Summary: Hinata Hyuuga to transfer to Ouran High School. To her new life she wasn't really expecting the things that she would expect to happen. Will someone steal our little hime's heart along to her new life? Or her feelings will still be the same way?

Hinata still couldn't believe what happened to her back in Konoha. Her dad finally decided to get her out of the house. She had to leave her friends that she thought as her own real family because they care and love her, unlike like her dad. Her friends didn't agree to this much either but, they couldn't do anything because it's Hinata's dad we're talking about!

But, the good thing is she has a relative that lives here and goes to Ouran High School. Hinata wore a boy's uniform because she thought that the dress would be uncomfortable for her to move and dresses weren't really her thing. Her hair was shoulder length which is on a ponytail and her long bangs are on one side.

The car stops in front of the gate of the school. She opened the door and stepped out of the car and saw everyone staring at her. As she was walking she heard some things like,

"Who is that?"

"OMG he looks so Kawaii!"

"Is that a boy or a girl?"

She let out a little sigh and just ignored it. Then she notices a pair of twins with a girl but, dressed as a guy? "Why is she dress as a guy when she's a girl? Wait, who I am kidding, I'm just like her, I'm wearing a boy's uniform." Hinata thought and looked at them one more time.

"Although, she looks kinda familiar to me." The young teenager thought as she continued to her trail and realizes that she was going to be late and have to pick up her schedule. She ran and bumped to one of the twins.

"Ahh! Gomen..." without looking back, she left the guy who she bumped into. "Huh? Who is that guy? He looks like he's a new student..." The twin thought and he quickly got an idea. "Hmmm..." he drew a devilish smile on his face.

"Hiikaru what are you standing around for? Come on were going to be late!" this got the attention of the twin and went back to his brother and friend.

"Oh hey Kaoru, Haruhi!"

"Hey, what was that all about?" cried Kaoru.

"Nothing I just found some fresh meat." After this, this made the twin to grin evilly of what Hikaru said. "Whoever that person is, his life would be hell by this two." Haruhi let out a sigh while the twins kept whispering to themselves of what they are going to do.

After they were done of what they were doing, they went to their class. Haruhi sat in the middle of the twins and twins sat either side of her. Everyone started to come in until the teacher came and start the class.

"Okay students let's start the class!" Two periods had past and the class was in total boredom. Suddenly the teacher was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"And the histo-"


Everyone in the classroom perked up and got out of their bored-ness.

"Well class it looks like that's our new transfer student, so I will expect to be nice and welcome her here in Ouran." The teacher went for the door and everyone started to gossip about the new student.

The door opened and everyone became silent as the new student came in. They couldn't tell if the person was a he or she because he/she looks like both.

Hikaru's eyes widened when he saw who entered the door. A devious smile drew on his face and thought "Looks like our fresh meat has finally arrived."

"Class this is our new transfer student, may you introduce yourself now."

"Ah, My name is Hinata Hyuuga and it's nice to meet you all!" Hinata gave her famous cute smile and the boys and girls found it so cute.

"OMG that is so Kawaii!" A girl burst out which caused all of the girls to scream. The only thing that came to Hinata's mind was, it was just going to be the same back in Konoha.

"Okay now Hinata you may take a seat in front of Haruhi Fujioka. Haruhi raise your hand." Haruhi did as she was told to and when she the person, a thought came to her mind. "What is Hina-chan doing here?"

Hinata went to her sit and sat down. The time went pass by and it was lunch time.


Everyone went to the food court except Haruhi and Hinata who stayed in their classroom and have packed lunch. It was a complete silent until Haruhi broke it.

"Hey Hina-chan is that really you?"

"Eh?" Hinata realized who the girl was and a smile drew to her face.

"Haru-nee-chan I missed you! But, why are you dressed as a guy?"

"Your good, most of the people expect me to be a boy. Well, it's a long story short, so I will just tell you. I broke a vase that cost 8 million yen in the host club and so I have to work for them to repay back my debt."

"Host club?"

"Hehe Hina-chan why don't you go to the third Music room after school okay?"

"Okay." The bell rand and the day quickly ended.

After Class with Kaoru

Kaoru was taking a nap outside the courtyard bench. His brother and Haruhi are still not there yet to where they would meet up. His head rested against the top of the bench and his eyes were close. Then after that he was dreaming.

It was snowing and the Hitachiin brothers were sitting together on a bench, watching everyone while they were playing. Then a girl with indigo hair that reaches up to her waist came up to them.

