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Sperm Donor

Chapter 11

Nights of Romance


Valentine's Day was right around the corner. Well, three days away, to be exact. This meant that I had a lot of things to prepare for as Fate and I would be spending our Valentine's Day weekend at the hotel that was given to us as a Christmas present. This was going to be a big deal for us both because I was ready to give myself up to her. I wanted to be connected with her mind, body, and soul. So, this meant a lot of preparing to make everything perfect for us.

The first thing I had to do was make sure that Fate and I had someone who would babysit Faye. I had asked Lindy and Precia first, which fell through. Lindy said that Valentine's Day was her and Precia's time to bring sexy back, even though there wasn't really anything to bring back anyway. I should have known that there would be lots of romance and lovemaking when it came to them.

With Fate's parents not being able to watch Faye, I went to my parents. The same result ended up happening. My parents wouldn't be able to watch Faye because they were going to use the travel tickets they got for Christmas to go on a much needed vacation. I had to agree with them because my parents never went anywhere unless they were going somewhere on business. They really needed to get out, which was the reason why the tickets were bought in the first place. With a sigh, I wished them a happy and safe trip before I went to see who I could ask next.

I knew that I couldn't ask my brother because he already told me that he was going to propose to his longtime girlfriend on the day for lovers. So that only left my sister. I was relieved to know that she would be able to watch Faye. Miyuki's girlfriend was very fond of Faye, so they were glad to have her. With that all worked out, I could move on to the next thing needed to be accomplished. Well, that of course, had to do with putting that lingerie certificate to use.

The following day, Fate and I went to the mall to go to "Sexy Love", which is where my brother got the lingerie certificates from. We both walked inside and I had to say that I was really amazed at the selection. I couldn't help smirking a little. This was definitely going to be fun.

Grabbing Fate's hand, I pulled her deeper into the lingerie shop. I browsed a few items, but none of them were that appealing to me. I looked over at Fate and noticed the cutest blush on her face, which made me laugh.

"What's so funny?" she asked with a pout.

"You look like you're having trouble finding something," I teased.

"I've never been in a lingerie store before, so of course I'm having trouble. I don't even know where to start."

"Hm." My finger quickly went to my chin as I thought about how this problem could be solved. It didn't take long before the perfect idea came to mind.

"Hey," Fate said with hesitation, "I don't like that look on your face. What are you up to?"

"I was just thinking that instead of choosing our own lingerie, why don't we choose for each other?" I suggested. "It would be easier for the both of us."

She gave another look that told me she was thinking about what I said and it seemed she was thinking hard on it. It was kind of funny that she didn't trust me with buying her lingerie. Truthfully, I don't even trust myself, but it would make things interesting to see what she would get me.

"Okay. I'll agree to this, but no funny business." She pointed at me with a glare.


Her glare never left as we made a plan to meet at the dressing rooms in twenty minutes. She was also sure to remind me that I wasn't to get anything crazy for her to wear. I agreed with a sigh even though I really wanted to get her something really out there just to mess with her. But, I decided that I'll be good... for now.

Soon, we went our separate ways. I searched multiple racks for lingerie and whined every time I saw something good that I could tease Fate with. A small pout came to my lips as I found lingerie that barely covered the nipples and private areas. I wanted to get it so badly, but I ended up putting it back. I searched through more racks and fully came across something that Fate would actually be okay with wearing. It was a black lingerie set. Fate loves the color. The bra was strapless and would support her ample breasts. The bottoms were tight booty shorts. At least I could get a view of her butt.

After twenty minutes, Fate and I met at the designated spot. I couldn't help but grin because I knew she was scared at what I had gotten for her. I think her eyes darted from me to the lingerie more than a few times, causing me to laugh. "Fate, stop looking at the lingerie like that. It won't bite." I teased.

"Well, knowing you, the panties might be missing the front."

"Oh, that sounds like a great idea. I'll go and see if there's something like that here." I pretended to go off in search of such panties, but Fate grabbed my arm before I could even take a few steps.

"Oh no, you don't."

"Mou, why not? You'd look good in those panties." I pouted.

"I'm a little afraid of what you'd do if I wore those."

"Well, there would be lots of free access down there. I could suc-"

Fate's hand came to my lips, effectively shutting me up. There was a cute blush beginning to stain her cheeks. "Don't even say what I think you're going to say."

When she released my lips, a pout was there. "You're no fun."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's try these on," she said before we exchanged lingerie.

We picked rooms next to one another. I did try to see if Fate would allow me to go in with her, but she wouldn't have it. I guess she wanted to make sure I wouldn't do anything. So I went into the room next to hers, closing and locking the door behind me. I sat my purse to the side so that I could see what Fate had picked for me, and boy... was I surprised. She ended up getting a white lace bra and panty set. It left nothing to the imagination as it was completely see through. It also came with the stockings and garter belt. I had to say that I was impressed by Fate's choice. I didn't think she had it in her to buy something like this, but I was clearly wrong.

"My Fate is becoming so naughty these days." I smirked.

"I can hear you, you know?"

"Of course. That's why I said it." I giggled. "Your parents would be so proud that you picked something like this." I continued to tease.

She groaned. "Nanoha, please do me a favor and not mention my parents."

I giggled as I imagined her rolling her eyes as she said that. "As you wish."

After that, I got undressed so that I could try the lingerie on. I loved how the material felt against my skin. It was very soft and comfortable. I looked in the mirror when I had everything on and couldn't help but check myself out. I looked really sexy and I was positive that Fate would gain an erection as soon as she saw me in this.

"I really love this, Fate."

"I love this one too, and look, my essentials aren't showing," she said sarcastically.

"Very funny." I shook my head. "I don't know about you, but I want to see you in your lingerie."

Instead of a reply, I was met with silence. "No."

"No? Why not?" I whined.

"I don't trust you being in here without trying something."

"Please." I begged. "I promise I'll be good. I really promise," I said trying to convince Fate that I wouldn't do anything even though I knew doing something was my plan.


A grin came to my lips. Let the fun begin.

I told Fate to unlock and crack her door. It would be much easier to get inside of her dressing room that way. After gathering my things, I unlocked my door, peeking to see if anyone was around. Noticing that there was no one, I ran into Fate's dressing room, locking it. As soon as I turned to face her, all of my clothes fell to the floor as my eyes feasted on my beloved. She looked so good in that lingerie as I knew she would. Her breasts looked plump and everything could be seen through the panties. I definitely liked this look on her.

My eyes left her body to look her in the eyes. I guess I wasn't the only one enjoying the view. "You look wonderful, Fate."

Her eyes left my body and looked me in the eyes. "So do you... Words can't express what I feel."

"Well, if you don't know what you feel, how about we figure it out?" I grinned, which she gave a confused look to in return.

Never breaking eye contact, I pulled the loop holding my hair causing it to fall like a curtain. I saw how her eyes glanced down at my breasts as they lifted when my arms raised to fluff my hair. When my arms came back down, a grin deepened at her glazed eyes. What also caught my attention was the erection she was currently sporting.

"I bet I can tell you what you're thinking." My grin turned evil.

Fate took a step back when she saw that I was moving towards her. Her back soon hit the wall; my hands planted themselves on both sides of her head as my body came closer to hers. Our breaths mingled as our lips were less than an inch apart and it was driving me crazy.

"I thought you promised," she said in a breathless whisper.

"I lied."

I claimed her delicious lips then, moans immediately escaping from the both of us. My tongue slid in her mouth, enjoying the feeling of her strong tongue caressing mine. The need to feel her skin under my hands became stronger as the sexual tension between us became intense. My left arm snaked around her neck, bringing our bodies even closer while the other grabbed ahold of her plump breast. I swallowed the strangled moan that came from her throat as I continued to massage her breast. The feeling of her penis getting harder against me turned me on even further. I needed some type of friction to ease the overwhelming desire I felt. Slowly but surely, my pelvis began to move against hers. And oh, it felt good. Our moans and harsh breaths were the only things that could be heard. My mind was only focused on the pleasure I was currently feeling, causing me to grind harder and faster against Fate's penis.


Knock. Knock.

"Is everything okay in there?" someone asked, who I assumed was an employee.

I calmed my breath as much as I could before I spoke. "Yeah, everything's fine. My girlfriend is having trouble with the lingerie she has. It's rather funny." I giggled as Fate glared.

"Okay. I was just making sure since it sounded like someone was in pain."

Or rather, experiencing pleasure. But, she didn't need to know that.

"Thanks for the concern, but we're fine."

After that, the person left. I started laughing when the person was completely gone. Fate on the other hand, continued to glare at me. "Meanie! You could have gotten us in trouble."

"Nyahaha. Yeah, I know, but it was still fun."

"Yeah, whatever. Get dressed now," she commanded.

"Yes, ma'am."

After getting dressed, we paid for our things and made our way out of the store. "That was fun."

"No, it wasn't. I'm never going shopping with you again." She hmphed.

"Stop being a baby. Anyway, you know you enjoyed it," I teased.

Her cheeks tinted pink, but she said nothing.

"I thought so," I teased again, kissing her on the cheek. "Let's hurry and get out of here. I have somewhere else we need to go."

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see." I smirked.


I was currently standing outside of a convenience store, not really wanting to go in. Why, you ask? It's because of the reason why Nanoha and I are here that stopped me from going in. And what would that reason be? The most embarrassing reason ever!

After Nanoha and I had finished lingerie shopping, I thought that we would be going home to pack up since we would be leaving early for the hotel. Nanoha had said that we had forgotten something extremely important and needed to go to the convenience store that was close to her house. I tried wracking my brain to figure out what we had forgotten, but couldn't find anything. Nonetheless, I drove us to the said store. Once there, we both exited the car, which was the time I decided to ask my beloved why we were here.

"We're here to buy condoms," she replied.

So, here I am, outside the said store, already dying from embarrassment just thinking about condom shopping with Nanoha. I was so screwed. I knew that once I stepped inside the place, she was going to find a way to embarrass the hell out of me. I was screwed, indeed. On the other hand, I couldn't help feeling some excitement. Nanoha and I buying condoms could only mean one thing; we were planning on making love. Now, that was something to be excited for. I've been thinking about this moment for a while now and it felt good knowing that Nanoha was thinking about it too. That should have been a great reason to step foot into the store in front of me, but just knowing Nanoha was in there was a scary thought. She was definitely an unpredictable woman and I had a feeling I wouldn't be leaving here without a boner. Sigh. Why did I have to fall in love with such a teaser?

"Fate, are you coming?" Nanoha asked after opening the door of the store she had been in for a few minutes already.

I felt myself gulping. "I-I'll be coming in a few m-minutes."

She rolled her eyes and tsked. Before I could register what was going on, Nanoha was already pulling me inside the convenient store. I couldn't help but whine the whole time we walked to the aisle that held the condoms. A big pout came to my lips and I crossed my arms childishly, which caused Nanoha to laugh.

"Fate," Nanoha said putting her arms around my waist, "You should have known that we would have to do this eventually."

I sighed. "I know."

"Then why are you whining and being all pouty?" She laughed.

"It's because I don't want you to tease me!" I could feel my pout coming back to my lips after confessing my reasons for my actions. "It's not funny," I said dramatically as Nanoha seemed to laugh even harder.

"I'm sorry," Nanoha replied trying to keep her laughter at bay. After a few seconds, her giggles had vanished. "I do see your point, though. I will try my best not to tease you."

I gave her a small glare saying that she best try harder, which she laughed at as she drew our attention to the shelf of condoms before us. There were definitely lots of condoms to choose from. I wasn't even aware that there would be such a selection to choose from. There were more than ten brands of condom! I was totally at a loss here.

"Durex, Lifestyle, Crown... Oh!" Nanoha exclaimed after reading a few of the different condom brands. "This is definitely what we want to get," she said pointing to a box of Trojan condoms.

