Standing at the door

Standing at the door, Christopher waited for Em to get ready. Lulu, Nikki and Frida were making a big deal out of nothing as usual because Em looked amazing no matter what she was wearing. The door opened and Frida let me in.

"Finally, how come you girls take ages to get ready?" he asked as he stepped through the door.

"Shut up," she said, pushing me gently and walking down the hall. "Em! He's here!" she yelled and walked into the bathroom, closing the door after her.

Christopher stood in the lounge waiting for Em. When he had thought he had lost her, it had been really hard on him. He had loved her most of his life but had never had the courage to tell her. And knowing that he could have before she had died –well when he thought she had died- he felt like he had been stupid and should have just told her. But then he figured out that she was actually alive and well, well it was the best feeling.

The bedroom door opened and Em walked out, looking amazing in a knee length white dress and a pair of white dolly shoes. She smiled when she saw him, looking casual yet hot in a shirt, dinner jacket and tidy trousers.

"You look great Em," he smiled at her. She blushed a little but smiled back.

"You look good too," she said and he grinned. Em walked towards Christopher and as he leaned down, she leaned up and they kissed each other.