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Chapter 10.

Pein looked over the remaining members of the Akatsuki who were resting. Six of them. Himself, Konan, Itachi, Kisame, Zetsu and Tobi.

Ten if he were to release his other forms. A formidable miniature army of unstoppable force.

Konan appeared at his arm and he glanced at her.

"Up. We're going again." Pein ordered.

Kisame and Itachi rose from where they had been sat, as did Tobi.

"This won't be as easy now that we've lost Hidan and Kakuzu." Konan commented.

"Hm. No matter. We'll be fine. As long as we're safe back there, we will be fine." Pein said confidently.

Konan nodded, only her eyes betraying the worry that she felt.

"Zetsu." Pein called into the empty air.

"Yes?" The white half asked as he rose from the ground in front of Pein.

"How are their defences? Have they noticed our presence yet?" He asked.

"Not yet, they are like weeds who have not yet seen the light."

"Speaking of daylight, Leader, do we wait for the cover of night? Or are we attacking soon?"

"We shall attack soon. The light of day does not change the fate of their deaths. They will all die, and then we shall take the nine-tails. We find out his whereabouts first. Question them." Pein said gravely, staring around at them all as the listened to their orders.

"Then kill." He finished.

Kotetsu and Izumo raced into the Hokage's office.

"LADY HOKAGE!" Kotetsu yelled.

"What is it?" She asked, on the alert immediately.

"It's the Akatsuki my Lady! They are attacking the village!" Izumo took over breathlessly.

"WHAT? HOW MANY!" She screeched, nearly breaking her desk as she stood up in a fury.

"Six m'Lady. One which Jiraiya-Sama confirmed as Pein before he passed on, another who is known in the records as Kisame Hoshigaki, another by the name of Itachi Uchiha and three others who we are unable to confirm but fly the colours of the Akatsuki. Ma'am! Orders?" Kotetsu yelled at her in a panic.

Tsunade didn't waste a single second.

"All hands to stations! Send word out to the Sand Village for aid! Kotetsu, alert all the Shinobi who are able and get them outside in the courtyard in three minutes! Izumo, round up my ANBU and have them report to me immediately!" She roared, every inch the commander that the Hidden Leaf Village needed.

"Hai." They nodded, disappearing in a swirl of leaves.


Kakashi approached the main gate but was stopped by Genma, who was chewing anxiously on his trademark Senbon as he tried to go out.

"What's all this?" Kakashi asked in confusion, checking that his mask and Hitate were still in place.

"Akatsuki mate. We're on a lockdown. Six of them are approaching. Get the word out, every Shinobi is to go to the courtyard immediately. Might want to get moving." Genma informed him.

Kakashi's eyes widened, and he was pelting it back down the way he had come, cursing all the way.

Of ALL the times for an attack, it had to be now.

Bloody Typical.

Minutes later, hundreds of Shinobi had packed themselves into the courtyard, and many familiar faces were seen hovering anxiously as they awaited the Hokage's commanding appearance.

Kiba, who sat astride Akamaru, was stood with the rest of the rookie twelve.

Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka (and Akamaru of course), Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi, Sai, Sakura Haruno, Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga and Tenten all hovered together.

Iruka Umino looked over to them and gave them a proud, reassuring smile which most of them were able to return amongst the cocky grins, the nervous smiles and the expectant anxiety.

He himself was stood amidst Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy, Genma Shiranui and Ebisu. He couldn't understand how they could keep such straight faces when death was practically looking at them in the eye. He tried to copy their example in vain.

Others such as Anko Mitarashi, Ibiki Morino and Tsume Inuzuka, who was Kiba's mother were also dotted around the courtyard amongst other familiar faces.

Shikaku Nara, Shizune and Tsunade suddenly appeared on the balcony to the Hokage building, flanked by at least fifty ANBU. The rest of the original one hundred ANBU were milling around in between the other Shinobi.

Everyone waited expectantly.

"The Shinobi fourth division are to follow the fourth division ANBU to the South gate. The Shinobi and ANBU third division are to the West gate. The second divisions are to the East gate, and finally the first division are to hold the Main Gate." Shikaku ordered after a nod from Tsunade.

"The Main Gate is to hold at all costs! Protect it with your lives!" Tsunade added with a slight glare.

"Kakashi Hatake, Yamato, Might Guy, Genma Shiranui and Sakura Haruno are to stay here. Everyone else, MOVE OUT!" Tsunade gave her final order.

They dispersed within seconds, leaving the mentioned five behind with the now alone Tsunade.