I had picked up the box of condoms, inspecting it. I heard that Trojan condoms were the best. I wasn't too sure why at first, but once I inspected the shelf more, I noticed that Trojan made a variety of condoms. I was amazed at the different names and uses. How the hell were we going to choose?!

"So, how do we go about choosing which one is best for us to use?" I put the box back on the shelf, waiting for Nanoha to give me an answer.

"Well, we have to figure out three things when picking condoms. We have to worry about fit, design, and shape," she explained first. "For fit, Trojan condoms come in regular, large, and extra-large. The design deals with if you want the condom to be thin, pleasurable for the woman, man, or both. Lastly, the shape means exactly what it says."

I looked at Nanoha, a little dumbfounded. How did she know all this information about condoms? I should have known more than her. I'm the one with the penis here. I felt pitiful.

"What?" she asked with a shrug. "I did my research."

"I see, and I'm impressed. Although, I should have been the expert here." I sulked a little.

"Aw," Nanoha cooed, "It's okay, baby. That's why we're here now, so that we can pick out the condoms together. I wouldn't feel right not having you with me. We're in this together, after all."

I felt better after that. I couldn't help smiling. I was glad that Nanoha thought that we should do this together. We were a team, we were in this together. And that was something to be happy for. I drew her close to me in that instant and placed a chaste kiss to her lips. She smiled just as I did and kissed me once more. I always loved having her close to me. I was so glad that we would be getting even closer on our trip.

"How about we get back to picking out condoms?" My husky voice came out as I was feeling the effects of Nanoha's kiss.

"Yes, let's do that," she said just as huskily, but we both made no move away from one another.

We definitely shouldn't be doing this in the store, but it was so hard resisting Nanoha. She could easily put a spell on me. Put me in a trance of love without any effort. My Nanoha... How I love this woman.

"S-so, w-what should we decide on first?" I found myself stuttering at first, but cleaned it up at the end. Damn this woman for reducing me to a stuttering mess.

"Right, we have to first figure out which size condom you should get." Nanoha's eyes never left my lips and I felt my heart beating with desire to claim her lips once more.

"I don't think a regular would be good. Maybe we should go with the large just in case." My voice still hadn't lost its huskiness. We were still looking into each other's eyes as we talked.

"Yeah, you can get so... big."

I felt my body shiver at her words. She sounded so sexy. I wanted her so badly that I was beginning to not care that we were in a store where people could see us. Nanoha had always been a temptation for me and she was proving to be one right now. She was so beautiful, smelled so good, good enough to taste. I could feel myself becoming bigger and my panties getting wet. This wasn't good.

"What now?" I asked.

"We have to pick the design. There are many of those to choose from."

That was true. I had already seen the many Trojan boxes. There were definitely a lot to choose from.

"There's a lot, but I have a few that I thought we could use."

"And what are those?" My body moved closer to hers. There was no space in between us and I didn't want there to be any at all. I loved having her close to me like this.

"Well," she began as she circled her arms around my neck, "There's Trojan Very Sensitive. It's supposed to enhance stimulation, which makes the sexual experience more sensitive."

My arms circled around her waist, pulling her even closer to me.

"Next, there's Trojan Ultra-Thin. The condom will be extra thin, providing a more natural feeling." She gave a sign of contentment as my nose touched hers. "Next, there's Trojan Twisted Pleasure. This condom has a twist at the tip so that it stimulates both partners."

I began to place soft kisses on her cheeks. I just couldn't help myself.

"There's Trojan Her Pleasure. This condom has a unique texture that provides extra sensation for women."

My kisses slowly descended down her cheeks to her jaw line, until I was nuzzling into her neck. God! This was so intoxicating. Nanoha was intoxicating.

"L-lastly," she said with a moan, "There's Trojan Ectasy. This c-condom provides a natural feeling and is also lubed on both sides for increased sensitivity for both people." She inhaled deeply, then. I nipped at her neck slowly. I knew that she loved it when I did that. "S-so, which one should we get?"

I didn't answer Nanoha right away because I was more occupied with her. I was more interested in making more noises come from Nanoha. I loved it when she moaned. It tore my insides apart, just as they were doing now. The way her hold tightened on me, the way her hands plunged within my hair, it was definitely becoming too much for me. And with the sexual names of the Trojan products, my mind was in fantasy land. I couldn't help imagining Nanoha in pleasure, in the throes of ecstasy. My penis was throbbing, the wetness emitting from my vagina was obvious. Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

Nanoha had moaned my name softly, making my insides throb painfully. She had pushed me away a little, our foreheads resting against one another. Our breathing was erratic and mingling. I wanted her so badly.

"Someone's excited," she teased, a smile tugging her lips.

"Well, I have someone causing my current excitement. She's a very beautiful lady," I teased back, placing a little kiss on her lips.

"Well, that beautiful woman is very flattered since she's felt your excitement for some time now

and is glad she could cause such a reaction."

Her hand traveled from my hip slowly until she found my most private region. I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from moaning too loudly, but it didn't stop the strangled breath that came through my nose. I opened my eyes to find hers looking into mine. It was so sexy having her caress me in such a way while looking at me in the eyes. Nanoha was so mean.

"The beautiful woman whom you speak of is gladly willing to ease your excitement, but first thing's first. She insists that condom shopping must be done before the fun begins." She grinned before releasing me and turned to focus on the condoms in front of us. "Now, which design should we get?"

I had to pause in my thought as I was still focused on what Nanoha had just told me. We could have a little fun after we were done with shopping. I think it was time to get this over with. I thought back to what she said about each condom design. All sounded good, but one stuck out more for me.

"Trojan Ecstasy sounds best to me." And yes, it did sound best. That's exactly what I wanted to bring Nanoha to; pure ecstasy. What better way to achieve that than with a condom that says to do just that?

"Okay. Now we just have to figure out the shape that we want."

"What shapes do they come in?" I asked curiously. I wondered if the shapes were just as creative as the designs.

"There are three shapes: form fit, studded, and ribbed. The form fit shape is supposed to provide more fit and comfort. The studded shape has raised bumps for added sensation and the ribbed shape has raised lines to stimulate the vagina for more sensation."

A blush instantly rose to my cheeks. Just hearing what the condoms would do was having an effect on me. I was surprised that Nanoha could actually say all that with a straight face. I know I would be a stuttering mess if I had to say all that.

"The ribbed s-shape sounds g-good."

"Great," Nanoha said, going through the boxes. She picked up the one we had decided on. "Trojan Ecstasy large ribbed, it is. Now let's go get Faye so that we can go home and have our own fun."

My mouth was left hanging open at how seductively her hips swayed as she made her way to the counter to pay for the condoms. This woman was going to make me go crazy one day. I hurried to the counter, paid the money since I would be using them, and we made our way to the car to go get our little girl.

It didn't take us that long to make it to Midori-ya cafe. We stayed a few minutes just to talk and tell Nanoha's parents to enjoy their trip since they were leaving tomorrow, as well. We left after that and made our way home. Faye was already sleeping when we left from the cafe and was already in her nightwear, so I just put her into bed. Nanoha and I kissed our baby on the head and made our way over to our room.

As soon as the bedroom door closed, all hell broke loose.

Our lips were joined in a fierce kiss, our bodies molded together as one. This was what I had been waiting for since we left the convenience store; to feel Nanoha's body close to mine.

Space came between us as we both were fumbling to get the other's shirt open. It didn't take long before all the buttons on Nanoha's shirt was undone. I guess you could say I was rather desperate at the moment.

My hands immediately found both of her breasts, taking them into my hands. Nanoha let out a moan into my mouth. A trail of kisses went from her lips, and down to her neck, where I began to suck on it gently. I could feel Nanoha's hands unbuckling my belt, then my pants button, and finally undoing the zipper.

"A-ah!" My moan was cut off when Nanoha's mouth met mine.

Oh, gosh! Nanoha knew how to stroke me so well. I felt like I was about to pass out from the intensity. My hips rocked back and forth, breasts rubbing against hers. This was definitely good, very much so. I so badly wanted to return the favor, but...

Knock. Knock.

We were interrupted.

I definitely wanted to pull on my hair right now. Just when things were getting so good, it disappeared. Why me?

"Mommy? Daddy? Can I come in?" came Faye's voice.

Nanoha and I stayed in our position, not moving. Our breaths were still erratic, hearts still beating crazily. It was always hard stopping what was already started, but in this case, we would have to.

"Y-yes, pumpkin pie. J-just let me and daddy get dressed." Nanoha looked at me with apologetic eyes as she let go of my throbbing penis. "I'm sorry, Fate. It looks like we'll have to continue this some other time."

"Okay, but you're not getting away from me again."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," she told me with a kiss.

I sighed as we parted ways to get dressed for the night. Nanoha put on her usual oversized shirt, while I put on a t-shirt and shorts. Nanoha looked so sexy with her night shirt on, but I just wanted to take it off of her. Another sigh. As much as I wanted that shirt off her, I knew I couldn't. Not tonight, anyway. Tomorrow would be a different story, though. There would be no interruptions. I just had to wait until then.

Nanoha had gotten under the covers, so I went over to open the door for Faye. As sleepy as she looked, she looked so cute with her teddy bear in hand. A smile came to my lips as I took her into my arms and placed a kiss on her temple.

"What's wrong, baby?"

"I wanted to sleep with you and mommy since you'll be leaving tomorrow. Is that okay?" she asked timidly.

"Of course you can," Nanoha added with a warm smile as she held her hands up to take Faye from me.

I gave Faye to Nanoha quietly. She moved over some and laid Faye down so that she was on the outside. I guess Nanoha wanted me to sleep next to her tonight. I turned off the lights and we all kissed each other good night.

I placed my arm around Nanoha's stomach. She in turn cuddled more into my body. She must really enjoy torturing me as she made sure her bum was on my still erect penis. I had to take deep breaths to try and calm myself, but obviously, it was just a waste. Nanoha being close to me like this was never a benefit when we couldn't do anything to relieve me. Sigh. What was I going to do?

I had noticed then that every time Nanoha breathed, her breasts would rub against my arm. This was definitely not good. My body started tingling again and I had the urge to touch the breast that was touching me. My hand was so close to it, my fingers itching to fondle the luscious mound. My hand, as if it had a mind of its own, started to travel slowly up Nanoha's stomach. I was nearly there, so close to my destination. My heart was beating so fast at that moment.

"Don't even think about it," came Nanoha's stern voice as I was just about to touch her breast.

My halted hand went back to its place on her stomach reluctantly and I could feel a pout coming to my lips.

Man, this sucks!


It was 7 a.m. and Fate and I just exited the car to take Faye to Miyuki. Fate cradled Faye in her arms as she was still soundly asleep. There was always a warming feeling in my chest when I see them together.

We were at the door in no time and gave it a soft knock. It opened a few seconds later, revealing my older sister. "Good morning," she said softly so that she wouldn't wake Faye.

We replied with a "Good morning" before Miyuki let us in. Fate immediately took Faye to her designated room.

"Thank you so much for looking after Faye for us. I feel really bad for asking since I know that you and Shari have plans."

"It's okay, sis. She's fine with it. She loves Faye and was glad to have her stay with us," she reassured me.

I sighed in relief. "That's good to know." I smiled. "Well I'm going to go say goodbye to Faye since we should be heading out soon."

"Sure. Go right ahead."

I went off to Faye's room and couldn't help but smile at the scene before me. Fate was sitting next to our daughter, tenderly moving her bangs from her face before cupping her cheek. "I'm going to miss you."

"Me too, daddy," Faye said sleepily as her eyes opened and a sleepy pout came to her lips.

I couldn't help but giggle. "You, young lady, are supposed to be asleep," I said fully entering the room. I made my way over to both of them, placing a kiss on Faye's forehead.

