Based on the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling.

XVI. Lysander, 6, bravely follows the charge.

He considered being in Ravenclaw. His mum would have liked that, in the absent way she had of liking anything that wasn't to do with mythical creatures. He liked to think he was different from Louis though. He wasn't a mummy's boy. He didn't look like a girly prat.

He had a moment of indecision as Lorcan went to the hat and became a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff was, you know, soft. Lysander hated that image. It would have been better if Lorcan had been a Slytherin (Lysander had always thought that Lorcan had wanted to go there), at least then it would have been a dramatic fall to the dark side, like Al had done. Lorcan liked to point out that Al hadn't done anything of the kind. He was happy there. He hadn't changed. Hadn't become some kind of evil mastermind. Lysander disagreed. He saw the way Al commanded people like he expected they would obey, and was horrified that people did. He tried to avoid Al as much as possible.

Lysander became a Gryffindor the moment the hat touched his head, because he couldn't be a Hufflepuff. Didn't want to be even remotely attached to that image. So he succeeded the Potter-Weasley lot the way his brother had always known he would, and in later years, Lysander was always a little grateful to his brother for separating them like that. They got on better when they spent time apart. They weren't Fred and George Weasley. They weren't Gideon and Fabian Prewett. They were separate twins. Of course they were both naturally gifted at Care of Magical creatures, but that was their parents influence. Lysander liked Quidditch, and Ancient Runes. He had a date for every Hogsmeade trip. Lorcan liked History of Magic and Herbology. He avoided anyone who tried to get close to him. Avoided making friends, and everyone knew there was something up with that Hufflepuff boy. They thought something had gone wrong with his childhood. They stopped calling them the Scammander twins. Instead, Lorcan was referred to as: "Lysander's brother, that Hufflepuff kid, the one who acts like he's not there when you try to talk to him".

It annoyed Lysander sometimes, that his twin was so bloody weird. That his behaviour only drew attention to how mental their mum was, whether he meant it to or not. He hated people badmouthing them, regardless of his private opinions on the matter. He was glad he was outgoing, because someone had to be there to protect them. Someone had to demand the idiots apologise when they said anything. Not that Lorcan acted like he minded. Lysander knew he did though. His brother's act wasn't perfect. He wasn't their mum. Their mum was impervious to anything. She was happy in her daydreams. She knew other people didn't see the world her way and all she felt for them was pity because they missed out on so much. Lorcan had a burning rage beneath his act of apathy.

The thing was, Lysander hadn't realised that Lorcan didn't need protection. Didn't realise his brother had been silently taking people down in the shadows until a girlfriend he'd actually liked cheated on him, and the next day she'd wound up in the hospital wing with her face disfigured, and the guy she'd cheated on him with had no bones in his right leg, and neither of them could tell anyone who it was. They'd accused Lorcan of course, but Lorcan had blinked and hadn't bothered to say he hadn't done it, and their accusations had fallen off of him like water off a duck's back, because they thought he was passive. But Lysander had known better, and he'd been incredibly embarrassed, because even though he was the younger twin, he'd thought he was the responsible one. He'd thought he was the one who had to look after everybody. It was a wake up call.

When he found Lorcan and Molly Weasley in the middle of a blazing argument one evening after they'd long since graduated from Hogwarts, he'd smiled and apparated away. He was pleased that there was someone else in the world who could recognise that Lorcan cared. Age gaps didn't matter to their family. Their dad was way older than their mum. The point was to find someone you loved who understood you.


Author Notes – We end it on this. I always wanted to write my Lysander this way, but when I read him I like him to be Slytherin. Completely different. I like to read Lily Teddy fics, so I've always liked the idea of writing an age-gap story, but in mine Lily is a vital support to Scorpius, and I like Vic and Teddy too. I like the idea of Molly Lorcan after I'd set it up like that. I don't want to make the Scammanders older (again following a tip from J.K.R. about how late Luna and Newt got married I've made them young) just so I could easily set them up. I think I sum up Luna in this part the best. The way she looks at people and sees how much they miss. That's my favourite interpretation of her. My Lysander is possibly the most poignant character to prove a moment I think must happen to all those Gryffindors who rush in to defend everyone else's honour... the embarrassing surprise of realising they have their own back. I'd been planning that moment, and I like it in the twins.

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