Germany still looked uncertain as Gilbert played with the little baby girl who clapped her little hands as he did. Veneciano chuckled placing a hand on his shoulder and leaning up to kiss him on the cheek, Germany having to lean down slightly as the 8cm barrier was still ever present.

"Relax Ludwig, he'll be ok." He said and Ludwig turned to his beloved.

"It's not him I'm worried about." He sighed turning to get his jacket only to find that Veneciano had brought it over. He smiled kissing him on the cheek.

"Don't be silly, besides, Mathew's right here to help." He said smiling helping Germany put on his jacket.

"Who?" Mathew gave an offended yelp and the couple chuckled turning to him.

"I was only teasing." Germany said and Mathew sighed relieved and smiled.

"Michiko will be well taken care off, I promise." He said smiling. "Please enjoy your date."

"Yes! Freshly made pasta by the mediterranean sea in the sunset cool of the small town and a nice cup of wine to go along with it." Italy sighed, his eyes sparkling and Germany chuckled. He would sacrifice wurst everyday if it got this reaction from his italian.

"We better go, we don't want to miss our reservations." He said and went towards their baby girl who looked up happily at him stretching her arms out and he picked her up kissing her chubby cheek and earning a giggle. He chuckled realising Veneciano's concern also as he gave Canada a huge list of things to make sure to do and all the numbers to call should anything happen. Canada smiled nodding at everything. Germany brought the baby over and Veneciano gave Mathew a change to register everything.

"Oh my little baby." He cooed kissing her and hugging her. "Be good to your uncle Gilbert and Mathew alright?" He said and handed the baby over to Mathew who smiled at the baby girl.

Giving her another kiss on the cheek, the couple left leaving the infant with the two and a bear that merrily explored.


"…That part was awesome…" Prusia mumbled as he was subjected to watching barbie in Fairytopia. Mathew chuckled giving Michiko her bottle as she still watched the fairies on screen sleepily. The film was nearing its end but Michiko has refused to look away or fall asleep until it was over, and if any of them tried to get up she would whine loudly. Mathew had to rush to get her bottle so she wouldn't cry but now she was content.

"But hey, you got your chance to babysit." Mathew said and Prusia chuckled.

"That's true." He said taking away the baby from Mathew's arms as she finished her bottle. He smiled down at her as she fell asleep, patting her little head gently. "That west… who knew he had it in him to be a family man." He said looking around at the family pictures around the house. Mathew smiled softly at the comment.

"We did see it coming though." He pointed out and Prussia chuckled nodding.

"Roderich… I wonder what he thinks." Mathew felt a little pang in his chest. He had a crush on Gilbert that he'd kept secret for a long time since he knew the other would never be interested.

"Yeah… I wonder…" He said picking up his bear and holding him close.

"What about you Mathew? Picturing any children in your future?" He asked and Mathew chuckled.

"I think I'd first have to find a significant other." He said looking away blushing softly.

"Someone like you? I bet you'll find one in no time! Is there anyone you like? I've seen you talking to Bellarus a couple of times." Mathew shivered in fear. Since she realised that her big brother was going to be with Lithuania, she'd turned her gaze towards the poor unsuspecting Canadian.

"No… she is not… not the one I like…"

"Hah! You do like someone! Awesome!" He cheered and Michiko jumped bursting into tears at being frightened.

"Look what you did idiot." Mathew said chuckling with a blush on his cheeks and picking her up trying to soothe her as he walked up to her room to lie her down for sleep. Prussia sighed looking back at the film that was practically finishing. He wondered what would Austria think if he asked him about creating a family, the other would probably yell at him blushing and wondering why he never did things in order. Once Mathew came back he had decided.

"Mathew, you must help me." He said and Mathew jumped surprised at his decisiveness.

"With what?"

"I've decided to ask Roderich out. I don't think there's any need to lie to each other, I know he loves me and I love him back! It's time." He said and Mathew stared at him for a couple of seconds as he daydreamed of the future. "Will you help me?" Gilbert asked holding his hands and Mathew forced a smile.

"Of course." He said. He'd always known this would happen, but fate was being a total bitch about it.


Veneciano smiled walking along the street holding onto Germany's arm.

"I love you Ludwig." He said gently and the German turned to his tipsy lover chuckling and stopping to lean in and kiss him deeply.

"I love you too… so very much." He whispered and Italy giggling wrapping his arms around him.

"Mmh… Ludwig…" He mumbled snuggling against him and Germany smiled holding him close. Eventually they carried on walking towards their home, walking in quietly, hearing absolute silence. In the living room Gilbert and Mathew were asleep in front of the screen that showed Barbie in Fairytopia's selection menu of the DVD. Both chuckled softly and went to wake up the two.


Mathew sighed as he got back home. He closed the door behind him and walked up to his room. His quiet house showing that none but him lived here. He got in bed and thought of Gilbert's words. Unable to hold the tears in any more, he cried.