"But mommy, I don't want to sleep. I want to go with you and daddy." Her cute pout was back again.

"I want you to come too, pumpkin pie, but this trip is for daddy and me. And besides, you'd be bored anyway because daddy and I will only be doing grownup activities." I looked over towards Fate to see her looking at me. A small grin came to my lips and she quickly looked away. I could see a blush staining her cheeks. I'm sure she knew exactly what we'd be doing on this trip. Well, at least I knew we wouldn't be bored.

My attention went back to our daughter. She still looked like she was processing everything I said. "Okay, mommy," she said sadly.

My finger went to her chin so that she would look at me, which she did. I felt sadness in my chest when I saw tears in her eyes. "Hey, don't cry, baby. We won't be gone for long and you'll be having lots of fun with aunt Miyuki and Shari."

She still didn't look happy about the arrangements about to take place. Sigh. I guess I'll have to bribe her with something. "Now, pumpkin pie. If you're a good girl while daddy and I are gone, we'll get you some ice cream when we get back," I said with a smile, knowing she would be happy to get some of her favorite treat.

"Promise?" she asked, making the cutest, saddest face ever.

"Yes, I promise."

"Okay!" she exclaimed in excitement as she pounced on me with joy, all traces of sadness gone. The little trickster! She just put on this act to get some ice cream.

I kissed her and hugged her, before telling Faye it was time for us to go. She came to the door with us, Miyuki closely behind. "Thanks again, sis. I don't know what I'd do without you." I released my sister from the hug I had given her and gave her a warm smile.

"Anything for you... Well, sometimes." She laughed, causing me to do the same.

My eyes went to my daughter. She had a cute smile on her face.

"I'll see you in a few days, pumpkin pie," I said rubbing our noses together.

"Okay, mommy." She giggled. "Have a safe trip." She smiled before hugging and kissing me on the cheek. She did the same to Fate before we made our way to the car.

We waved at them one last time before we got inside the car, immediately strapping ourselves in. When we were both done, we looked at each other. "Ready to go, Nanoha?"

"I'm as ready as I can be." I smiled.

With that said, Fate started the car and we were on our way to the hotel we would be staying at.

"Wow!" My mouth hung open once I got an up-close look at the hotel Fate and I would be staying at. It was huge! There had to be over sixty floors. It looked so fancy outside that I could only imagine how it would look on the inside.

"This looks really fancy," Fate said in equal amazement.

"I know. I wonder how much it costs for us to stay here for the weekend."

"A lot, I would assume."

Closing the car doors, Fate handed the valet the keys. We went around back to get out luggage, but another worker said that he would take them to our room. I gave Fate a look and she smiled. Never have I ever been to a hotel that did something like this. It was really awesome.

Since there was nothing else for us to do out here, we decided to go and get checked in. Just as I had thought, the inside of the hotel was magnificent. There were tall crème colored pillars all around the lobby. The marble granite floors were the same color as the pillars. Green plants were neatly positioned around the space. Crème and dark colored couches lay all around so that the guests could have somewhere to sit. The ceiling was high and was decorated with golden designs. It was really nice.

Fate and I walked further into the hotel, making our way over to the front desk. A woman greeted us with a big smile and asked if we'd be checking in. Fate, of course, answered yes, and gave the woman her last name. Confirming the information in the system, keys were made for us and we were told that we were staying in room 1213.

We gave the woman a "thanks" and made our way over to the elevators. The button was pressed and it tinged immediately, letting us know that it was already at the lobby level. After getting on, the button for the twelfth floor was pressed. And when the door closed, the car moved towards its destination. It didn't take that long to make it to our floor and it was a short trip to our room. Fate took out the keys and swiped the card. When she saw the green light blink, she turned the knob and we both entered.

"This hotel keeps surprising me."

I excitedly grabbed Fate's hand as we ran around and checked out our hotel room. There was a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The living room was decked out with leathered seats, an LCD flat screen television, fish tanks, a bar, and there was even a balcony. The view was awesome, as well, since the windows were wide and expansive. I was sure that the view was even more spectacular at night.

The bedroom was nice, as well. There was a king sized bed covered with black and red sheets and blankets. The pillows looked so fluffy. I couldn't wait to put my head on them. There was the other normal furniture in the room. Night stands, dressers, etc. The bathroom was connected to the room and when we walked in, both our mouths dropped. There was a huge Jacuzzi in the middle of the room, and a shower standing off to the side. There were mirrors lined all along the walls, a double sink installed so that we could have our own sink. The toilet had its own separate room, which was interesting. There was even a TV hanging from the wall. This was awesome! We had to be sure to thank everyone when we got back home.

After seeing everything, we made it back into our bedroom. I couldn't resist running and landing onto the soft bed. It felt like I had jumped on soft clouds. What a wonderful feeling.

There was a knock at the door. Since Fate saw that I was comfortable, she went to answer it. Man, this bed was comfortable. I felt my eyes closing and was ready to go to sleep, but I ended up waking up once Fate came back in the room.

"Well, they brought our bags like they said." She dropped the bags off to the side before looking at me once again. "You're sleepy, aren't you?"

I held my arms in her direction, a sleepy pout coming to my lips. "Cuddle."

She softly giggled before jumping into bed with me. I laid my head on her chest when she lay close to me. The sound of her heartbeat was adding to my sleepiness. Being in Fate's arms felt so… good.

I didn't even know that I fell asleep until I felt myself being shaken awake. I slowly rubbed the sleep from my eyes, focusing on Fate, who was standing in front of me.

"I couldn't let you stay asleep anymore. You need to eat," she said with concern.

"Okay," I replied groggily as I made my way out of bed. "I'll get changed."

She grabbed my hand then, stopping me from doing what I said I would do. I gave her a look of confusion, but she just smiled at me. "They'll be no need for that. Besides, you look good as you are."

I gave her a look of disbelief as I allowed her to pull me out of bed. I just woke up. There was no way that I even looked remotely good. "Liar."

She chuckled. "I am not lying."

She pulled me out of the room, still laughing, causing me to pout until I saw what she had been up to while I was sleeping. There was a nice candlelit dinner sitting on the balcony of our apartment. I couldn't see what we would be eating since the plates had tops on them, but I was sure that it would be delicious.

Fate's arms circled around my waist, her chin laid on my shoulder. "You like it?"

"Of course I do. You shouldn't have."

"Anything for you, Nanoha." She laid a small kiss on my neck before she was pulling me again.

She held out my chair for me and pushed me in after I had taken my seat. Taking the wine off the ice, she poured a good amount in both of our glasses before taking a seat herself. Her eyes immediately fell on mine. A dashing smile came to her lips as she reached her hand across the table for me to take. I couldn't help the smile that came to my lips as my hand came into contact with hers. It always felt right when we touched.

"I hope you enjoy tonight's dinner." A cute, shy look came to her features. "I-it's the first time I've ever cooked for someone."

"I feel so special that you would do such a thing for me, Fate. Thank you." I smiled.

She smiled, too, and seemed more confident about herself. "I love you so much, Nanoha."

I felt my heart swelling at her declaration. "I love you, too."

She gave my hand a small squeeze before revealing the food we would be eating. I was quite surprised to see grilled chicken smothered in marinara sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and basil leaves. There was a side of asparagus to accompany the meal. It looked delicious and I was certainly eager to eat it.

I didn't waist anytime digging in. I cut a piece of the chicken, knowing the whole time that Fate was looking at me. When I brought the food to my mouth, I looked at her. I could tell that she was nervous. Most likely about if I would actually like what she had made, but I knew that it would be good. She was the daughter for a cooking guru, after all.

I put the food in my mouth and began chewing it. A sound of pleasure escaped my lips and my eyes rolled back. This was really delicious. I think this is even better than Precia's cooking. "Fate, this is some good stuff. Why have you been hiding this deliciousness away from me?" I asked as I put more food in my mouth.

I heard her sigh in relief before a smile came to her lips. "Well, that's easy." She paused. "I love your cooking more."

Even though it was really flattering that she enjoyed my cooking, a pout still found its way to my lips. "So, you are being lazy and letting me do all the work when you could be cooking me and Faye wonderful meals, too? Meanie!"

She let out a giggle. "When we get back home, I will cook you plenty of meals, okay?"


She let out another laugh. "Let's enjoy this before it gets cold."

"Hm." I smiled with a fork full of food in my mouth.

Dinner was definitely fun. Well, I guess that would have a lot to do with the fact that we were playing footsie under the table the entire time. There was lots of giggling, flirting, of course, but there were also times when things got a little dangerous. Feet would end up in other places other than the other's foot… Okay, I admit that it was my foot doing the wandering. I had lots of fun making Fate blush. Of course, there were times when she got even, but that was expected. Fate had definitely been coming out of her shell a lot lately, which meant that we had lots of fun. I wasn't complaining, though. I enjoyed every moment of Fate's newfound confidence. It made things between us more… exciting.

Dinner concluded after some time and we began to clean up. I was putting our dishes in the sink when I felt Fate behind me. Her arms circled around my waist and I let out a sound of contentment as she laid a few kisses upon my neck.

"Thanks for dinner, Fate. I really enjoyed it."

"I'm glad you did."

"I know you must be tired since it's late. Even though I'm not really sleepy, I can try going back to sleep if you really are tired."

"I am tired, but…"

"But?" I repeated.

Out of nowhere, a blindfold came around my eyes. "Tonight hasn't concluded yet, my dear." She breathed in my ear. I tried pulling it off but Fate's hands stopped me. "Stop, or you'll ruin the surprise," her husky voice came into my ears.

I gave in after that and let everything play out as Fate planned. I had to say that whatever she did plan, it sounded like it was going to be good. Her husky voice let me know that, at least, and I definitely couldn't wait to see what would happen next.

She grabbed my hands after the blindfold was on securely and pulled me to where she wanted me to go. We were laughing the whole way as I was sure that I looked so stupid with my hand in front of me, walking rather stupidly trying to make sure that I didn't walk into anything. I also tried to get her to tell me where we were going, and she, of course, wouldn't tell me anything.

"Well, if you won't tell me, at least make sure you won't run me into a wall or something."

"Of course not. Besides, we're right where we need to be," she said stopping me.

"So, where are we?" I asked after seconds had passed and she still hadn't taken the blindfold off.

She didn't reply with words, but she answered with kisses along my neck. Yep, I definitely liked where this was going. The slowness of her lips against my skin felt so good that I couldn't resist a few moans. Fate was definitely becoming a master at this and I had no complaints.

Her caresses stopped soon and the blindfold finally came off. It didn't take that long for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting of the room, soon realizing that we were in the bathroom. Candles lay all around the room. The Jacuzzi tub was filled with bubble bath, wine and chocolate covered strawberries lay on the edge of it. So this was why Fate said that there was no need to change. She's really romantic tonight.

I turned around snaking my arms around her neck, pulling her in for a lingering kiss. When we parted, a smile immediately came to my lips. I was so happy she would plan something special like this. "What's all this about, baby?"

"Well, I figured we could pick up where we left off the last time we took a romantic bath together," she said huskily.

A grin came to my lips as they came closer to Fate's again. "I definitely like the sound of that."

We were in a heated kiss after that. Our tongues clashed softly against one another, my fingers plunging deep within her hair to bring her closer to me. Our lips broke apart long enough for her to pull my shirt over my head before they were back, locked with mine. Her soft hands trailed down my shoulders, going over my breasts, leaving my body shivering for more. My breasts gave a bounce when she unclasped my bra, quickly removing the fabric from my shoulders. The feeling going through my body was almost primal. I was feeling hot inside and Fate was my prey. I wanted her skin on me, touching me, making me feel pleasurable things.


