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Sperm Donor

Chapter 12

Love All Around


I woke up to the feeling of Fate placing soft kisses on my neck. The constant tingles her kisses sent through my body woke me up even further. Soft moans escaped my lips as her hand began to caress my stomach. It was only there for a few seconds before it slowly raised to fondle my breast. My hand grabbed her thigh, nails dragging softly against her skin. Her lips grazed my ear, labored breaths filling my ears.

"I love you."

This wasn't the first time Fate's woken me up in a state of ecstasy. Since we came back from our Valentine's Day trip a month ago, this is how I've been greeted in the morning. I won't say that I haven't done the same on some occasions, but I do want to make sure to point out that it's Fate doing most of these good morning 'Awakenings'.

She is definitely her parent's daughter. It's been hard for us to keep our hands of each other and sometimes we end up having our fun in places we shouldn't…like a public place for instance. I won't go into detail about that, but know that it's Fate's fault.

Okay, okay. I'll admit that I've had a little too much fun being a seductress but it was only a few times. *Wink*


My mind focused on what Fate was doing to my body once again.

Kisses were showered along my neck while Fate's soft hand continued to gently fondle my breasts. My nipples were toyed with, but not for too long. It seemed that Fate's hand had other places it wanted to be.

Fingers slid down my body, heating me up along the way. My legs were parted and I could feel just how much she had affected me. Her fingers covered the length of me, paying close attention to my clit. I was in bliss. It always felt good when she touched me. She always knew how to get me begging for more.

"Are you ready?" she huskily whispered in my ear.

All I could do was moan a "yes" before the tip entered me.

An unexpected knock came at the door causing Fate to stop her motions all together.

"Mommy, daddy. Grandma and grandpa are here."

Our eyes locked at that moment. Fate's eyes were glazed with ecstasy, but she was looking to me to tell her what to do. I, for one, could only think of one thing.

"Please, don't stop." I whispered pleadingly.

I saw the color of Fate's eyes change to a darker shade before her fullness entered me.

"Ah!" Came a low moan from both of us.

Fate's hips moved slowly as she knew that was how I liked it. I could feel her deep, yet fast breaths as she graced my neck with soft kisses.

"Yes," I moaned in pure ecstasy.

My hand found its way tangled between her golden locks, causing Fate to moan even more at the rough tugs. I was too far gone, too wrapped up in what Fate was doing that I forgot that Faye had been at the door.

"Mommy, daddy? Did you hear me?"

"Oh, I'm sure they heard you alright."

Hearing Lindy's voice caused both of us to freeze. I think that what happened on New Year's had been still fresh in our minds and definitely didn't want to experience getting caught again.

"Now, if you two aren't out here in three minutes," she said in a commanding voice, "I will have to come in and get you."

Before we could even think, we were both out of bed finding anything to put on. There was no way I was going to give Lindy the satisfaction of embarrassing us once again. I had my pink night shirt on and Fate had on her black nightie and leggings. Just as I was about to make my way out the door, Fate pulled me back. She had a panicked look on her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked with concern.

"What am I going to do about it?"

"It?" I was confused.

"Yes, it." Her eyes lowered, hinting to what this it was.

I could understand her dilemma. "Oh…"

"Well what am I going to do? I can't just go out there with my thing at full attention." The panic multiplied.

"Well now you'll know to pick a better time to try and have love-love time in the morning."

"Nanoha, this isn't funny."

"I wasn't trying to be." I teased.

A cute pout came to her lips, "Meanie."

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry." I apologized. "Well you certainly can't, you know…" I trailed off, which she surely got what I was hinting. "That would take up too much time that we don't have. I can't even help you because you would enjoy it too much and that would take up even more time."

I saw Fate cross her arms. "Why do I feel that you're still teasing me?"

"That's because I am," I said as I looked around the room to figure out what she could use to cover up.

I heard another "meanie" come from her lips, which caused me to inwardly chuckle. My eyes continued to scan the room, eventually landing on the bed. I quickly picked up one of the pillows, throwing it at Fate.

"Omf!" Came a muffled noise. "Nanoha, what was that for? We don't have time for pillow fights."

"And who said I was trying to have one?" I smirked.

"Then what are you giving me this pillow for?" Confusion laced her words.

"Use it," was all I said before walking towards the door.

"You can't expect me to go out there like this?" She panicked.

"Well, it seems you have no other choice. See you in the living room," I said before exiting the room.

I ignored Fate's calls back to the room and proceeded to the living room where Lindy and Precia was sure to be waiting.

This was definitely going to be an interesting morning.

