Chantal's Pov:

I'm 8 years old today, great. Note the sarcasm I used, yeh. Most other kids my age are ecstatic about getting lots of pressie's but nope not me. All I look forward to is being able to get up stairs, into my nice floor boards which I use for a bed. This takes a while most nights; I'm able to crawl into my bed around 2am. But as this is a special occasion it's going to be even later. Oh joy.

At the moment I'm lying down next to my little sister, I love her to bits. She's the only reason I'm actually trying to stay alive now. If I died, I would be leaving her in hell so I do the only thing I can do. I protect her. My sister is called Lauren and she is 7 years old, has green/yellow eyes and short messy brown hair. She trusts me which is a good thing: if I say run she does, if I tell her to go to her room she does and if I tell her to hide and stay safe most of the time she does. But I've had to earn that trust in the worst way possible…

Flash back

I was 7 years old and Lauren 6. I was down stairs making some tea for when my dad would get in. Lauren was upstairs at the time, oblivious to what was going to happen and what had been happening for the past year. Bang. The front door has just slammed closed, taken me by surprise. So what happened next? Yep being me I had jumped in shock and the baked beans I was stirring tipped over, spilling all over myself and the kitchen sides.

I didn't have time to clean up or worry about how much the hot sauce was burning me. As when that happened, the man I refuse to call dad anymore walked into the kitchen smirking evilly. He strolled over to me cracking his knuckles.

"Oh little baby Chantal…are you ok there" he said with fake concern, still with that smirk but also amusement twinkling in his eyes.

"Yep I'm ok…only spilt a tiny bit…Garry" I had clenched my teeth knowing full well I was lying. But also waiting for the hand to collide with part of my body, as I had angered him even more by calling him Garry.

"Why you little brat…I'm your father so i expect to be treated with respect from you" than with those final word his knuckles collided with my ribs. I fell to the ground screaming. But there was a second scream, I looked up to find Lauren in the door way. Garry smirked at me than began strolling over to her; he slapped her across the face. Tears were falling down her face, he started pulling his hand back again for round two. I jumped up ignoring the fire racing across my sides.

"Stop it" I screamed at him, all he did was smirk. I limped over to him and pushed his side, it didn't hurt him but it definitely caught his attention. I turned to Lauren.

"Go to our room…and stay there…now" I shouted at her, she looked one more time at Garry than ran up the stairs. After that it was all a blur, I remembered switching off as the continuous blows eventually made me become numb.

Present time

That night I remembered telling her to do everything I said otherwise she'd be hurt again. She listened to me, so now when ever were home she stays in her room putting the stereo I got her up to full blast. Lauren started to awake, she yawned than opened her eyes.

"Hi Loz...sleep well" I whispered to her (Loz is her knick name)

"Hmmm…yeh…you didn't" she said back to me, while using her tiny fingers to trace under my eyes. I looked nothing like my sister: I had red blood shoot eyes I can't remember what they used to look like, I have a light coloured hair which has tinges of red and ginger and I am tall for an 8 year old and very skinny from lack of food. I hate my hair I don't know whether it's been died that way from all the blood or it's natural. It's more likely natural as Garry is pure ginger. I hate it; it reminds me I'm his daughter every day.

"I'll be fine" I told her. Recently I have become quite the lire, I've needed too. I have to go to school, people ask me what happed I tell them I fell over. So to make it more believable I become a klutz at school, falling and tripping over a flat surface. They believed me. I lie to Lauren telling her I'm fine when I'm continuously aching all over, I don't want her to worry about me. Sometimes when it's really bad and I know there no way I can lie I say it only hurts a 'tinny bit'

"Come on let's get you some food" I say to her, than grab her hand. I limped down the stairs, I think I've broken my foot again or dislocated it, and it's definitely not at the right angle. We reached the kitchen and it's around 6:30 in the morning, Garry shouldn't be up until mid-day as he was beating me until gone 2 last night. I made us some breakfast, two slices of toast for her one for me. We sat down and ate in silence.

"Happy birthday Chantal" Lauren whispered, I sighed. Great another reminder.

"Thanks Loz" I said to her, I started to day dream again. What's actually keeping us here? Nothing. I started to formulate a plan in my head about us running away, we could do it tonight. Yep, I think that'll be perfect wright after Garry has fallen asleep I will get Lauren and run away.