The sound of buttons hitting the floor filled the room. Her shirt soon followed as the offending material was in the way. My arms came around her back, undoing the clasp of her bra before taking off. Now, that was so much better. Just like our lips, our breasts came together in a kiss. A moan escaped my mouth as Fate removed her lips from mine to bring them down to my neck. My neck opened, my left fingers found their way into her hair again to hold her head in place. This was pure pleasure, the bliss I was seeking. Oh, how good it felt.

"You know that... you're going to be... sewing those... buttons back on?" she said between kisses.

A moan escaped my lips as she sucked on my favorite spot. "Let's worry about those buttons later." My hands came to her cheeks, removing her from my neck. "Now, shut up and kiss me."

Our lips clashed forcibly once more, tongues immediately darting to meet one another. I felt my feet moving back as Fate pushed against me. The back of my legs hit the side of the Jacuzzi, stopping our movements but not the kiss we were engaging in.

Her hands explored my skin, slowly trailing over it. Her lips left me panting harshly as she kissed what she could. Her actions made it very difficult to undo her pants. When her lips found mine and her hands began to work on my pants, as well, I found it much easier to get her pants undone. Both of our pants hit the floor, our lips meeting a few more times before we decided to enjoy the second part of Fate's planned evening.

We settled inside the Jacuzzi and I instantly felt my muscles relaxing due to the temperature of the water. Fate, again, poured us glasses of wine. She handed me a glass while holding up the other. "To us."

"To us," I repeated before our glasses clinked and we began drinking.

When our glasses came down, Fate already had a strawberry in hand. She brought it close to my mouth; letting me slowly eat one half while Fate ate the other. The chocolate definitely made the strawberry more tasteful. It was like an aphrodisiac because I was starting to feel a peak in my arousal. I felt the need to make the taste testing of these strawberries more seductive and so I did. Picking up one of the strawberries, I straddled Fate. Her hands went up the length of my back before resting on my hips. I placed one end of the strawberry in my mouth while I leaned in to give Fate the other half. Her lips came into contact with mine as she took the strawberry into her mouth. Juice dripped from our mouths once the treat was broken in two, but we still kissed for a bit before we took time to chew the strawberry.

"That was good," Fate said as she placed kisses along my neck.

"I have to agree. It was so much sweeter with your lips on the other end," I moaned.

I felt her lips smirk against my neck. "Well, how about we share more like that."

"I thought you'd never ask."

More strawberries and drinks were consumed and I found myself feeling as though I was flying… or maybe swaying. But, either way, it was a good feeling. I felt more daring and excited, and I had Fate right where I wanted her. My hands were all over her just as hers were all over me. Moans filled the bathroom; they were wonderful sounds that I wanted to hear over and over again. It seemed that my current state of mind knew just how to keep the sounds going.

My hand went fishing under the water for something… Oh, there it is. I grinned. Fate's mouth fell open immediately and moans filled the room even more. Oh, yes, they were the best sounds ever! They egged me on to go faster and Fate's hands grabbed onto me as if her life depended on it. It was an exhilarating feeling to be in control. I think that was the reason why I was always the one being more aggressive with Fate. I love being the one to cause her pleasure.

"Yes, Fate. Cum for me, baby. I'm going to have you cumming all night," I said as the pace of my jerking increased.


I could tell that Nanoha was so tipsy from the way she was acting. Even though she would usually end up teasing me in such a way that I would have serious blue balls, this was blue balls to the max, times ten! Every time Nanoha touched me, I felt like I was about to cum. I guess the dirty talk was adding to everything. It was kind of shocking at first to hear her say such things, but how she said it definitely turned me on more. So, when Nanoha asked if I was ready to get out and go to the bedroom, I was more than ready to go with her.

We soon found ourselves in the bedroom, making out hardcore. Our bodies were glued together as our tongues dance slowly together. I was so turned on, my penis pulsing very hard. I wanted Nanoha so badly and I was glad that we wouldn't have any interruptions tonight.

I pushed Nanoha towards the bed. When the back of her knees hit the edge, she sat down, and I got on my knees. There was definitely one thing that I would make sure I would do tonight; I just hoped Nanoha would enjoy it.

My lips disentangled from her lips as I wanted to kiss other parts of her. I kissed her cheek, jaw, neck. It seemed that I kissed everything. She let out soft moans, making my kisses more vigorous and frantic. My hands came up to massage her breasts as I sucked harder on her neck. Nanoha's head threw back and she let out a long moan. Kisses fell from her neck, down to her breasts, quickly taking one of them into my mouth.

"That feels so good," Nanoha moaned. She took my hair into her hand, pushing me more into her breast.

After a few minutes, I switched nipples, giving it the same treatment as the other. Her hips began bucking against my stomach, her wetness resting there. I thought I was more turned on before, but I was more turned on now. Knowing that she was extremely wet, the fact that I made her that way, made my insides like an inferno.

"More. I want more, baby," She moaned as she pushed my head down her stomach.

I obliged immediately. I wanted to get down there, as well. I had been looking forward to eating her up for a while now and I was so glad that I can finally do it. The kisses down her stomach came really fast and almost sloppy-like due to the alcohol in my system. Nanoha's hand took a fist full of my hair and opened her legs more as I kissed the area just above her slit.

"Yes, I've wanted this moment for so long," Nanoha moaned.

That caused me to moan, as well. I kissed around her slit for a little while longer. Even though I was tipsy, I still wanted to take it slow.

"Fate... please," Nanoha pleaded.

I couldn't hold back anymore with her pleading for me to taste her. My mouth came to hover over her slit. I could smell her sweet scent, her juices glistening the whole area. I couldn't wait to taste her anymore, and so my mouth came closer, tongue outstretched...


My eyes left Nanoha's slit to look up to find that she was nowhere to be seen. I stood up some more to find that Nanoha was passed out on the bed! "Man, not again!" I sighed in frustration. I couldn't believe this was happening. First, it was Faye who interrupted us, and now it's the alcohol. This was just sucking so badly!

I looked down sadly at my penis. It was sticking up straight like a soldier. It was still pulsating so hard that it hurt. "It looks like we're going to have blue balls again, my friend." I sighed. I got up and moved to pull back the covers before I went and put Nanoha under them.

This was just so unfair. For two days in a row, Nanoha and I have come close to making love, and for two days in a row, we've been interrupted. I was beginning to wonder when I would finally be able to get pleasurable release without blue balls. It seemed like blue balls was my friend, though I didn't want it be. If I had blue balls on Valentine's Day, I would surely go crazy.

I got under the covers next to Nanoha. I figured that I would just go to sleep like I usually did after something like this happened. It usually worked, but tonight seemed to be a different story. I couldn't seem to calm down and I was positive that it had something to do with Nanoha's naked body being close to me. A frustrated groan escaped my lips. Why did Nanoha have to get drunk?! Well I guess it was my fault for getting the wine, but still! I knew I couldn't sleep this off tonight. I had to masturbate.

A moan escaped my lips as soon as I began stroking my penis. I was really pent up, so I wasn't surprised when my body automatically began responding to my actions. The actions started off slow but then gradually picked up as I really enjoyed the feeling that this was eliciting. Even though Nanoha was sleep, I still tried to stay quiet. I didn't want her to wake up seeing me doing this. It would be too embarrassing.

My mind was filled with thoughts of Nanoha. I thought of how tonight would have gone if she hadn't passed out and it made everything more intense. I thought of her body movements, her moans, my named being called as I gave her pleasure. It was driving me crazy. I knew it wouldn't take me much longer before I finally had the release I had been seeking.


All of my actions stopped as Nanoha's body lay on mine. Not only was her weight stopping me from continuing what I had been doing, she ended up putting my nipple in her mouth. I tried getting her off, but Nanoha was like dead weight. I would be stuck like this until she decided to move. I felt myself almost crying at knowing that I was so close. SO CLOSE!

"Oh, why me?" Sniff.


The first thing I felt when I woke up was the extreme pain pulsating from my head. The sunlight coming through the blinds weren't helping me, either. I tried to sit up next, but that only made my headache worse, so I ended up lying back down on my pillow. "Geez, what did I do last night?"

"I think I can answer that for you," Fate said as she walked in the room with a food tray and a glass of water on the side. She sat down next to me, putting the tray down on the night stand. "You, my dear, had a little too much to drink."

"Well, that explains things." My hands went to the side of my head in an attempt to help with the pain.

"Yep. You had me all hot and bothered before you decided to pass out on me. It definitely sucked."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen," I said with a sincere look. "I promise it won't happen tonight."

"Oh, trust me, it won't. I think I might go insane if what happened last night happens again, especially when we're so close to making love."

I gave her an apologetic look to let her know that I was really sorry about last night.

"Anyway, do you think you can eat? I know you're not feeling well, but you need something in your stomach."

"I can try."

Fate leaned over towards the tray and lifted up the lid that was over the plate. I couldn't suppress the small laughter that came from my lips at what was under the lid.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Nanoha."

Underneath the lid were two pills for my headache. "Happy Valentine's Day, to you."

A chaste kiss was placed on my lips before Fate got up. "Now, eat up. I'll be back with the real food." She smiled.

When she did come back, she had another tray which had food in it. It also had a little surprise. It was a long, black box; jewelry, I was sure. I looked up to Fate with a big smile on my face as she urged me to open it. When I did, a gasp escaped. Inside was a diamond bracelet. It was the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever seen. She took the jewelry from my hands to help me put it on and when she did, she gave me the brightest smile before she said she loved me. I couldn't help but smile as well, small tears stinging my eyes. I pulled on her shirt to bring her closer to me and I kissed her with as much love as I could put into it, before I said the words that explained it all. "I love you, too."

We ate breakfast in bed together, just enjoying each other's company. We eventually watched a movie full of romance since it was Valentine's Day. We cuddled and kissed, talked and laughed. We just loved being with one another and without interruption. When a few hours had passed, I pulled a small box from under my pillow and handed it to Fate. She smiled at me before opening it. The surprise was evident as she looked at the diamond earrings that I gave her. The earrings were beautiful. There was a row of smaller diamonds that ended with a bigger one. I knew that they would look good on her when I saw them and I knew that I just had to buy them. I'm so glad that I did since Fate seems to love them.

We kissed and cuddled all the way into the night. I didn't mind that we didn't really go out while we were here. I was just glad that we could be together. That, in my opinion, is the best way that we could have celebrated this day for lovers.

"Do you think that you are well enough to go to dinner? Our reservation is for an hour and a half from now."

"I feel great and it's all because of you." I smiled before placing a kiss on her lips.

"Alright, let's get ready."

I was already dressed and ready for the dinner that Fate had prepared for us once again. I had to say that I was quite excited for tonight's events. The dinner would definitely lead up to something much nicer, something that Fate and I have both been waiting for. I couldn't help but blush at the fact that this would finally be the night that we would show our love physically, not just emotionally. I couldn't wait.

For tonight, I had decided to wear something sexy. Something that would definitely have Fate drooling. I decided to wear a sexy black spaghetti strapped dress. It definitely left little to the imagination as it did show lots of skin and clung to every curve of my body. The V of the dress was deep as usual. I love it when I can draw Fate's attention. The locket that Fate gave me was around my neck as I never took it off. The back of the dress was open, showing the whole length of my back. I made sure the dress was mid-thigh because I wanted to wear thigh high boots to add to my sexy look. I gave my eyes a smoky look, light red lipstick to my lips, and a pair of silver, dangly earrings adorned my ears. I also wore the beautiful bracelet she gave me. To complete my look, my hair was curled and swooped to the side to lay on my right shoulder. I knew I looked sexy. I just hoped Fate did, as well.

My attention went to the bathroom door since Fate was in there. I couldn't help but wonder what she would be wearing tonight. It definitely was a more serious occasion for us and this time, I let her pick out what she wanted to wear. It would definitely be interesting to see what she would wear. I wondered if she would wear a suit or a sexy dress. Either way, I didn't care. All I wanted was to have a wonderful ending with the woman who meant everything to me.

