A shrill cry pierced through the room. Ludwig had truly believed that he would never face a problem with his stamina, but he had been proved wrong.

"NNnh… Veneciano… it's your turn…" He grumbled shoving the peacefully sleeping Italian from the bed. Veneciano bumped onto the ground and sat up sleepily.

"Ve~?" He said looking around.

"I went all night yesterday and the one before." Germany grumbled.

"Ve~ Don't worry Ludwig I'll go." He yawned standing and going to the crib that was beside the window in their room and took the little baby away. As silence filled the room Ludwig could not fall asleep. When Veneciano was awake he messed things up, let alone when half asleep. What if he confuses the milk for the bleach? That thought made him jump up from the bed and rush to the kitchen.

"You're a pretty girl, yes you are." Veneciano's sweet soft voice filled the kitchen. The little girl made little sounds as she waited for her bottle. Seeing that the other would not give her her food she started crying again. Veneciano held her carefully and grabbed the bottle and put a drop on his wrist. "Ve~ It's too hot…" He mumbled and put it under the cold water as he opened the tap. He cuddled her as she cried harder and he sighed going to sit on the chair. That's when he spotted Ludwig by the door. "Ve~ Why are you up Ludwig?" He asked gently. Ludwig smiled faintly trying to hide his blush. He didn't want the other to know that he didn't trust him not to make a mistake.

"I couldn't sleep." He said coming to sit beside him.

"Ve~" Veneciano said frowning slightly knowing what the other had been thinking. In any case he smiled and leaned in to kiss him sweetly on the lips. "I love you." He said softly. Germany looked at him without answering but instead of disheartening Italy, it only made him blush as Germany looked him like that, with total adoration. Ludwig caressed his cheek still keeping that look on his face. He leaned in and took his lips into a deep and loving kiss making the Italian whimper softly in delight. He smiled brightly as Ludwig pulled away to kiss him on the cheek and whisper in his ear gently and his eyes widened slightly.

"Ti amo." Ludwig had said softly with a strong German accent but definitely Italian. He smiled brightly at him and they turned down to look at the hungry little girl. "And I love you too my little one…" He said gently. He stood and brought over the now lukewarm bottle and handing it to Veneciano who gave it to the little one to eat.

Once she was done they walked back to the room together rubbing the little one's back gently until she fell asleep and Veneciano put her down, kissing her on the forehead followed by Ludwig.

"Good night my little one." Veneciano said gently and smiled at Ludwig who went with him to the bed but as soon as they hit the pillow they both fell asleep immediately.

Silence filled the room of the small family until only two hours later the little one started crying again. Germany groaned and felt like crying himself.

Veneciano chuckled though he was tired also and kissed him softly on the lips. "Sleep Ludwig." He said softly.