Chapter 4

Alice fell into my arms. (It wasn't that far but still it could have been fatal.) opening her eyes, Alice stared into my eyes, I into hers and the strongest sensations tingled through my spine. I leaned towards her face as she whispered "thank you" into my ear. I kissed Alice. I felt a whole lot of emotions just fade away. Everything that I had always kept hidden way deep down in my heart now came to the surface.

Nothing, I realized, could stop it. I now knew that Alice felt the same way about me, the way she kissed me told all.

Someone was calling Alice, I knew who it was. Putting her gently down, I let her go. She was as reluctant as I was but we knew it was for the best, we knew we had no choice.

I watched as Alice walked gradually to her great uncle. She kept turning back, looking over her shoulder, she didn't want to leave.

I stared at the scene; Alice hugging Oliver, their great uncle guiding them away. Alice took one last look back, I waved, for now, even though I was losing her, I knew how I felt. I loved Alice.

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