My attention came back to the bathroom door as I heard it opening. I stood up quickly to ease out any wrinkles in my dress and to make sure my hair was in place. I wanted to look my best tonight and for Fate, of course.

When she came out fully, my breath caught and my eyes wandered over her form. She was so beautiful. She wore a red form fitting, hip hugging silken dress. It was long with two slits at the sides so that her slender legs could show. The cup of the dress pushed her breasts up, making them look even bigger than what they were. Her hair was slightly curled, and light makeup was applied. The diamond earrings I gave her dangled from her ears and black pumps completed her look. She was gorgeous and when our eyes met, I knew she was thinking the same thing I was.

I found my feet moving towards her, arms snaking around her neck before placing a lingering kiss on her lips. "You're so beautiful, Fate."

Her arms wrapped around my waist, our lips connecting once again. "And so are you, baby. I'm so lucky." She smiled, which I couldn't help but return at her words.

"I'm so lucky, too. Having you in my life is the best thing that's happened to me other than Faye. You've made my life so special and so much more meaningful. Thank you."

"No, I should be the one thanking you. You gave me everything I've always wanted. Love, tenderness, and a family. I was so broken before I met you and you put me back together. You made everything in my life worth something. So, thank you, Nanoha… for everything."

I found myself getting even more emotional by her sweet words. I hugged her tightly in my arms and she did the same. "I love you so much, Fate."

"I love you too, Nanoha."

Our eyes met once again, smiles gracing both our lips. She made me so happy that I couldn't help but pull her in for another kiss. I loved her so much.

"How about we get going to dinner? I don't want to miss our reservation."

"Or, we can just stay here and do something more entertaining," I said seductively, causing Fate to blush a little.

"As tempting as that sounds, I still want to take you to dinner."

A small pout came to my lips. "You're no fun."

Her face moved in closer to mine, placing a kiss on my lips, cheek, and then my left ear. "Trust me, baby. After we eat dinner, I'll gladly enjoy eating you," she said, matching my seductive voice.

I instantly felt my body shiver, mainly in anticipation of the events that will follow our dinner. I couldn't wait.

She placed one last kiss on my cheek before pulling away. Our eyes met again and I knew lust could be seen in mine. "Well, let's get this over with, shall we?"

Fate smiled, grabbing my hand. We grabbed our clutches and made our way out of our hotel room. The elevator was close by and my finger pressed the 'down' button. It wasn't long before the elevator came and we stepped in when the doors opened, pressing the button that would take us to the hotel's restaurant.

Fate and I were side by side, my eyes never leaving her. She looked so good; so beautiful that it made me want to touch her. My body turned sideways, my breath almost labored from the intensity of me about to touch her. I knew Fate was watching me, curiosity in her eyes, but I was focused on everything else.

My hand went up, starting at her neck. It slowly moved down from there, feeling the length of her soft neck, down to the curve of her breasts. I heard her breath hitch as my hand inched its way between her breasts, lowering down to her stomach and down to the thigh that came through the slit of her dress.

My eyes looked up again as my hand moved up her thigh. Fate's eyes were closed, head pressed against the elevator wall as her breaths sped up. She looked so wonderful when she was like this. I loved that I could make her look this way. It was my touch that did this. No one else's. And I was happy.

My hand came to the top of her thigh, massaging the skin there for a few moments. She let out a soft moan, causing my stomach muscles to clinch. My hand went to the side, going deeper into her dress. I traced over her panties, immediately feeling an erection. I trailed the length of it, ending at the top which was poking out of her panties. My index finger circled the tip of her penis, watching her as her lips parted to let out an even louder moan. She sounded so good.

"Nanoha," she moaned as I took her shaft into my hand. Her eyes opened, glazed over to the brim. "We're about to get off," she said, out of breath while grabbing my hand.

A pout came to my lips as she moved my hand just as the ting came from the elevator sounded. "You're no fun," I said childishly, taking Fate's hand again.

"And you're a meanie for doing that to me." A cute blush came to her face as she moved her clutch over her still erect penis.

The door to the elevator opened and we both exited before the doors could close again. When we walked inside, there was a gentleman there, ready to greet us. He asked for our name and Fate gave him hers since she was the one to book this dinner for us. Once he confirmed our names, he led us to a private room in the back of the restaurant.

The room was large with a big window. The view was wonderful. You could see the whole city and it looked wonderful with all the lights from the city. There was a lone table sitting by the window, candles sitting on top of it. I noticed that on the floor around the table was a pile of rose petals, but the thing about it was that the petals were in the shape of a heart. It was so cute. Soft music played in the background to set the mood. Everything was perfect.

"Enjoy your evening, ladies." He bowed before closing the door behind him.

Fate turned to me with a dazzling smile. "Shall we?" Her hand motioned towards the table. And with that, we made our way towards our table.

"It seems that you love having me alone since this is the second time you've made dinner a private one." I teased.

She held my chair out for me, which I sat in. "Of course," she said, getting her chair and bringing it closer to me. "I don't want any interruptions if anything were to happen between us." She winked.

"Oh, really?" An eyebrow rose as my face came closer to hers.


We were in a passionate kiss, then. Fate's tongue thrust deep within my mouth, causing me to moan. Our lips stayed tangled in a heated dance until air became an issue.

"Well, let's be sure to enjoy tonight, then."


Dinner was going well as I hoped it would. The food was great; the mood was just right. There was a lot of flirting going on between Nanoha and I, but that was to be expected. I couldn't keep my hands off of her just as she couldn't keep her hands off me. Tonight was definitely the night where Nanoha would become mine in all forms. I was excited and extremely nervous, but I knew there would be nothing like making love to Nanoha. My one and only. The love of my life. The one I wanted to be with forever.

As the dinner continued, our food was forgotten, and our attention was focused on one another. I placed a trail of kisses down Nanoha's neck, causing her breath to hitch. Her hand came to my bare thigh, caressing it gently. Mimicking her actions, I also placed my hand on her thigh, but it didn't stay there. Soft fingers traveled slowly under her dress, falling in between her legs, caressing the skin there. Nanoha moaned softly causing my need for her to grow even more.

"You know," Nanoha said in a seductive whisper. "This would be another time that you've caused me to ruin another pair of panties."

She let out a louder moan as I sucked harder on her neck. I didn't intend to do it, but just knowing she was wet made my insides burn.

"Good thing I'm not wearing any."

My motions stopped at her declaration. I was a little shocked that Nanoha wouldn't wear panties, but then again, today was a special occasion. Backing away a little bit to look at Nanoha, she gave me a sexy grin. Our eyes never left one another. I was lost in them and she was lost in mine. I felt my eyes glazing over, my breath picking up from just looking at her. Nanoha leaned into me, her lips less than an inch away. My lips released a shaky breath at having her so close to me.

"Let me show you," she said as if in a dreamy state. "Just what you do to me."

She took ahold of my hand in between her thighs, while spreading them open further. The heat increased as my hand moved further up her thighs and I could feel my heart pounding erratically in my chest at what was about to take place.

When my fingers touched wet folds, Nanoha's lips took hold of mine in a passionate kiss. Nanoha's teeth tugged on my bottom lip as she guided my fingers up and down her slit repeatedly. Just as Nanoha had hinted, she was so wet. I didn't know that people could experience such wetness, but I could understand as I could feel my panties were drenched from my own wetness. My erect penis was definitely testing the strength of the lingerie I was wearing. I was overly turned on and touching Nanoha like this was making everything more intense.

All too abruptly, our lips parted as the need for air became apparent. Our lips stayed close, our fast breaths mingling. My eyes opened slightly to see Nanoha already looking at me. It felt so erotic to have the person you're touching so intimately looking at you in the eyes.

"See?" came her breathless, but sexy voice. "This is what you do to me."

Just then, she removed my hand from under her dress, moving away from me to bring my hand up between us. My eyes left the beautiful oceans of my lover and settled on the hand that she was still holding. I stared in amazement at how wet my index and middle fingers were. It was so wet that her essence was sliding down my fingers.

My heart swelled knowing that I could turn Nanoha on this much. Almost immediately, I could feel my arousal building again. Knowing that and the fact that I could smell Nanoha's sweetness made my senses go into overdrive. I inhaled deeply, trying to smell her further. The scent overpowered my senses and my breathing picked up once again as I wanted to taste her. I wanted to know if she tasted just as good as her essence smelled. My mouth watered thinking of it and I felt myself leaning closer to my hand so that I could finally taste what I've been dreaming of tasting for a while now. Too bad Nanoha had other plans.

Instead of me tasting the wetness on my fingers like I had hoped, Nanoha ended up tasting it herself. She took both fingers into her mouth with ease, sucking all of her juices off before parting my fingers with her tongue to get anything that may have been left in between them. A blush came to my cheeks. I couldn't help but imagine Nanoha sucking and licking me like that. I was beginning to wish I had been those fingers. I wanted to feel Nanoha's lips surround me, her tongue inside of me. I had to press my legs tightly together as my penis was pulsating uncontrollably. Did she even know what she was doing to me? Knowing Nanoha, she most likely did.

After one agonizingly slow lick, Nanoha released my fingers. She said nothing as she captured my lips, giving me a taste of herself. She tasted so sweet as I took her tongue into my mouth, sucking on it to taste more of her. I wanted more, more of her. My left arm circled around her waist, pulling Nanoha close to me. We both moaned at the feel of our breasts pressed against one another. Everything seemed so amplified, more intense. I knew I wouldn't last much longer if Nanoha kept this up.

"Let's get out of here," Nanoha said after our lips parted.

"W-what about desert?"

She gave me a hungry look that made my penis pulse harder. "I'm looking at it," she said before standing.

My eyes followed her as she was heading to the door that separated us from everyone else. I definitely noticed the extra sway in her hips as she walked. I eyed her gorgeous form and was entranced. I still couldn't believe that Nanoha was mine and mine alone. And tonight, I would claim her as such.

I noticed she had stopped once she got to the door. She gave me a sexy look as she looked over her shoulder. "Well, Fate-papa, I hope you won't keep Nanoha-mama waiting." She winked before exiting.

It didn't take me that long to catch up to her as I was rather anxious to finally feel her body; to touch her without restriction. I quickly paid our bill for dinner and made our way over to the elevators. I pressed the button to call the elevator. The ting noise sounded before the doors opened. We walked inside, Nanoha and I on opposite sides of the elevator. I pressed our floor number, causing the doors to close. Before they could close all the way, however, Nanoha had me pinned against the wall, kissing me deeply.

A moan escaped my lips once Nanoha's tongue thrust into my mine. Her hands were all over me, just like mine were all over her. Her hands caressed my breasts, causing my body to shudder a little. Her knee was soon parting my legs and pressed onto my penis and vagina. I moaned her name softly, my arms circling around her to squeeze her rear end. She moaned out in pleasure at my actions and proceeded to place soft, but needy kisses along my neck.

I found myself pushing Nanoha against the other wall of the elevator as the need to touch her overwhelmed me. My hand found its way onto her thigh, caressing it softly. Trailing hot fire with my fingertips, my hand made its way under Nanoha's dress, feeling the soft skin of her ass. I made sure she could feel how turned on I was as I pressed my hips into hers. This was pure bliss. It was insane. I never felt so much desire before meeting this woman that I couldn't help but kiss her hungrily. My hips were grinding against Nanoha's in want, in need.

"I want you so badly," I breathed hotly in her ear before sucking on the lobe. Her reply was a moan, but I knew she felt the same way.

Finally the elevator let out a ting, signaling we were at our destination. Once the doors opened, we walked hurriedly over to our room, kissing and giggling along the way. Nanoha took out the key card to open the door. I was already placing soft kisses on her neck, causing her to have difficulty getting the key into the slot.