As soon as I made it to the living room, I felt a little self-conscious. Even though Precia and Lindy both looked normal, I could tell that wasn't the case. I'm sure something would happen very soon. I just hoped it wouldn't be too embarrassing.

"Good morning. What brings you over so early?" I greeted after taking a seat on the couch across from them.

"Oh nothing," Lindy began, "just wanted to speak with you and Fate about something, but I guess we came at the wrong time." A huge grin came across her lips and I knew Fate and I were doomed.

A small blush came to my cheeks. "I don't know what you're talking about Lindy," I tried to convince her.

"Don't play dumb with me Nanoha. I know what early morning sex looks like." She looked me up and down and I felt more self-conscious than I did before. "Did you happen to look in the mirror before you came out? Your hair is all over the place and the hickies my daughter gave you are showing. Seems like you two had been having a great time."

I panicked. I thought I at least looked presentable, but it seems that nothing gets past Lindy's eyes. I quickly finger combed my hair and buttoned my night shirt up to my neck. Gosh, Lindy was so mean. Not only did she have to tease me about my sex life, she was wearing a grin that could reach the ceiling. I could only guess what she was going to say when Fate got out here.

A minute later, Fate came out. I guess the show was on.

"Hey Fate, glad you could join us."

I could tell that Fate knew something was up. I think from the look of it, she was more focused on the pillow in her hand covering her essentials. It was quite funny, but I knew that Lindy wouldn't leave it alone for too long.

"Have a seat. No one's going to hug you, seeing as though you have a hard on," came the blunt statement.

"DAD!" Fate screamed in embarrassment. Her cheeks turned a deep red as a result.

"Calm down little one. We're all adults here." Lindy let out a small laugh. "Besides, it's obvious what you're trying to hide behind that pillow of yours."

Fate plopped down on the couch next to me and gave a sigh. "I really dislike you sometimes."

"Alright Lindy," Precia chimed in finally, "leave the girls alone. They've had enough of your teasing for one day."

"Awe. You're no fun." Lindy pouted.

"Shut it, or I'll have to spank you."

At that comment, Lindy's face went from a pout to a sexy grin. "I like the sound of that." Lindy leaned in to give Precia a kiss.

"Please! Don't start!" Fate practically screamed.

"Kill joy." A glare was placed on Fate from Lindy.

"Stop it. There's always time for spankings later, honey." The two kissed…a little too much, but it was over eventually.


"Don't "gross" me. You were the product of these kisses." Lindy shot back.

"Please don't remind me of such things. The mental picture makes my stomach hurt."

"Okay, enough!" Precia said with finality.

After the outburst, Fate and Lindy both crossed their arms, pouted and began to grumble inaudible things. It was cute just to see how similar they were, but I was grateful that Fate was not as blunt with her actions compared to her parents.

"Now, to the reason why we are here," Precia continued. "Your father and I have been planning a trip to the cabin in a few months. We would like everyone to come, so that it's more of a family gathering."

"Sounds like a wonderful idea." I knew that my parents would love the idea.

"I like the idea as well. I love going to the cabin," Fate added.

"Yes, it will be a wonderful trip," Lindy voiced, "but there will be some rules in place. One rule being very important."

"And that is?" I questioned.

"Sex must be kept at a minimum."

Silence filled the room for about a minute. Everyone was staring at Lindy, thinking how she could come up with such a crazy rule. I was just thankful that Faye had stayed in her room. I could only imagine all the questions she would have after listening to this conversation.

"Dad, as if you could actually follow your own rule." Fate broke the silence with a laugh.

"You know what Fate," she pointed with mild anger before it ceased, "I think you're right."

"Honey, you already know we couldn't even follow that rule. You're too sexy you resist."

"And so are you my love muffin." They kissed briefly. Well that rule is out the window." She sighed. "Anyway, I'm glad you've agreed about the trip. It should be fun."

"Well girls, it's time for Lindy and I to go." She smiled at us before giving Lindy a sultry look, which hinted what they would be doing when they left. "I'm a little turned on."

"Oh, let us go my dear. We can't let the young ones catch up with us in sexual knowledge."

Before I knew it, they were gone.

"That was interesting." I began. I couldn't help, but wonder if Fate and I would be like that when we got to their age. It was definitely hard to imagine.

"I'm used to it. They are my parents after all."

"Well, since the mood was ruined," I removed the pillow to see that Fate wasn't hard anymore, "and you aren't horny anymore, let's go somewhere today."

"Like?" Fate questioned.

"Somewhere Faye would like to go." I smiled.


It had been awhile since we had gone out as a family, so today Nanoha and I decided to take Faye to her favorite place. The playground was lively as it always was. Kids were running around while their parents looked after them. It felt good to come here since this is where everything began for Nanoha, Faye and I.

