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The Four Guardians
Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Begin

It was early morning and while the rest of his team, including Kakashi, had gone to the bridge to protect the bridge builder and here he was, Stuck in Tazuna's house and it was driving him insane. Sure he was charged with protecting them and it did give him a chance to come up with some more plans for the future.

He just really had to annoy someone.

It was just to bad that Tsunami kept giving him wary looks every time they came across one another. It was like she thought he was crazy or something.

It also seemed like Inari was avoiding him at all costs. So he played one little prank on the kid, it's not like he had scarred him for life or anything.

"Man I really need to find something to do." Naruto sighed in complete boredom.


Well that certainly perked his attitude right up. Realizing it was Tsunami he 'Swirled' away to her location.

When he reappeared, he was suddenly glad that he was wearing a mask or everyone would have seen the triumphant grin that spread across his face. He couldn't believe he had actually forgotten this part of the plan.

Standing in front of were two men….Sorry to future corpses.

One of them was a light-skinned man with blue hair that was topped with a black hat and black eyes that had fang-like tattoos under his eyes wears a blue jacket and had blue handled katana in his hand.

And the other man was rather tall with brown hair that was parted into three with one part of it being tied into a knot on top of his head. He couldn't really see it but he was sure that the man's tattoo started on the left side of his upper body and stretched around his back and ended on his right arm.

The man seemed to be wearing a kimono but he had the top half of it falling down his waist so that his upper body exposed.

However to Naruto the man's most prominent feature was the man's eye patch.

'I wonder if an eye patch would look better than this mask.'




Merely raisning an eyebrow Naruto mentally chuckled.

"I guess the vote is unanimous."

Turning his attention back to the two men he supposed he should deal with these two men quickly so that Kakashi had less time to deal with Zabuza.

Taking one look at Tsunami's scared look it was there that he struck.

Tsunami was about to faint.

One minute she was in the hands of two men who were in the process of taking her as a hostage, and the next minute, Naruto appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared again a couple of seconds later.

It was only when she felt the hands of the two men leave her body that she quickly dared to turn around.

And she was speechless.

There was Naruto with a kunai in each hand, standing over the two, now dead, men who had grabbed her. She couldn't believe how fast that had happened and she couldn't believe how easy someone as young as Naruto could kill so easily.

But then again he was a Shinobi.

Frowning at how easy that was Naruto grabbed one of the men on the arm and activated his Kamui and sent the man to another dimension before turning to the one with the eye patch and doing the same thing.

'Now I just need to go to the bridge.'

'Swirling' away he missed Tsunami hitting the floor with a thud as she fainted.

Zabuza was having fun fooling around with Kakashi, all he had to do was stall for time because he had to wait for the blonde kid to show up.

Chuckling the Swordsman just knew that his apprentice Haku had it a lot easier than he did.

Taking a quick look in Haku's direction he shook his head. Haku had actually resorted to using his Makyo Hyosho (Demonic Ice Mirrors).

'That Tobi kid better get here quick or that Uchiha Brat was probab-

Whatever Zabuza was thinking was cut off abruptly when a kunai flew across his field of vision.

He swore loudly when he realized that there was an exploding tag attached to the handle of it.

"Son of a Bitch." He screamed as he was blown backwards from the explosion.

As the explosion went off Kakashi was more than glad it had because he was close to fainting from overuse of his Sharingan.

"Well that was easy." Kakashi turned around and came face to face with Naruto.

"Yo Naruto-kun." Kakashi eye-smiled putting his Hitai-ate back into place over his left eye.

"Kakashi." Naruto gave the man a small wave.

"Thanks for the help, I didn't know how much longer I was going to last."

"I'm just glad I got here at the right time to take him by surprise." Naruto waved the man off.

"Now let's go and help Sasuke."

"Already done." The blonde was smirking behind his mask.


"I'm just a shadow clone, the real me took out Zabuza and then went straight over to take out Haku. This is all over." The clone told the man.

"Not quite, remember that we still have Gato and the rest of his thugs to deal with."

"Damn right you do." A man's voice sounded out from the end of the bridge.

Turning toward the man both Naruto and Kakashi sighed at the amount of men they had to deal with.

"Don't worry, I got this." Naruto told the Jounin as he began to walk toward the group.

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu." Naruto sighed, To Kakashi the blonde just sounded bored.

