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The Doctor woke with a start. He was in his room; he could see his clutter scattered about the place. His limbs were aching uncomfortably, and his head throbbed slightly as he blinked the sleep away from his eyes. It wasn't until he shifted his arms to stretch that he noticed he had one too many. Jumping in fright, he kicked back his bed covers to reveal a tangle of limbs, four of which did not belong to him. It took him a few moments of rapid breathing to realise that he was actually in bed with his TARDIS.

In bed.

With his TARDIS.

Oh Rassilon.

He clutched franticly at his chest and legs, checking that he was clothed. To his relief, he was still wearing his shirt and space boxers. He then turned to the mess of dark brown hair beside him, and poked the woman lying face down on his pillow gingerly. She didn't stir. He nudged her onto her back, and was relieved to find that she was also wearing one of his shirts. Hang on, one of his shirts? Good Lord, how did that happen? He groaned, trying to remember getting into bed. The aching in his head made him groggy, but very slowly the events of the previous night began to return to him.

"You should sleep." She spoke finally, after they had both stood smiling at one another for a very lovely two and a half minutes.

"But I'm not really-" He tried to protest, but this time the TARDIS placed her hand over his mouth.

"You have not slept for over a week." She moved her hand from his mouth and down to rest against his chest. She appeared to be concentrating. "Your hearts have slowed. This indicates exhaustion." Her eyebrows were raised as she looked at him now.

"Oh, ok then, fine. You win. You better not be this bossy all the time, though." He stuck a tongue out at her as he yanked open one of his miss-matched drawers, wincing at the pain in his arms. She pulled a face back.

"Where are you sleeping then, know-it-all?" He asked as he pulled out one of his most comfortable shirts. It was a lovely light blue.

"I thought my name was Sexywhen we are alone?" She asked, watching him curiously.

"Well, yes," The Doctor replied. "Unless you are being a know-it-all. Then, my dear, it is know-it-all." He glanced at her and smiled.

"I see. I may return to the room with the chairs and fire. That will suffice for tonight."

He looked her up and down. "You can't surely attempt to sleep in that stupid Victorian frock monstrosity?"

The TARDIS glanced down at her dress.

"Well, I hadn't really thought about it." She said. "But I do suppose you're right; wouldn't be the most comfortable. I shall just take it off then. The fire will prevent too great a loss of body heat." And with that, she began to unfasten her dress.

"Dear Rassilon! Wait!" The Doctor exclaimed, attempting to cover his eyes with one hand, whilst thrusting the blue shirt at her with the other. "Take this; I was getting it out for you! You can't just wonder around the ship naked!"

The TARDIS shot him a puzzled look. "And why not? This is my ship, to put it simply. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the natural human form."

"Yes, not denying that, it's sort of my point," The Doctor muttered to himself. "And I think you'll find this is myship!" He shot at her. "Or rather, you are my ship!"

"Oh!" The TARDIS exclaimed, annoyed. "Oh yes, my mistake. I am your stolenship, that's right!"

"Borrowed!" The Doctor yelled, "Bo-rrowed!"

"When am I being returned then, hmm?" The TARDIS asked quite calmly.

"Very soon if you keep on with this attitude!" The Doctor waved his shirt about as he pointed at her.

"Lier." She batted his hand out of the way.

"Know-it-all." He accused.

"Idiotic." She folded her arms across her chest, her dress only half done-up.

"Nuisance." He began unclipping his braces agitatedly.

"Thief!" She shrieked at him.

"Oh shut up and get into bed." He sighed.

"Pardon?" The TARDIS asked, as though he was a child who had sworn at her.

"I said, shut up and get into bed. You can't go and sleep in that room on one of those chairs on your own, now that's just silly. Besides, someone needs to keep an eye on you; we're still not sure that body won't just … conk out or something in the middle of the night! Put on the shirt and get in."

He tossed the shirt at her, before attempting to bend down and remove his trousers, but his head seared angrily and he slumped against the bed. "Oh, and, erm, could you maybe help me … Er, take off my trousers?" Not what he expected to be saying to his TARDIS in any situation, ever.

"That isn't going to happen tonight," The TARDIS said simply.

The Doctor stared at her. "What? I didn't mean … it's just – my head, it's … I can't -"

The TARDIS spoke over his awkward stammering. "The body didn't … no, excuse me, wrong tense … won't, as you put it, 'conk out' tonight. It is perfectly stable."

He blinked at her. "Oh … right, of course, yes, I thought … never mind. Could you, erm …" He glanced down at his trousers.

She smiled graciously at him before helping to pull his trousers from his legs, so he was left lying on the bed in just his space boxers, bowtie and shirt. The TARDIS stared at his boxers, her head cocked to one side.

"You have Earth space craft on your underwear," she stated.

The Doctor glanced down at his boxers, blushing slightly. "Erm, yes, you're quite right." The pair sat for a few moments in an awkward silence; the TARDIS continuing to stare curiously at his underwear, the Doctor blushing ever harder by the second. Finally he made the effort to heave himself to his pillow, breaking the moment. He unfastened his bowtie and tossed it onto his slightly lop-sided bedside table. His head still ached uncomfortably.

"What have you done to me?" He groaned, crawling under the duvet. "I feel appalling."

"I only did what you wanted," the TARDIS replied. "Now if you are so concerned with retaining your modesty and my own, as you earlier claimed, please avert your eyes." With that she pulled down her dress. The Doctor was looking in the other direction, but he couldn't help but glance once at her slender back as she shrugged on his shirt and loosely buttoned it. She was right; the human body that she hadn't wanted to waste really was beautiful. Once his shirt was properly fastened, she turned around to look at him. He breathed in sharply. Maybe he should have left her go and sleep in the other room after all.

