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Note: Hello! If there's anyone who will read this, Misaki is OOC (I guess). Akihiko here is a womanizer at the start. So there… Enjoy!

Chapter 1 The Night He Came

Akihiko lazily opened the door to his luxurious condo, his left hand holding a cellphone to his ear. "Aikawa, I'm already home." He was talking to his editor on the other end of the line because the famous writer, once again, escaped from the party that was meant to celebrate his new best-selling novel. "I told you I'm sleepy. I'll just see you tomorrow." He turned off his phone without waiting for the reply of the editor.

He stopped for a moment let his pale lavender eyes ran through the whole condo. It was, as usual, a lonely place to come home with no one waiting for him. When he was just eighteen, he decided to live on his own. He made a living out of writing and graduated from Teito University Law School at the top of his class. He became a famous author and the youngest recipient of the prestigious Naomori award. At the age of 28, he was one of the most sought-after bachelors. He'd been with a lot of girls in the past. And, yet, he hasn't found the right person that he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

He heaved a sigh as he made his way upstairs. He went straight to the bear room where he puts all his collected Teddy Bears. He stopped at the entrance as he noticed a silhouette of a small person at the center of the room. The person was lying on (its) stomach with arms wrapped around his largest and most favorite bear. The faint light from the hallway was not enough for him to recognize who it was. There were only two persons who knew the pass to his condo – his editor Aikawa and his bestfriend Hiroki. Aikawa has just called him, so she was out of the question. He was sure it wasn't Hiroki due to the small frame.

He debated whether to open the light and identify the person or call the police and let them handle the matter. Due to his curiosity, he decided to do the former. He switched the light on.

A beautiful naked person was revealed as the light flooded the whole room. It was the first time that Akihiko had seen such angelic features. The teen had chocolate brown locks, cute little nose, and pink thin lips. His skin was a pale white. Akihiko would have mistaken him for a female if not for the flat chest.

Beautiful… beautiful intruder, Akihiko thought. He approached the sleeping figure and knelt in front of it, lightly touching his face. The feel was just as he expected – soft and smooth. He can't be a thief… if he is, he wouldn't be sleeping in here… naked… He felt his manhood harden as his eyes trailed over the teen's naked body. He shook his head hard so as to throw the weird feeling. Weird…

Akihiko shook the teen by the shoulder. "Hey, wake up!" There was no movement. He tried again and this time harder. He heard a very light moan as the teen stirred a bit an opened his eyes. He gasped as lustrous green eyes stared back at him, full of curiosity.

The teen tilted his head as if studying new specie in front of him. He slowly sat up and extended his hand to touch Akihiko. The latter, with lips still partly open, moved backward. The move didn't seem to startle the teen as he continued to extend his hand towards him.

Akihiko continued to move backwards until his back bumped into the wall. "What the heck are you trying to do?" Akihiko shouted, feeling frustrated for being cornered in his own house. The teen seemed fazed as he scampered away from Akihiko. He was about to shout again but stopped when he saw fear mar the stranger's beautiful face. "I- I'm sorry…" He muttered. There was a long silence and both men did not dare to move.

Akihiko felt stupid for not knowing what to do. He was confused. Why is there a naked guy in my bear room? Did one of my bears come alive? If it was the case, why doesn't the boy have paws and bear ears? Could he be an angel? That was more possible if i believed in angels. I should call the police… but, he looked so harmless. Harmless? Maybe, he was just acting for all I know!

His trails of thought were cut when the boy started to move again, slowly approaching him, crawling on all fours. When he was near, he extended his hand again to touch Akihiko, this time, the older man didn't move.

Akihiko felt himself harden again as their skins connected. At first, the boy just poked his cheeks. Then, his small warm hand traced the older man's jaw line, down to his neck and stopping to his chest.

"hmmh?" The boy furrowed his brows as he felt something throbbing on the chest. He leaned closer until his ears were pressed against the broad chest. Why the heck am I turned on? Akihiko thought.

Akihiko's heart beat fast, his breathing went short and ragged. He was now looking down at the boy. "What are you doing?" He managed to mumble as he grabbed the boy by the shoulders. The boy looked up to him and did the unthinkable – he licked Akihiko's lips.

Akihiko's eyes widened. His body heat went up and all his logic left him as he pushed the boy to the floor and hungrily kissed the soft thin lips.

I woke up this morning and this is what first came to my mind. hehe another story. I was thinking how to make this into a Oneshot but it's just impossible. I do hope you'll enjoy. Auh, I just read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One Hundred Years of Solitude." It's a really nice book.