"I'm glad everything worked out then. Having a job will be a good thing, you don't have to be bored at my work, you can have some spending money of your own because I know you hate borrowing from me, and you can start saving for college. I trust Tobi to keep you safe, he's not the most responsible but he's true to his friends. As long as your grades don't drop this is a really great opportunity." I said, more to convince myself, even though everything went well I felt like I was pushing my luck. I wonder if I would have felt this way before New Year's. I feel considerably better once I know Naru is safe in Tobi's shop, it's the walk back and forth from school that really makes me worry.
"Yeah! I mean, I don't hate you paying for me, you just buy me so much... I'm just saying it's going to be nice not having to rely on you the whole time." Naruto beamed at me.
The rest of the night was considerably uneventful, Naruto having talked to me about everything, he was just tired from standing all day and being busy in the shop, so we took a quick shower and lay in bed, my fuzzy eared uke falling asleep rather quickly. I guess he was more tired than he let on, or he didn't know he was that tired himself. Those things can sneak up on you. I don't blame him though. First day of a job is the worst because not only is it tiresome but you don't know what to do the whole time and you have to think about it, unlike later when it all becomes habit and you can zone out, like when I draw.
The next week continued... much the same. Naruto would go to school and I would go to work, and then he would go to Tobi's texting me the entire time he had to walk from school to the shop, and then more scarcely since he was working. Then he would come home and we'd talk a bit, eat, shower and then he would fall right asleep. The first few days had me worried, and I hoped it was just because he was new at this that it tired him out, and hoped it wouldn't continue to be so much work.
And it's not just about the sex; I'm worried it might be too much for my poor Naru to handle. He wasn't complaining though and I wondered if I should bring it up. I didn't know if he was having another guilt incident where he keeps the little stuff from me, like he did with Itachi.
Saturday rolled around, and after 5 straight days of work I thought Naruto could deserve a nice long sleep in. So leaving a note tucked under his phone so it wouldn't blow away somehow, I leaned in and kissed his forehead before I quietly made my escape with a pop tart and headed out for work.

Gaara kissed my forehead goodbye since he thought I was sleeping in my bed. It was Saturday and I had off today because Tobi had like… Sexpo or something. A sex convention so he could gain some new toys or new people to buy things from. He said it was strictly business but I swear the kid needs a boyfriend. Anyway… I wasn't asleep, I was just faking it so that Gaara wouldn't see my raging hard on. When the door shut I whimpered and shook with need and I don't even know why!
I woke up at 2 in the morning to go get rid of one problem myself in the bathroom, to not wake up the red head but now its back! And I've had it for 2 hours! It won't go down with all of my will! It's like I have to touch myself just for my erection to GO AWAY!
Every time I close my eyes I imagine Gaara fucking me, which by the way has never happened before, and now I really want him… badly, as if my own life depended on it or I would burst. I crossed my legs together to try again and stop it but that only caused me to moan at the friction. I am sad. I'm a whimpering pile of goo who wants nothing than for Gaara to take me. Maybe I shouldn't have faked sleep so that I could have had him at least touch me seeing as how he hasn't had the time to be with me much in the intimate department for a week…
I moved so I was on my back and gave myself pity and relief and touched myself. I'm one sad individual, am I not, but it feels… oh god… it feels so much better than me just holding back. I thought about Gaara though… that's all I could do but that also brought me more pleasure pretending it was the red head touching me.
I moaned and whimpered and shook from the feelings of relief coming over me, feeling a bit sad about myself. Tears came to my eyes from want before I wiped my eyes with my clean hand and got up from bed. I cleaned up myself then the sheets of the bed so Gaara would never know of the stupid act I had to do.
I went to my phone and saw a note from most likely Gaara unless it was a stranger or something but that was highly unlikely.
'I went to work for you to sleep in. love you.' I smiled at the note before I felt heat forming in between my legs and I whimpered. Okay, this should not have happened from a damn note! It's just not possible! Something is wrong with me.
I had to think for a few minutes, crossing my legs together while I glared at my phone with tired eyes. I think… no it couldn't be?... It has never happened this fucking hard before (that thought alone made me whimper) I used to have to just jack off and I would be okay! I gotta call Jiraiya… I know right? You would think I would call Tsunade about this being a medical problem. But uncle would be the only one to understand other than Kiba. My problem really hurts.
