Author's notes: this is my first M-rated fic and my second fic all together. Enjoy!

Jess rested her head on her keyboard in frustration. Sometimes she just needed to get away from it all, so she pulled out her diary and started writing.

Dear diary,

I'm. So. BORED! Why is life so frustrating? I just need to relax, maybe a fling could help? I could never get someone like Becker, but Stuart in I.T or that new lab tech Adam could maybe help… BUT THEY'RE JUST NOT BECKER!

Jess closed her diary and got up to get a drink, she needed to get her head clear.

While Jess was away Becker came to bring her some chocolate. Seeing she wasn't there he put the chocolate on the ADD and went to leave, but noticed her diary was open. He wasn't going to read it, he was just going to close it so nobody else would read it… but then he saw his name and…

"Hi Jess" Becker said in a seductive voice, coming up behind her.

"Oh hi Becker" Jess grinned.

"Whoa, Jess! You need to relax a bit… come with me"

"Okaaaay" Jess said sounding slightly confused.

"Come on jess" said Becker with a smirk on his face

"What are we with a smirk on his facedoing Becker?"

He smiled and pulled jess into the cupboard and shut the door!

"Aww Becker you are hurting my wrist let go!"

"Sorry jess didn't mean to"

Becker what are you doing to your belt! I can't see you turn the light on" so Jess did and saw Becker stripped into his boxers

"Becker what are you doing"

"I hoped you would join me in a bit of fun!" Said Becker in a hoping voice!

"I hate you for doing this to me Becker" so jess joined him and turned the light off.

"Uhh uhh uhh, yes yes yes, Becker harder, more, come on you wimp harder! Your legs aren't going to fall off!"

But what they didn't know is that Abby and Connor walked past the cupboard and heard laughter and soo…..

"What are you doing… why is the light off… OH GEEZUS!" Connor yelled. Becker had Jess pressed up against the wall with her skirt around her ankles and heaven knows where Becker's clothes went.

"Errr… ummm… would you and Abby like to join us?" Jess said hoping that it would convince them not to tell.

"HELL YEAH" Abby said, taking her shirt off and pulling Connor inside the cupboard with her…

It was a frenzy of movement and screams. Suddenly a light flooded into the room.

Matt and Emily were stood there, mouth wide open. This was defiantly going to be something new for Emily.

"Ok… fine, but if anyone else comes also we're gonna need a bigger cupboard." Becker sighed, not waiting for a reply, he pulled them in.

There was barely enough room to move nobody knew who they were shagging… at one point Matt and Connor were getting it on.

The alarm sounded saying that the A.R.C was closing. The team stumbled out of the cupboard butt naked.

"WOW!… All I can say is… just… wow!" Becker panted.

"Same time next week then? Not just you Becker, the rest of you are invited too." Jess said with a smirk on her face.

Every Thursday, exactly the same time the team were in the cupboard.

Jess was the first to get there, as always but as the others started to arrive Jess noticed something wrong; no Abby and Emily.

"Sorry Jess, they had to go home. Shall we call it off for this week-" Connor was cut off by Jess quickly.

"Are you kidding me! I get you three all to myself" Jess purred, a mischievous grin spreading across her face

Jess Parker likes to have her fun…