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Chapter 5 - Addicted to love

After a long shower during which Sherlock collected more data about John, they got dressed and the doctor tried to make tea with Sherlock glued to his back kissing and licking his neck.

"Sherlock, I'm going to burn you, for real this time, be careful," John said pretending his man was getting on his nerves, but couldn't refrain himself from chuckling when Sherlock licked his left ear.

"No you won't," he crooned in his ear, John shivered, "and if you do I know you will spread ointment on my skin like you did before." God this man was insatiable.

Suddenly Sherlock's body tensed, he dropped his arms along his body, took a step back from John and sighed. The blond man turned his head a little surprised but understood what was happening when he heard footsteps in the stairs. It was 10 sharp when Mycroft entered the living room.

"Hello, Sherlock," he said with a sharp nod, an obsequious smile hung to his lips, "John." second nod.

"Mycroft," Sherlock said nodding back, his voice cold as steel.

John felt ill at ease, he was still holding the kettle. "We were about to have tea, would you like some?" He said to lighten up the atmosphere.

"No, thank you." Mycroft opened his jacket and sat on a chair, Sherlock clenched his jaws but came to sit opposite his brother on the sofa. John poured water in their mugs and followed the general movement. He put the mugs down on the coffee table and sat next to Sherlock. Mycroft smiled slightly.

"So?" Sherlock voice was sharper than ever. Mycroft smiled again, god it was irritating.

"My dear brother, is that unthinkable that I can come to chat." Smile, and smile and smile again

"Not after your 3 am text, no." Sherlock's eyes were almost predatory.

"John," he looked at the doctor, "what do you think you are doing with my brother?" Sherlock stood up abruptly, he looked furious and about to throw his brother through the window. John grabbed his wrist and squeezed it lightly and the brown-haired man accepted to watch him. He relaxed a little.

"Whatever I do with your brother is none of you business, Mycroft. You have no right to stick your nose into my life, I'll let Sherlock give his opinion about his own but I'm pretty sure he is not happy about it either," John said trying to remain as calm as possible. His hand moved from Sherlock's wrist to his hand and the detective entwined their fingers.

"John," Mycroft leaned over, he was absolutely unimpressed, "how long, have you known my brother? Weeks. You don't know how he was before you met him. Have you ever seen him crawl, John?" He paused and Sherlock's grip on John's hand tightened. "Have you ever seen him half dead on the floor of a dirty basement with enough drugs in his vein to knock him out for days? Being a sociopath doesn't prevent him from hurting, whatever he may say about it, and his way to make it disappear is quite dangerous"

"And what are you suggesting, Mycroft? Are you saying that I'm going to hurt him? Do you think I'm toying with your brother in order to make him fall again? Sherlock's a sociopath, it's no news." He turned his head to speak directly to the detective "You are a sociopath and you don't cope well with feelings, we've already sorted this out haven't we?" Sherlock nodded "So Mycroft," he looked in Sherlock's brother's direction again and met his eyes "I am no cure for anything, and certainly no cure for Sherlock's past whatever it is made of. What I am is John Watson, if it's enough for your brother you'll have to deal with it."

"I'll always show concern for my brother, I love him" he said watching his brother to see the impact of his words, the detective didn't move but a sparkle flashed in his eyes.

"Don't think you are the only one," John replied.

"Sherlock found himself the perfect companion, not that I doubted you were a good man John." Mycroft got up and buttoned his jacket. "Have a good day." He smiled again but this time it looked real, then he was gone.

"Right," John sighed "I think I passed the test." Sherlock sat next to him, he seemed quite shaken. John cupped his face with his other hand. "What is it Sherlock?"

"The things he said, about, what I do when I'm...in pain."

"He used this to test me, Sherlock." John tried to catch his lover's eyes.

"But it was true."

"Sherlock, look at me please. I already know you were a drug addict. I won't let this get between us but be warned, I don't want an argument or worth..." he finally caught his man's eyes and what he found there was fear. "Sherlock, you have to start trusting me and not being scared every time I suggest something could go wrong between us, we are just enunciating rules here, our rules." Sherlock nodded. "So, I was saying, and it was important, that if I ever hurt you, I don't want you - I'd like to say I forbid you but it's out of my reach - I don't want you to hurt yourself. Oh crap, I'm saying it, I forbid you to do so." John leaned to kiss his man but he was still tense.

"Sherlock relax, you have many faults, I'm sure there won't be a day without me discovering a new one - and you may find some annoying ones about me - but it won't prevent me from loving you." Sherlock's eyes widened and John grinned. "Oh yes I love you" he said again and kissed his lover.

Sherlock's wrapped his arms around the doctor holding him in a close embrace. "I love you too" he whispered in his ear.

"I know," John grinned.

"Why..." the brown-haired man begun but the doctor cut him short. "I was talking about rules and remembered I impose one to myself which wasn't fair for you or for me. You can make me say I love you every time you want because it's true."

They laid on the sofa wrapped in each other's arms, kissing and professing their love, amazed that it had only been two days since their first kiss.

Tomorrow promised to be something.

(The end ?)

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