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Chapter 20

"You and your friend have to go back to your own world now."

Would he? Could he leave Misaki again?




The sea rumbled as it meets the shore. The water went up just above his ankle, and then leaves a tickling effect on his toes as it receded. There was nothing in the horizon but the vast sea. Above him was the bluest sky he had ever seen with a few patches of clouds. Behind him is a forest with all sorts of animals peeping, as if making sure he won't do them any harm. He stared for a few more minutes at the sea, remembering how he got to that place. When he could not find the answer, he turned to the animals and smiled at them.

The first animal that caught his attention was a large bear, about double his size. He tilted his head to the side and the bear did the same. Then, a wide grin adorned his face when he finally remembered. "SUZUUUUUKI-SAAAAN!" His voice echoed, terrifying the fluffy animals around him, except for the bear.

He ran to the bear and gave it a big hug, a tear falling from his verdant eyes. "Misaki missed Suzuki-san!"

The bear growled softly. It was an enough response for the teen for him to bury his face on the fluffy fur. Lost and scared, he cried and cried until all the animals – rabbits, deer, birds - that had been watching him gathered around him, nudging him on his feet and hands. He rested his head on the bear's chest while he let some of the animals hop onto his lap.

"I see you made yourself comfortable here." Deep baritone voice caught Misaki's attention. He lifted his head from the bear's chest. When he opened his eyes, a handsome young man, just about Akihiko's age was slouched in front of him. His raven hair hung loosely just above his shoulders. His eyes were a dark blue, the color of the night sky lighted by the moon.

"Do you know how difficult it is to search for someone caught in the in-between?"

"W-who… are you?" Misaki asked while rubbing tears of his eyes. "And w-what's in-b-between?"

The man chuckled. "You're really adorable, nephew. I see now why my brother did everything to protect you." His face darkened a bit. "…even dragging my own son into this mess."

Misaki noticed the darkening of his mood, making him clutch onto the bear's fur a little harder.

The god of the underworld seemed to have noticed this. He will have to save his dark mood for later. Right now, he has a nephew to attend to.

"Sorry if uncle's been rude. I haven't introduced myself yet." He flashed him smile and the demigod could see the god sparkle before his eyes. "I'm your Uncle Hades."


"Since the demigods are all here, why don't we just execute them?" She rested her chin on her palm as she looked down the demigods. Her half-lidded eyes showed no remorse at all of what she had said despite all the death glares she was receiving from the demigods and their respective parents.

They were gathered at a large banquet hall, designed similar to a court room. The gods and goddesses were seated on an elevated stage surrounding the demigods, each of them seated on their chair bearing their respective signs.

"My, my… for a goddess of love you sure are cold," a soft, mellow voice cut through the tensed air. "A – phro – di – te." She tilted her head, making a few strands of her raven hair fall to her face. She tucked it to her ears with the grace of a queen.

"Athena," Aphrodite snarled. "You should be executed along with that traitor Eris. After all, you're the one who ordered her to help the mortals. You connived with Poseidon, didn't you?"

Tell me, do you want to abandon our law so you can finally sleep freely with every man you like? For a thousand year, we have executed every existing demigod that existed. We had prohibited ourselves from interacting with the mortals. Its sole purpose is to protect them. You all know how much damage demigods had caused in the past. The Trojan war is an example."

"Have you forgotten that you were partly to blame for that unfortunate event?" A deep voice echoed through the hall. Hiroki stood up from the crowd while Nowaki was beaming proudly beside him. His Hiro-san can definitely bite. "You used Helen to seduce Paris into choosing you as the fairest of the goddesses."

"He definitely knows his mythology." Athena remarked.

"You're not supposed to be here!" Aphrodite sneered through gritted teeth.

"On the contrary," Athena butted in. "He has every right to be here. After all, this assembly concerns both demigods and humans."

"Enough." Zeus grumbled discreetly. He knew better than to humiliate his daughters in front of so many people. It was all he needed to say to make the goddesses stop. "This isn't the time and place for your petty arguments."

He cleared his throat, catching everyone's attention. Almost everyone in the room seemed to be alert, as if ready to strike anytime.

"I'd rather you all cool your head down before we start. I will not tolerate any violence in this hall."

He waited until the intensity in the air decreased before he spoke again.

