A test gone wrong


I was about seven, lurking in a dark and empty park, nothing moved, the grass was still, there wasn't a sound. It was like the whole area was frozen.

Suddenly I heard heavy breathing coming from a slight distance away. I squinted my eyes to see an Eevee, but this was no ordinary Eevee, its eyes were bloodshot and full of rage, it growled angrily and just stared me in the eye. I was so scared that I didn't know what to do, I turned away and began running but no matter how far I ran, it was right there behind me. It wasn't running with me, it was just like it was there, and it just continued to growl and bare its teeth at me until I suddenly felt a nip on the back of my leg


*************************************End of dream*****************************

"Aaagh" I threw my covers from off of me and lifted myself up in a panic. I felt sweat dripping from my head and could hear my heart beating rapidly at the shock of the nightmare

"Ugh, again that nightmare, why do I always have that nightmare" I saw something stir to my left and I quickly looked round to see an Eevee ready to pounce

"Ah... Oh, hey there Neama" I said realizing it was only my Eevee, I picked her up and placed her on my lap. I began to stroke her but she seemed to be looking at something, so I followed her gaze to my clock

"Damn, I'm late!" I was going to be late to go to Amy's. I always visit her, just it's more of an arrangement than a visit on Saturdays. Saturdays are just for me and her to relax in each other's company.

I quickly got dressed, put Neama into her Pokéball and rushed out the door. I started the car, and rushed over to Amy's.

I finally got there and peeked at my watch, I was twenty minutes late

"Crap, she's not going to be happy" I said to myself. I walked over to her front door, after parking the car in her drive, and knocked on it. I saw someone, through the distorted glass, go over, collect something and opened the door with it (obviously it was the key to open the door). I nervously awaited her to open the door and to see her reaction to my lateness. She finally opened it and said

"Alastair" with a beaming smile, I was relieved she wasn't angry, the reason being when she gets angry, she really does get angry, if you get what I mean.

"I was so worried about you, I've been ring your phone for ages"

"Why didn't you ring my mobile, you know I always have it with me" she just watched me take my mobile, an LG Optimus One, from my pocket and look at the screen

"Oh…" I said, seeing that I had seven missed calls. "Guess I left it on silent" I said apologetically

"Well at least your here" she said giving me a hug and a small kiss on the cheek. I put my arm round her and she led me to the sofa which we both sat on.

"So why were you late?" she asked inquisitively

"Oh I had a..." I can't say I had a nightmare, eighteen year olds don't have nightmares "Sorry, I just slept in"

"Oh, ok" she knew how busy I was, I had a hard job, but it's very well paid. I have a nice house, nice car, nice phone, and a nice girlfriend.

"Nothing could go wrong" I thought to myself as I relaxed on her comfortable sofa. She lay into my side as I put my arm around her.

"Oh, I'll just release Neama" I said, remembering how much she hates being in her Pokéball. I pressed the button and she flew out in a beam of light.

"Eee!" she said happily, smiling at me. Amy smiled and then released her Eevee

"Come on out Dusk" she pushed the button and, like mine, it erupted into the room in the form of a beam of light. She named her Eevee Dusk because her dream was for it to turn into an Umbreon one day. I also shared her dream, and that's, I suppose, the reason we first met.

************************Flash back***************************************

"OK, LET THE DARK MATCHES BEGIN!" A loud voice boomed

"Go, Neama!" I shouted throwing my ball into the battle ground, my Eevee quickly appeared and growled at my opponent. My opponent just smirked.

"Aw, what a pretty name" she mocked

"Shut up, just release your Pokémon." Neama continued to growl as my opponent reached for her Pokéball.

"Go Ripclaw" she shouted angrily, A small evil looking Sneazel appeared. It had many battle scars so I guessed it had been trained a lot, whether those scars meant that they won or not, I was about to find out.

"3… 2… 1… GO!" The instructor boomed

"Go Ripclaw, quick attack!" she quickly shouted, I quickly replied with

"Do the same Neama!" they both began to charge at each other in almost a zig zag motion until they were within inches of each other.

"Ok, now bite!" I quickly ordered. Neama quickly lurched at her foe and bit onto its arm. The Sneazel let out a cry as Neama's fangs penetrated its skin.

"Quickly shake it off!" my opponent said panicked by the sudden move. The Sneazel shook its arm furiously forcing Neama to let go. As Neama landed she gave me a smile to say she was fine and continued looking at her opponent angrily. Dark matches weren't for the light hearted, if you lost... Well let's just say you won't see your Pokémon for a while...

