Chapter 14

She walked out the door and walked along the corridor. Even though she wasn't saying anything I could tell exactly what she was thinking, she wanted me back the way I was as much as I did. Even though she had a smile on her face I could tell she was hurting inside.

We got to where the Elevator was and instead there was a perfectly normal dead end… Amy carefully placed me on the ground and then looked at the wall with confusion.

"Uhh computer…" Amy suddenly said

"Yes… Amy…" The computer replied

"Select Elevator…" Suddenly the wall began opening up, just like last time and it revealed the elevator.

"Thank you…" Amy said politely but the computer stayed silent, guess it wasn't programmed to respond to compliments and stuff.

"Come on Alastair…" She said as she strolled through the elevators open doors. I smirked at how clever, and how damn rich, Ryu had gotten.

"Uhh, ground floor…?" I guess it was the ground floor that we started on but I know how complicated Ryu enjoys being.

"Ground floor selected" The voice replied. The lift jerked suddenly but then slowed, giving us a more comfortable journey than the journey on the way down here.

"Ground floor, main base of operations…" I laughed slightly at the title, it sounded as if we were in the army or in some sort of war.

"Ahhh, Alastair, Amy, nice of you to wake up… finally" He sounded like a parent or something which kind of startled us.

"Uhh, it's only half eight…" Amy tried to say but Ryu just ignored her which kind of pissed her off but she remained calm, after all he was helping us… He then reached for one of his pokéballs and released Medicham who instantly opened the link.

"Thanks Medicham…" I quickly said which made him smile slightly.

"So what did you want to tell us…?" Amy quickly asked, I noticed her lips didn't move so obviously the link had been made, still felt weird though.

"Well while you two were sleeping I took the liberty of doing a bit of detective work… And you would not believe what I've found!" He suddenly began typing in a load of random stuff into his computer, I didn't bother attempting to keep track of what he was typing in. I jumped up onto the desk to see what he had found. When he finally stopped and the screen rested on two large sheets of paper. Me and Amy gasped.

"I… I can't believe it…!" Amy stuttered.

"This can't be right…?" I said in shock. They were our papers, government papers of our birth and other information, police records, which I had none of by the way, jobs, pay and… Death!

"Amy J. Tailor, born November the 16th 1994, death June the 3rd. Alastair J. Hale, born August the 26th 1993, death June the 3rd, yesterday…" Ryu said in an interested voice, "And wait… There's more…!" I was still in shock and thoughts began to fly around my head.

"My parents… My friends… My family… They all think I'm dead…" I thought to myself beginning to feel my heart aching, which is probably exactly how they were feeling right now.

"Wh… What about our family!" I suddenly heard Amy say, obviously still inside my head.

"Here… see for yourself…" He suddenly clicked on a video on another governmental site and it began to play. There was an important looking man standing behind a podium like thing with a microphone sticking out of it.

"Now to business… We, Dragon's Speed (A car company), are very regretful to announce that a mechanical fault was found in one of our vehicles…" I suddenly noticed his body language change, I looked up at Ryu and Amy who were still watching the video intently, they had obviously over looked it. I noticed him look to the side at a man in a suit with a large hat who sat slightly hunched so that I couldn't make out his face and a person next to him who looked exactly the same but smaller, just a childs version of the man really.

"W… We promise to cooperate with the families of these… Unfortunate citizens…" He said nervously.

"There! Again!" He turned once again with a more nervous look on his face.

"We shall do all in our power to fix any problems that have resulted from this failure and promise to apologize to the families involved directly! Thank you!" He then shuffled his papers and sat on a seat next to the odd man in the suit. Suddenly Ryu paused it.

"So… What did you think!" Ryu asked in a weirdly happy tone,

"What do I think!" Amy on the other hand, was definitely not. "This is horrible! We're dead! Well according to our families and even the government.

"Hm… Well after seeing all that I thought that this must be important so I also decided to do some spying…"

"Ryu…" I said bluntly, "Just get on with it…!" I was tired with disappointments, if he has something good to show us then he should hurry up.

"Oh… Well… Just over here…" He began clicking and typing and mumbling himself until he stopped at another video like thing… With someone who looked almost exactly like the man at the conference.

"Awesome… Is this from a camera or something…?" Amy said slightly happier.

"Yeah, actually this is live… After looking into this Pokétech I decided to set up a small camera there, well strickly speaking it wasn't me..." he said as he clicked to zoom in on the characters on the screen. Then I noticed a familiar figure…

"There's Professor Sarla…!" I said in shock. It was the man, the boy and Professor Sarla on screen.