"Jiraiya!" I yelled worried about myself.
"Kit? Naruto what's wrong? Are you okay? Did that bastard kick you out? Where are you? Why-"
"Jiraiya… I think I'm in heat…" I whimpered at his sigh.
"You scared the living shit out of me… what's wrong? All anthro's go through heat. Hell all humans go through heat being so horny."
I blushed, "It's… its different now… stronger!"
"That's because you're no longer a virgin. When you hit puberty it wasn't as rough but now since you've had sex its worse… I can't believe I'm saying this… to stop the pain you need sex." He said it slow as if he regretted it.
"Oh you think I haven't thought of that?" I rolled my eyes, "Gaara's at work…"
"And you haven't touched each other enough to make you go into heat?"
"I got a job too…"
"Where!" he yelled worried.
"Um… Tobi's"
"And where is that? A whore house? I'm going to kill that demon."
"No… but close… Tobi owns a sex shop. Anyway bye!" I quickly shut it off and jumped off of my bed, before he could lecture me about safety. Refusing to give into another erection I shook as I changed into clothes, jeans and a long sleeved shirt that was just a bit too big, only so the fabric wouldn't rub against my nipples (which by the way were hard as well)
I know I should be resting… but the only way I can rest is if I have Gaara… and I need him no matter how embarrassing going out to his job might be!

"Well, lookie who's early."
"Shut up Deidara... I didn't want to wake up Naruto. He's had a rough week, starting up his work with Tobi and everything. I'm not saying Tobi's overworking him, but Naruto's not one to open his mouth. I'm worried."
"I'm sure Naruto will be fine. He just has to get used to the new pace of things. By the way, how IS Tobi?" Deidara asked rolling his eyes as if stressing he wasn't interested in the little freak. It was too over played; we all know he cared for Tobi but like a brother and not a lover.
"Tobi seems well enough off. And he has the extra help now too, he's a big boy, he can take care of himself."
Sai came in just then, and Deidara was quick with an announcement. "Alright you two, you're going to have to man the fort by yourselves for the greater part of today. I have an appointment to do a Jacob's ladder and it's a very sensitive process and it takes a few hours the least. He's coming in in about half an hour or so, so I have to go get ready.
I turned my attention to my phone, checking the time, then sitting down at my station and organizing some of my drawings. Some were Tattoo's I had designed hoping someone would want one, some were pictures of Naruto I doodled in my spare time (that should not be shown to anyone else), and some where just pictures, and some of those pictures I could use as tattoos.
The door opened when I was halfway through my stack and there was a guy who asked for Deidara. "Are you here for the Jacob's ladder?"
"You're a brave soldier." I said, shaking his hand. "You might want to ask Deidara for a towel... to bite on. He's back there in that room, so you guys can have some privacy."
"Yeah and so we don't have to hear him scream." Sai muttered, and I elbowed him in the ribs, hard enough to bruise. He retreated to the bathroom to go poke at it, mumbling about me breaking a rib.
The customer walked into Deidara's special work station for long and embarrassing piercings and tattoo's and I continued to shuffle around my tattoo drawings, putting dragons with dragons, and foxes with animals and just random designs together. I had a stack of drawings of Naruto that was getting bigger as I continued my search, finding pictures of Naruto shoved in between everything.
The door opened a bit, and I glanced up about to say 'I'll be right with you' since Sai was still occupied in the bathroom, but I stopped at seeing who it was.
"Naruto?... I... wha- Did you walk here?" He looked flustered and frustrated, his face almost pleading, his hair was a mess, bed head still, and his clothes looked a bit baggy, the neck hole of his shirt just a bit too large I could nearly see his nipple, the sleeves covering all but the tips of his fingers.
"Yeah..." He said, quickly. "Gaara I need you, can you... get today off?" Naruto glanced to the side; obviously whatever it was he didn't come here prepared to say it.
I glanced to Deidara's room, seeing the sign he puts on the door when he does not want to be bothered unless the building is on fire.
"Um... Not really... no." I said honestly glancing back at him. He gave a groan and walked over to me, for once his expression was unreadable but it was diffidently unpleasant. "Naruto what's wrong?" I asked worried.
"Gaara... I..." He groaned. "I NEED you... please."
"Need me? I don't understand." I said, Naruto blushed and looked off to my side, not meeting my eyes.