"Damn Shinobi." Gato Growled. "What the hell are you waiting for boy's, GET THEM!"

Glad he didn't have to join in Kakashi just stood back and pulled out his favorite Icha Icha Novel.

The Slaughter as he had begun to call it was, in Kakashi's opinion pretty brutal and definitely one-sided. None of Naruto's shadow clones had even been hit and it looked like the blonde was having a little bit too much fun taking down the thugs one by one.

The 'Slaughter' only lasted for a few minutes and Kakashi had to stop himself from vomiting, there was so much blood that that particular portion of the bridge was completely covered in it and judging by the wounds that Gato and his thugs had gotten, the 'pool' off blood was only going to get larger.

And then there was Naruto standing in the middle of it all slowly wiping all the blood off of both his kunai using a part of Gato's suit that luckily wasn't stained with blood.

There was something seriously wrong with Naruto.

A Few hours later, Kakashi and Sasuke were recovering in Tazuna's house, while Sakura was fawning over Sasuke like he was the king of the world.

Meanwhile Naruto was in the nearby forest talking to Zabuza and Haku.

"NO fucking way am I giving you Kubikiribocho!"

"You have too."

"You've said that already."

"And it looks like I'll have to say again. If we have to convince everyone that you really are dead then someone else is going to have to carry it."

"Why would we have to convince people that I'm really dead, wouldn't you and the other Konoha Shinobi spread the word?" Zabuza asked, that is what the hidden villages usually did after one of their Shinobi killed a high profile target.

"Here's the thing, you're corpses are going to revert back to their original forms in a couple of hours and since Kakashi plans on burying the two of you." He let the statement end there only for Zabuza to pick it up again.

"We're going to have a serious problem."

"Exactly, even though the two of you will be buried before the bodies revert, someone might come along looking for your blade. And when they dig up your graves they are going to find the bodies of two random nobodies and discover the truth but if I'm carrying your sword everyone who wants it will come after me and will not disturb your 'Graves'.

Tch, fine you can take it, but I will be taking it back from you one day." Zabuza growled handing it over to Naruto who proceeded to place it in a storage scroll.

"Good. Now I want the two of you to head over to Kumo and gather any information you can on the two Jinchuuriki that live there.

"Why the Jinchuuriki?"

"Never mind that for the time being. Just go to Kumo and see what you can find."

"Alright, when do we report back?" Haku spoke up for the first time.

"Don't worry about that I'll come and find you when I have time."

"Alright then." Zabuza rolled his eyes. "Let's get going Haku, if we stick around any longer we risk getting seen."

"Hai Zabuza-sama." Haku agreed before they jumped away into the trees.

"Excellent, that's another sword for the collection." Naruto smiled as 'swirled' away leaving the forest empty as he remembered the idea he had once come up with after he had beaten Raiga.


"I hardly even did anything." Naruto said looking at the archway above the now completed bridge.

"That may be true however while Sasuke and myself were fighting Zabuza and Haku you were the one who protected Tazuna's family and you were also the one who took down Gato and all of his men.

"Hn." Naruto grunted in response.

"While it's nowhere near as impressive as my statue, or even Hashirama's, it's great that you're finally gaining some recognition." Madara stated.

'You think so?" Naruto asked the man. He would of thought it would be better if he remained underestimated and more…..Unknown.

"If you remain to Unknown it will be harder for you to be taken seriously, but if you continue to gain recognition, like this bridge, Shinobi will begin to take you seriously and the threat you pose will be very real." Madara explained.

For him it had always been better to remain to disappear and remain in the shadows since he was actually supposed be dead. Hell the one time he came out to play he ended up being sealed inside of a baby and he was just lucky that there was only a couple of people outside the seal that knew he was still alive

But Naruto was different; he was young and very much alive.

"How so?"

"The more you keep taking out strong Shinobi or powerful corrupt business like Gato the more people will begin to fear your name and maybe even run from your very presence."

"That's the dream." Naruto replied sarcastically.

"For some." The Uchiha chuckled. "For now though just focus on your training."

"Since when am I not training?" Naruto had to ask, that's all he has been doing since he was four years old. Right now he was only twelve and he was starting to think he just needed to let loose and actually have some fun every now and again.

It seemed that Minato was the only one who agreed with that line of thought.


