Loz Pov:

"I'm Kate and the other person is my sister Tanya" she told me, I grinned at her but then her face turned really serious.

"Loz can you feel any type of electric shock" she asked me, I shook my head in a 'no' direction.

"Remarkable" someone whispered behind me, I turned around and came face to face with Eleazar.

"Hi" I said to him


Chantal Pov:

It's been one week since the Denali coven got here and one week since I've found out some of the powers me and Loz have as 'humans'. Finding out these things though turned out to be very freaky and that's saying something.

Flash back

The Denali cove walked through the door but when my eyes landed on Eleazar we both suddenly landed on the floor without the family realising.

"Hi…can you hear me" I said

"Wow…your very powerful do you know that and yes I can hear you" he told me

"Whoa…whatcha mean I'm very powerful" I asked him, in my head I could hear him chuckle

"Well I don't know the exact powers you have but you seem to be shield along with your sister that's why it's even more difficult….but I'm also sensing that you can see things…am I correct" he asked me

"Um yeh with the seeing stuff…I've seen a lot about people's lives in the past….but recently I had a vision of the future…and for the shield thing I have no idea what you're talking about" I told Eleazar

"Ok…I'm not going to tell you about shields now but you will learn about them at a later date…but Chantal who do you think set up this link between us?" he asked me but didn't give me much time to reply.

"You did" he told me, all I did was gasp.

"Me" I said very high pitched and yet again he laughs at me

"Yes you…but I also wanted to say that Chantal has another power but I don't know what it is…it's a strange one though…very subtle in how it works" he told me

"Yeh I know she has one…I had a vision of myself making some calls and doing research on it" I replied back to him, just then I heard other voices and mine and Eleazar's head snapped up at the same time but not without me saying one last thing

"Don't tell anyone…please" I asked.

End of flash back

The Denali's were leaving today, I had gotten along with all of them grate except for Tanya as I've seen all the things she's tried to do to Edward and that just kind of crept me I've got along the best with Eleazar as he's the only one who actually knows about everything I can do but he has also come to be like a type of uncle towards me, I just think it's really cool. Just then Carmen, Kate and Eleazar came up to me.

"Well were off now but we'd like to give you this so that you can call us whenever you want" Carmen said and handed me a new blackberry phone; I looked at it and smiled.

"I added all our numbers into it…you can find me under zapper" Kate told me and I just laughed at her, Zapper…really?

"Thank you…I'm gunna miss you guys so much" I said, they nodded and each gave me a hug. The rest of my family came in the room then and Emmet went and spun me around in a circle then just carried me towards the front door were we said good bye to everyone.

Later that night: 9pm

I was in my room and meant to be sleeping but wasn't, I think this is the first time since I've been here that I'm glad I have a sound proof room. They gave me a blackberry phone, wow…well it seems that my vision is going to happen now isn't it. I looked down at the phone and realised I didn't know the number but just then I picked the phone up, and taped in 11 digits which all seemed familiar to me and just natural to press.

"Howdy this is Peter Whitlock…the most amazing vampire in existence how may I help you" a voice said on the other end of the line, I stared at the phone…this wasn't meant to happen, but oh well cant back out now.

"You know if I didn't know about vampires already you would off just given the secret away" I told him, it was silent for quite a long time.

"Your human" he asked sounding unsure about what the answer maybe, I chuckled.

"Yep…yep I am" I told him, silence once again.

"How's you knows about vampires" he asked quite rudely, I sighed.

"I have dreams about them…I know a lot about you and everything about what happened in the southern vampire wars including about Jasper Whitlock aka Cullen" I answered him

"You need to be changed…tell me where you are" he said urgently.

"You can't change me…I'm too young but I rung you to ask for some help" I told him.

"How old are you" he asked me very slowly like he didn't want the answer.

"Eight years old" I whispered, I heard him exhale in fast.

"That young and yet you've seen what I've been through…no one so innocent should have to see that…you said you needed help what is it" he asked me

"I need you to tell me about your power…I think my sister has one similar to it" I explained to him

"Ok…well my power works like this-" peter said and went into a whole explanation telling me about how his power just gives him feelings about if a situation is going to be good or bad to get into and that he just knows stuff in general, like if someone asked him who was going to win the next football match he would automatically know. "And yeh…that's how it works" he finally finished.