"I need this." He said, pointing to something on my desk. I picked it up, it was the drawing on top of my Naruto doodle stack, and I was without a doubt fucking him senseless.
"Naruto, why-"
"Please Gaara?" The blond whined, rubbing his hips against me and moaning against the friction. He was hard, that much was obvious, but it was so unlike Naruto to be so, forceful. He's never thrown himself on me like this. Even that time after he caught me kissing Sasuke he didn't have as much motivation as he did now. "It's been killing me all morning... I tried to get rid of it, it won't go away. I need YOU. It's the only thing that will work..."
"W-why though? That's not normal Narut-"
"It's because I'm in heat..." his eyes closed as he swiftly shoved his hand in his pants and started rubbing, leaning against me and moaning, tears nearly coming out of his eyes. "Gaara... Gaara please I can't take this any longer... It's never been this strong, I can't handle it..."
I glanced back at the sound proof room, built so people waiting won't get discouraged by screaming patients. My eyes then flickered to Deidara's office. Anyone could walk through the front door at any time, but Deidara's office has a lock.
"..." I looked at Naruto, practically humping my side. "Fine, in here."

I'm flushed and needy and every touch Gaara gave me set my body on fire. And all he was doing was holding my hand as he dragged me to Deidara's office. I whimpered and shook from need, trying my best to give myself friction any way possible. If that meant humping the red heads leg like a horny poodle then so be it! As long as I was going to have sex to at least give me some type of relief so I could rest then I was going to be okay.
He opened the door and I started to pull his arm into the room when he made me let go making me whine, "Naruto, I need to tell Sai to stop worrying about his chest. It will take me two minutes okay?" He said and I just pouted and looked at him with need.
"Gaara…" I bit my lower lip, letting go of him and putting my hand down my pants shamelessly, using my other hand and touching my nipple just slightly to stop the stinging pain there from not being touched.
"Naruto…" He said almost as if he was worried for me, but there was no need… okay that's a lie. I'm worried about myself if I don't get fucked soon. The red head walked out of the room real quick to tell Sai to man the shop and came back before he could ask any questions. But by the two minutes he was gone I had already taken off my pants and had my back on the cold floor, stroking myself slowly, trying to get some stimulation. Moaning blissfully at the feeling, touching my chest under my baggy shirt.
"The floor is cold why didn't you sit on the couch?" He spoke to me but I answered him back with a moan, not knowing why I didn't think the obvious at the moment.
"Gaara. I NEED you… please, Jiraiya said sex would make it better!" I finally said once I stopped stroking, Gaara kneeled next to me taking off my shirt, "S-So… I don't care where or how hard you want it. Do whatever you want just please… fuck me." I begged him pathetically, pulling him into a kiss, not really caring at the moment I was stark naked and he was completely clothed.
The kiss was sloppy and rough, but like I said I didn't care. He pulled away panting while I was perfectly fine, wanting nothing more than to kiss him again. I leaned in to kiss him again but he stopped me, not having enough air. I pouted at him as he stood up.
"Deidara has lube and other toys." I spoke mostly to himself leaving me panting and in need on the floor.
"Gaara… I don't NEED lube or toys. I need YOU."
"You need lube, no way am I going to fuck you and you wouldn't be prepared. You might regret it later." He said looking in Deidara's closet and finding a bunch of sexual devices just sitting in plain site on the floor of it, "Sasori and Deidara do it too much…"
"I need YOU to do ME Gaara… it hurts." I massaged my balls and groaned from the slight tension leaving me but it was still there, I need to cum. It hurts not to.
The red head pulled out rope, leather, handcuffs and gags. The rest were items I've seen in work but never used like anal beads vibrators and what Gaara got Deidara for Christmas, a prostate massager. I groaned to myself as I saw him moving closer to me only to go to Deidara's desk, "Lube." He said to himself taking a bottle out of the drawer.
As quick as he was gone, he was back and kissing up and down my chest, gently nibbling and sucking at my nipples making me arch my back in pleasure. My body was turned into a miserable, mess of sensitivity making every touch pleasurable. Hell, if he would cut me with a knife I bet you I would moan! He lubed up a few fingers and pushed them into my hole, making me moan and want more right away.

