If You Did I'd Be Dead


A silver Porsche pulls up to a building. The sign says, "Luthor Corp. Fertilizer Plant No. 3"

The Porsche in question is going 10 miles over the speed limit before coming to a stop right at the front of the Fertilizer Plant.

A tall woman with red hair and green eyes steps out of the car. She looks around the Plant and at the workers.

She lets out a sigh and mutters under her breath, "Thanks Dad."

As she walks into the Plant, she locks her car doors with the keys. The car's plates read, "No Mercy"

Clark elected to walk home today. He just needed to be alone with his thoughts.

As he leans against a bridge guard rail, he thinks back to the football daydream he had in the bleachers.

He had single handed won the big game with the help of his "abilities". He ran the entire field in four seconds, he threw off four huge guys, and after the touchdown he threw the football in the ground so hard it obliterated.

Everyone was chanting his name. The head cheerleader Lana Lang was even about to kiss him, something Clark had wished for every year since he was five.

But that dream would never become a reality. His father would never allow Clark to play. Clark hadn't been allowed to do many things growing up. Because of his "abilities". Clark always viewed them as a curse.

Why was he born different? Why was he cursed to be a freak? Clark had spent his entire life as an outcast. Since he was old enough to understand his parents continentally lectured him to "be normal" and to not to use his "abilities" in public.

Clark's only two friends, Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan, were great friends but he could never be truthful to them. They'd view him as a freak. And if on the off chance Clark gets Lana away from her quarterback boyfriend, Whitney, he would still never be able to be with her. He would always have to lie to her.

Ever since Clark figured out he was different he had practically begged whatever higher being there was for someone to understand him. His parents were great, they never viewed him as a freak and Clark was grateful. He knew no parents could be more loving. But still Clark wished for someone his age, preferably female, who he could trust so deeply he could reveal his secret and she not see him as a freak. Someone who could see the "real Clark Kent" and not the mild mannered farm-boy he pretended to be.

As he stared out over the water in deep thought, he failed to notice an 18 wheeler go past him carrying barb wire. The significance of the 18 wheeler was a roll of barb wire had fallen off the truck and rolled onto the middle of the road.

Down the road came a silver Porsche going twenty miles over the speed limit. The person driving wasn't watching the road because a cell phone rang.

The driver looks down at the phone. When the person looks up they see the roll of barb wire and pressed down on the breaks.

The silver Porsche passes over the wire blowing out the tires and the driver loses control of the car.

As the driver fights for control of the car, the person couldn't help run over a tall boy standing in front of a guard rail.

The boy, the car, and the driver all went over the edge and into the water.

Clark went from deep contemplation to being knocked into the water in less than three seconds. But the seconds seemed to go by in slow motion to Clark.

As Clark lands in the water, he doesn't register any pain. He chalked this up to adrenaline. He notices the car the hit him at the bottom of the river.

Clark swims toward the car desperate to save the driver.

Clark notices a small hole in the roof of the car. He grabs the hole and pulls and the car roof comes off like lifting toy blocks.

Clark peers into the car and sees a beautiful woman unconscious in the driver seat.

Clark tries to undo the seat belt but eventually just rips the belt off the woman and drags her to the surface of the water.

He carries the unconscious woman to land and gently lays her down on the dirt and places her head gently on a rock.

He pressed his head to her chest and realizes that she isn't breathing.

He quickly begins to administer CPR on her.

He breathes into her mouth three times and frantically starts to push her chest muttering, "Come on. Don't die on me."

Eventually the woman coughs up water.

Clark looks at her in relief. Only then does her truly realize how beautiful she is. Lana was pretty but this woman made Clark think, "Lana Who?"

The woman painfully starts to cough and then grunts in pain.

Then she stares up in wonder at Clark.

She breathes, "I could have sworn I hit you."

Clark stares at her, "If you did." He stops and thinks, "If you did I'd be dead."

Clark looks back at the bridge. He looks at the hole in the bridge that the car made. He thinks to himself, "How did I possibly survive that?"

The woman stops panting and asks, "What's your name?"

Clark looks back at her and lost his breath at her beauty. Finally he finds his voice before replying, "Clark. Clark Kent."

The woman says, "Tess Mercer. You saved my life."

Little idea i've had in my head for a while. I loved the character of Tess. She was a great character with an interesting backstory. She was the beautiful Luthor who unfortunatly gave her life to protect Clark. And I thought her and Clark had great chemistry. Now i love Lois and all but I can't really see Tess with anyone else but Clark. Clark is the one that brings out the good in her.

This story isn't just Smallville with Tess instead of Lex. There will be a completly new plot alongside the show's plot. Things will change for the show expecially involving Clark. I've always hated Lana so she will have an extremly almost nonexistant part in this story. The story will focus of Clark/Tess but will still have the other characters.

Lex is still in the story. Just somewhere else. Tess is a Luthor in this story but goes by the name Mercer because of her adoption. More will be explain in later chapters.

I hope you enjoy this story. Please review, any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I do not own Smallville or any characters. I own any changes in the plot but not much else.

Thank you