"There is one thing, that we gods and goddesses had forgotten when we made that law. Our objective had always been to protect that which we created. The demigods are no different from the humans we protect. It was already hard on their part to find their place in the society. They're not gods like us. And, they are not mere humans. They are in between. And we only aggravated their position by executing them for a sin they had not committed."

He paused, scanning through the reactions of every person in the hall. His gaze landed on Poseidon who was staring at him intensely. He had not said a word since the start of the assembly. And, he knew exactly why. There had been a miscalculation on his part – the very reason that his brother's son had been, and still is, in danger. He understood him fully because that's what he felt when his son Heracles died.

Zeus returned his gaze to the crowd in front of him. "I propose that we abandon the old law and create a new one - a law which will both be beneficial to the humans and the demigods."


A gentle wind blew from outside, circulating through the blue-painted walls, playfully tugging on the white curtains and caressing soft brown locks. Light freely flowed from the floor-to-ceiling windows, making Misaki's skin look paler. He looked even smaller on the king sized bed with all the thick covers hugging his body. He looked like a lifeless doll if not for the steady rising and falling of his thin chest.

"Misaki…" Akihiko cooed lovingly, his voice cracking slightly due to two days straight of not sleeping. He never let go of Misaki's hand. Not even a second. He had been told by Poseidon to go back to his own world. But, he just couldn't leave Misaki in that state. He had made a mistake once of leaving his demigod. He doesn't intend to do it again.

Hiroki had also been stubborn to leave Nowaki. So the two best friends had managed to convince Poseidon to let them stay in the abode of the gods.

Yellow particles – somewhat akin to a sand – slowly gathered beside him taking the shape of a girl.

"You're supposed to be in the assembly." He needed not to look to know it was Eris. By this time, he had gotten used to the goddess coming and going as she pleased. She had been restored to her status as a goddess after much consideration by Zeus.

"They'll be fine without me." She sat on the edge of the bed. If Akihiko had bothered to look at her, he would have seen the soft gaze Eris gave him. "I'm pretty sure Zeus' plan will come through."

"Zeus' plan?" He had suspected it for a while. It was Zeus who hunted Misaki down. However, the way he had acted so calmly during the battle between the gods and the demigods, he pretty much had an idea the god of Olympus was a part of the scheme. But, hearing it out from Eris, his blood almost boiled. "Does that include killing Misaki in the process?"

"No…" Eris answered almost inaudibly. "Despite the cold demeanor, Zeus loves every creature that walked this earth."

Once a law had been forged between the gods and goddesses, Zeus is expected to be the one to strongly follow it. He couldn't also just change it out of whim. Because… if he does, no one will ever respect him. So something major must happen to make the gods and goddesses understand that it is time for a change."

He had never intended to hurt the little demigod. If he did, he would have killed him a long time ago. He ran after Misaki because he knew Poseidon would do something as drastic as launching a war against the gods and goddesses just to protect his son. This is something that no other god or goddess can do. He's the only one brave enough to do that."

There had been a miscalculation, though." There was a long silence. For a moment, Akihiko didn't want to know the miscalculation. But, Eris continued. "– it was you."

His hold on Misaki tightened.

"Me?" he chuckled bitterly.

"You managed to attract Aphrodite." Eris laughed softly and almost as bitterly as Akihiko did. "To think that a mere mortal can attract a goddess - it's ridiculous, isn't it?"

"Whatever you say, I still can't forgive Zeus. But, I also have to admit… if not for all this chaos, I would have never met Misaki." Without realizing it, a warm smile wormed its way onto Akihiko's face.

Something inside Eris stirred. Something she would never dare ponder. Later on, she'll blame it on spending too much time with mortals.

"I think you and Poseidon felt the same way. I've never seen him so furious once he figured it out. You should've seen his face and I was the unwilling witness of it all."

Light laughter filled the room. They didn't realize that for a brief moment, verdant eyes opened.


"…then sharky-san was going to eat fishy and so Misaki told fishy to run then WOOOOOOOSH!" He waved his hand in the air, his green eyes at its widest. "Sharky went flying to the wall!"

Hades laughed heartily at his nephew's antics. He wondered briefly if his son Kyo had been like that when he was a kid. He wished he had been there while he was growing up. But, the circumstances did not permit that. He was the god of the Underworld – not really the ideal place to raise a kid. So, he was forced to leave him to a couple who wanted so badly to have a child. God or not, letting go of an offspring is never easy.