His noises were nowhere near quiet, he was moaning like you wouldn't believe. Just his noises alone made me hard, but Naruto seemed like he was torn between enjoying it and wanting it to end. I fingered him, taking his dick into my hot mouth, he screamed.
I pulled off. "Naruto, hush, or I'll have to gag you." I warned. I know Deidara's in a sound insulated room, but I didn't know if he could hear us better from in there.
"Gaara... don't stop, please don't stop!" He said, again quite loudly.
Sighing, I pulled out a ball gag, and put it up to his lips. "I said shush. Do you want me to have to put this on you?"
"I... I'm sorry... Gaara..." He shuddered from the lack of attention, but his ears lowered seeing as he was sad I got mad at him. I couldn't help but feel sad for him; I froze up torn between getting in trouble and helping my uke out.
Timidly, Naruto moved his head forward and took the ball out of my hands, forcing it behind his canine teeth and looking up at me with hurt eyes, waiting for me to tighten the straps securely around his head. Without a word I did so, knowing it was for the better and damn did he look sexy (and this time he can't bite his arm when I become possessive). I took some of the rope, tying his hands off behind his back, lifting him up and put him kneeling in front of the couch.
"Mmmfff" he said around the ball as I handled him. I put his chest on the couch cushions so his ass was exposed to me. He started grinding against the cushions, moaning.
I spread his legs and put a spreader bar between them. He tried to look behind him but he couldn't twist his body enough to look at me. I continued to play with his prostrate at this point, I grabbed a prostrate massager, it wasn't too big but it was cold. Naruto's hips buckled as it touched, but he had no option to say no. making sure it was lined up (a satisfying moan from Naruto), I turned it on.
He screamed through the gag, panting heavily, sucking air through the sides of his mouth and his nose, as much as possible. His tail kept swishing around the vibrator tip protruding from his ring of muscle, but it wasn't as swift as it usually is, even his tail was trembling from the effects of being in heat.
I stroked his tail gently, along with his member. Naruto was moaning panting and purring, trying his hardest to breath. He bucked his hips; he needed release, so I gave it to him. Naruto screamed but he muffled his voice further by burying his face in the couch cushions. And (I can't believe this happened) I came at the sound of muffled yell.
"MMMFFF!" He glared at me. I knew what he wanted, what he NEEDED. My uke needed me. I smirked.
"I'm not hard anymore sweet heart. You're going to have to help out a bit."
Barely able to move from exhaustion and not able to move anything but his torso, he managed to slide off the couch, moaning as the friction rubbed at his perky nipples, he sat back onto his heels, which were still spread apart at the knees, and he blindly found my dick with his bound hands and began to pump me.
"Oh... god Naruto you are so sexy." I attacked the back of his neck while he worked, his tail wrapped around my waist pulling my body closer so he could work me hard. By the time I was fully hard I left a half dollar sized hickey on the back part of Naruto's neck where his neck turns into his shoulder and back.
I lifted Naruto's hips, pushing the vibrator (still on) in all the way, so it was pushing against his prostrate and not just touching it, and I shoved inside as well. He leaned forward and screamed again, panting harder than ever before.
And I gave my uke just what he wanted, but he was screaming with every thrust. His hips buckled, his blond hair bounced with each thrust, I pumped him, and his screaming moans turned to half a scream and then sharp intakes of air through his nose, a small puddle of drool was leaking from his mouth onto the couch. Then with one of his sharp intakes of air, his body lurched out of rhythm as he started up a coughing fit. It's hard enough to have a coughing fit on its own than to have a gag on as well. I unlatched it and he let the ball gag fall from his mouth, swallowing a glob of spit and choking on that as well. I stopped to let him recover.
"Are you ok?" I asked his chest heaving; it looked for a second like he was in pain.
"Why aren't you moving?" he whined desperately, pushing his hips back on mine, but we both came instantly because I was still pumping him.
His breathing was heavy, labored. I sat back, watching him not even bothering to move from his exposed position bent over the couch. But, to my surprise, his member started to get hard again, I watched it grow from my position. Naruto gave a whimper and then a whine that would make you want to put whatever animal had made it to sleep and out of its misery.
"W-Why... isn't this... working..." He whined between each pant to the gods. "J-Jiraiya said... sex... with you... w-wou... would work!" he panted, sucking in sharp breaths.