"Nanoha," I whined sexily. "Can you feel how much I want you?" And to make sure she did, I pushed my hard cock onto her ass.

"I k-know. You're making it a little hard for me to open the door with you touching me the way you are."

I gave her some room, but not letting her go completely. As soon as she opened the door, I was on her again, capturing her sweet mouth with mine. Shoes went flying as we made our way to the hotel's bedroom.

The light switch was fumbled with until it came on, brightening up the once darkened room. I was so glad. I finally had my love where I wanted her. Nothing would happen to stall this moment. Tonight would finally be our night of romance. Our night of love.

I whined when Nanoha broke our kiss. She smiled, kissing my pouting lips, causing me to sigh in contentment. My pouting lips were back, however, when she pulled away from me again.

"Let's set the mood first."

In my mind, I wasn't sure how we could make the mood even more set. Nonetheless, I let Nanoha do as she wanted and watched as she moved to the nightstand by the bed and pulled out a lighter. I was confused as to why she would need it, but then again, I hadn't noticed the candles around the room since I was a little distracted by a certain brunette.

One by one, I watched as she lit every candle. It didn't take too long for her to complete the task and she cut out the lights, causing the room to become dim. The candle light definitely made the room seem romantic and that's exactly how I wanted our first time together to be.

Nanoha wordlessly went over to the stereo, cutting it on and pressing the 'play' button. She must have already had something prepared because a love song had come on. I watched with a blush as she swayed her hips, while also removing the shoulder straps of her dress from her shoulders. I couldn't help but feel she was giving me a strip tease since her dress soon came crashing to the floor, revealing her naked form.

Well, this night was definitely getting more interesting as time went on. In front of me was my naked love, swaying her body in the sexiest of ways that my eyes have ever laid on, making my knees feel like they would collapse from under me. My body trembled from just watching her. She danced her way over to me, snaking her arms around my neck, and pushing her gorgeous body close to mine. My arms immediately went around her waist, a pout gracing my lips.

"I wanted to undress you," I said in a voice matching my pout.

Nanoha giggled before bringing her lips up to my ear. "Well, I figured I'd get right down and give you your dessert," her husky voice came before she began kissing my neck.

My eyes immediately closed at the intense feeling Nanoha's kisses were giving me. A hand went into her hair, my neck opening to give her lips more freedom to explore the skin. I wanted to feel her lips so desperately. I loved the way her kisses made me feel, how it was making my body feel right now.

I felt Nanoha's hands on me again. They traveled from my shoulders, down my arms, and finally on my hips. The sound of the zipper to my dress came to my ears before it slipped from my body altogether. I quickly kicked the dress from under me, not wanted it to get in the way, before pulling Nanoha's body into mine. We were so close that there was no room left between us, but even with that, I still felt there were some barriers keeping me from her completely.

Reaching behind my back, I unclasped my bra, quickly reaching around front to fling it to the side. A moan escaped both our lips as our breasts met skin-to-skin. Not even a second later, Nanoha's hands found my breasts, leaving me heavily panting. Her hands always knew how to work magic.

She kneaded, massaged, and soon her lips found my nipples. I moaned loudly as her tongue alternated between swirling around each one, sucking on them gently. There were a few times where she bit it, but it felt good to me. Nanoha's touch always felt good.

Wet trails of hot kisses were made down my body, making me shiver in the process. She was so close to my private region, just where I wanted her to be. Soft fingers hooked around the hem of my panties, slowly pulling me down before being discarded.

My eyes hazily landed on Nanoha. There she was, looking so beautiful. A smile came to my lips as I caressed her cheek gently. Her soft lips laid sweet, loving kisses on my hand as she took ahold of my penis. My breath caught as my head flew back in pleasure. Her hand stroked me back and forth, making my knees feel like they would give out any moment. This feeling was intense; earthshattering, even. I thought my heart was going to burst at how fast Nanoha was causing it to beat, but I would endure anything just to have Nanoha touch me like this. I didn't even think that I could feel more pleasure then I was now, but I was clearly wrong.

"N-Nano... hhhhaaa."

I couldn't stop my moans as Nanoha's mouth made love to my wet folds. Her tongue parted them with ease before sucking them into her mouth with a moan. Her stroking still kept its slow pace, but it didn't matter. The two pleasures together had my mouth hanging open, my toes curling into the plush carpet under my feet. The hand that was on her cheek had moved into her hair, keeping her lips on me.

She gave my slit one last, long lick before the hot muscle trailed up my shaft. My eyes had opened at the action. For some reason, I didn't think this would happen. But when I looked down, it was definitely happening. Nanoha's eyes were closed as she trailed up my penis, making it to the tip. Her tongue circled it, causing tingles to travel through my body, before she took my penis into her mouth completely.


My mouth had opened again, my body hunched over cradling Nanoha's head into my hands. Her head went back and forth, her finger running up and down my slit. Watching her suck me in such a way did all types of things to my body. It definitely made me feel like I was about to cum, which is something I didn't want to do just yet. I wanted to be connected to Nanoha, be inside of her when it happened. So my fingers left her hair, coming to her shoulders to stop her from going any further. She gave me a confused look, but I caressed her cheek.

"Come here." And she obliged without question.

My lips took ahold of hers the moment we were face to face. We both moaned at the contact. It was weird tasting myself, but I didn't mind and kept on kissing my love. Her arms snaked around my neck, as my hands traveled down her back until I touched the soft globes of her rear. She moaned into my mouth as my hands wrapped around her thighs, swiftly picking her up where she wrapped her legs around my waist.

With cracked eyes, I maneuvered us over to the bed where I laid her down. I broke our kiss reluctantly so that I could stare at my love, my angel given to my out of nowhere. The one who would hold my heart forever... for all time.

Our eyes met and a smile immediately came to my lips. Nanoha did so many things to me from just looking at her. My heart would always beat faster; I always felt warm. I knew in my heart that only she could do this to me. She was the only one I wanted to do this to. I only wanted her. My eyes shifted to the bangs that were in the way of the blue oceans I love so much. I gently pushed them to the side before my burgundy locked onto gorgeous blue.

"I love you."

Nanoha smiled as her eyes became a little misty from my declaration of love. I could see immense love swirling in her eyes as she pulled me closer to her, our lips barely touching. "I love you too, Fate," she said before closing the gap between our lips.

The tender kiss lasted for a few minutes before my kisses went somewhere else. Her forehead, cheeks, nose, and lips were kissed gently with love and affection. That's what I wanted tonight to be about. Our love and undying affection for one another. I wanted Nanoha to know how much I loved her, how much she meant to me. I made sure that love showed in every kiss I placed down her neck, every caress of her skin as it trailed to claim the soft mounds of her breasts. Everything was soft and slow. From the massaging of her breasts, to the soft kisses I placed on them, everything was done with tender love and care.

I could feel her body arch, hear her soft moans as my lips caressed each of her breasts. I don't think I left anything untouched because I wanted to kiss, lick, and suck everything that made up her body. The kisses continued on, but lower this time. My hands steadily massaged her breasts as I kissed a trail down her stomach. Every movement was slow since I wanted to take my time with her. I wanted this moment to last as long as it could.

My tongue penetrated her belly button, giving her a sneak peek at what would happen soon enough. I could already smell her essence and couldn't help but go down even further. Brunette curls were kissed her one was laid on her slit. Nanoha let out a long moan as her hand came behind my head to keep me where I was. Her smell was so enticing. I just wanted to eat her up right then and there, but my need to prolong this moment stopped me.

I quickly moved to place kisses all over Nanoha's private area. Her body was shivering uncontrollably, her moans making my penis throb with need again. I had to ignore it, though. I didn't want this moment to end quickly because I wanted many memories to go with this moment. You only get to have one first time, after all.

Nanoha's legs spread more for me as I kissed and nipped at both her thighs. I could feel them shaking under me, making me smile at the effect I was having on her. I kissed my way back up to kiss and lick around her vagina, but never where she wanted it most. She would even move her hips around to get my lips to make contact with her slit. And when she noticed that I wouldn't give her what she wanted, she resorted to other measures.

"Fate... please." She begged, causing me to look at her.

She looked so beautiful. Her body was slightly sweating, her eyes closed, breasts bouncing with every breath she took. How could I deny her what she wanted when she sounded like that? So I gave her what she wanted.

"Fate!" she moaned as my lips connected with her slit.

A deep breath slipped from my nose to try and compose myself a little. Nanoha's moans always turned my insides on fire. My tongue shot out of my mouth, parting her wet and slick folds. Her shivering increased as my tongue flicked up and down repeatedly. Her moans intensified. Her body moved around as I found her clit, circling it with my tongue before sucking on it.

Her hands tried pushing my head further into her, her hips bucking as she moaned. My tongue moved faster against her as her moans became faster and louder. Her hand found mine in her bliss, intertwining our fingers together as I brought her closer to release. I knew she was close. Her body movements and the shortness of her breaths told me that. I wanted nothing more than to give her sweet release, so I went back to sucking and licking her clit.

"W-wait," she voiced, causing me to stop immediately.

I thought I had done something wrong, but she reassured me when she pulled me up to capture my lips.

"I only want to cum tonight with you inside me," she said after our kiss broke.

I couldn't help but smile because we were the same. She had stopped me for the same reason I had stopped her. She wanted us to be connected as we arrived in ecstasy. I'm so glad she stopped me when she did because I had been so caught up in everything that I forgot about wanting to cum together. I would make sure to do things right this time.

Leaning over towards the nightstand, I opened the top drawer to pull out the box of condoms Nanoha and I had brought. I sat up on my knees as I opened the box, pulling out a condom. I opened it, taking out the condom, and started to unroll it over my shaft. I glanced at Nanoha and noticed that she was looking at what I was doing. It turned my on just having her watching me.

With the condom on, I positioned myself between Nanoha's legs just as I had been before. Our lips met softly at first, but became heated as time went on. With the little space between us, I grabbed my throbbing penis and motioned it towards Nanoha's opening. A frustrated groan escaped my lips as I couldn't find what I was looking for.

"Having trouble?" Nanoha said in a teasing tone after our lips parted.

"Yeah. I thought this would be easy." I giggled, which caused Nanoha to do the same.

"Well, here," Nanoha said sexily, looking me in the eyes as she took ahold of my shaft. "Let me help you." With that said, she moved my penis where it was supposed to be.

I could feel myself blushing as she guided the tip of my penis into her opening. I was so nervous. I had never done this before. I wanted this moment to be special for the both of us. I just pray that I can achieve that tonight.

Leaning down, I captured Nanoha's lips once more. Knowing that I was inside of her just a little bit set my body ablaze again. This was it. The moment I've been waiting for. The moment we've both been waiting for. Slowly but carefully, I eased my hips forward.



I found my body reacting on its own as Fate entered me. My nails were still digging into Fate's back, teeth gritting in pain. Fate's moan upon entering me had quickly turned into a loud hiss when my nails tore her skin. I didn't mean to be so rough, but it really hurt when Fate entered me. And even though I expected it to hurt, I was at least sure it wouldn't hurt this much. It felt like my insides had been ripped open and I was almost scared of Fate moving inside me. I was at least thankful for the kisses that Fate was giving me right now. It definitely served as a distraction from the pain I was feeling.

"Are you okay, Nanoha?" Even though Fate had a blush on her cheeks, I could see the concern in her eyes and in her voice.

"It hurts," I said in pain.

Sad burgundy eyes looked into mine, instantly making me forget the pain I had previously been feeling. My hand cupped her cheek in hope that it would soothe her. I definitely didn't want her looking like this during our first time.

"I'm sorry," she told me in an equally sad voice.

"There's nothing to be sorry for. We both knew that it would hurt since we're both virgins. So don't think that you did something wrong."

