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Light orange eyes surveyed the night sky, her gaze stopping briefly on the full moon before moving to the stars beside it.

The young woman had never been this quiet before. She could never recall a moment whereupon she hadn't been asking a question, or finding something new around her completely exciting. She had been designed with the sole purpose of being curious after all, there was no particular reason for her to not ask questions before. Everything had interested her. Especially that lady from the tests. The one GlaDOS had been so afraid of.

When the lady had dropped her into the fire pit, she had managed to avoid falling into the burning fires and had landed on a platform instead, hurting her legs in the process. The heat of the fire had not particularly concerned her at the time. She remembered she had been designed, like all the others, to withstand temperatures up to 5000 degrees Kelvin after all. She had dragged herself as far away as possible, until she had found the others.

That was when she met him.


"Space! Space! Gotta go to Space!" the blonde said excitedly, his bright yellow eyes looking around wilding, darting up to the ceiling more than once.

Curiosity stared at him from her seat, her back pressed against the wall. She was a bit injured, light burns on her legs and arms, and her clothes were torn, but she disregarded that. That was hardly important.

"We get it!" Another male snapped, his green eyes narrowed in irritation at the blonde. "You wanna go to space? Well here's some news. YOU'RE NOT GOIN' TO SPACE!"

The blonde simply grinned at him, spinning around in a circle. "Here come the Space cops! OOOH LOOK AT THE ROCKET!" he cried, pointing at an imaginary rocket in the air.

"Space?" Curiosity asked suddenly, watching Space's excited movements with fascination.

The green eyed male glanced at her, and suddenly his demeanour changed. He grinned charmingly and sauntered over, running a hand through his forest green hair.

"Hey there little missy. My name's Rick. Adventure core. Might I have the name of such a beautiful core as yourself? I mean, I haven't seen you around before. I think I'd remember someone as gorgeous as you"

Curiosity glanced at him momentarily, before pointing at Space. "He's going to space?"

Rick looked slightly put out that she hadn't answered him but shrugged, glaring over at Space. "Well, he wants to. Aint gonna happen though"

"Fact: Space does not exist" said another voice, and Curiosity glanced over to see a core with bright pink hair and eyes, casually sat down, avoiding everyone's gaze.

"Oh boy, here we go" Rick muttered with a scowl.

"Who are you?" Curiosity asked in fascination, her eyes wide.

"I am Fact core. The most handsome of all cores. The core with the most friends. The best core." Fact replied in a monotone, not removing his eyes from the grey wall.

Curiosity tilted her head, watching Space draw a shape in midair with his finger, his tongue lightly poking out of his mouth.

"What is THAT?" Curiosity gasped, her eyes widening even more. She ignored the dull ache in her legs, and crawled over to sit beside the now crouching Space core, who glanced over at her for a moment in surprise, before he grinned.

"Spaceship!" he answered, and Curiosity stared intently at his moving finger, picturing the shape in her mind.

"Spaceship?" she repeated, and Space nodded, his excitement becoming more tangible.

"A spaceship! To go to SPACE!"

"What's in space?" Curiosity asked, tilting her head to one side, her orange-brunette hair falling into her eyes slightly.

"The moon. Stars. Planets. SPACE!" Space cried out, grabbing her hands in his excitement, seemingly glad to have someone who would willingly listen to how great space was.

"Oh great" Curiosity dimly heard Rick groan. "We got two of 'em now"

"Fact: With a Curiosity core to speak with, the Space core is more likely to leave you, the gutless coward and me, the incredibly handsome core, alone" Fact shot out at him, and Rick was silent for a moment, contemplating that.

"Yeah, you're probably ri- Hey! Who are you calling a gutless coward four-eyes!"

Curiosity tuned them out, focusing instead on the hands currently holding her own. They were warm, and pleasant, and Curiosity blinked several times, looking up at him in confusion.

"What are you doing?"

Space grinned and pulled her up, startling her, but he didn't let go of her hands.

"I'm taking you to space!" he called out, his whole face alight with joy.

"We're going to space?" Curiosity gasped, her eyes widening. There was so much to learn about space! She'd go to space with him and learn all about it! The excitement must have been evident on her face, because Space core laughed.

"Me and you! Going to space! See the sun! Here are the space cops! The space cops will help us!"

"Who are the space cops?" Curiosity asked, and she could feel her legs shaking, the excitement of the day finally taking it's toll. She staggered as a blinding pain shot through her head, her hands pulling out of his, causing him to look at her in genuine confusion, she didn't even need to ask to know what he was thinking. Didn't she want to go to space? She blinked a few times, trying to speak, but instead, she fell back, the pain becoming almost unbearable.

"Someone call the space cops!" Space called out in anxiety, reaching out for her. "The space cops will hel-"

Curiosity tried to hold onto the sound of his voice, but the pain, becoming almost unbearable caused her to sink down into power-off mode, and she knew no more.

"Hey little missy...You gonna wake up any time soon?"

"Fact: Curiosity is most probably dead."

"Nononono. Space cops helped. She's coming to Space! She won't die in space!"