Tsunade dropped to the courtyard, her coat flying out behind her as she landed gracefully.

"Sakura. I want you to round up Ino Yamanaka and any others you consider to be good medical ninja. Common sense tells me there is going to be a lot of injuries." Tsunade told the pink haired Kunoichi, who nodded in agreement.

"Hai." Sakura said, disappearing in pink blossom leaves.

Tsunade turned to the others.

"We are the main attack front. We are to help the main gate, and we are to face whatever comes through it. Understood?" She asked.

"Hai." Genma smirked, lifting his Senbon in his mouth for a miniature salute.

"Yes Tsunade-Sama." Kakashi agreed, lifting his Hitate to expose his Sharingan in readiness.

"Indeed M'Lady." Guy grinned in anticipation.

"Yes Lady Hokage." Yamato nodded.

"Good. Lets move then!" She said, heading swiftly up to the Main Gate.

Kankuro and Temari stood dumbstruck in the Kaze-Kage's office as they read the letter which had been sent to them not ten minutes ago from the Hidden Leaf Village.

"The Akatsuki are what?" Temari gasped in shock.

"The Leaf Village are-" Kankuro tried to say something, but his sister started yelling orders over the top of him.

"BAKI. GET AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED OF OUR BEST SHINOBI TO THE GATES WITHIN FIVE MINUTES. DO IT NOW. WE'RE LEAVING FOR THE LEAF VILLAGE." Temari roared, taking action in the absence of the Kaze-Kage, her youngest brother.

"Well damn me. That Sand-Witch has lungs of steel…and she's my sister… " Kankuro muttered.

"YOU TOO BAKA!" Temari yelled, coming back in and grabbing Kankuro by the collar and leading him out of the office.

"Ah ah ah ah! Be gentle…please…" Kankuro whimpered as he was dragged along. (SICK PEOPLE! XD )

Pein stood amongst…well…himself. His main path*, Deva path, stood alongside Animal Path, Preta Path, Human Path, Asura Path, Naraka Path and his final and seventh path, who was not part of the main six paths of Pein, the Outer Path.

"Itachi. You will take the South, as it will be the least guarded." Deva Path (The MAIN PEIN XD.) addressed the Akatsuki finally.

"Kisame, you and Tobi shall take the East Gate." He said to the sword wielding shark, who grinned, showing his full set of teeth. Tobi entered his Madara tone and nodded before going back to being a 'Good Boy.'

"Konan, you take the West Gate with Naraka and Outer Path, and get it over quickly. Waste no time on them." Deva Path said as he glanced fleetingly over at Konan.

"Myself, Animal, Human, Asura and Preta Path shall take the Main Gate." He addressed all of them with the information.

"Zetsu, you shall be our backup in case of emergencies."

"It will be good to finally have some fun." Zetsu's two halves spoke after one another.

"Move out." Deva Path said.

They dispersed to their attacking stations.

Team Bijou and Team Taka were approaching the South Gate.

"Are we there yet?" Suigetsu asked in boredom for the hundredth time.

"Actually, yes." Utakata said as he hit the water type over the head.

"Sasuke! We're home and-" Naruto said happily, overjoyed at seeing his home.

"And that's Itachi." Sasuke growled.

Everyone looked closely, and sure enough, Itachi Uchiha was standing there, staring at them. Or rather, Sasuke.

Sasuke emitted a yell and lunged at Itachi with a Chidori which Sasuke had performed the seals for within seconds.

The Chidori pierced Itachi, only for him to explode into a thousand ravens which flew around them all in a frenzy before melting away to reveal the real Itachi standing behind Sasuke.

"Foolish little brother." Itachi said as he grabbed Sasuke's collar and held him there.

"LET GO YOU BASTARD." Sasuke said, struggling and trying to power up another Chidori in vain.

"I do not want to fight. I merely wish to join you." Itachi said calmly.

Everyone, even time itself seemed to stop.

"You what?" Yugito asked in disbelief.

"I only intended to join the Akatsuki to flee the Leaf Village when I was ordered to kill my clan. I found out information about the Akatsuki so as to relay it back to the Leaf Village. But when Orochimaru killed Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third Hokage, I could no longer send information for obvious reasons, and I could not abandon my place in the Akatsuki to stop Orochimaru from taking Sasuke, for which I am deeply sorry for." Itachi explained.

Sasuke stopped squirming, and he was rewarded by being placed firmly on the ground.

"…But…You…Wait…Ordered?" Sasuke stuttered in confusion.