"I know." She sighed. "I just wanted tonight to be special and-"

I quickly placed a finger to her lips, stopping the nonsense that would eventually come from her mouth. Sigh. Fate could still be so insecure sometimes. I definitely wanted to kick Sayo's ass again for making Fate like this because then, Fate would never have to feel insecure when she's with me. She was always needed, always loved, always made me feel things that I knew in my heart; that no one else could elicit. Fate needed to know that and I would show her. Tonight, our love would be brought to new heights.

"Tonight is going to be special. You know why?" I let out a soft giggle when she shook her head no. "Of course, it's because you're here with me, silly. Everything is special because you came into my life."

A smile came to her lips, which is exactly what I wanted to see.

"Just be gently with me, okay?"

A sexy smirk came to her lips and I felt myself letting out a soft moan at the tingle that went through my body all the way down to my most private area. I was sure that this experience would definitely get better if I could feel that tingle again.

Just as I had asked, Fate descended upon me again with a soft kiss. A contented moan escaped my lips at the feel of hers on mine, her breasts pressed into mine. Her body and kisses definitely served as a big distraction to anything I had been feeling previously. Her kisses always did that to me; made me forget the world, and there was only us. There would only be our love, and tonight would be a reflection of that.

Fate's kisses went from my lips, to my jaw, before going to my neck. I lifted my chin back to give her more room. I loved it when she kissed and sucked on my neck. My body was definitely feeling hot again, my vaginal walls tightening and untightening, causing moans to come from Fate. Her body lifted up a little, causing her penis to go along with her. A small whimper escaped at the feelings, but I was more focused on Fate's lips touching me to really focus on it. Her hand traveled down my body, distracting me with her gentle massaging and teases of my left nipple. At this point, I really had the urge to buck my hips as the throbbing sensation was definitely becoming unbearable. I resisted the urge, though. I wanted Fate to be the one to thrust into me.

My body began to shiver as Fate's hands traveled down my body. Agonizingly slowly, I have to say. I was definitely curious as to what she would do with her hand. Oh, how surprised I was at the intense sensation as Fate's fingers began to circle my clit. My head pressed deeper into the pillow, a long moan escaping my throat from the feeling of Fate inside me along with her fingers touching a very sensitive area. I felt my body shaking uncontrollably, my mouth hanging open a little to release my rapid breaths. My heartbeats picked up with every second, Fate's name constantly leaving my lips. Her fingers were hitting all the right spots and I could feel my hips bucking a little, trying to relieve the pressure building up.

"Fate... please." I begged. I could care less at this point whether I would be in pain when Fate finally began moving inside me. There was already pain there from my accumulating need. I need her, wanted her love. I couldn't wait any longer with her touching me like this. "Please."

Fate's lips crashed into mine, quickly swallowing up the moan that escaped. Her fingers still circled my clit, her tongue clashing with mine. Ever so slowly, Fate's hips began to move forward and all I could do was hold onto her. When a whimper escaped, Fate was looking at me, stopping everything.

"Are you alright?" There was that sadness in her eyes again. I would make sure to remove it.

My legs had circled around her waist. I definitely wanted to get through her head that I wanted her to stay where she was. "Keep going, okay?" I told her, but I was the one who bucked my hips, making her go inside me, filling me up completely.

I watched as Fate's face contorted in pleasure before a loud moan escaped her lips. My arms circled around her neck, bringing her down to kiss me. Our lips didn't move. The only thing that could be heard were our deep, shaky breaths through our noses, our moans and the squishing sounds coming from Fate entering and exiting me as I continued to buck my hips against her. After doing it for a while, I couldn't feel pain anymore. All I could feel was Fate inside of me, the condom helping to heighten the sensations I was feeling.

"Ah, Fate!" I moaned as Fate's hips began bucking as well.

I could tell that Fate was shy in moving her hips as she was going at a slow pace, but everything still felt good, nonetheless. The way her hips rocked was hitting a certain spot that had my mouth hanging open again, moaning louder with every stroke. Fate noticed what she was doing to me and slowly began picking up speed. I almost felt a giggle coming from myself because Fate was definitely having a hard time keeping the pace. Her breath was erratic as she placed kisses at any piece of skin she had access to. She looked so beautiful, though. Her eyes closed, her lips almost curving into a smile before it went away to let out a serious moan. It was definitely a sight to behold and like music to my ears... Well, the kind the turns you on even further.

Every time Fate would moan, my vaginal walls would contract, causing Fate to have better contact with the spot she was hitting earlier. This caused me to moan, which caused Fate to moan and buck faster against me. Such a wonderful repeating cycle that was. For some reason though, I could feel myself pouting. I wanted to be on top too!

Before Fate could pull her hips back, I flipped her over, straddling her waist. A cute blush came to her cheeks, eyes open in surprise. A smirk came to my lips at my handiwork. I wanted to see Fate's different facial expressions from this perspective.

A soft smile came my lips as I leaned down to kiss Fate's lips. We both let out a moan as the movement caused my hips to move, which made her penis slip out of me a little. Our eyes met after the tender kiss, finding myself smiling at the blush that stained her cheeks. It definitely amazed me as to how she could look so adorable at such a moment; in such a sexual position.

Fate's blushing face was one of the things I loved about her. I loved her eyes, her smile, and her touch. Her presence could affect me so easily. I loved the way she made me feel when she held me, the way she caressed my cheek, the way her love shined in her eyes. I loved it all, but I loved Fate as she was. She would know that every day because I would be sure to tell her as long as we were together, which I knew for sure would be forever.

"I love you, Fate Testarossa," I said, repeating the words she had said to me earlier. I felt so overcome with emotion. The woman before me meant so much to me. Her love meant everything; sheis my everything.

Her hand came to my cheek, caressing it in the same loving manner she always had. "I love you too, Nanoha."

A smile came back to my lips as I kissed her palm, and then leaned down to kiss her lips. Tonight, I would show Fate how much I loved her. How special she is to me.

"Nanoha." She moaned once she released my lips. I began moving my hips so that she was moving in and out of me once more.

I stared at her with glazed eyes, suppressing the need to close them completely to enjoy the sensations I was feeling just so I could look at Fate. I loved how her lips parted to let out constant moans, looking as if she was experiencing the greatest ecstasy. I could feel the corner of my lips going up into a smirk from the knowledge that I was the cause of Fate's reactions.

Sitting up, I took the rider's position. I couldn't help but close my eyes in pleasure, finally releasing the moans I held in just so I could enjoy Fate fully. Fate's penis was hitting all the right places, making my hips bounce up and down faster just to keep the feeling going. Fate's hands came up to my hips, assisting me with my riding. I inwardly smirk. She must really love this position.

Her hands left tingling sensations across my skin as they traveled across my stomach, then up to cup both of my breasts. This woman! The way her hands expertly massaged my breasts, her hips moving up to meet my downward stroke; it was just too much. I found my back arching, both my hands and arms planted on Fate's thighs behind me in order to hold myself up. This was so good. The way she filled me up; the sensations she was causing me to feel. It was so intense that I felt that I would lose my mind. I wanted everything to be intense for Fate, as well. I wanted to fill her up just as she was doing me. I wanted to make her lose her mind. All of her senses.

Regaining myself a little, I positioned myself upright, never ceasing the movements of my hips. My right hand trailed up between her thighs before splitting through her wet folds. Her breath immediately hitched, hands unmoving on my breasts. My fingers slowly moved up and down her slit, squishing sounds accompanying the ones already being made.

I watched her in pleasure. I loved how her head sank deeper into the pillows as her teeth tugged on her bottom lip. I loved the way her breasts bounced with every movement, how her body was covered in sweat. I loved how her face turned as moans came from her parted lips. I engraved all of those sweet moments to look back on... and tease her with, of course. Hehe.

My fingers stopped and my hips slowed. The burgundy eyes that I loved so much shown through from behind her lids. I stared at her intently as I circled her opening, letting her know what I was about to do. Her hands left my breasts, trailing down my stomach before circling around my sides. I was waiting for any affirmation that she was ready for it, that she wanted it, but all she did was stare at me. Doubt had begun to creep into my chest as she hadn't responded yet, but eventually it went away as a smile came to her lips.

With Fate's permission, my fingers slowly began entering her. Just as she was on the outside, she was wet on the inside causing my fingers to slip right in, breaking her barrier. Her eyes had closed again, more tightly than before. I could tell the she was in pain and the tears leaking from her eyes affirmed that. Without detaching my fingers, I leaned forward to kiss her tears away. I wanted her to know that I was here and that we would get through the pain together.

Just as Fate did with me, after she broke my hymen, I tried to distract her and I figured I'd achieve that by picking up the pace of my hips again. I got the reaction I wanted as Fate had started to moan immediately along with myself. Her lips crashed into mine, tongues instantly clashing with one another, causing both of us to moan. Fate's arms slowly traveled up my back before circling around me. Our breasts joined together, heightening the already intense sensation as our nipples rubbed together. I could feel her walls contracting around my fingers and wanted to try moving inside of her, but I couldn't do it laying completely on top of Fate. My hand was still behind me and I couldn't really move my hand and wrist effectively this way.

Leaning back, I brought Fate along with me... Well, more like tugging her bottom lip with me. She gave a little chuckle at my creativeness before moaning once more as our lips connected fully once again in a passionate kiss. I continued to raise my hips up and down as I wanted Fate to still be stimulated when I began moving inside of her. When my fingers finally began moving, her walls clinched my fingers hard.

"Ohhh..." was the moan that escaped her mouth as our lips parted.

My fingers moved slowly inside of her, trying to feel everything that was inside. Sloppy kisses were placed from my jaw, down to my neck where she sucked for a short well before biting hard. There would definitely be a mark there in the morning. Her tongue licked over the mark, making me shiver inside. Her tongue traveled down between my breasts, detouring to my left nipple. My head flew back immediately as my nipples were super sensitive at this point, sending strong sensations down to my vagina, and causing my walls to constrict around Fate's penis even harder.

A long vibrating moan came from Fate's lips, the sensations hitting my nipple. I felt my hips bouncing harder, my fingers quickening inside Fate. Everything felt so intense once more, even more so this time. Moans left my mouth, my left hand going into Fate's hair to hold her closer to my breasts. My body shivered as my muscles began to spasm. I could feel my orgasm coming. My hand tightened around Fate's hair, quickly pulling her head back so that I could kiss her while I was cumming.

Fate knew what was happening as my breaths were rapid, moans coming constantly and my walls constricted around her. She tightened her arms around me as my body shook, also releasing louder moans as I felt my fingers curling into a sponge-like material.

"N-Nanoha!" she screamed out in pleasure before capturing my lips harder again.

It was like I could feel Fate's penis throbbing with every stroke my fingers made, lengthening my orgasm. Soon, Fate's walls began to shiver before tightening around my fingers, and I knew she was cumming, as well. I picked up the pace of my hips, even though I was growing a little exhausted. I wanted Fate to orgasm just as hard as I had.

Strong breaths came from Fate's nose, her lips finding it hard to stay together with mine. I pounded harder against her, the feeling of another orgasm coming again. Fate's body convulsed as her walls closed around my fingers, her lips breaking from mine abruptly. My name fell from her lips as she came, filling the condom up with her seeds. The feeling of it caused me to orgasm a second time, almost causing me to fall backwards from its strength.

It took a few moments for us both to come down from the high we were on, but when we did, our foreheads came together. Our breaths were still heavy and out of breath, but that didn't stop the smile from coming to both our lips. A tender kiss followed, our love expressed with our lips. Fate slowly turned us over so that she was on top of me once more, placing a lingering kiss on my lips as she pulled out of me and proceeded to remove the condom she was wearing.

