Okay so this is probably gonna be a little iffy, but I'll do my best. Based in the present time in the Ultimate Alien series. Enjoy!

The night was dark. A woman who seemed to glow through the shadows whistled through the trees. She crouched on a ledge overlooking Bellwood. She almost allowed herself a smile at the thought of the unsuspecting prey beneath her.

"I'm coming for you, Gwen Tennyson." She said giddily. She leapt into the air and prepared to fly down to the houses below. Suddenly, a blast of blue energy hit her in the back, knocking her down the slope. She tumbled down, scratching her perfect cream skin on rocks and brambles and landing on her back, her black hair splayed out underneath her.

"Hello Sonny." A voice said. Sonny frowned. She knew that voice, but couldn't quite place it. What…? A shadowy figure stood at the edges of the woods, just inside the tree line.

"Who are you?" She asked, angry that someone would dare disturb her.

"None of your business." The figure replied. Sonny frowned deeper. She knew that voice!

"Come out and show yourself!" She yelled, tossing three balls of energy into the trees. A blue force field blocked them, but Sonny couldn't see the figure's face through the smoke. When it cleared, no one was there.

"Why do you care so much about protecting Gwen Tennyson?" She yelled. The figure was nowhere to be seen. Sonny steamed. She hated being ignored.

"No one hurts Gwen except me." The voice was right in her ear. Everything snapped together in a second.

"You!" She gasped.

"Yes, me." The voice was strained. Sonny realized that using Anodite powers was hard for them. She thrust a hand backwards, blindly shooting an energy beam out. All she caught was air.

"Where are you?" She screamed. She was tired of these games.

"Right in front of you." Was the reply. They materialized in front of her just long enough to knock her out. They stood over her fallen body with a small smirk on their face. Sonny moaned as she faded to unconsciousness. All she could think was This wasn't supposed to happen. How did they know? How did they know? How did they know?