"The Uchiha clan elders were gathering everyone to rebel up against the ninja system and to take over Konoha. It's a war that was started long ago by two ninja clans. Madara Uchiha, the Uchiha clan leader at the time, left the village, and challenged Hashirama Senju's rule over Konohagakure, which they had both founded together. After an intense battle, Hashirama defeated Madara and he became the first Hokage, as you all know. Madara never died. He somehow survived and is still alive now. In fact, he's joined the Akatsuki under the alias of 'Tobi'." Itachi reminded them all of their history, and they listened with a fascinated interest.

"Since then, the Uchiha clan were beaten back into submission, and they lived peacefully. But there was talk among them of a rebellion, to rise up and seize the control which they claimed was rightfully theirs. I did not agree with this, and as one of the third Hokage's most trusted ANBU members, I was given the task of wiping out the Uchiha clan."

"But I could not bring myself to kill you Sasuke. Neither could I live with myself. So I was sent on the solo mission of joining the Akatsuki, and I had to leave you to your own fate." Itachi said sadly, placing a hand on his little brother's shoulder.

"But I am back, and I shall aid you now." Itachi finished, and glancing around at them all, he shed his Akatsuki cloak so that it floated to the ground.

He performed hand seals that the naked eye was too slow to be able to catch, and he pointed his hand to the cloak.

The black and red symbolic Akatsuki cloak went up in flames as it was burnt to a crisp in front of them all.

"Can you forgive me, little brother?" Itachi asked Sasuke as he turned to him.

Sasuke stared at him for a second.






"THAT WAS FOR ALL THE TIMES YOU POKED ME IN THE FUCKING HEAD." Sasuke screamed as he slapped Itachi around the face.

Everyone stared in astonishment and Itachi held his stinging cheek in shock.

"But yes…I THINK I can forgive you. But you have to prove it first." Sasuke grunted.

Itachi sighed in relief.

"First, we need to go and help-" Naruto started off.

A tremendous crash which rendered the village cut him off and almost everyone but Gaara, who was able to maintain a perfect balance, fell over.

"What in the blazes was that?"

"What the hell?"

"Well damn…"

"I'm sensing great abundances of chakra all around me…this is scary."

"What ever it is, we need to fight it." Naruto said stubbornly.

"Well, what's the plan of action?" Yugito asked impatiently.

"Itachi, you know their plans, what's going on?"

"That will have been the Main Gate being crushed by Deva Path, more commonly known as Pein, and a few of his other selves." Itachi explained.

"So we aid the other gates to make sure they don't receive the same fate?" Juugo asked curiously.

"No, somehow." Utakata butted in.

"We defend the Main Gate. Split forces and send some to the East Gate where Kisame and Tobi will be attacking. Then a few other to the West where Konan and some other Paths will attack." Itachi outlined roughly.

"So. Who gets to go with who?" Sasuke asked, looking around at them all as they all shared the same thought.

"I'll go with Sasuke to the East Gate with the Six and One-tails and the girl there." Itachi said tonelessly.

"The name is Gaara, Kaze-Kage of the Sand." Gaara snapped, annoyed at the fact that everyone seemed to call him by everything BUT his name.

"And Utakata." Utakata added.

"Hush red-head." Itachi said.

"That's not my name! They call me one-tails…they call me sandy…they call me red…they call me bro. That's not my name! That's not my name! That's not my…Uhh…Name…Ahem…" Gaara sang out in irritation, suddenly aware of his shocked audience. (I got blocked when I sent this to my friend, who is Gaara's secret Girlfriend. xD)

"Yeeaah…anyway…Yugito and I will go with…uh….Suigetsu and Juugo is it? Yeah, and we'll go to the main gate." Naruto said quickly.

"Sorted. We can help the other gates if need be." Utakata nodded in agreement.

"Dattebayo!" Naruto yelled as he stood up, fist raised in the air.

"Hn." The Uchiha brother rolled their eyes simultaneously and Sasuke blushed slightly in annoyance at his 'trade move' being stolen.

Iruka had fallen back to defend Shikamaru, Hinata, and Sakura as they battled the Preta Path.

Sakura found that whenever she went to hit the Path with her chakra infused fist, the chakra was no longer there, and she was tossed away. The same result happened with others whenever they tried their techniques, Shikamaru especially with his Shadow Possession Technique.

Sakura and Hinata were leaning on each other heavily as they continued to fight determinedly. Shikamaru and Iruka were in the same sorry sort of state.

But nothing any of them did was able to delay the Path.