The god of the Underworld was almost willing to kill his older brother Poseidon if Kyo had been hurt. It was actually foolish to convince all the demigods to fight for their freedom. But, in the end, it was worth it for now he would finally be free to see his beloved son anytime.

To repay his brother, he had searched for the demigod in the in-between – a realm between death and life where only he among the gods and goddesses could go.

"Well, do you feel okay now?"

The demigod nodded instantly. "Misaki's happy to meet Uncle Hades and Suzuki-san and rabbit san and bird-san and…"

He lightly placed a finger to the demigod's lips. He knew the rumbling would go on and on if he will not stop it. And, he was running out of time. The longer the demigod stays, the higher the risk of him never being able to come back to the world of the living and being stuck forever in limbo. "Don't get too excited now, nephew."

The demigod tilted his head, contemplating on his Uncle's sudden seriousness.

"You have to go back now."

"B-but… Misaki doesn't want to leave manimals…"

Hades shook his head in disapproval. He snapped his fingers and two doors appeared behind him – one is made of gold and while the other is silver.

"You can't stay here forever, nephew."

"But, no one's waiting for Misaki…"

"That's not true, nephew." He held out his hand to the demigod. "Come."

The demigod reluctantly took his hand and stood up as he led him to the doors.

"I'm giving you a choice." He opened the golden door first. "This is Paradise."

The demigod's eyes widened, awed by the sight of different creatures flying in the air. Some of which he had seen at the aquarium he and Hiroki visited. There were glowing trees and colorful flowers. Beautiful winged creatures dominated the sky. He could also see so many colorful Suzuki-sans walking through what seemed like a magical forest. He was about to step in when Hades stopped him and closed the door.

He pouted at his Uncle.

"Not so fast, nephew. There's still another door."

Slowly, Hades opened the silver door, revealing Misaki's beloved Usagi. His Usagi was beside a bed, holding a pale hand while talking to a girl. Before he could call out to him, Hades closed the door.

"Do you know whose hand he's holding?"

Misaki shook his head.

"Try to feel your hand then."

The demigod stared at his hands, trying to figure out what Hades had said. It wasn't long before he felt something warm on his left hand. His heart beat wildly, a feeling he only gets when Akihiko is holding him closely.

"I'm giving you the choice, nephew. Use your heart in choosing."

He felt a soft nudge on his back. When he looked back, all the animals had gathered around him. It was the large bear who had pushed him lightly to the silver door, as if convincing him to choose it.

Warm tears flowed down his cheeks. With a smile on his face, he gripped the door knob, simultaneously waving at his animal friends. As he turned the knob, a new treaty was signed between the gods and the demigods.


Akihiko resumed to watching Misaki when Eris left. The sun was just about to set, giving a soft orange glow around the room. The light made Misaki's skin a little less pale.

He playfully rubbed his hands against the teen's left hand. Asclepius had said that there's a small chance of Misaki waking up. But, Akihiko will not give up. He will stay beside Misaki and wait for him until he wakes up. He refused to give up. As long as he could feel the warmth in Misaki's hand, he will not give the demigod up.

"Misaki…" For the umpteenth time that day, he called out to the demigod, hoping that he will hear him, that wherever the demigod maybe, his voice will lead him back. He placed a light kiss on the demigod's hand. "Please, wake up."

As he said those words, Misaki's hand twitched, startling the author for a moment.


His heart beat wildly as he heard the familiar voice. It was a bit hoarse, but he could very well identify it. Hoping this was not a cruel dream, he turned his gaze to the teen's face and beautiful verdant eyes met with his soft purple eyes.


Slowly, afraid to break the spell, he stood up from his seat only to sit on the edge of the bed. Up until that moment, he never knew he could be this gentle as he carefully wrapped his arms around the demigod. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from Akihiko's chest when the teen wrapped his arms around the author.

Tears were flowing from the demigod's verdant eyes.

He wiped the demigod's tears with his hand.

"Misaki." He cupped the demigod's face and stared at him for the longest time, taking in every detail of his face. "I love you."

"Misaki love you, too!"

That was all Akihiko needed to hear as he claimed the teen's lips.

Unbeknown to them, Poseidon was watching through the slightly ajar door, a warm smile playing on his lips.


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