"Yup!" He said sitting back in his chair. They seamed to be talking but the professor seamed a bit on edge. It didn't help that the man and the boy were wearing these weird capes… They looked kind of creepy. We all listened intently on the conversation.

"Look, stay in the building… You will be safe in there!" The man said bluntly.

"But… what about the press, this was Alastair's work place you know…?" The professor sounded slightly frantic, as if he was scared of something… or someone…

"I will deal with the press, now do as I tell you, ok!" The man seamed seriously pissed off. I then noticed the boy get out a pokeball and open it. Out came a large Rhyperior, actually it was massive!

"Ok, Ok. Now there's no need to get hasty…!" The professor began backing away in fear as the Rhyperior stepped forwards.

"Rocky… Hammer arm…" Now it was the kid talking, he only sounded in his early… Suddenly the professor lost his footing a fell to the ground as the Rhyperior closed in.

"No, no, no!" I began to look away slightly as I heard him scream as the arm made contact with him. I looked back at a motionless professor and a small trickle of blood flowing from his direction.

"Hmm… Looks as if he finally got what he deserved…" Ryu said carelessly, I replied with a scowl which made him turn back to the monitor.

"Son… you know what to do…" The man began to walk away as the boy stepped towards his Rhyperier which was awaiting his next command.

"Use Earthquake…" Suddenly the ground began shaking violently, although it didn't seam to affect the boy and his pokemon. Suddenly the whole of Pokétech began to collapse, dust filled the air completely blinding the camera which rather annoyed Ryu.

"Why that…" He reached over and pressed a few buttons making the camera move quickly from side to side. This shook the dust off the camera and the remaining dust away. The speakers were filled with muffled cries for help coming from the rubble.

"Now… Hyper beam!"

"What! No he can't!" Suddenly the Rhyperier used Hyper beam to completely obliterate the area.

"No!" I suddenly jumped off the desk in shock as small screams made their way through the speakers but were quickly muffled by the huge noise of the Hyper beam. I began to shake, from fear, from loss, from everything… what was going on…?

"Whoa!" Ryu seamed pretty surprised with the boys' actions along with me and Amy.

"They were my colleges… And not all of them were bad… Actually most of them were good, they were my friends…" I said aloud. As I looked back I watched the child turn but suddenly freeze, looking straight in the direction of the camera. He suddenly smirked and reached into his cloak. He then took out a large gun like object and pointed it towards the camera.

"Don't you dare you little…" Ryu said angrily but it was no use. Suddenly he pulled the trigger and the last thing heard was a silenced gun shot causing the screen to go a variety of grey and black dancing around the screen and then it closed it's self with a message reading 'signal lost'.

"Damn!" Ryu cursed angrily waving his fist towards the monitor.

"Who were they…?" I heard Amy say in a sad voice.

"Ugh…" After Ryu had calmed down from hitting his rather expensive looking computer equipment, "Well now that's interesting… They actually, according to my files, don't exist… No one knows who they are, where they live, or even their names…!"

"Hm…" It then struck me! "It was him! That was the guy who tried to kill us!" I suddenly realized where I had heard his voice before, he was the one who ordered someone to destroy the remains of my beautiful Dragon's speed Rush 001…

"Huh…?" Ryu said in confusion,

"He must be in charge… Wait he must be the person the professor was talking about, the guy who was in charge of this who experiment thingy!" I said in shock. Amy gasped and looked back at the monitor which was a bit strange considering it was blanc but I didn't really care about that too much.

"So you're telling me that psycho and his son… Are the guys after us… We're so dead…" Amy said in despair.

"Hey! What about me!" Ryu said in protest, "I shall protect you… No ones successfully gotten into this base of mine yet… Well except for one guy but he was soon… gotten rid of…" I noticed a small grin appearing on Ryu's face making me and Amy look at each other with unease.

"Come… I want to show you my most prized collection of… equipment let's call it…" He suddenly stood up and began walking towards the same wall which the elevator was situated. He pressed the same panel the Absol pressed last time and the computer quickly identified him.

"Human, Master Ryu…?"

"Uh… Passage way please…" He said, this confused me slightly… wasn't that the place for the 'secret elevator'.

"Of course…" Suddenly the wall opened up to reveal a long hall way. But I noticed that it was still the elevator, except the back of it was opened out as well allowing us to go all the way through it into another passage way.

"Please… Come…" Ryu said gesturing us to follow… So me and Amy looked at each other in amazement and quickly walked through the passage way side by side.