"Daddy, push me on the swing! Please, pretty please!" Faye was trying her best to pull me in the direction of the swings, which was a really cute sight.

"Okay, okay." I followed after her.

Nanoha giggled at the situation and walked over to the benches to watch us. What I found myself doing though, was looking at her. I wonder if Nanoha knew just how beautiful she was. Just one look from her and I felt like a puddle of goo. Her smile and her eyes were always captivating. Even from the first time we met, I felt a pull on my heart when she graced me with one look or a smile. I always wonder how I got so lucky, but nonetheless, I'm so glad that I did. My life has been so much better and I have Nanoha and Faye to thank for that.

After a couple of minutes of swinging, Faye decided to play with the other kids. I made my way over to the bench Nanoha was sitting on and sat down next to her. We were silent for the most part, just watching Faye having a good time.

After a while, I noticed that this was the bench Nanoha and I first talked on. Everything was so different then, we weren't really a family yet. Heck, I was still trying to wrap my head around having a child. I just never thought it was possible. I wasn't sure if I would be a good parent, but with Nanoha by my side, all that changed.

"You know, it feels kind of nostalgic being here again. Just thinking about where I was mentally when we first met, I could have never imagined my life turning out like this." My gaze then turned to Nanoha and I smiled.

Never in a million years did I think I would father a child. Never did I think I would end up meeting the mother of my child and fall in love.


It was always something I thought I would never attain. It was just something that I could not see. The scars of Sayo and the torment of others made it clear that no one would love me. No one would take the time to get to know the real me...someone that only wanted to give love. Those scars began to fade when I met Nanoha and Faye. I have so much to thank them for because they gave light to my dark life.

"Thank you so much for making my life so much happier. For giving me the love I've always wanted and for caring. I never thought I would receive that from anyone other than my parents, but you've shown me what true love feels like, Nanoha. You've shown me what truly living is like. You've given me the greatest gift, well two in fact." An even bigger smile came to my lips as I glanced at Faye. "I love you so much."

I looked back at Nanoha to find the biggest smile on her lips, even though she was crying. A hand came to wipe her tears, but she grabbed it in the process. A kiss was placed on every finger before she held my hand close to her cheek.

"I love you too. So very much."

She came close to me and a loving kiss was given. I could feel all the love Nanoha had for me and it was funny since she didn't have to express it verbally.

Our heads came together, smiles gracing our lips. This love with you Nanoha was pure bliss. I would spend every day of my life giving back to you what you have given me. That's my promise to you.

"Hey, where's my kiss?"

Our heads turned to find Faye standing close to us with a big pout on her lips. It was so cute.

"It's right here, of course!" I swooped her up in my arms while Nanoha and I gave her kisses and tickles.

Screams and giggles filled the area. Such sweet sounds children could produce and I felt my heart swelling just knowing that I contributed to the life of this child. I was sad that I had missed four years of her life, but I was here now and that was all that matters.

"I love you mommy and daddy." Faye declared after the tickles and kisses ceased. It brought tears to my eyes.

Her little arms circled around our necks and brought us close to her, where we all shared a loving kiss. I couldn't have asked for a better family. I'm so happy to have one of my own, for it was something I've always dreamed.

I've learned that dreams do come true and even though it came late, it still came.


It definitely was nostalgic being here again. Here I was sitting under the same tree I did before when we all met, watching Faye and Fate play together. Back then, I didn't know where our lives would go. I was just happy to see the both of them smiling.

I was scared back then because I wasn't sure of what to expect, but falling in love was the last thing on my list. Little by little, Fate inched her way into my heart. The funny thing was she didn't even have to put much effort in doing so. It was just natural how everything happened. My only conclusion was that everything was meant to happen this way. We were meant to be together.

Now look at us, after everything that is happened we are just like any other family. Fate coming into our lives was a blessing. I just wish I had met her before so that she could have been in Faye's life sooner. We would have been married by now, maybe with another child.


I like the way that sounds.

After a few hours, we left the park the same way as the first time, with Faye cuddled in Fate's arms…but of course, this time was different. This time, we weren't leaving as strangers unsure of the future. We weren't caring sadness in our hearts at the thought of being separated. We were leaving as a family and that was most important.

We stopped by my parents' house before going home because my mother wanted to discuss some things with me about the café. Once that was done, I helped her with preparing for the next day of work.

After an hour, we had been talking about the trip Fate's parents hand planned and I could tell my mom was excited. It was rare that my parents were able to go on trips since the café was a serious priority. I was just glad that they could finally get a break.

