Author's Note: Okay, I'm doing it *again*. I'm writing two stories at the same time ^_^ If my mom would know, she would scold me now, but she doesn't *evil grin* Anyway, the following story came to me when I couldn't sleep at night and decided to go on the balcony to smoke a cigarette. I was looking at the full moon, which looked as if it was burning, and that made me think about the following scenario ^_^ It's about Haruka and Michiru again, guess what.

Disclaimer: I don't own Haruka, Michiru or Hotaru. Naoko Takeuchi does.

Dedication: I dedicate this story to Lara, my honey :-), and to Flo, who made my homepage! Thanks for being a friend :-)


Chapter 1: Fire

Michiru Kaioh sat in the office she worked in, typing up some of the letters her boss had dictated her before. She checked her watch, found out that she had one more hour until it was time to pick her adopted daughter Hotaru up from school, and increased her typing speed. The hour she had left went by fast, and soon the aqua haired woman brought the finished letters to her boss and said her goodbye for the day. "Good bye, Kaioh-san. See you tomorrow." Her boss, an elderly man with gray hair and friendly eyes, which were surrounded by a net of wrinkles, smiled. "Good bye, Yakida-san." Michiru replied, bowed and left the office. She climbed into her small car and drove off.

"Kenshi!" Haruka Tenoh barked, angered. "Will you stop that!" Kenshi, a young boy, stopped bugging Hotaru Kaioh and looked up at his gym teacher, a pitiful look in his eyes. "I'm sorry, Tenoh-san!" he quipped, earning another angry look from the tall blonde. "But she started it!" "I did not!" Hotaru protested. "I saw that you started it, so don't you lie to me!" Haruka thundered, and the little boy cowered. "Sorry, Tenoh-san!" he yelped, hoping and praying that he wouldn't have to run a few extra laps on the track for punishment. "Four extra laps, now!" Haruka commanded. Kenshi sighed and trotted over to the track. He started to run while Haruka knelt down next to Hotaru. "Just ignore that boy." She smiled. The smaller girl smiled back and nodded. "Thank you, Tenoh-san!" she then whispered before she ran off, to her friend's, who stood waving and yelling for her. "You're welcome." Haruka spoke softly. She pulled her baseball cap deeper into her face and shouted: "Okay, time to wake up! Let's start with one round on the track, shall we?" The students agreed; after all, most of them liked their teacher, and some of the girls even had a crush on the tall blonde – although they knew that she was female.

"That was fun!" Hotaru grinned at her best friend, a young girl named Meika, who grinned back. "Gym class with Tenoh-san is always fun!" Meika chirped, and Hotaru giggled. "You're right." Hotaru agreed while she ran one hand through her shortcut, black hair. "I hate her!" Kenshi suddenly butted in. "She made me run extra laps!" Meika poked her tongue out at him. "You deserved it!" she informed the angered boy. Kenshi walked away, muttering something about stupid twelve year old girls. That was when the alarm bell went off, signaling that there was a fire somewhere.

Haruka looked up from the class register when the alarm bell rang through the cloakrooms and let out a curse. She quickly put on her leather jacket and ran into the girls room, noticing the black clouds of smoke that emerged from the storage room in the far end of the corridor. "Fire! All, get out!" The girls nodded and finished dressing as fast as they could. Haruka ran on into the boys room and told the boys to leave, too. All of them obeyed – except for Kenshi. "I can't leave! I need my rucksack!" the boy wailed, searching for the precious item. "It's burning!" Haruka yelled at the boy. "You have to get out!" she ran to the door and looked out, only to find out that the fire had spread into the corridor and was growing rapidly. "Get out, now!" She shouted at the boy. Kenshi got scared when he saw the fire and finally ran out.

Michiru arrived at the school Hotaru attended, only to find all the teachers and a lot of students standing in front of the school building. "What's up here?" she asked one of the teachers, surprised. "There's a fire in the storage room, in the ground floor." The man explained. Michiru covered her mouth with one hand. "Hotaru!"

Haruka shooed all the students out of the school building; meanwhile, the smoke was dominating the hallway, and the blonde was coughing heavily when they finally got out of the building. "Tenoh-san!" A small voice suddenly screamed. "Tenoh-san!" Haruka looked down to see Meika pulling her leg. "What is it?" Before the little girl could talk, a woman with aqua colored hair came running by. "Where's my daughter?" she yelled. Haruka frowned and looked around. Someone was missing. "Hotaru!" Meika now cried, causing both Haruka and Michiru to gasp. "Hotaru!" Michiru now screamed. "She's still in there!" Haruka looked at the school, at the flames that were crackling behind the doors and at the smoke that seethed out. Before anyone could react, the blonde had turned around and ran back into the building. "Tenoh-san!" the headmaster screamed after her. "Tenoh-san, don't! It's too dangerous!" The heavy doors of the school closed behind Haruka, and then there was silence.