Gaara looked at me with worry, moving closer, still feeling hot from fucking me, moving some sweaty locks away from my face, I just groaned sadly, tears filled my eyes as I nudged his hand, "Naruto… do you want to call him?"
I nodded my head sadly, feeling cum running down my thigh. He unlatched the spreader making me close my legs still leaning on the couch biting my lip at friction against my nubs. This. Is. Torture! After he untied my hands the red head gave me his phone while I rubbed myself in want. I just hope it will end soon… I mean when I first went into heat when I was 12 it wasn't bad… Jiraiya said it was because I wasn't a virgin anymore then how come having sex didn't stop this urge, this pain?
"Jiraiya…" I whined
"Kit? Second time today? Are you okay?"
"N-No…" I groaned, biting my lip as Gaara petted my tail… shocks of pleasure ran through me making me pant and take the phone away from my lips, "Gaara… st-stop." I had to force myself to say it, just the small action making my dick twitch, "Um… uncle, s-sex doesn't work."
"Did you receive?" He asked me making my face heat up. He felt so okay about this when I know that he probably was shuttering from the thought of me having gay sex with the one I love… not to mention the fact that Gaara actually fucking me did nothing to help my problem!
"Then that's your problem Naruto. You have to have sex with the demon. Meaning you top."
"B-But… I never… I don't kn- what?"
"Like I said… I gotta go Naruto. Call me soon okay? Not when you're just in pain…"
I threw his phone onto the couch and pounced onto Gaara, moaning as I finally felt the prostate massager still in my hole. I sat on Gaara's hips, gently rubbing myself against his hip, groaning in need.
"What did he say?" The red head groaned as my hand gently stroked him, trying to make him hard again.
"P-Please don't hate me…" I said tears in my eyes. Gaara's dominant, I'm submissive, even if he said he would help me I'm sure that he would be somewhat against it. And I might hurt him if I do…
"Naru, why would I hate you?"
"B-because Jiraiya said I have to have sex with you."
"Yeah, we tried that?" He sounded confused.
"No… I have to have sex with YOU…" I looked at the couch, my face flushing with red as I saw my cum on the fabric.
He blinked a few times before he smiled softly, "If that helps you then… okay."
"B-But it will be the only time okay? I love how you… how you have sex with me. And I'm sure that you… um, fucking me will hold down my pain for the majority of the time… I think. I don't even… know."
He just nodded and latched his hand around my neck pulling me into a kiss, sliding his tongue into my mouth. It was sloppy but I couldn't help but pant into it, need washing over me again. His hands tweaked my nubs and I gave a muffled moan into his mouth bot being able to be quiet.
"Naruto, you're going to have to prepare me alright?" He kissed my forehead and I blushed.
"I-" I cut myself off, not saying anything stupid as I found the lube where Gaara left it. The move pushed the vibrator that was still in my ass push against my prostate, making me moan and become a withering mess and stick my ass up in the air for a second.
"Naruto, don't do that or I might have to fuck you again." He stressed the "you" while looking at me with lustful eyes I closed my mouth and gave a whine before finding the lube and lubing up my fingers. I was going to copy Gaara's movements… like I used to do when we first met.
I stood in the middle of Gaara's legs worried as hell I would hurt him, "You're not going to hurt me." He spoke to me making me flinch from being read so easily.
"I'm a demon; you were going to do this sooner or later. Don't be nervous, you're at your worst when you're nervous." I gulped and while panting I put one finger into his hole. It was warm… I didn't know it was this hot and tight. How many people have been in here…? I don't wanna know. If it wasn't for the heat it would be a major turn off.
I kissed down his chest, copying his movements while pushing another finger in, him groaning just a bit. I stopped all my movements before Gaara told me to go on. Slowly (which is odd because with my heat I would think I would be rushing to fuck him even if I'm not used to it and I'm scared to)
"Enough." He grunted.
"I-I didn't find you're…"
I found the bundle of nerves and the red head arched his back… I will admit having a demon react to me is really sexy, especially since its Gaara. I moaned at the thought. I just hope Gaara's really okay with this… because in fact I really am the uke and forever will be

"N-Naruto!" This felt so much easier than all the other times I received. I know Naruto inside and out. I know he won't, no he couldn't hurt me even if he wanted to. I'd do anything to help him, but this I would be willing to do anyway if he ever wanted to try it.