"Hey Nanoha," Fate smiled when she came through the doors of the kitchen. "Is it okay if I take you somewhere?"

"But it's late." I gave a confused look.

"I know, but I really want to take you to this place tonight. Please?" She ended up giving her best puppy dog eyes and pout.

"Go ahead Nanoha. I know it's been hard to spend some time with Fate recently. Your father and I will take care of Faye," my mother cut in.

Fate still had hope in those beautiful eyes when I looked at her. Well if it's okay with my mom, then I don't see why not. "Okay."


"Fate, I can't believe you would bring me to a place like this. We're not in high school, you know?" I said after she parked the car.

When Fate said she had a great place in mind, I didn't know that she meant we would be going to one of the few spots high school students make out spots. I guess she had something sexy in mind.

"Be quiet. I brought you up here for the view, not so we can make out and have sex."

The view up here was very nice indeed. You could see the whole city from out here. It was definitely romantic with the many beaming lights from the city. I had to give it to Fate though. She did pick a great place to go to, but something still told me that this wouldn't be an innocent night.

"But I'm sure that's what will happen anyway." I couldn't help the grin that came to my lips.

A huge blush came to Fate's cheeks. I had to tease her some more. It was always fun when she was like this. It made it so much easier to get my way.

Removing my seat belt, I moved my body close to her. A breath escaped by her ear, while my hand lazily traveled along her thigh. I could feel the shivers coming from her body, which made my grin deepen. I loved the fact that I could easily make her body react.

A soft kiss was placed on Fate's ear, a nibble here and there. Her breaths began to pick up and I couldn't help that it made my body hot in the process. My teases always failed in a way because I could never just simply tease her. I would always end up horny right along with her when the whole plan was just to get her that way.

My lips were an inch away from her ear once again. Both of us were breathing deeply for obvious reasons. At this point, I just wanted to kiss her fiercely and make love and I'm sure Fate felt the same way.

"You know you want me, baby." I whispered seductively in her ear.

Fate shoved me away with a glare causing me to laugh. I guess my teases still work after all.

"Nanoha, we haven't been here for five minutes and you're already teasing me."

"Fate-papa, you already know that I have to tease you when I can," I said after placing a kiss on her cheek.

"Well," she paused as her body came closer to mine. Her lips pressed into my neck as her hand traveled the length of my right breast. A moan escaped my lips as pleasure filled my entire body. Fate's touch always made me feel hot. I could already feel my panties getting wet from her touch. My whole body tingled, my body shivered. Her hands were magnificent.

A deep, almost wild breath escaped Fate's nostrils as she palmed my breasts with force. A bite came to my neck followed by a hard suck and I found myself unable to stay rooted to my seat. My walls constantly constricted and I found myself unable to control my breathing.

All of a sudden, the wonderful feeling I had been feeling stopped. All I could feel was Fate's breathing against my ear. That in itself was still enough to send tingles down my spine.

"Now, if I were to tease you the same as you do, then I would be all kinds of meanies," she said seductively in my ear.

My eyes opened slowly to see a smirk gracing Fate's lips. Before I could realize it, the warmth of her body was gone. The door to the car opened and she made her way out. "Let's enjoy the view," she said before closing the door.

It still took me a few seconds to realize what had just happened. A pout instantly came to my lips. Now that wasn't fair! I exited the car, pout still on my lips as I walked over to Fate whom was sitting on the hood of the car. She took a look at me and started to laugh.

"Meanie." I huffed.

"You see what I was talking about earlier?" She continued to laugh as she pulled me by the waist. She wrapped her arms around my waist, giving me a chaste kiss. When she saw that my pout never left, she turned me around so that I was facing the view. "Stop being a baby and enjoy the view."

I was still a little grumpy that I was overly horny and all Fate could think about was watching the wonderful view of the city…even though it was nice. After a few minutes, my attitude subsided and I began enjoying the sites of the city, but what I really enjoyed was just being close to Fate.

The warmth from her body made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed the occasional kiss on my neck. Too bad it made me focus on other things. I couldn't help but focus on how Fate's breasts moved along my back every time she breathed. I noticed how her hot breath would caress my ear, sometimes my neck. I felt how her hands would softly touch me and before I knew it, I felt myself trying to keep my breaths under control.

"Are you enjoying the view, Nanoha?"

Fate's breath sent tingles down my spine as she said that. I had to hold a moan in as her fingers squeezed the lower part of my breasts when she hugged me. Gosh, I just had to wonder if she was doing all this on purpose! If she was, she was definitely doing a good job because I felt just as horny as I did earlier.

At this point I needed answers…well not just answers, but you know what I mean. "Are you doing this on purpose?" I said after turning around to face her.

