Dear Tyki,

I am well aware of you getting close…maybe TOO close to Lavi. Also, you stalking him every fuckin minute when he's…or we're on a mission!

And what's my point in writing this letter to you?

To put this briefly….

Lavi Does Not Belong To You! (pretend that there is a period after each word)

He does not like it. He would kick your ass if you do it ever again, so I've heard, but seeing as he has failed how many times in attempt…

And him being an idiot and not a so good fighter like me.

And why am I wasting my time writing a letter to an enemy like you when I should just kill you and slice you up with Mugen? Right, I don't know where your fuckin hideout is! Lavi doesn't even know that I'm writing this. He'll probably get the wrong idea. Che!

You better get all these words stuck in your head, you Butterfly-lover-freak after reading this letter! Or I may have Mugen get them into your skull the next time I see you.

Lavi is Mine! He doesn't know it… I don't want him to get the wrong idea. Get it? He also hates you, the other Noah, and of course the Millennium Earl … like everyone else here at the Order.

You're the enemy, plain and simple of why he doesn't belong to you. I don't care what people say about opposites… two lovers, each from rival parties… forbidden love according the law… BAH!

A Noah and Exorcist can never…NEVER be together! Even if they may be girl and boy…. Sound familiar? I've heard about between what's that brat's name? Road? Her and Moyashi…

He fuckin loves Lenalee!

Like I care… oh yeah, heard you stalk him to…

I'm going off topic, but I've made my point.

I hate writing so I'm going to end this letter.

The next time I see you, I hope to kill you like I did to the other Noah… what's his name? Rage….lightning…thunder…. sweet-loving bastard…

Che! I don't care.

Enjoy the days of living before I kill you, Butterfly bastard.