Our wedding took place in Will's beautiful state of Alaska, in the summertime when the valley was covered with a blanket of little bluish purple flowers. Alaska in the wintertime, Will assured me, was entirely different.

"It's a whole new world," he had told me. And so it was. The blanket of wildflowers had been replaced with a blanket of snow, and far in the distance, the snow-capped majesty of the Chugach mountains stood in all its splendor. The frigid air seared my lungs as I inhaled, and the snow made crunching noises under our boots.

"Oh, Will, it's so beautiful," I said. "It all looks so pure...clean...innocent. A world of white. I think I finally understand what the the expression 'Pure as the driven snow' really means."

He laughed, blowing out puffy little clouds. "Growing up here, I suppose I took it for granted at times. But coming back to it after having been away for so long makes me realize how much I missed it."

Hand in hand we strolled, enjoying the scenery. Will let go of my hand, and a few seconds later, I felt something wet and very cold trickle down my back.

"I'm going to get you for that! You come back here right now!"

I immediately gave chase, but with his longer legs plus the fact that he had a head start, I knew that I would never catch up to him. I was laughing so hard that I could barely run anyway.

At last he let me catch up to him, and I smashed a handful of snow into his face. He collapsed onto a snow bank, pulling me down on top of him.

"Okay, you win!" he said. Small clots of snow clung to his beard, and his blue eyes twinkled merrily.

"God, Deanna, against a backdrop of snow, you're even more beautiful," he murmured. His lips found mine, and he kissed me passionately, his tongue thrusting deeply into my mouth. I responded with equal ardor.

Finally he stood, pulling me gently up by my hands.

"Let's go back to the diner, and I'll buy you a huge, steaming mug of delicious hot chocolate," he offered.

Needless to say, I wasn't about to turn that down.