"Ok Neama, Hidden power!" I watched as she began to draw in power from her surroundings, although the attack depends on the user itself, light was being draw from her surroundings. The Sneazel began to back away as Neama's power increased

"Come on Ripclaw, beat that tiny worthless piece of..." suddenly Neama let out all of the energy she had accumulated and the Sneazel had nowhere to run, the wave impacted it with such force it was flung several meters before landing in a heap on the ground.

"No, Ripclaw!" the trainer shouted. Tears began to form in her eyes as two large looking men grabbed her arms. I looked in the other direction and Neama came to my side. I heard the trainer I had just beaten struggling and crying as they forced the Pokéball off her

"No, don't take my Ripclaw, please I'm begging you!" she shouted, tears streaming down her face, but I wasn't listening. The Pokémon was putting up as much of a fuss as the trainer, I could hear it sobbing as well. The two men returned the Pokémon and handed the Pokéball to me.

"Humph" I replied, I took the Pokéball and then through it over my shoulder

"I don't want it" I said arrogantly.

I heard the crowd grasp as my opponent ran over and nursed the Pokéball in her arms. Even Neama looked up at me with a slightly displeased look. I guessed she felt that she had earned that Pokémon, considering she's the one who fought for it. But the truth is, I thought this whole thing was cruel, but I was determined not to show it.

I left that area for good that day, seeing that trainer brake down in front of me shook me slightly, even though I had seen it happen so many times just... None got their Pokémon back, no one except her. I knew if I didn't leave quickly I would be kicked out anyway. It was an illegal organization of trainers who want their dark Pokémon to become stronger or if they want a dark Pokémon.

After a few days I went shopping around town, I hated shopping, but it needed doing, I did insist I get my own house and I did. This is what comes with gaining that large amount of freedom, a large amount of responsibility.

As I went into one of the shops I looked at the bottom of one of the curtains to the changing cubicles, I noticed a pair of legs that belonged to a Sneazel. I wondered for a moment and decided to hang around that area for a while and wait for the trainer to come out.

I waited for a couple of minutes and sure enough, the trainer I battled the day before walked out wearing a small top, with Beautiflys on it with a few sequins surrounding it, a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of nice looking trainers.

She stared at me with some annoyance as I think that she might have notice me hanging around her cubical but then her face sunk and she began to cower slightly as she began to recognize me.

"Oh, no I'm sorry, I don't want your Sneazel" she looked up at me, still with fear in her eyes.

"It was a good battle yesterday, is your Sneazel ok?" I asked trying to make myself sound comforting, she just nodded her head but she continued backing away slowly

"Wh...What do you want?" she asked nervously

"I just wondered if you would like, I don't know, a drink or something" I nodded my head at a fancy looking bar and she looked at me inquisitively. She was confused at my attitude, when I'm battling in dark matches I let no emotion show, but now I'm out of that hell hole, I was a normal person once again.

"Uh... I guess…?"

She then stopped backing away and came closer "Just wait here a sec." she returned to her cubical and quickly changed, her Sneazel didn't follow and had stopped looking up at me fearfully and had actually stood slightly closer to me. That's the nice thing, instead of you having to explain things to Pokémon they can generally sense change fairly quickly.

She then came back out in a scruffy looking outfit, she had jeans that had holes in them with a T-shirt with a small tear down the seam. There was a hint of mud splashed up the side of the whole outfit, I had to admit, she looked a mess. Only her hair was wonderful, it was a nice dark colour with red streaks going down it.

"Right I'll just pay for this" me and her Sneazel followed her to the till and she placed the items on the desk

"That'll be 200Poké thank you"

"What?" the girl said with sadness quickly over coming her.

"I guess I can't afford it…" I felt a large amount of pity for her so I decided to do something, something I had never done for anyone else honestly… Not a stranger anyway

"Don't worry" I said smiling, I pulled out my wallet and brought out a large amount of cash "Uh, do you have change for a 500" I said happily. She gave me the change and wrapped up her items. The lady at the counter handed me the items and I put the bag into the girls hand and smiled.

"Th... Thank you…" she said shyly.

"No problem! So what about that drink?" I said opening the door of the clothes shop letting her go first

"Oh, what's your name by the way?" I asked politely, she smiled and then replied with

"Amy" we then carried on, out the shop and began walking towards the café I had pointed out earlier.

*****************************End of Flash-back**********************************************