"All ready!" She said cheerfully.

He smiled at her hesitantly, before patting the bed beside him. She sat down gracefully, and swung her legs beneath the duvet.

"Well, erm, night then …" The Doctor said awkwardly.

"Goodnight." She said simply with a smile.

The pair lay down in unison. The Doctor fidgeted a little uncomfortably; he was very aware of the TARDIS's breath on the back of his neck, and it was making the bottom of his back tingle oddly. He really was exhausted, though, and as he laid his head on a pillow for the first time in just over a weak, his eyelids began to drift closed. He was nearly unconscious when a voice from beside him made him start awake.

"So how do you do this sleeping thing, then?"

He sighed heavily, before replying sleepily.

"You don't really have to make an effort to do anything. Just close your eyes."

The TARDIS shifted so that she was lying on her back.

"That's what I have been doing, but nothings happening!"

"It will." The Doctor said shortly.

"Were you asleep?" The TARDIS asked.

"Well, yes, almost. Very nearly, until someone started asking me ridiculous questions!"

The TARDIS harrumphed. "It wasn't ridiculous, TARDIS's don't sleep, how am I supposed to know what to do!"

The Doctor didn't reply.

She turned onto her side again, facing his back.

"I hope you're not nearly sleeping again. I am so very bored, and this just feels silly lying-"

The Doctor turned over so that he was facing her, and pressed a finger to her lips. "Shhh. Just … relax. Enjoy the feeling of lying down."

The pair stared at one another, their faces merely inches apart. Her eyes were wide and lively, almost dancing; his were deep and kind, but lacked the spark of hers due to exhaustion. "Try not to think too much." He removed his finger from her lips as she watched him curiously. "Close your eyes," he whispered. She ignored his instruction though, continuing to gaze at him. She looked so peaceful, he thought. It was almost as though he could see her soul through those eyes, there was something distinctly un-human about them. With a great effort, as he was very much enjoying just looking at her, he reached out and gently pressed her eyelids closed, before whispering into her ear, "Would you like to er, turn over?"

He saw her frown, her eyes still closed.

"Will that help, thief?" she asked.

"Do it and see." He smiled as she shifted position, before carefully wrapping his arms around her and resting his head near to hers, her unruly hair tickling his nose gently. He felt her sigh contentedly, before he drifted into oblivion.

The pain in his head was subsiding nicely, and though they still ached, he found his limbs were now much more willing to do as he wished. He stood in front of his bathroom mirror; the round one with the crack in it, his favourite out of the seven he had hanging on the wall. He noticed his eyes were much brighter this morning, and the dark circles beneath them had all but disappeared. He fastened his braces and straightened his bowtie, before brushing his fringe back from his eyes with his fingers.

"Hello good-looking." The Doctor grinned at his reflection manically before spinning round on his heels and strolling back into his bedroom, where the human TARDIS was still sleeping soundly under his duvet. He perched himself carefully on the edge of his bed, brushing a stray strand of dark hair from her brow. Leaning towards her ear, he whispered, "Morning sleepy-head."

There was an almighty shriek, a blur of duvet and arms and suddenly she had sunk her teeth into his neck. The Doctor swore loudly in Galifreyan, threw her away from him and jumped backwards off the bed. The TARDIS was sat bolt upright, now also swearing. In Spanish. And in Latin. And in the language of the High Lords of Parafox Nine.

"Whoa, whoa! It's me!" The Doctor yelled at her, at the same time inspecting his neck for blood.

The TARDIS closed her mouth, instead breathing rapidly through her nose as her wide eyes took in her surroundings. She raised her hands and turned them over in front of her, inspecting each finger closely. Finally she looked over at the Doctor.

"What was this? Will this be? No, no, is this? I am … I am …"

The Doctor sighed in exasperation. "You're in a human body, to put it quite simply. You don't recall?" He raised his eyebrows at her.

"Ahh … yes, my thief. Talking. Talking to my thief." She smiled brightly. There was a pause. "I slept!" She exclaimed proudly.

"Correct." The Doctor nodded, his hand still pressed to the tender spot on his neck. "Do you really have to be quite so … physical? This is definitely going to bruise … Pond is going to find this dreadfully amusing."

The TARDIS was on her feet now, wandering around the Doctors room in his blue shirt.

"I couldn't have been very much less physical in my previous form.' She commented without looking at him. She had found his desk, and was peering at his three different alarm clocks. "What was it you called me? 'Up and downy gold stuff in a big blue box? Quite an accurate description, actually. Slightly childlike, but still. And let me remind you, it was you who wanted me back this way. All … physical. So really you have very little right to complain." She prodded the nearest clock.

The Doctor frowned. "Childlike?" he asked, slightly annoyed. "And can you not touch that –"

"This is a clock?" She asked him, picking up the alarm clock.

"Well, yes, although that one's just a human one." He answered, wincing as the TARDIS began shaking it less than delicately. "Actually, it was a gift, and I don't appreciate you handling it quite so-"

"Gosh!" The TARDIS exclaimed, cutting him off abruptly. "Humans really don't understand time at all, do they? All these silly little numbers … and these!" She flicked one of the clock hands. "It's just hilarious!"

The Doctor snatched the clock back from her grasp before she could do any more damage.

"Well there are a lot more primitive ways of measuring time than the human way, let me assure you."

The TARDIS frowned at him, but before she could open her mouth to reply, her stomach rumbled loudly. She jumped at the sound, and glanced down in the direction from which it came.

"Something needs oiling." She glanced at the Doctor, who chuckled.

"No, something needs fuelling." He winked at her, before pulling a pair of his trousers from a drawer and tossing them at her. "Put these on, and then meet me in the kitchen."