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Chapter 1

The Eve of the War

The Plan was simple to the extreme. Ten cylinders would jettison from Mars, one every Earth night. The First would contain three Warriors and two Scientists, The Warriors from the 4th Tripod squad and the most brilliant Warfare Scientists. The Second would contain one Scientist, two Warriors and enough materials to make Six Capture-Class Tripods. The rest would contain more materials and a ratio of 1:1 Scientist to Warrior.

It was a very simple plan, ensuring major settlement on Earth before humankind could stop them.

So, why did I feel so nervous?

Partly it was because of fear for the species. The Jeddak was staking so much on this. The future of the entire planet was at stake. What if something went wrong?

When I raised my fear to S'korna, He assured me we were in no danger. He was convinced that Humanity was utterly harmless. (AN: Sound Familiar?) I had my doubts, but I also had orders. The Jeddak wanted us to invade Earth, so invade Earth we shall.

T'sellb signing off.

End Transmission

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