"What do you mean?" She gave a confused look, but I wasn't buying it.

"Don't play dumb with me Fate. I noticed how you kept on breathing in my ear and you even squeezed my boobs! You're trying to get me all hot and bothered aren't you?" I glared.

"Nanoha, I really don't know what you are talking about. If my whole plan was to take advantage of you, I would have done it already." She explained.

"Well, too bad because I'm hot as hell."

We began to kiss as soon as we made it in the backseat. Fate's hand went to fondle my breast, while mine worked on the zipper of her pants.

There was something sexy about making love in a car and I really have to thank Precia and Lindy for giving us the idea. I loved being outside under the stars, the cramped space, how the windows fogged from the heat we produced together. I loved it all.

Hm…maybe we'll have some fun on the hood of the car one day.

A moan escaped Fate's lips as I grabbed onto her erect penis. I began working it the way she liked it. The rhythm was nice and slow, loving the way my named rolled off her tongue. It made my insides burn and I'm sure she felt the same.

"Nanoha," came another sultry moan.

Her fingers made their way into my hair, gripping it tightly. She pulled me close to her with such strength and our lips met hungrily. There was no doubt in my mind that my panties were drenched beyond belief. Only Fate could do this to me though and that's how I wanted it to stay.


I was in ecstasy. The feel of her skin, her lips, her body. Just one touch and I knew what heaven felt like. Loving Nanoha was like experiencing euphoria. I always felt like I was in a haze, not being able to tell one event from another.

I couldn't remember when I put the condom on, but I could feel Nanoha's warmth all around me. I held her close to me, kissing and feeling anything that I could. There was nothing like this. To be able to be with the one you love like this. We may have not been in the most romantic place, but it didn't matter. I could still taste her skin, caress her body and hear the constant moaning of my name. There was definitely nothing like this feeling.

The pace of our love making was slow, like I liked it. There was no need to rush, for I wanted to feel everything. I wanted to feel her love and passion and it consumed me as we connected and disconnected. I wanted to feel her hands through my hair, her sweet lips caressing mine. The soft kisses along my neck, the arousing suckles on my ear before the three words I always loved to hear.

"I love you too," I follow, meaning it with all my heart.

We share a loving kiss, sealing our love forever.

Without notice, a strangled intense moan escapes you. Your head flies back for a few seconds before you look at me with so much need. I knew what was happening because I could feel your walls closing around me.

"Nanoha." I moaned.

I felt your nails rake my back, tipping me further over the edge. Sloppy kisses covered your bouncing breasts as I could feel myself climaxing.

My hips moved faster to match yours. My eyes began to roll as your moans grew louder. I was at the height of all ecstasy and you were right there with me.

"Ah! Baby, I'm coming!" You scream.

I push my hips faster and you're pitch grows louder. I push hard one last time, releasing my seed in the condom.


All I could hear were our rapid breaths. All I could feel was how tightly we were holding each other. Our foreheads met gently, our eyes meeting briefly. A smile graced our lips, before we gave a kiss.

This was love.

I'm so glad I found it in you.


We had put on some spare clothes that we always left in the car just in case of an emergency and stepped out into the cool air of the night. I inhaled deeply, loving the feeling of the air cooling my whole being.

"I have a confession to make," Fate said with a laugh.

"And that would be?"

"I actually did bring you out here so we could make out and make love."

My eyes grew wide at the statement. "I knew it!" I hit her on the arm. "Pervert."

She laughed that cute laugh as I hmphed and stuck my nose up in the air. Warm arms circled around me and my attitude seemed to fade away in an instant. I wasn't mad anyway. I thought that this was actually a great idea for us to come here since we haven't really had time to ourselves lately. She was always thinking of us and that's why I loved her so much.

My body leaned more into her, a sigh of contentment leaving my lips. Her head lay on mine and I just had a comforting feeling go through me. Everything felt so perfect. The vast view of the city, the night sky full of stars, and just being in Fate's arms made this whole night worth it.

"Thanks Fate."

"What for?" I could tell in her voice that she was confused.

"Thanks for always thinking of sweet things to do for me. I really needed this night out. It's definitely a beautiful sight and romantic. So thank you."

A kiss came to the back of my head, causing a smile to come to my lips. "I'd do anything for you Nanoha. I love you so much."

I found myself turning, my arms instantly finding their way around her neck. There was so much emotion in her eyes and I knew that everything she said was true. "I love you too." I smiled.

A kiss was placed on my lips, my body held tight by my love. I never knew what bliss felt like until I met Fate. I hoped that this love would never end because I couldn't imagine being with anyone, but her.