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Merlin gets a little bit distracted making Arthur's bed, rubbing off against pillows and blankets... (Bonus points for Arthur catching him ^-^)

This started as a oneshot and turned into a monster. Enjoy.

Merlin was in Arthur's bedchamber, tidying up after Arthur's morning ablutions. He was doing his best to focus on the task and prevent his eyes from wandering to Arthur's shirtless form but was having little success. Arthur turned to Merlin, brows furrowed as he concentrated on lacing his breeches. Merlin's eyes flickered again over his muscular chest with its sprinkling of blonde hair. His eyes wandered downwards, drawn inexorably by the trail of darker hair on Arthur's belly that led down to Arthur's crotch, where his hands were currently fumbling with the ties at his waist.

Merlin sighed and tore his eyes from Arthur's beauty, trying to will away his growing erection. He really needed to get a grip. It was bad enough that he was lusting after his master, the Prince of Camelot, for heaven's sake. He couldn't begin to think how things would go if Arthur actually noticed Merlin's inappropriate crush, he grimaced and carried on folding towels and clattering about with the washbowl.

Arthur was dressed now and Merlin held out his leather waistcoat for him to slide his arms into. He spread the heavy material over Arthur's shoulders, longing to allow his hands to linger on the broad width of his master's back.

"Thank you Merlin," his voice was brusque. "When you've finished in here I want you down at the stables to feed and muck out the horses." Arthur headed for the door, then paused looking slightly uncomfortable. "Oh... and Merlin, my bed needs changing today."

Merlin's eyebrows lifted in surprise. He had only changed the sheets a couple of days ago, but he knew better than to argue with Arthur – that rarely went down well.

"Very well Sire," he replied. Arthur nodded quickly then turned and left. If it had been anyone other than his supremely arrogant master, Merlin would have sworn that he had been blushing.


Merlin moved to start work on the bed. Unusually for Arthur he had pulled the covers back up today instead of leaving them cast back in a tangled mess. Merlin picked up the pillow first, absentmindedly pressing his nose into it, inhaling the fresh musky scent of Arthur's hair. He had long since given up trying to prevent himself from doing this when he made his master's bed. It was one of the few times he could indulge his Arthur obsession in private, safe from discovery.

He stripped off the pillowcase, still warm from Arthur's head, then reached for the covers and pulled them back. He ran his hands over the bottom sheet and closed his eyes, allowing his hands to feel the warmth, imagining that it was Arthur's skin under his fingertips. He felt his already half hard cock filling further at the thought.

Suddenly Merlin's eyes flew open as his hands encountered cold wetness on the sheets. His heart thudded in his chest, immediately realising that there could only be one explanation for this, and for Arthur's apparent embarrassment earlier. He gasped a shocked breath. Before he could stop himself he had crawled onto the bed and lowered his face to the wet sticky patch on Arthur's sheets and was sniffing at it like an animal. The conscious part of his mind was horrified at himself but his baser instincts overrode any common sense or decency. The musky smell of Arthur's semen made his mouth water and he felt his cock throb as he slowly put out his tongue and licked at the wet patch, savouring the taste of Arthur's bitter saltiness.

He heard a needy, whimpering sound echo around the stone chamber and realised in surprise that it had come from his own lips. Unable to ignore the painful hardness of his erection any longer he reached down. He hastily pushed his leggings down around his thighs to release his aching cock, then lowered his hips to the bed and moaned as his sensitive skin made contact with the crisp cotton sheets beneath him. He licked at the damp sheets again, head filled with images of Arthur as his mouth was flooded with the sea salty taste.

He imagined his master sleeping naked, entwined in his sheets, restless and hard with arousal as he dreamed. Merlin wondered how Arthur's cock would look erect; he had only seen it resting heavily between his thighs when bathing, or changing. Now he imagined how it would look in all its glory as Merlin's lips closed around the head and pulled him into his mouth.

Lost in his fantasy, Merlin began to rub his cock against the bed. His foreskin was teased back with each stroke, the friction glorious. He hummed as he lapped and sucked at Arthur's essence; imagining Arthur's cock filling his throat, his powerful hands clenching Merlin's hair as he fucked his mouth.

Merlin's gasps and moans filled the room as he rutted Arthur's bed. All thought of what he was doing and where he was had fled from his lust-fogged mind. His fantasy Arthur began to thrust harder into his mouth, groaning Merlin's name. Merlin sped up his movements on Arthur's bed, buttocks clenching as he pressed his aching cock over and over into the mattress. Heat was building in his groin and curling deep in his belly.

"Arthur...oh my God... Arthur..." the name fell from his lips interspersed with gasps and groans.

Fantasy Arthur arched and came, filling Merlin's mouth with his hot release. This mental image sent Merlin spiralling over into orgasm. His cries echoed from the stone walls as he pumped his hips furiously, emptying his own hot stickiness onto Arthur's sheets. Merlin collapsed, boneless with exhaustion, his cheek resting in the cool damp patch of fabric that had caused all the trouble.

The sound of a throat being cleared behind him entered his consciousness like a blow to the stomach. He froze, heart pounding and face flaming, desperately searching for some logical excuse for the mortifying position in which he had obviously been discovered. He slowly raised his head from the sheets and reluctantly turned his head in order to see who was witnessing his humiliation.

Arthur was standing as still as a statue, just inside the doorway. His blue eyes were intense but devoid of the horror and disgust that Merlin had expected to find. Instead there was something more akin to hunger in his face that was about as scarlet as Merlin imagined his own to be. His gaze was fixed on Merlin's bare arse. Arthur's throat jerked as he swallowed and dragged his eyes away to meet Merlin's. Merlin waited, unable to think of a single appropriate thing to say, the silence stretched uncomfortably between them as they stared at each other.

"Well um... Merlin," Arthur finally broke the silence, his voice hoarse. He cleared his throat again. "I... um..." He paused, his eyes flickering back to Merlin's arse and getting stuck there again. "I came to get something but I seem to have forgotten what it was..." He trailed off. Merlin had never seen him lost for words. He might have enjoyed it if he hadn't been too busy being hideously embarrassed, and worried about being put in the stocks for being a pervert.

Arthur seemed to shake himself and rally a bit, a touch of his usual self-assurance returning. He squared his shoulders and forced his eyes back to meet Merlin's.

"Well anyway... you're clearly not quite done here yet," Merlin could detect a brave attempt at his usual arrogance in his tone. "Hurry up; the horses will be getting hungry." He turned and made for the door, then paused in the doorway, his back still turned. "And Merlin? Let's just pretend this never happened." The door thudded behind him as he left.

The End

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