"Thank you…but I don't think this is the last time you're going to hear from me…I get the feeling you and Charlotte are gunna turn out to be family to me in some ways" I told him.

"Like wise little one… goodbye for now and remember to call"

"Ye I will…Oh by the way my name is Chantal" I told him then hung up; I looked at the clock in my room and noticed it was gone midnight. I yawned but before my head even hit the pillow I had started dreaming.


Once again I found myself in the throne room of the Volturi, but this time it seemed that there were more vampires in the room like they were waiting for something. At the other end of the room the massive oak door swung open revealing a crowd of humans walking in the room. And just then I realised why all these vampires were there…it was feeding time. The doors closed, and the vampires attacked. The room was filled with screams while there blood splattered around the walls, but I found that I wasn't repulsed by what I was seeing. I was extremely fascinated, the elegance yet the sheer ferociousness in which they hunted was extremely intriguing even though it should scare me.


I sat straight up gasping for breath, looking at the clock I saw that I had only been asleep for a couple of hours. I felt sick, but not about what I saw, but about how I felt. I jumped out of bed, out of my room and into the nearest bathroom were I started to be violently sick, when it calmed down I noticed that there were two people rubbing my back.

Esme Pov:

I was in my room with the love of my life, my mate-Carlisle. We were both in silence but it wasn't one of those awkward silences you get, no this one was completely relaxing and comfortable. I was thinking about how much our lives have changed in the last three weeks, I got something I always wanted…a child. I know that I'm like a mother to everyone else but they don't really need me to care for them as they can definitely do it themselves. I've been so happy that Loz and Chantal excepted us as their parents, at first I was a bit upset that Chantal refused to call me mum but now that I understand why she didn't I think it made me love her even more as she accepted me even though she can remember everything of her birth mother.

I have also noticed a big change in Carlisle, he seems much happier now especially when Chantal and Loz call him 'dad' which makes him grin even more widely, which then makes me ecstatic. Just then I felt Carlisle stiffen beside me, I looked at him. His face looked really concerned and that's when I heard it to. It sounded like someone was being violently sick and that was enough to make me run towards the bathroom, I felt Carlisle run with me. What I saw there could off made my beating heart shatter into a million pieces, as the person hanging over the toilet was nearly as pale as us and had beads of perspiration on her forehead - it was Chantal.

"Sshhh…Its okay honey…it's okay" I soothed her while rubbing her back and Carlisle does the same thing. I looked over towards my husband and saw that he was also assessing what was wrong with our daughter and had a massive frown on his face. When her vomiting had calmed down quite a lot she turned around and threw herself into my arms. Carlisle came over to us and wrapped both of his arms around our bodies and kissed Chantal's forehead tenderly.

"What's wrong with her Carlisle" I whispered to him, too low for her to hear.

"I don't know yet, love…pass her to me" he told me softly, I started to loosen my hold on her and hesitantly passed Chantal to him.

Carlisle Pov:

Esme passed me Chantal unwillingly, I knew she wanted to hold and comfort her but I truly had no idea what was wrong with her at that moment, which was kind of scarring me as I've been alive for four hundred years and I'm a doctor and I don't even know what's wrong with my own daughter. I ran to my office with Chantal holding on to my shirt like I would suddenly just disappear.

I laid her down on one of the massive sofa's I have in the room and the first thing I noticed were that her eyes were a pitch black colour instead of that unusual red they seemed to be but she also had massive bags under her eyes which weren't there a few hours ago. If I wasn't certain that she were human I would off thought that she were a vampire and she was extremely thirsty.

"Chantal baby…can you tell me what's wrong" I whispered to her, I saw her stiffen and then she nodded her head.

"I had a dream again…but this time it was feeding time for vampires…there were loads of humans and then there blood was all over the place…and…and I didn't feel disgusted or anything, all I wanted was the blood…it was all I could think about and I wanted to drink it" Chantal shrieked the last bit.

