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The Four Guardians

Chapter Begin

Konohagakure No Sato. Home to many powerful legends.

For Starters, the Shodaime Hokage was known to be the only Shinobi to ever use Mokuton (wood) element jutsu's – This ability was even able to Subdue the Bijuu.

Second is the Shodaime's most powerful enemy and founder of the Uchiha Clan and the wielders of one of the world three Doujutsu (eye technique) The Sharingan.

And this man's name was Uchiha Madara and was the only Uchiha to ever possess the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. His Eyes had the ability to CONTROL the Bijuu.

Third is the Nidaime (second) Hokage, the Shodaime's younger brother and he, like his brother also had a special ability.

He was able to hone is Suiton (water) Element Jutsu's to the highest possible level. He was able to cast a Suiton Jutsu with just the water molecules in the air. Something no one has been able to do.

Fourth is the three Legendary Sannin ; Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

There has only been one Shinobi that has been able to beat them three on one. A man by the name of Hanzo the Salamander and funnily enough it was this man that gave them the title Sannin. After he beat them of course.

Fifth is the Yondaime (fourth) Hokage also known as Kiiroi Senko (Yellow Flash) and he was he inventor of the famous Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) and the equally famous Rasengan

Of course, who could forget that he was a seal master. After all he would have to be one in able to use one of the most powerful Seals known to the World: SHIKI FUUIN

Last is Uzumaki Kushina; Minato's Wife, The Red Death, Prankster queen, Ramen Freak and…..pregnant?

Konoha Village Location: Konoha Hospital

Uzumaki Kushina was bored…pregnant…but bored. Her water broke 30 hours ago. So you could imagine how bored the hyperactive ramen freak actually was. Sure she was bored but she was angry to.

Angry because her husband, Minato Namikaze hadn't come to visit her yet. Being Hokage and all he was stuck at his desk dealing with the all important, bane of every Kages existence….. Yep…..Paperwork.

She was also angry at the fact that Tsunade (Sannin) had just informed her that the characters in Jiraiya's latest ICHA ICHA book were in fact based of her and her (kushina) and Minato. Add to that, the sex scenes in said book were also based of her and Minato as well

And that brings us too…...

"WHAT!"…. wait …. Tsunade…Umm…how do you know that?" Kushina asked.

"Umm w-well y-you know Jiraiya's m-my t-team mate and I h-have to s-support him with r-reading h-his books." Tsunade replied with really noticeable sweat pouring down her face.

"AS IF Tsunade. I think you enjoy reading how Minato-Kun and I have sex. Now even though I'm sure my pervert husband wouldn't mind the fact that you do. I have to tell you…. That I think it's really HOT that you like reading about my hot sweaty body on top of Minato's, with my bre-"

Before she could continue, Jiraiya himself came through the window. What he saw though was something he didn't really expect coming from these two women… Silence.

Tsunade had a tomato size blush on her face, with a small nosebleed.

Kushina on the other hand was shaking, trying to suppress the urge to laugh.

"Ummm, ladies…what umm...what's going on?" he asked them.

At that question, Tsunade and Kushina both looked at each other for a moment.

That was until Tsunade thought about what Kushina was going to say, and then she went flying backward with a massive shot of blood coming from her nose.

And all Kushina could do was roar with laughter.

Jiraiya just stood there shocked until he noticed that her right breast had popped out of her kimono.

So, with a perverted giggle he pulled out his `research' notepad and started writing down some notes….with a highly amused Kushina looking on.

"I wouldn't do that too Tsunade – Hime if I were you Ero-sennin, remember the hot springs?" Minato asked as he too came through the window.

Both Minato and Kushina couldn't help but giggle when they Jiraiya had anime style tears streaming down his face muttering something about disrespectful brats, big-breasted teammates and pregnant tomatoes.

Now even though she was pregnant Kushina could still move pretty fast. That was proven by the fact that she punched Jiraiya straight out of the window both men came in from.

With Jiraiya…..

Unfortunately OR fortunately for him, he landed in the women's side of the hot springs. Some men may consider that heaven. Those men always seem to forget the fact that the group of soaking wet, naked women might get extremely pissed off at the fact that a man was on the women's side. Such is the case for the well known, self proclaimed super pervert. Before he could even bring out his notebook, he could feel the Killing Intent (KI) leaking off of the women. The poor man's girlish screams could be heard all over Konoha.

Before he lost consciousness his last thought was who wouldn't want to be this close to group of wet naked women…ahhh heaven.

Back at the Hospital…..

While Minato and Kushina were chatting away discussing names for their soon to be newborn son, they heard Tsunade groan as she was coming too.

"Welcome back Hime" said Minato with perverted smile as he saw Tsunade's breast was still out.

