Hey there, happy readers! This fic, again, was pretty much a sudden brainwave while I was writing my other fic, Triumph of Love. Just an after-effect of reading several funny one-shots here in ffdom, I suppose. Anyway, this is my view of how life possibly went on in Forks after BD.

This story actually consists of several little one-shots, each from a different Cullen's point of view(and possibly Jacob, if I can), culminating with Renesmee's first birthday in her own point of view. Note that any of these scenes could actually happen any time in the eternity of the Cullens' existence; however, Nessie's birthday serves to be a connecting back story to each POV, before being the main subject in the final chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight series. If I did, I'd have chucked Bella and kept Edward for myself. *sigh*

There's Always a First


It is happening. A year has almost passed sooner than I thought was possible and my daughter is turning one. Even now, I find myself rejoicing over the term 'daughter'. I still cannot believe that I am a father, of a girl like my Renesmee- the mother of whom is a person like Bella. Every moment I feel blessed, and every moment I spend with them erases a memory of my pointless first nine decades of existence.

I am sitting on the couch in the living room with Emmett. Jasper is lounging on a chair at the back wall, watching the rain through the transparent barrier. I hear a paper rustle as Esme goes over the blueprints of the newest home she will be restoring upstairs in her study. Carlisle is at work, Alice and Rose are out shopping, and Bella and Jacob have taken Nessie to visit Charlie Swan. I frown momentarily at Charlie's mention in my head- we are leaving Forks soon after Renesmee's birthday, and Bella is certainly not happy about it, when it comes to saying goodbyes to her father.

"Aw, come on," Emmett whines, cutting through my mental worries. "It isn't that bad."

I turn my mind immediately to reading Emmett's- which he thought I was doing all this time. My frown deepens at what I see there.

"No, Emmett. You are not making my daughter a mindless gamer or whatever it is those freaks are called. Besides, you just want it for yourself."

Emmett scowls. "Nessie isn't and cannot be a mindless freak, Edward. Come on, man! A PS3! Do you even know what that means?"

"She is going to turn a year old!"-I hiss, losing my temper easily. "One!"

"God, Edward. She's physically six."

"So you want a six-year old to play mindless violent games?"-I snap.

"They are not mindless! They involve a great deal of strategy and planning, not to mention super fast defences-"

I hiss again, cutting through his speech.

"Boys!"-Esme's voice floats down. "Honestly! Jasper- help me here. I'm working."

Jasper chuckles from his corner. "Sorry, mum. 'Twas too entertaining."

Both Emmett and I whip around to face Jasper. I glare at him with a don't-you-dare look, while Emmett looks at him beseechingly.

"Sorry, bros. Not interfering. Only using my special tranquilizing skills, if need be."-Jasper says quickly. In his head, he thinks, Relax, Edward. He is not getting her a PS3. Alice told me.

My eyebrows furrow in suspicion, my meaning clear- what is he getting her then?

A playful smile curves his lips. Uh-uh. Not telling. You'll know it when you see it.

I roll my eyes, frustrated. Jasper really has learned to control his thoughts from me.

Emmett, meanwhile, has turned back to face the TV, watching the re-run of a match sullenly. I stand up, convinced that I have won this battle, and make my way to the piano. I have to work on my gift to Nessie, and I have to use all the time away from her to do that.

As I begin to play aimlessly, trying to find a tune that will sound just right, Emmett speaks up again.

"What are you getting her, anyway?"-he grunts at Jasper, who has just picked up a newspaper.

Jasper flings the newspaper down and runs a hand through his long golden hair. "I don't know," he admits.

Emmett mutes the match and turns around to face Jasper again, bad humour already forgotten.

"What if you and I get her something together?"-he asks him eagerly. Jasper sighs as I tell Emmett stonily, my eyes fixed on the keys, "You know we decided to get a present each for her. No clubbing in."

Jasper gets up and lounges over to the couch, where he settles next to Emmett, who chuckles- "Man, that kid is going to turn out to be a major spoilt brat."