I put her in my lap and rubbed her back trying to sooth her. I felt like crying myself, my baby girl shouldn't have to see all of that, to see vampires feed of humans like herself. Yet she told me she wasn't disgusted by all that blood, but that she wanted to drink it herself. This could explain why her eyes are as black as coal but…no, even if a human saw that their eyes wouldn't go black. I wonder…is Chantal actually fully human? Well what are the things I'm certain about her:

She can heal extremely fast

She has more powers then an average human should posses

Her eyes are red but go black when she sees blood

With all these things I would think that she was part vampire but she can't she doesn't even smell like one, once again my daughter has left me even more confused. I looked down at her and saw that she had falling back to sleep, I felt myself smile. Even though she is a complete mystery, I love her like my own.

Chantal Pov:


My mum started walking over to a man who was deathly pale and had red eyes, in my mind I had no doubt that this man was a vampire. My mother had straight black hair with tinges of red in it and it shone in the sun, at the moment she looks around 19 years old so this would be how she looks 9 years before I was born. My mum reached the vampire-he also had black hair; they both smiled at each other and then embraced each other in a friendly manner.

"Father it's so good to see you again" my mother said, which confused me.

"Like wise my daughter…but what is that I hear, another heartbeat?" The vampire asked my mother who at this moment had gone as red as a tomato.

"Yes i…I'm pregnant" she squeaked out while avoiding eye contact, the vampire brought his fingers to her chin so he could look her in the eye and smiled fondly down at my mum.

"I'm going to be a granddad" he whispered, all my mum did was smile while tears fell down her face. But then the vampires face became serious.

"This pregnancy might be shorter than the normal nine months but longer then a full vampire hybrid being born…my daughter…but I think the pregnancy will go well you will give birth normally like any normal human instead of how your birth went…by coming straight out your mother's womb" he finished in a whisper, they both clung to each other sobbing for a while then my mum whispered three words.

"It's a boy"


I opened my eyes slowly and started to sit up; I was in my dad's office sitting on his lap. But what the hell was that memory thing about, it couldn't be what I thought could it? was my mum really half vampire…just like Renesmee. Just then my new phone started beeping in my pyjama pockets, I took it out.

Whatever just happened to you sweetie, it is real and don't hide away from it.

I grinned knowing exactly who the text message was from; I looked up into my dad's face it was filled with concern. He was also looking down at my phone probably wondering who texted me.

"You ok…did you have another dream? Who just texted you?" he said in quite a rush.

"Number 1…I'm fine…2…yes I did and I'll tell you in a minute and 3 I have no idea" I told him but the last bit was a lie, I just get this feeling that my family shouldn't know about Peter and Charlotte yet and that they would be important to me in the future.

"Ok what did you dream about" he asked me, but I wanted to ask a question of my own first.

"Do you think a 3rd of me could be vampire?" I asked dad, he looked me up and down for a few minutes with a frown on his face. He then turned and looked me in the eye nodding.

"Yes…it would make sense if you were but you don't smell like a vampire, so I don't know…why? Do you think you are one?" he asked me curiously, I nodded.

"Yes…I think I know why I don't smell like one…but I'll say in a minute…anyway in my dream my mum was walking up to a red eyed vampire and called him father and he called her daughter…then the man asked if my mum was pregnant and she says yes…with a boy" a whispered the last part, as I haven't told my new family much about the boy who my mum was pregnant with.

Loz Pov:


I'm confused? Why am I confused? Where am i? At the moment I think I'm sleeping, well I should be any way. The last thing I remembered was Jazzy and Alice tucking me in bed. But now I'm somewhere I've never been before. I'm outside in the open but I feel like I'm surrounded and cant breath. I'm confused again and I still don't understand what's going on, I wish Jazzy was here he could tell me why I'm feeling this way.

I look around there's a forest behind me and then in front of me is the sea-all blue and calm. Yet it makes me scared, I look down on the floor, everything is plane yet…what…no…that…can't happen. Looking down at my feet is nothing, like I'm invisible, my hands? Yes, there gone to. I also start feeling different like I'm not I my own body or anything which would make sense as I can't see myself. In the distance I saw something move really fast, yet I did not fear it, it almost felt familiar and then it whispered some words which I shouldn't off been able to hear, yet it felt like it touched my very heart.

"You will soon know the truth"


To be continied…