I moaned again as he rubbed against it, teasing me with the little movements.
"Nah- Naruto... sweetheart... i-if you want we can go slower later, just... do what you have to, I don't want you hurting."
"I'm nervous." He admitted to me, pulling his fingers out and putting them in his lap trying to calm himself through the nerves and the heat.
"Do you want me to ride you?"
"N-no... I... I think... I mean, its instincts right? I think I should be able to just... do it." He blushed rubbing himself a bit. He went for the lube to coat himself. He really didn't need it. Not to compare, but Sasuke was bigger and half the time he went dry just cause he was in too much of a fucking hurry. And then there was that time with Deidara... Maybe because of that is why Naruto thinks it'll be so painful for me, but I mean... you get USED to it. You never really like it but... whatever. It's not going to feel like either of them. If it's with Naruto, no matter what the position and no matter who's who, it'll be making love.
"R-Ready?" He asked.
"For like 3 minute's now." I gave him a cheerful playful smile. He gave a small smile back before his face turned to worry again. He didn't move.
I leaned up and kissed him, pulling his body down with me. I lifted my hips off the ground, lining myself up, not letting him escape my kiss. He pushed into me, slowly of course. I rolled my eyes and pulled his body closer in one jerky movement.
"Mmmmnnnn~" Naruto pulled his lips off of mine, "Ah! G-Gaara! Did I hurt you?" He asked his eyes wide.
"Jesus, chill. You couldn't possibly hurt me. I-" I looked to the side ashamed of the fact that it DIDN'T hurt. Almost wishing I could be pure again and that it would hurt so I would be unsoiled for Naruto. I didn't want to say 'I've had a lot of practice' but Naruto understood my meaning, and brought me back into the kiss. Needier this time, and he began to move, going faster and faster as his own need grew.
Just as things were getting hot, I thought I heard something. Naruto was moaning so loud but I'm surprised he didn't hear it, then the door handle moved and Deidara's office door swung open.
Naruto stopped, (with a frustrated groan might I add) and we both looked up to see Sasori standing in the doorway to Deidara's office.
His face then turned from one of shock to one of complete enjoyment. "Ah HA! HAHAHA! Gaara takes BOTTOM! I AM SO TWEETING ABOUT THIS!" He said before making a swift exit, shutting us back into our own little world. Naruto and I looked at each other, red blushes on our faces, and then continued to move, as both of us finished up our third round in about... 45 minutes.
"Was being seme so bad?" I teased.
"You're seme. I just fucked you for once." Naruto said pulling on his shirt which just covered his groin and he looked so cute, wearing nothing but that shirt, his hair a mess, a light blush on his flushed cheeks.
"Hold on just a sec! DON'T MOVE!" I said excitedly finding my pants on the floor and pulling out my phone.
Before he could ask what I was doing, I took a picture of him. But because he was so not expecting it, I got him wiping his mouth on his sleeve which was even cuter.
"Did you just take a picture?"
"..." I put my boxers and pants on, grabbing my shirt off the ground.
"Gaara. Did. you. Take. A. picture?!" He said semi- demandingly.

"Give me your phone!" He shouted. I ran out of the office. Naruto close on my heels. "GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!" I snickered shirtless, standing in the middle of the room with Sasori and Sai snickering at me behind me on the couch as Naruto realized he had nothing but a shirt on, his whole body turned as red as my hair and he bolted back into Deidara's office to retrieve his pants. As soon as the door shut Sasori and Sai started cracking up laughing, Sasori fell on the floor, and I just put my shirt back on.
After a few minutes I walked to Deidara's office, turning the handle for it to be locked.
"N..." I jiggled the handle. "Naruto?" I called knocking on the door. He didn't answer me. "Naruto, come out. Naru?" after a full minute of me pounding on the door he got sick of me.
"GO AWAY!" He shouted.
I sighed knowing how stubborn he was that this was an un-winning battle. I sat at my desk and pulled up the picture on my phone, taking a sheet of paper and drawing a perfect replica of my no pants Naru. That's exactly what I called it too.
I wonder if he's legit mad at me for taking a picture, or if he's just embarrassed because he ran out here with no pants on. It might be both... was he mad because he thought I took a picture of him where he was exposed? Because the shirt was covering everything... or is he afraid I'm going to send it to people or something?