"The Mission was successful Hokage-sama." Kakashi reported dutifully.

After a rather uneventful trip home Team Seven was now standing in front of their Hokage.

"That's good news. Believe me when I tell you I was both surprised and scared when you decided to continue on with the mission after you discovered that Zabuza Momochi was involved and the mission ranking went up from being a C to an A rank.

"Ahh well we decided it was for the best that we continued to protect the bridge builder especially after we came across Zabuza." Kakashi told the old man. He wasn't about to tell him that it was actually Naruto and Sasuke that decided to continue on when he himself wanted to stop right then and there and come back to the village.

"Yes, well it seems that in the end you made the right decision. Not only did you complete the original mission objective and keep the bridge builder safe but you also managed to take down, not only dangerous Nuke-nin but also a powerful corrupt businessman like Gato." Hiruzen smiled at the group.

"I must say I can't remember the last time I've been this proud of a Genin team." He told the Genin in front of them.

If the giant smile on her face was any indication Sakura was positively beaming. Sasuke on the other hand just had his trademark smirk plastered on his face and Naruto, well Hiruzen couldn't tell what Naruto's expression was thanks the blonde's mask.

"Now I'm sure the three of you are tired and hungry from the trip back so why don't the three of you go home and freshen up while I talk to Kakashi here for a minute."

"Hai Hokage-sama." Sakura exclaimed. She was about to ask Sasuke out on a date only to turn to her side and discover that Sasuke had already run out of the office like he had been expecting it. So she ran out after to him to try and track him down.

"So tell me Kakashi, how did the three of them go?" Hiruzen asked after all three of them had left.

" Sakura needs a lot of training. She was the only one who didn't know how to walk up a tree." Kakashi shook his head.

"Sasuke is talented and like I said earlier he had managed to hold off a Jounin level opponent until Naruto took him by surprise. He has already unlocked the second stage of his Sharingan so it's only a matter of time until he unlocks the third and final stage."

"You've done well." Hiruzen seemed genuinely impressed.

"It wasn't me Hokage-sama, Naruto seems to be the one training him." Kakashi explained.

'I don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing.' The Hokage kept that thought to himself.

"And Naruto?"

"He's skilled, which is expected of a former ANBU captain. His Genjutsu is definitely getting stronger if someone like Zabuza couldn't tell that one was actually affecting him.

"Now that is impressive for someone like Naruto, Jinchuuriki aren't particularly great with that level of chakra control." Hiruzen surmised.

"Hmm but all that aside there's something I do need to talk to you about in regards to Naruto."

"And what would that be Kakashi?"

"I've killed a lot of people and I've seen people kill others and one thing has always remained the same." Kakashi began.

"And that would be?"

"The reaction we all seem to have afterward." Seeing the Hokage raise an eyebrow the man continued.

"After killing a group of people we all have the same reaction; Guilt and after Naruto took out all those men and Gato he didn't show any sign of it nor did he show any emotion or reaction to it at all. He just wiped his Kunai down with Gato's suit and walked away like it was something he did everyday and he just didn't care"

"Thanks to his training with Itachi, Naruto has always been good at hiding his emotions. Besides even before Itachi, Naruto had always been very closed off and secretive. In fact I can think only one person in this village that knows at least something about him."


"You guessed it." Hiruzen nodded

"Wasn't really hard." Kakashi shrugged.

"Over the last few years it has become obvious that those two have a bond with each other. And every time I try to ask her about him she refuses to answer any of the questions and tries to change the subject."

"And that lets you know that she actually does know at least something."

"Yes that much is clear." The Hokage agreed. "Ever since his little trip to Katabami Kinzan I've been doing the best I can to keep a close eye on him. But I haven't been able to discover anything about him, all he seems to do is train and eat ramen."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Kakashi chuckled along with the Hokage. "I'll continue to watch him as well and see what I can find out."

"Sounds good Kakashi. Now on to other business, the Chunin Exams are being held here in a month." The Hokage began getting down to business. He could have done it later with the rest of the Jounin when he made the official announcement but he didn't really feel like doing any paperwork at the moment.

In the shadows where one of the Hokage's ANBU guards were stationed in his office, Neko had heard the entire conversation between the two men.

"I should probably tell Naruto-kun that he is being watched. Kami knows what their reaction would be if they ever did uncover the truth.'

Chapter End