Sai and Yamato were attacking the Animal Path with everything they had. Sai's paintbrush flew across the scrolls and his beasts flew off of the paper to combat the summoning beasts as Yamato tried to attack the actual Path itself with his wood and water element jutsu's.

Of course, neither of their attacks worked either.

"Why can this thing seem to know what my moves are before I have performed them?" Lee asked in frustration as Human Path deflected another kick to the face and appeared behind Lee, punching him into Genma who skilfully managed to catch him and set him safely on the ground as Shino tried a bug attack.

Which failed.


"I don't know, maybe it's this one's ability?" Shino asked, for once not getting cut off in the middle of a sentence.

The chirruping sound of a thousand birds suddenly pierced the air, and Kakashi went to attack Asura Path, but the mechanical being dodged it and instead the Preta Path, quickly changed with it's other self and sucked the chakra out of Kakashi's hand before they changed once again.

Neji was all but on the floor with chakra exhaustion and Might Guy was still trying out his Taijutsu which was also failing him against such a 'youthful opponent' as he called the Path.

"Guy, you flattering the…thing…isn't going to make it give up and want another try at it tomorrow." Kakashi said sarcastically as he closed his Sharingan eye, his last hope going out as he watched his comrades get beaten back all around him.

Suddenly Tsunade screamed, again. She never usually screamed in battle, but she was getting hurt. Properly hurt.

Tsunade winced in pain, Deva Path's metal rods were as painful as hell, and they were losing the main gate. She wrenched a fifth metal rod out, this time from her shoulder and cried out in pain.

Deva Path came towards her, another metal rod in hand.

"So weak." He said emotionlessly.

"Get away from her." Kakashi said as he stumbled in front of Tsunade.


"I vowed to protect you when I became a ninja of this village. No way am I dropping that vow now." Kakashi said firmly.

But he too was in a delicate situation.

"You're all idiots. You do not know the true meaning of Pein. Where is the nine-tails?"

"We won't tell you. So stop trying." Tsunade roared, trying to pull Kakashi back as Deva Path held another rod in his other hand as it slid out from his sleeve.

"I'll find him then. Die." Deva Path said, aiming the rods down at the two of them.

A thunderous roar was heard from behind where everyone was fighting, and everyone stopped their fights to look.

"The brat is telling me to tell you, that you die first." The skeletal Kyuubi roared as he sailed over the heads of his teacher and Hokage, grabbing the metal rods from Deva Path's hands with one paw, and knocking the Path sideways with the other so that he smashed into the wall painfully.

"BOOM HEAD-SHOT!" The Kyuubi chuckled gleefully, inspecting his claws.

Kakashi's jaw dropped, and Tsunade's eyes widened.

All around them, the others were having the same reactions.

"Is…Is…Is that Naruto?" Lee stuttered in astonishment.

"He's in the Kyuubi form…" Iruka affirmed with wide eyes.

"How did he learn to control it?" Yamato gaped incredulously.

"Since when did the Kyuubi get so happy…?" Kakashi asked, unsure whether to be angry, to cry, or to laugh hysterically.

"Naruto's a Jinchuuriki?" Neji asked, finally starting to understand Naruto's words to him in the Chuunin Exams.

"Hey heads up! There's another one!" Genma shouted, ducking slightly as the two-tailed monster cat yowled out a challenge to Animal Path.

"The two-tails? How…When…?" Tsunade gasped in confusion.

"Shut up and fight woman!" The Kyuubi's voice said irately as Deva Path held a hand up to the Kyuubi's skeletal form.

There was a slight suction noise, and suddenly the Nine-Tails was propelled backwards, landing with a crash some yards away.

Kakashi took action and he got Iruka, Yamato, Genma, Guy and Neji to form a protective circle around Tsunade as Sakura and Hinata attended to their cuts and other such wounds.

Kakashi, Sai, Shikamaru, Lee and Shino all stood back and watched as two more assailants joined in the fray.

Suigetsu and Juugo took one look at Deva Path, each other, and went to work against Human and Asura Path.

Suigetsu dodged Asura Path's segmented missiles which were thrown at him as Asura Path let it's arm open mechanically.

He quickly darted in and became a puddle of water which clung to the Path, soaking his whole body in water, making the Path's body jitter and crackle with an electricity current which ran twice throughout the Path's whole body before disabling the Path completely.

The Suigetsu puddle removed himself from Asura Path and re-formed his normal self and he grinned, showing off his shark-like set of teeth.

"One down. Who's next?" He asked in a devilish tone.

Meanwhile Juugo was taking on Human Path.

