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Detective Conan /名探偵コナン

Gosho Aoyama©1994

::Memories in Mozaic::






HOW did they get here?

Conan tried to think, but it was no use. His brain refused to work as his fingers were buried in peach-scented strawberry-brown hair, his other arm linked around a small waist like a vise, and his lips were busy consuming her mouth in a desperate, hard kiss. He barely provided her a chance to breathe.

He was lost.

Her hands were trapped between their chests. She was neither kissing him back nor pushing him away. She simply let him do anything he please. He didn't care. This moment was his. He wanted to pour everything he felt into that kiss. He wanted to tell her every unspoken truth each time their mouths connected.

How did they get here?

He pulled away slightly only to capture her lips again.

It was the next morning after Professor Agasa passed away. Conan woke up on a couch in the living room with a warm blanket draped over his body. He recalled of not going home and spending the night with her. They watched TV together in silence, accompanied by a cup of warm tea, but actually both of them didn't pay attention to what the program was. Conan possibly fell asleep in the middle of it and Ai gave him the blanket before going to bed.

The first thing he did next was to search for that girl. Ai had become more open for the past few years, but still, he was afraid that this great lose would affect her psychologically. In a bad way. Conan was more than relieved when he found her in the kitchen, cutting vegetables.

"Morning, Kudo." She gave him a thin smile which didn't reach her eyes.

"Ah... morning," he replied, startled. "What are you doing?"

"Making us some breakfast." Ai said matter-of-factly.


Leaning against the wall, Conan stared at her cooking figure. She was still shocked and in grief. He could tell just by studying her movement. His worries strengthened as he saw the dazed expression she wore. Ai looked straight at the wall instead of her knife-holding hand.

"You don't have to cook for me." He spoke in a hope that she would get his meaning.

"I'm fine."

"Ai, you are pushing yourself too hard."

The sound of knife hitting the cutting board sped up. "I am not."

Conan sighed. Typical Haibara Ai. He raked his brain, trying to find another approaching method he could use to persuade her. That was when he heard a suppressed cry followed by a clattering sound. He looked up. The knife fell to the floor with small bloodstain on its surface. Ai had accidentally injured her left hand, and then she hurriedly went to the basin to wash the cut. The moment she bent down to pick up her fallen knife, Conan snapped.

"That's enough." He stormed towards her, catching her wrist to stop her attempt. "This time, you're going to listen to me."

Ai tried to free her hand. However, his hold was as firm as a steel cuff.

"No. I said I'm fine."

The young detective groaned. He didn't know what to do anymore. In frustration that took over him, Conan turned her around, and even before she could squeak because of his manhandling, he crashed his lips upon hers.

And the world around him narrowed down.

That was why they got there.


end of the Memories in Mozaic.