Curiosity slowly opened her eyes, blinking them rapidly. She was aware of two things. One, the pain had gone, much to her relief, and two, the three cores she had met earlier were staring down at her. Fact was the same as she had last remembered, completely indifferent, Rick looked relieved she was awake, but it was Space who caught her attention. His face lit up in pure joy when she opened her eyes, and he grinned, pulling her into a tight hug.

"You're alive! Hooray for Space! Space saved you!"

"You had us pretty worried there little lady" Rick stated, before he seemed to realize what he had said. "Not me of course, I don't get worried. I don't get scared either!"

Curiosity smiled at him, still aware that Space had not let go of her. Not that she minded, it felt nice. She had never had this kind of interaction before.

"What happened? Are we going to Space? Where is Space?" she bit out suddenly, unable to stop the sudden onslaught of questions that appeared in her mind.

"Aw man" Rick groaned, and Fact rolled his eyes in annoyance, muttering to himself.

Space pulled away, smiling widely and nodded quickly.

"We're going to space! Space is up there!" he pointed up into the air, and Curiosity stared up, her mouth opened in a small 'o' shape.

"Why do you like Space? Is Space fun? When are we going to space?" she asked, feeling that familiar excitement build up the more they spoke about it. The thrill of learning something new! There was always something to learn about!

"Space is so much fun! Guess what my favourite thing is about Space?" the blonde asked her, his golden eyes widening slightly.

"What?" Curiosity asked, leaning forward eagerly.

"SPACE!" he grinned, and Curiosity laughed loudly.

"Can we go to space?"


Curiosity hugged her arms tighter around herself, staring up silently once again at the moon. Everything had changed when the lady came back. Curiosity had seen her walk past, looking a bit different, but she still had that fierce look in her eye. It had taken Curiosity all of her self control to not yell 'You're the lady from last time! Why did you throw me away? Do you not like me?' because, to be honest, she was a little afraid the lady would try to kill her again.

The panic she had felt when a robotic arm reached into their chamber and picked Space up, had been almost consuming. He didn't seem to mind it though, giving her a wide grin as he was lifted up off the ground.

"I'm going to space!" he cried out to the three remaining cores, and Curiosity had felt something in her chest tighten at those words.

The curious core sighed quietly, unable to tear her gaze away from the moon.

"Why didn't you take me to space?"

Curiosity's face lit up as she saw the arm return, dropping Fact into the room first, who scowled and dusted himself off, looking annoyed, and then Rick, who was looking incredibly pleased with himself. She waited momentarily for the arm to return again, and she felt that familiar tightening of the chest when it didn't.

"What happened? Where's Space? Where did you go?" she asked quickly, trying to fight back a wave of unfamiliar panic.

Rick glanced at her in surprise, and something in his expression changed. Was that pity?

"We got to fight the Moron core. Apparently, he'd taken over this joint. But we took him down, well it was mainly me, if i'm honest"

"Where is Space?" Curiosity persisted, not in the mood to hear any more about Rick's supposed bravery.

Rick hesitated for a moment before he answered.

"He's in space, doll. That pretty lady who passed by did something, and he shot off into space"


Curiosity pressed her lips together in a hard line as the memory passed through her memory banks. He was gone. He had gone into space. A part of her knew he would be happy. He LOVED space! But another part of her made her feel this way. Curiosity was alarmed to feel a sudden moisture in her eyes, and hurriedly rubbed her hand across them, her bottom lip lightly trembling. She had found a secret way out of the labs to come and look up at night and to imagine what it was like up in space.

Curiosity closed her eyes, feeling a light breeze brush against her face. Her heart heavy, she posed the question that had been haunting her mind ever since he had been taken by the arm.

"Are you coming back?"

A/N- I was going to end it here... but I wanted to do a bit of Space core in space... if you think this point is a good ending, you don't have to read on, if you want to, go ahead.

Space core couldn't help but be excited. He was in SPACE! He was finally able to meet the sun, to say hi! He laughed loudly as the lack of gravity propelled him around in a circle. He dimly heard his companion saying something, but he wasn't really interested. Why should he be? He was in SPACE!

"I'm in SPAAAAAAAACE!" he called, spreading out his arms wide.

"Oh for the love of- I know you're in bloody space!" his companion snapped, looking dismayed and annoyed at the same time. "We've established that we're both stuck in the bloody vacuum of nothing for the rest of eternity, so just shut up!"

Space frowned slightly. Nothing? Of course there wasn't nothing! There was SPACE! He looked upwards and grinned at the white dots.

"Oh! There's a star!" he cried, and heard the blue eyed male next to him let out a small whimper of despair. "Star. Star. Star. Star" he repeated, his eyes flickering to each one.

He wondered if Curiosity would like to see the stars so close.


Oh yeah.

Space stared out in slight dismay at his old home. Earth. Where they all were.

Where SHE was.

"Earth" he mumbled, and the other core looked at him in confusion.

"What did you just say mate?"

"Wanna go home. Wanna go to Earth"

"Well erm- We can't. We're sorta stuck here, in case that slipped your mind"

"Wanna go home, wanna go home, wanna go home" Space repeated, clenching his fists. "Space is too big. I wanna go to Earth."

"Me too mate, me too..."

He didn't want to see Space without Curiosity. Why had he only just realized that?

"Sorry. Sorry...Wanna go home to her"