"Loz…do you want to leave this house and never come back" I asked her, It didn't matter what she said though we were leaving.

"Yeh I'd love to…please" she begged me, I smiled at her. This might actually turn out to be a pretty all right day.

10pm that night

Bang. Slap. Bang. Slap. Those were the only things I've heard for the past hour. I was aching more than usual, about 15 minutes ago Garry had gotten out a knife and had started cutting and carving my skin at the back. This was officially the worst beaten ever. Earlier today I had got a bag packed which was full with different items like: blankets, one extra pair of clothing, food and I had also nicked £100 from Garry's wallet.

Upstairs I could hear the continuous melodies of music, which Chantal had put on. I smiled; I didn't even have to tell her.

2 hours later

Finally, the torture has stopped. My top was covered in blood; I was practically drenched in it. I didn't bother to change; I wanted to get out of here as fast as possible. I got up, crack. Great my foot, I can barely walk. I started climbing the stairs slowly. I could hear Garry snoring and I could hear the tiny intake of breath from Lauren. I'm going to really give her a fright when I wake her up; I probably look like I'm half dead.

I walked into our room. I could pick her up and carry her outside; yep I was going to do that. My arms weren't hurt that bad, maybe a few cut's but nothing that bad. It was really just my back which was the problem, oh well. I picked her up, she didn't wake up. I grabbed the bag and walked straight out the house, where should I go now. Great I didn't think of anything, I started walking into the woods. I don't know why but they seemed the safest place at the moment, I needed to keep out of sight at the moment.

I carried on walking for ten minutes by now my whole body was screaming at me to stop. I laid Lauren on the ground and put a blanket over her, I collapsed making occasional moans but not daring to fall asleep.

Alice's Pov:

I'm with my family or coven which other vampire prefer to call it. The whole family is lively it's been 5 years since the volturi has come, Renesmee looks amazing she looks like a beautiful 13 year old girl. But I can't help but feel something is missing or that our lives are soon going to change again. I ran down stairs ignoring my feeling.

"Renesmee…Renesmee you know you love me and that I'm you're most favourite auntie will you-"I started, I was jumping around excitedly.

"No Alice…NO…I will not come shopping with you…I love you…but I will not be put through that torture" she interrupted me. I walked away in a strop, no one ever want's to come shopping; only Jasper does. But suddenly I was thrown into a vision.

Everything was black; I could hear the occasional scream and whimpering it sounded like a man was beating someone. I could feel pain it was like fire it was agonizing.

I came out of the vision I was on the ground clutching me head. I looked up and saw the most beautiful pair of golden eyes of my jasper. I was also surrounded by the rest of the family all looking at me with concern.

"Well…that was certainly different" I stated. Jasper came and embraced me in a hug. I stated to sob into his shirt even though tears would never fall.

"Sshhh Alice what happened" Jasper asked. I looked up to see Edward 'You tell them' I thought to him, his fore head creased.

"I can't Alice…it was like that vision was blocking me…all I felt was your pain through Jasper" he stated. I was pulled back into another vision.

Blood and lots of it. In front of me were two figures but I couldn't see their faces, and then they disappeared. I saw a knife, but it was blurry. Then I heard someone scream again.

I looked up again, the family even more concerned. Carlisle started walking up to me.

"Alice what's going on…Jasper and Edward say it's all pain and misery…is something going to happen to our family" he asked with worry in his voice.

"No…it's not us in pain…there's a feeling I've been getting that were not complete and that something important will happen which will affect all of us. But I saw these two people and blood…lots of blood-" I started to sob again, than I whispered

"It's like someone was mutilated…there was too much blood" the family looked at me in shock.

"I need to go hunting all that blood has made me feel thirsty" I told everyone, they nodded in understanding.

"Come on Jazz" I grabbed his hand and ran out of the house.

Chantal Pov:

I was awake still, wow. i'm surprised im not unconscious yet. My head was bleeding, i could feel the wet slimy blood dripping down my head. Crack. I lifted my head and right infront of me was a women who had short black hair. But her eyes were golden, i've seen them before but i cant remember though. I looked at Lauren she was still asleep, curled into my side. The women stated to crouch down infront of me, while a man with the same golden eyes came out behind her. I recognised him.