She laid beside me, her hand laying on mine as she smiled at me. I returned the smile, my hand caressing the skin on her hip. She leaned down to kiss me once more, both of us sighing contently.

"That was amazing," she told me.

"Yes, it was." I agreed. "You were amazing."

"And so were you," she said huskily as she kissed me once more.

I could feel myself getting turned on again. Fate's kisses were always intoxicating.

She took me into her arms, my head stationed on her shoulder. She was so comfy that I couldn't suppress another contented sigh.

"Comfy." She placed a kiss on my head.

"Extremely." I snuggled more into Fate's body, hands running down her curves. "Fate?"

"Hm?" she said in a sleepy voice.

I got up from her arms to look at her. She looked so exhausted. So cute!

"Can we make love again?" I grinned.

Her eyes shot open wide, sleep apparently gone. "N-Nanoha what about my refractory peri-mmpf!""


Waking up this morning, I definitely felt exhausted. I had to think about what caused my exhaustion and I realized that Fate and I had made love so many times last night. No wonder I felt this way. It was definitely a good experience, I had to say. I love the way Fate touched me, treated my body so nicely. I felt truly loved last night and I knew that I would feel that way from now on. I knew we would be making love more often now. Now that it's happened, I can't imagine myself not doing it. I can't go without her intimate touches, her lips kissing me in places never explored by anyone but her.

I snuggled more into her body, her arms tightening around me at my movements. Next thing I knew, I found myself lightly moaning as her lips placed lingering kisses along my neck. "I thought you were asleep." I craned my neck to give her more access. I loved it when her lips were touching me.

"I was before my love started moving around." She giggled, continuing her kisses.

I turned my body over so that I could face Fate. My right arm snaked around her neck, drawing her in for a kiss. "Good morning." I smiled.

"Good morning." She smiled as well before leaning in to give me another kiss on the lips. "Last night was amazing."

"Yes, but exhausting." I yawned.

A blonde eyebrow rose. "Exhausting? For whom? Certainly not you since I was pretty much doing all of the work."

My mouth shot open in shock. "Now, you know that's not true."

"Mm-hm." She gave me a 'yeah, right' look. "Whatever you say, Nanoha. Whatever you say~"

A small pout came to my lips as she turned around to look at the clock. She definitely wasn't doing all of the work last night. I did contribute to some of the activities.

"I think we should start getting ready, Nanoha. Check out is going to be in a little over an hour."

"But I wanted to lay with you some more." I pouted again.

"We can do that at home, you know?" She teased.

"You do have a point."

We both got up then and headed for the bathroom. After last night, we were definitely in need of it. We had a little debate over whether we would use the jacuzzi or shower, but ended up picking the shower instead. It was a nice shower. It had a big showerhead in the center of it instead of being on one side, which was good since Fate and I both needed to shower quickly.

I turned on the water, making sure that it was slightly more hot than warm. When it was perfect, I stepped under the showerhead, letting the water cascade down my whole body. Fate soon followed, standing in front of me and mimicking my actions. Her eyes were closed as she made sure all of her hair was wet. Her breasts bounced with the action and I found myself staring at them. Fate definitely had nice breasts.

"See something you like?"

My eyes left her wonderful breasts to look at the teasing face of my lover's.

"Maybe I do?" I teased back.

"Oh, really?"


She let out a laugh, which I returned. We both started washing our bodies, the body wash being a sweet peach scent. There was definitely something sexy about a soapy Fate. I found myself staring at her as she ran her washcloth over her breasts and nipples, and then over her toned stomach. Everything looked sexy. It still amazed me how Fate could be so sexy without even realizing it.

When she was done with everything else, she began washing her private area. I noticed that her penis would get a little harder with every touch, but not into a full-blown erection. I couldn't help but think of last night at this point. It was an amazing night full of passion and love. Fate definitely surprised me with those moves she pulled on me. I didn't know she had that much knowledge. Now I was definitely curious about how she learned all of it.

"Baby?" I asked, still washing myself.

"Hm?" She was washing her hair now.

"Where did you learn all those positions and other things last night? It was as if you have had sex before."

A blush came to her cheeks. "Well, dad kind of informed me on what to do. She wouldn't let me leave until I heard all of it."

I couldn't help but laugh. It was definitely like Lindy to do something like that. "Well, if whatever else she's taught you was like last night, I definitely look forward to seeing the rest." I smiled. Fate smiled, too, but with a blush prominent on her cheeks.

We continued washing our bodies, a comfortable silence present. When I began washing my private area, it was definitely sore and I couldn't help wincing a bit.

"Are you okay, Nanoha?" Fate asked with concern.

"I'm fine. I'm still kind of sore from last night."

"Is there something I can do to help?"

I thought for a while and came up with nothing. I mean, what can you do anyway besides having a little sex break? "I don't think there's anything that can be done. I guess we just have take our time with making love until the ache goes away."

"I guess. Or..."


Next thing I knew, my back was up against the shower's wall with Fate's body pressed into mine. I was definitely turned on by the aggressiveness, but I couldn't understand what it was for. When I looked into her eyes, I could tell that it was something I would enjoy. She had that glazed look and when she did, it always meant good things.

Her lips came closer to mine, less than an inch of space in between them. I could feel my body reacting, my breath was growing heavy with excitement. I knew she was just as excited since her penis was poking me in the stomach right now. Boy, was I getting wet.

"Let me kiss it for you and make it all better," she said in a husky voice before her lips claimed mine hungrily.

A moan immediately sounded. I loved it when she kissed me. We caressed each other's lips and tongue, hands caressing each other's bodies. Her lips left mine as she kissed down my body, leaving kisses on my neck, breasts and stomach. She got on her knees, spreading my legs to reveal her prize. My breath was erratic, my body tingling all over. The wetness between my legs was more apparent than before. Fate's hand traveled down my right thigh before lifting my leg up to place over her shoulder. I'm sure the shock from the action showed on my face because she gave a huge smirk before it disappeared between my thighs.

"Fate, that feels good," I moaned.

Lindy may have taught her things, but I'm sure she didn't teach her to move her tongue like that. She knew exactly how to drive me crazy. She would lick at my opening, suck my lips before finishing me off with the best lick and suck combination on my clit. I couldn't help but wonder how she was able to lick me at such high speeds. She was definitely becoming a master at this.

My knees were shaking at how good she was making me feel. A hand held her head in place, my hips bucking to add more friction against Fate's tongue. My other hand grabbed at my left breast, enjoying the feeling there. It felt hotter than usual. I felt my body sweating, my stomach muscles tightening at the intense heat that was building there.

After Fate continued to work her magic, I found my hand tightening on her hair and my hips bucking more frantically. My eyes tightened even harder, my mouth letting out lots of strangled breaths as I tried to breathe and moan at the same time. I knew what was about to happen. The constant shaking in my legs let me know that.

"Fate... A-ah!" I was definitely cumming now. The intense feeling that I felt earlier had grown and exploded.

I let out a long moan as I came hard. Fate had to hold me up because my knees were like jelly and my body jerked unconsciously. Fate made sure that she didn't leave anything behind as she kept at her licking. When she was finished, I bent done to kiss her, enjoying my own taste.

"That was so good Fate-papa," I said, still a little out of breath, but having a little husky edge to it. "I think Nanoha-mama has a reward for you." I grinned.

My lips were on hers again in a passionate, yet tender kiss. My hand went to her shoulders, pushing her down to the tiled floor of the shower. I straddled her waist immediately, loving the feel of our breasts touching.

With a moan, my lips released Fate's so that I could kiss my way down her body. Tender kisses were placed on her neck, soft nips on her collarbone. My hands softly cupped her breasts before my mouth covered each nipple after giving the other the attention it deserved. Fate let out soft moans as my lips and tongue had fun with her nipples. I couple feel my vaginal walls come to life again just from the sexy sounds leaving her lips. Her moans always sent my body into a blaze of fire.

My body slid further down her own, continuing to leave kisses as I went. I ended up between Fate's legs on all fours. She was looking at me with glazed eyes, her breasts bouncing due to being out of breath. It was the most wonderful sight I've ever seen. My right leg slid over Fate's stomach before hitting the floor. The other slid under her other leg, my bottom scooting closer to her.

A gasp came from Fate's lips as her lower lips came together. My hips bucked slowly, hands stroking her penis. Both of our moans filled the shower as we both enjoyed the sensations we were experiencing. I loved how our wetness covered each other, her penis rubbing against my clit. It felt so good.

Fate moaned my name, her eyes looking at me. I felt hypnotized. It was an amazing feeling to look at her in the eyes as I gave her immense pleasure and it was an even greater feeling knowing that I was the cause of it.

Her body lifted, her eyes still staring at mine. An arm circled around my waist while the other came into my hair, our lips crashing into each other's desperately. I could feel my stomach muscles tightening at Fate's tongue swirling in my mouth hungrily. The pace of my stroking and grinding increased, causing Fate to continuously moan within my mouth.

A firm tug came to my hair causing our lips to part. Fate's soft lips attached to my neck, kissing and sucking the spot that would drive me wild. "Ah, yes!" I screamed. My stomach muscles tightened even further, my peak steadily rising. She nibbled my neck, kissing it gently before surprising me by biting down and finishing with a hard suck. "Fate!" I found myself cumming at that moment, hips grinding and hands stroking harder than before.

A stuttered moan came from Fate's mouth, her muscles spasming before I felt a liquid on my stomach. Both of our bodies went slack after we came down from our high. Fate's head laid on the crook of my neck, her heavy breaths hitting my skin. My eyes opened after a few moments, still feeling the effects of my orgasm. My vision shifted around, lazily landing on the clock within the bathroom. It read 10:40.

"10:40. Oh my gosh, it's 10:40!" I screamed, surprising Fate in the process. I got up as fast as I could so that we could continue getting ready. We definitely lost a lot of time. "Fate if we're late, it's your fault." I glared as I started washing quickly.

"My fault?" She glared back, also washing up.

"Yes, it'll be your fault. You were the one who started this, remember?"

Her glare left her face. "You do have a point, but you sure finished this." She grinned.

"Meanie." I pouted.

"Yeah. Love you, too."

We washed up quickly since we were running low on time. Then, we ran out of the bathroom to dry ourselves and got dressed as fast as we could. We packed up our remaining things and made for the door. Luckily, by the time we made it to the lobby, we still had a few minutes to spare before the checkout time ended. We voiced our relief before paying the hotel bill.

We waited a short while outside as the valet went to get our car. When he returned, we put our bags in before getting in, ourselves. We were gone not too long after. My mind replayed all of the moments Fate and I spent together and I couldn't help a smile from coming to my lips. I really enjoyed myself and exploring each other's bodies was such a wonderful experience that I knew I couldn't wait to do it again. I was sure that Fate felt the same way.

My eyes glanced over at her as she drove the car. She definitely surprised me on this trip. I guess I know not to underestimate what she can do. "I enjoyed my time with you this weekend."

"I did, as well," she said with a grin as she continued to focus on the road. "Too bad we most likely won't have much time together once we get home."

That was true. Faye would be all over us as soon as we got back and I knew she would also want to spend the night with us, as well. Sigh. I guess we would have to wait a little while before we can make love again. Unless...


I couldn't help the wide grin that came to my lips at the idea that popped into my head. I found myself leaning in, lips less than an inch away from her ear.

"Nanoha," she giggled. "That tickles." She tried to move her head, but my hand came up to hold it in place.

"Since we won't have time to ourselves when we get home," I paused for suspense. "How about some backseat action before we make it to Miyuki's?" I suggested huskily.

I could have laughed at the shocked face she made as she watched the road, but of course I was serious about the suggestion. Her parents were so useful sometimes.

Fate glanced away from the road, I guess to see if I was serious. When she figured that I was, she quickly turned back to the road. "I guess I'll have to find the nearest rest stop."

"Sounds wonderful."