However the only thing Tsunade could do with her still perverted thoughts was to take one look at Kushina and blush, then take one look at Minato for a moment and then pass out with another nosebleed.

Kushina just giggled perversely, although she did feel a little guilty with her friend's current predicament.

Minato, well he too let out a perverted giggle because he saw Tsunade's breast.

He then took out his own notebook and started taking down notes. After all how else could Jiraiya get information about their sex life, that lasted until he saw that Tsunade's other breast had popped out of her kimono when she had landed.

The man couldn't help but fly backward with a nosebleed.

Subsequently though he flew straight out the window and he too landed in the women's side of the hot springs… however this time, when the women saw who it was…they glomped him and kept him in the water. With a big perverted grin, he winked at the now recovered and currently crying Sannin.

The next day Konoha Village Location: Hokages office

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the now retired Sandaime (third) Hokage was in the office of the Yondaime, waiting for said person to arrive.

He wasn't just sitting there, OH NO he was reading the latest edition of ICHA ICHA…..ICHA ICHA PARADISE: TOMATO. Because he was so absorbed in the book he didn't even notice that the man he was waiting for, jumped through the window, sat down and pulled out his own copy.

30 Minutes later…..

The Sandaime looked up from his book and the only thing he could do was yelp in surprise when he saw Minato sitting in his chair reading.

"WHAT THE HELL!" he screamed.

"How long have you been sitting there?" He asked still trying to recover from the almost heart attack.

"Hmm…about half an hour" Minato replied with a smile.

*cough* "anyway how's Kushina- chan doing?" asked Hiruzen.

"She's doing well, even though she's currently bored and suffering from the lack of Ichiraku's best." Minato said with an amused look.

"That's good." Said a chuckling Hiruzen, before he pulled out his pipe, filled it and lit it with an E- Ranked Katon (fire) Jutsu. With a serious, yet not so much look he said

"good work on gaining that peace treaty with Suna (sand) Minato–kun."

"Thanks Jiji… but you know as well as I do it wasn't that hard to gain, they still haven't fully recovered from the war so it's not they really had much choice in the matter."

"Hmm….have you and Kushina worked out a name for your son yet?" the god of Shinobi asked with a change of topic.

"No, not yet"

"May I suggest a name then" Jiraiya asked as he came through the window and face planted, all thanks to a well placed chair from Hiruzen that he tripped over still in mid air.

"Why not Sensei" Minato shrugged

"How about you name him Naruto"

"You mean like that character from your first and only non-perverted book" asked Tsunade as she came through the door like a normal person. However everyone noticed that when looked at Minato she couldn't hide the blush on her face.

Hiruzen was the only one though who didn't know what was going on, so he came to the only logical (to him) conclusion: something perverted happened.

Jiraiya just smiled knowingly, Minato however winked at her and she couldn't help but turn a deeper shade of red. However it was at that moment that both Jiraiya and Minato both remembered seeing Tsunade's breast's and they too sported blushes.

When Tsunade saw them blush, she remembered that her breasts had popped out at the hospital, so she decided to punch Jiraiya through the wall he was leaning on. When she turned on Minato, she took one look at him and blushed

"Don't worry Yondaime-sama" she said seductively as she arched her back only to cause Minato blush as her breasts jiggled a little.

"I won't do the same thing to you….that is if you come drinking with me tonight." she said with a smirk as she saw the blush.

"Ok Hime" was his intelligent reply as he was still staring at her chest.

"Hey, how come he can call you Hime, but every time I do, you punch me?" Asked the miraculously recovered Jiraiya.

The next morning…

October 10: A day to be remembered for four particular reasons.

Minato woke up with a half naked Tsunade cuddling up to him.

Jiraiya managed to get a few pictures and some 'research' notes on the sensually and sexually done striptease that Tsunade had performed for Minato the night before

Naruto was finally going to be born

Knock knock "Yondaime-sama please come to your office, it's an emergency."

In the office 10 minutes later.

"How sure are you about this information Tenzou-san?" Minato asked holding his head feeling the effects of the hangover.

"Very sure Hokage-Sama, I even went to the location to confirm it. The Kyubi No Yoko is on it's way here. And it will get here tonight."

Right at that moment, despite the serious situation he couldn't help but smile as he remembered what happened the night before. Which caused the entire room to look at him like he had just grown a second head.

Meanwhile Jiraiya just looked at him with a knowing smile and giggled. Causing everyone to take a step away from the two men and think what the fuck.

"Tell all civilians to evacuate through the cave hidden behind the Hokage monument."

with Kyubi…. the night before…

"I got a boar, I got a boar, I got boar today, HEY HEY"…AS IF

'Wh-what is this?' She thought with a horror struck expression on her face as she looked around her den and saw what was her worst nightmare.

Her kits and her mate were all dead. That's when she saw a couple of dead snakes next to her mate.