"Hikaru, Kaoru do you want to play with me?"

"Which one is Hikaru and which one is Kaoru?"Both of the twins said to the girl at the same time.

"This one is Hikaru."The girl pointed to the right. "And this one is Kaoru." And she pointed to the left.


"No, I know I'm right, you two do look alike, act the same and you two don't want to be told apart even the person is right." The girl gave them a cute smile and the twins' eyes widened in shock.

She was the first person that could tell them apart but, she moved to another place and this upset the twins bad. They never saw her since then.

End of dream

"Hey Kaoru wake up!" Hikaru shake his brother in his sleep which cause him finally to wake up.

"Finally you wake up, we've been waking you up for about 7 minutes from now." Haruhi stated to the twin who was finally awake.

"Hurry up or the boss will nag again and Kyoya might add more to Haruhi's debt." Then the three of them walked to the music room and found the others waiting for them.

With Hinata

Hinata walked through the hallways. Haruhi told mher to go to the 3Rd Music room and she did. She found it and stand in front of it. She grabbed the door knob and turned it. A bright light came and petals of roses came flying out. Then, she entered to see 6 boys and Haruhi all together in an angel and devil outfit.

"Welcome to the Host Club."

"Hello little one are you lost? Who are you looking for?" Tamaki came to Hinata and cupped his hands in her face. Hinata blushed madly; no boy had been so close to her like this before only Shino and Kiba.

"Get. The. Hell. Away. From. Me!" Hinata yelled and gave Tamaki an upper cut which cause him to fly across the room. Then he sulk in his own little dark corner after what happened to him.

The twins burst out of laughing and Hinata just realized what she did. She kept apologizing after this and wouldn't stop.

"Gomen, I'm sorry for what I did." She bowed her head low politely. Everyone was surprised of her politeness. Then something came to the twins and went infront of the bowing Hinata.

"So Hikaru, was this the one that you are talking about?"

"Yes Kaoru, this is our new toy that i've been talking about." Hinata perked up in confusion and not knowing what they are talking about. Just then Haruhi came and yelled at the twins.

"You two! So you two are going to mess up with my cousin?"

"Haru-chan!" Hinata gave her a tight hug and left everyone confused.

"Mommy exactly who is this?" cried Tamaki who recovered quickly from his sulking.

"Well Daddy this is Hinata Hyuuga. The clan of Hyuugas are known as human fighting machines. This is also the classmate of the twins and her cousin Haruhi. Am I right?" Kyoya said who sounded like a complete stalker.

The two girls brake up and look at Kyoya. Hinata in confusion just went with the flow of what was going on.

"Guys this is my cousin Hinata Hyuuga, Hinata this where I work to pay my 8 million debt."

"Uhh, Haru-chan, about your debt please let me help you with... please."

"Really, but that wouldn't be fair."

"I'll just help you around; I'll be the maid or whatever."

"I don't know if Kyoya-senpai is okay with it." Haruhi then looked at Kyoya who looked completely evil.

"I suppose we can work it out, from now on you will serve, cook and clean the Host club to help you cousin around." After that the only thing that came to Hinata's thought was "Does this guy have a heart or what he's just like Uchiha-san."

"Can you do that now?"


"Alright now places it's going to be open in a couple of minutes. Kaoru, Hikaru dress Hinata in 'his' butler outfit." Suoh Tamaki ordered everyone while the twins dragged Hinata to the changing room.

"Hey you two get out! I can change on my own!"

"Aww... come on now Hinata."

"Let us change you."

"I said get out!" Hinaat threw the twins out of the dressing room and the two realized something.

"Hikaru, Hinata is a girl?" cried Kaoru to his brother.

"Wow, she totally fooled us." The twins got up and went back with the others.

"Hey Haruhi, is your cousin a girl?" asked Kaoru and this made everyone look at Haruhi.

"Well, uh yeah..." everyone was shocked about this except Kyoya who already knew all along. Even Mori but he is still calm not like the others.

Hinata got of the dressing room wearing her butler's outfit.

"Daddy is so proud! You look so Kawaii! My new daughter looks so Kawaii!" Tamaki burst out. He was about to hug her but Hinata moved to the side and made his face fall to the floor.

"Everyone come on, it's time to open the Host club." Everyone got to their places and Hinata went to open the door.

This is it Hinata will face her new life in a Host club with 6 boys and her cousin.

She took a deep breath and turned the knob and opened the door. "This is it!" Hinata thought

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