"Juugo of the scales." Human Path murmured as she dodged a punch where Juugo was half in one of his curse forms, which resembled Sasuke's cursed form.

"Will beat you down into tiny pieces bitch." Juugo said, his usually calm nature starting to turn violent.

*He arched his back and long pointed plates formed over his elbows, and the same happened down the side of his face and over his brow.

He lunged at the Path, who dodged out of the way faster than Lee could, which was nearly physically impossible, and slammed a curled fist down onto Juugo's head.

Juugo's head was hurled to the ground, but his body flipped and his kicked Human Path in the side of the head swiftly, knocking him off balance. Juugo hauled himself up quickly and extended his arm, which resembled a scaled wing, and brought it smashing down upon Human Path with incredible amounts of brute strength.

When he lifted his arm/wing up, Human Path did not stand up again.

Juugo took a few deep breaths and returned to his normal state once more with a slightly demented smile.

"All done." He said, pleased that the horridness of the task was over.

They turned to watch the two Bijou fight their opponents.

Yugito was laughing gleefully, or rather, the Two-tails monster cat was. Animal Path had summoned the multi-headed dog, and the Cat…well…Let's see.

...Monster Cat...Versus...Monster Dog...?

"YOU FUCKING SALIVIATING MONGREL! I'LL KICK YOUR TAIL INTO NEXT WEEK, YOU PATHERIC EXCUSE FOR A CHIHUAHA! I'LL DROP KICK YOU OVER THE HOKAGE MOUNTAIN!" The Monster Cat yowled angrily, her elongated claws scoring deep into the soft flesh of dog's underbelly, cackling evilly as it roared in pain.

Four of the dog's many heads reached down and bit the Cat's tails as hard as it possibly could, attempting to sever it from the her body.

The Two-Tails was NOT amused.

She howled in anger, falling onto her back whilst being careful not to squish anyone, and extending her paws up. With one deft swipe, she scratched her claws deep into the dogs eyes, blinding it permanently.

Animal Path also screamed inhumanely and clutched at her eyes.

The Demonic Monster Cat spun on her paws and her head flashed down with the speed of lightening, she picked the Animal Path up in her jaws and shook the Path to and fro before finally letting the Path go so that it smashed into the wall.

Quite dead.

The Monster Cat resisted for a second before finally allowing Yugito to reform back into her original state.

Iruka rushed forwards and caught her as she slumped slightly.

"Just because I went through hell, it doesn't mean you have to try and give me heaven." Yugito grinned and closed her eyes, her burns already starting to clear as Iruka smiled at her kindly.

A crash brought Naruto's fight to their attention.

This one…wasn't going quite as well as expected.

Naruto was being hurled all over the place. For some reason, the Kyuubi had reacted when he was fighting and had quickly withdrawn, leaving Naruto in his normal state to fight Deva Path.

"Starting with you, this world shall know real pain." Deva Path said ominously as he punched Naruto back into a nearby wall of a house, only for Naruto to summon a clone to start forming a Rasengan.

Naruto ran at Deva Path with his Rasengan, but the Main Path just lifted his hand towards Naruto, and Naruto was lifted off his feet and sent backwards yet again, causing the Rasengan to demolish the wall which Naruto had been throw against only moments before.

Naruto spat out blood as he got up and walked forwards slowly.

"Damn it." He cursed, tightening his Hitate.

Deva Path held out his hand once more, and this time Naruto flew forwards.

But before Deva Path could stick his metal rods into Naruto (You sick people =P), something hurtled at Naruto from the side, knocking him out of the way and releasing him from the pulling force.

They collided and skidded along the ground as everyone held their breath in surprise.

"N-N-Naruto-Kun." Hinata stammered, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks.

"Hi-Hinata?" Naruto asked. To say he was surprised was an understatement in the least.

"I want you to know something." She whispered into his ear.

"Hinata, we don't have time. I have to save-" Naruto protested.

Hinata leaned forward and kissed him, savouring every moment of it.

Jaws dropped all around them.

"I'm going to save you this time, but just in case, I found out he has a five second gap between each attack." She whispered, starting to get up.

Hinata then turned on her heel with her Byuakuugan activated, already feeling Deva Path behind her.

"Gentle Step, Twin Lion Fists!" Hinata said, feeling her chakra swirl around her fists, forming the heads of two lions, and she slammed a fist into Deva Path, but he had his hand out ready and he was pushing her away with his gravitational force technique.


Hinata counted as she was thrown backwards.


Eyes widened all around her.


People held their breaths as Pein turned to Naruto.



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