My eyes narrow, but I continue playing, very well used to Emmett's irritating demeanour. Besides, I know he bears no ill will- as is confirmed by his next statement.

"Not that I'm doing anything to help the matter. Little tyke's so irresistible," he chortles affectionately. Jasper chuckles softly with him, and I feel my mood change immediately. A smile lifts the corner of my lips and I feel immense joy in my stone cold heart- the way I always feel when I remember my daughter. My daughter.

"Let me guess- you're writing a song for her," Emmett sneers at me after a moment.

I continue playing, unperturbed, "Scintillating, Watson."

"Jeez, Ed, how predictable. We don't even need an Alice for you."-he continues, still teasing, wanting to provoke me into a wrestling match, as I can tell from his head.

"I'm not going to wrestle now, Emmett. I need to finish this before they return."-I tell him point-blank, to save him the trouble of finding ways to provoke me.

Emmett sighs loudly, dramatically. Then his thoughts change in a new direction and he shouts, "Mum, what're you getting her?" Jasper winces next to him as the shout echoes clearly all over the house.

I hear Esme sigh softly and I stifle a smile. "For heaven's sake, Emmett, I'm not deaf," she murmurs, as I hear her turn a page. "Don't shout in that ungodly manner." In her head, I hear her simultaneously adding up prices and calculating the spatial measurements for our house in South America- her newest project.

"Well?"-Emmett continues in a slightly softer tone.

"No, Emmett, you cannot share it with me. Get her something yourself," Esme says primly.

Jasper and I burst out laughing, while Emmett scowls. He should know better that- well, we know better.

"I'll ask Rose, then" Emmett says sullenly.

"Good luck with that," I chortle, running my fingers over the keys again.

Swearing, Emmett falls back onto the couch. There is a brief silence, save for my experimental piano playing. All is calm on the outside, but atleast in Emmett's case, the cogs in his head are working overtime.

For several moments I hear and see him thinking longingly of the stupid games console, his thoughts wrapping themselves around it wistfully. Then he begins to think in earnest about the gift.

What else can I get her? God, Edward's so freaking irritating at times. A PS3 would've been perfect… focus. Hmm. What does she like? What DOES she like? Playing, I guess… which implies PS3 again. Damn. Wish I hadn't broken the first one… Great. What else? She likes funny stuff, I guess, laughs her head off most of the time…

A disturbingly clear image of the cover of "The Vampire Joke-Book by Count Trans L. Vania" looms into focus in Emmett's head.

Oh, dear God.

"Again, Emmett- she is a year old."-I drawl, irked.

I know Emmett is grinning at me with one of his usual cheeky grins, because he thinks to me- It's either that or Anne Rice. Ooh, wait, no. A classic copy of Nosferatu… or what was that one with Leslie Neilson in it? Ah- Dead and Loving It! Hmm. There's always Buffy

There is a resounding crash of discordant notes as I slam my palms onto the keys.

"Emmett!"-I hiss.

"Emmett, stop pestering your brother," Esme says at the same time through gritted teeth- she has messed up a particular set of measurements in her head.

Emmett gets to his feet with a frustrated groan. "Jeez, fine. Jazz. You and me. Match. Now."

"Take it outside," Esme's voice echoes from upstairs immediately.

Jasper sighs and sinks even deeper into the couch, "C'mon, Emmett. Not right now."

"Get up, you lazy bag of Confederate bones," Emmett grumbles darkly, kicking Jasper in the shins with enough force to make the couch shudder.

Jasper scowls and punches Emmett on his hip with a resounding Crack! before the kick is even finished.

"Outside!"-Esme nearly screeches.

I chuckle- rather in bad taste, but I can't help it- and Emmett's sullen thoughts are immediately directed to me. "And you! Don't think you've got off easy. I'd watch your back if I were you." He lets out a fake evil laugh and runs outside, a step ahead of Jasper, who now is determinedly planning every step of the wrestling match in his head.

I sigh, knowing that Emmett would keep his word. "Oy vey," -I murmur darkly as I hear my brother's footsteps on the front lawn outside. Emmett chuckles once before disappearing from my hearing range.