"So, you finally show up" said a voice that belonged to a man. She whirled around and the first thing she saw was a pair of red eyes with 3 black circles that were connected by a black ring and 3 bars on the outside of the ring itself in between the circles.

She tried to attack him but found that her body wasn't moving.

"I see you've discovered that you can't control your body. I'm afraid that that's my fault." The man said with a small chuckle.

"Who are you?" Kyubi Growled.

"Hn." The man said "I am Uchiha Madara and I control you now. It's all thanks to my Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Now come with me fox, we have a village to destroy."

back in the village/ October 10

"He's beautiful Kushina-chan" Minato said.

"Yeah he is, too bad he got your looks instead of mine" said Kushina with a smile as she look at Naruto.

"Hmm he's probably going to have your personality but." He said with an amused look.

"Yondaime-Sama the Kyubi is here." Panted an ANBU who just SHUNSHINED into the room.

"It's time for you both to go" Kushina said while she started crying. Minato kissed her on the forehead and said with tears of his own

"I guess this is it love."

"I'm going to miss you Mina-kun. Tell Hiruzen I'm going to be waiting here for him here." Kushina said.

With that Minato kissed her for the final time on the lips, walked toward the door. As he was walking out he turned his head to the side and said

"Goodbye." While he was walking down the corridor he failed to notice a man who smelled strangely of snakes, wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it walking toward the room.

Konoha Village Location: Battlefield

"Minato Namikaze…'s a pleasure to finally meet you" Madara said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Madara Uchiha…and here I thought you were powerful, but here you are letting a demon do all the work." Minato replied.

"Hn." Was the only response Madara gave.

!RAAWWWRRRR! "I'm sorry human he's controlling my body. There's nothing I can do" Kyubi roared.

"He won't be for much longer then Kyubi-san." Minato told her.

"HAHAHA, what are you planning to do Namikaze,as if you could beat me" Laughed Madara.

"I don't plan on beating you Uchiha…I Plan on beating the Kyubi." Responded Minato.

"How could you possibly defeat the Kyubi many people have tried…including me, it's impossible" asked Madara with a curious look.

"With this Madara: SHIKI FUUIN" Cried Minato. Next second there was a blinding flash of light and before them stood Shinigami himself.

"Who summons me?" asked the death god.

"I did." answered Minato.

"You have invoked SHIKI FUUIN. So I assume you're willing to sacrifice your soul to seal the Kyubi into that boy at your feet?"

"That's right Shinigami-sama"

"Very well, let's begin"

"WAIT!" screamed Minato. He then when down to his knees and looked at Naruto, and as he feel his soul leaving his body he said

"Naruto….listen… your motor-mouth mother." He told his son not knowing that she had just been killed.

But what happened was definitely something that not even the death god could have expected. Instead of only sealing Kyubi inside of Naruto, he sealed both Kyubi and Madara – who was still riding onto of Kyubi- into Naruto as well.

"Awww man, Kami-chan is going to have my ass for this *sigh* damn paperwork." With a second blinding flash of light, Shinigami left the now crying Naruto to his own devices.

When Hiruzen finally made it to the battlefield, all he saw was a flash of light and Naruto just lying there next to his father's lifeless body crying.

"There, there Naruto-chan, I'll take you to your mother." He said as he picked the boy up

Konoha Village Location: Konoha Hospital

"WHAT! What do you mean she's dead?" screamed Hiruzen.

"Unfortunately Sarutobi-sama," said the scared s**tless doctor"

"After the birth she started hemorrhaging, when I came in the room to check up her, it was already too late, there was there was nothing I could do to stop the bleeding."

"Very well, Thankyou doctor, you are dismissed."

"Umm before I leave, I should tell you that Tsunade-sama has apparently disappeared. The nurses tell me that she just walked out of the hospital." And with that the doctor left leaving behind a shocked Hiruzen.

The man shook his head, disappointed in his student, although he couldn't really blame her for leaving, it was the fact that she left Naruto here by himself, although she probably didn't know that Kushina died.

'She probably would've left if she knew anyway' he mused.

"It looks like you're going to be living in an orphanage from now on little Naruto" he said

"I don't envy the poor man who has to deal with all paperwork" he said to himself with a smile. Imagine the look on his when he found out he had to do it.

Council Meeting…The Next Day

"That's absurd Hokage-sama; the demon should be dead, not living in the orphanage where it will kill the children!" Screeched a civilian council member, with many on the civilian side agreeing, while a number on the Shinobi side narrowed their eyes, but said nothing.

"NO" screamed Hiruzen" the boy will NOT be executed, anyone found attempting to do so will be given to ibiki and the fact that he is a Jinchuuriki will not be told to the public"

'as if' was the thought of many people on the civilian side of the room.

Chapter End

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