A/N- BAH. Yes. New 'chapter' XP. I like how this was supposed to be a oneshot. It's now a 'threesome' lol. But yeah! Shorter than the others,but just as sweet (I hope). Enjoy!

"Look. Look. Leo" Space suddenly cried out, his face lighting up in excitement as he noticed the constellation in the sky. "Hi Leo! Hi!"

Curiosity blinked her orange eyes in a confused and bleary manner, having been drifting off from her comfortable position resting against Space, her head against his shoulder.
"What?" she asked, looking up at him with a tired expression on her face. She dragged the hand which wasn't linked with Space's across her eyes to try and combat the fatigue she was experiencing. Space glanced at her, noticing her lack of enthusiasm and seemed to notice she was tired, causing him to frown, suddenly apologetic.

"Sorry" he said quietly. "Got excited about space. We can go inside now"

Curiosity shook her head abruptly, sitting up a little straighter. How could she even think of falling asleep right now? Sure, it had been a long and tiring day, but she was finally reunited with Space. She couldn't just go inside because she was getting tired. She had to stay here and learn more about space. She glanced at his surprised expression and smiled, looking up at the sky.

"Where's Leo? Is that the lion? Is it a space lion?" she asked, the enthusiasm suddenly evident in her voice, and this in turn caused Space to smile at her before he pointed up at the constellation.
"Look. Stars! Leo!" he called out excitedly and Curiosity felt her smile widen even further. "Yes, He's a space lion! Hear him roar!"

Curiosity felt a tiny giggle burst from her lips before she could contain it, and Space looked at her, startled. The orange core felt her cheeks heat up at his expression, and she simply averted her eyes away from his golden ones, staring up at the sky once more.
"I see him!" she exclaimed suddenly, her eyes following where Space was pointing. "Did you meet Leo?" she asked, staring in awe at the cluster of stars.
Space shook his head, his lips pressing together in a slight pout.
"Nope. Too far away in space" he told her, staring at the sky somewhat wistfully.

Curiosity frowned slightly. She didn't really understand why he had returned from Space. He hadn't really told her, only saying he didn't want to go back there without her, but she guessed that was so he would have a space buddy by his side to share the experience with. She stared down at their intertwined fingers and felt a slight fluttering in her stomach and chest cavity. She shook her head slightly, trying to rid herself of the sensation as she focused on the questions at hand. Was this right? He was designed to love space, so he should be in space. So…Why did he come back?

Curiosity pondered this issue for a moment, her eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. She just couldn't understand it. She glanced over at the space core, who was smiling up at the stars, and despite being so far away from them, he looked incredibly blissful and happy as he chattered aimlessly about space, saying words she couldn't really hear. But why?
"Space" she said finally, when she couldn't take it any longer. He glanced at her in a questioning manner, and she glanced at him, wary. "Why did you come back?" she asked slowly, hoping he wouldn't interpret her question in a negative sense. It wasn't that she didn't want him back, of course she did! She had spent months waiting for him to come back after all. She just didn't understand why he did.
Space stared at her for a few moments, his eyebrow's furrowing slightly, and Curiosity felt her breath catch in her throat. Had she offended him? But her fears turned to slight interest as she noticed his cheeks acquiring a small pink discolour. She had seen that before, on the catwalk where she had held his hand for the first time. Was he okay?

"Space was too big" he muttered, averting his eyes away from hers after what felt like hours to the both of them. "Too empty"
"You…Don't like space?" Curiosity asked slowly, feeling her confusion rise further at his statement. Surely he had to like space…?

"No, No!" Space protested quickly, shaking his head. "I love Space. Space is amazing, Space is…Space!" he hesitated for a moment. "But…Space was very big. No space cops were there either. Space cops didn't come. Nope. "
Curiosity waited, sensing there was more to the story than he was telling her. After a few moments, he glanced at her, and she saw the light discolour had once again appeared on his cheeks. Was he overheating?
"I missed you" he suddenly shot out, and Curiosity felt her eyes widen. Oh. Oh.

Her heartbeat picked up significantly, and she felt her own face heat up slightly. What was that? She felt a small smile playing on her lips, and deep within her memory and information banks, she could dimly recall what a human would do in this kind of situation. But was it really appropriate? She hesitated for a moment but then squeezed Space's hand again, causing him to look up at her smiling face.
"You missed me?" she repeated questioningly, and tilted her head to the side. "Is that why you came back? Because you missed me?"

Space stared at her for a moment before nodding his head in the affirmative. Curiosity couldn't help herself. She smiled as widely as she could and threw her arms around his neck in a tight hug, causing him to let out a small noise of surprise. It was SO odd. This emotion she was experiencing…What was it? Surely there was a name for it? The humans must have a name for it. They named everything after all. Curiosity desperately searched her information banks for the knowledge as Space wrapped his own arms around her, hugging her back tightly. She ran through the list of emotions through her information bank. Anger? No way. Awe? Not really. Sadness? Couldn't be! Love?

What was love?
'Define: Love. – An emotion of strong affection and attachment. – To accept the receiver of this action as the way there are. To appreciate and adore.'
Oh. Now it made sense.
She loved him.

Curiosity pulled away from Space, already feeling the budding moisture behind her eyes. Was this was love did to you? Strange really. Space looked at her in concern, wondering if she was alright. Curiosity felt a soft laugh break through her mouth, and this new emotion, this 'love' was what caused her to lower her head and press her lips to his.

All rational thought just slipped away from the both of them in that one moment. A spark, so shocking and intense ran through the both of them, heightening all senses. Curiosity gripped onto his shirt slightly in surprise, and pulled away, her mouth forming a small 'o' shape.
Space stared at her, his eyes oddly unfocused, a small smile at the corner of his lips. Why did she do that? What had possessed her to perform such a human action? She didn't really know, but she found she didn't regret it.

"That…Was better than space" Space suddenly said, absolute awe in his voice, and Curiosity laughed, lightly resting her cheek against his.