Epilogue: Happy At Last

Michiru returned home from her first day as an art teacher and immediately fell on the couch, covering her eyes with one arm. Haruka came walking out of the kitchen, carrying a tray with a cup of tea on it. "Hey, love." The blonde smiled, placing the tray on the desk and sitting down at Michirus feet. "How was your day?" "Great." Michiru replied before she let out a little sigh. "But my feet hurt…I was standing most of the time." "Aw, my poor sweetheart." Haruka smiled at her, pulling the aqua haired woman's feet in her lap. Michiru eyed her curiously, but she smiled when Haruka started to massage her feet. "Oh, thanks." The new teacher sighed happily, closing her eyes. Haruka smiled at her. "I love you." She whispered, smiling when Michiru replied: "I love you, too. Come here." Haruka gratefully obeyed, she crawled over her lover and they sank into a deep, gentle kiss. Haruka ran her hands up and down Michirus body, causing the smaller woman to let out a little moan. The aqua haired woman broke the kiss, to whisper into Harukas ear: "Hotaru won't be home for another two hours." Haruka got the hint, smiled and rose from the couch. She picked Michiru up, who giggled, and carried her into the bedroom.

One hour later, Michiru laid in Harukas arms, sweaty and exhausted, but happy. "It was wonderful, Haruka." She whispered. Haruka smiled down at her, gently stroking her hair. "Same here." Michiru cuddled closer to her lover, stroking her well-muscled stomach. "You know what?" Haruka whispered while her arms tightened around her loves waist. "Hmm?" Michiru looked up at the blonde, smiling. "I was lonely until I met you." Haruka now whispered. "And now…I'm happy. Bless the Gods who sent this fire." Michiru smiled, sudden tears stinging in her eyes. "Oh, Haruka…that's so beautiful…" The tears started to flow out of her eyes, causing Haruka to get a shocked look on her face. "Michi…love, don't cry." Michiru sniffled and smiled through her tears. "Don't worry, Haruka…I don't cry out of sadness. This tears are tears of happiness." Haruka smiled and placed a gentle kiss on her lover's cheek. Michiru closed her eyes and let out a happy little sigh. "Michiru…" Haruka began, earning a curious look from her lover. „Yes, love?" the aqua haired woman asked, smiling. Haruka pulled in a deep breath, then reached for her trousers and pulled something out of the pocket. She held the object – a small, red box – out to Michiru and opened it. "Will you marry me?"

Michiru stared at her lover, then at the ring, and finally back to Haruka. The blondes heart was racing in her chest, and for one second she wondered if she had been to fast with her proposal. Then, a smile appeared on Michirus face, and she threw her arms around Harukas neck. "Of course I will!" she cried out, fresh tears springing from her eyes. Haruka smiled, and they couple shared a long kiss. Both were happy at last.