to be something whenever he used that name to address her.

"You can talk to me if something bothers your mind. That way, you don't have to wait for a rain only to cry. I'm not Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, or Genta, who knows nothing about you and your real story. Just drop the facade around me."

Ai was speechless.

She didn't turn around; Conan stood some inches behind her, still holding the shared pink umbrella and not doing anything physically to comfort her. He was only talking. And that boy was surely a sweet-talker, just like Kudo Shinichi.


"No need to hide your tears under the rain, Haibara."

"I wasn't crying." Ai snapped, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"I'll be your curtain next time. You just don't want to be spotted crying by everyone, right? Next time you feel like you want to cry, I'll hide your figure from everyone's sight." He kept on, not paying attention to her denial.

"H-how did you know I was crying?"

She heard a long sigh, then the small sound of his sneakers stepping on the wet ground as he approached her. Conan stopped when he was right by her side, that familiar Chesire grin plastered on his face.

"That's also my detective instinct."

"So you were observing me all along." Ai commented.


She glanced to her side, smirking playfully. "Detectives always come to a conclusion after investigating and observing things, don't they? And does that mean you were always watching me, Kudo Shinichi?"

It was his turn to be loss at words.

"Come on! Professor is waiting for us!" Conan said in hurry after three minutes of a full silence between them. He shoved the umbrella in her hand and ran—somehow Ai could see his left ear turned pink.

Sighing, she looked up to the sky again.

The rain had stopped.

"Thank you, Shinichi..."


end of the first fragment.