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Chapter 7

At that said, the host club stood there with a panicked expression. They don't know if what Renge told them was true.

Where did Hinata go? Did she really quit the Host Club? Is she okay?

These were the questions that was floating in their minds that hang there, unanswered.

Haruhi started to chuckle, breaking the silence, "I don't think that Hinata would quit the Host Club because she isn't that type of person who would bail on someone."

Everyone looked at her. She was right, they may only know Hinata for a couple of days or weeks, but they do know that Hinata isn't that type of person.

"If that's the case, where did she go then, Haru-chan?" Hani asked while holding Usa-chan closer to him. He was upset; he hopes that Hinata was alright and that she wasn't in danger or anything.

"Hmm, I'm not really sure. We should just visit her house and maybe she's there, what do you think guys?" After Haruhi said that, she looked at the guys and you could see different kinds of reactions.

The twins, Tamaki, and Hani were crying, anime style and kept on repeating, "Haruhi, you're a genius! You're our savior!" Mori nodded his head and gave her a little smile. While Kyoya pushed up his glasses and smirked.

They all started to head out of the door and the twins were fist pumping and saying, Hi-nata's house! Hi-nata's house!"

All that Haruhi could ever think of is, "What a bunch of idiots." She released a heavy sigh and started to head out of the door.

They reached Hinata's house and there they are standing in front of Hinata's door step, waiting for one of them to knock on the door. They all don't have the nerve to knock on the door because she might still be mad at them.

Haruhi looked at them and thought, "They're really miserable, aren't they." She sighed again and stepped up and decided to knock on the door.

*Knock! Knock!*

"Hinata, are you home? It's me, Haruhi, may I come in?"

No answer.

*Knock! Knock!*

"I'm here with the Host Club; they want to apologize to you."

"Eh? Haruhi why-"

"-did you say that?" the twins asked whispering loudly to Haruhi's ear.

"You idiots! You call that whispering? Just shut up and let me do the talking." She pushed the twins aside and waited.

No answer.

*Knock! Knock!*

No answer.

"Eh? Is Hinata alright?" Haruhi thought and started to worry. You can also see the host club, that they are worried too. They all don't know if Hinata is alright.


In the middle of knocking, the door swung open.

Haruhi was in the process of opening the door fully and said, "Ne, Hinata, are you here? Are you alr-" She stopped in mid-sentence. She couldn't believe what she is seeing.

The host club entered right behind her and they noticed Haruhi's frightened expression.

"My daughter, Haruhi, what is it?" Tamaki asked stepping in front of her, blocking the view that Haruhi just saw. But there was no answer from Haruhi. Tamaki's getting worried, he hold onto her shoulders and shook her.

"Haruhi, what seems to be the problem?" Kyoya stood next to Tamaki, looking at Haruhi, figuring out what she saw. They don't know what came over her and its making them worry.

Hani, Mori, and the twins looked at Haruhi and looked at what she was looking at earlier. They were stunned of what they saw and they all gulped in unison.

"Uh, boss?" the twins said in unison.

"Not now, Hikaru and Kaoru, can't you see that me and Kyoya are trying to figure out what's wrong with Haruhi."

"But Tama-chan look!" Hani cried pointing at a straight direction.

There in Hinata's living room lay Naruto, Kiba, and Shino, all wounded and unconscious. Akamaru, Kiba's dog, was on his master side whimpering, and Sasuke was nowhere in sight.

They also noticed that the house was damaged. It was a mess. Broken pieces of glass were all over the floor and the furniture was also broken.

Tamaki was shocked. Who would do this? Where's Hinata? Is she alright?

Haruhi finally recovered from her shock and ran to the 3 wounded guys who were lying down on the floor and helped them. The host club ran behind Haruhi and also started helping them. Hani started to pet Akamaru who was on his master's side and seemed to not want to leave.

"Hey! Kiba!" Haruhi shook him and he opened his eyes.

"Kiba! What happened? Why are you guys hurt?" Haruhi asked.

"They, *cough* they, *cough* *cough*" Kiba was coughing badly, Haruhi looked at his wound, it looks like he was stabbed in the stomach and it was bad.

"THEY TOOK HER!" They looked at the source of the sound and it was Naruto! "They took her *cough* they took her and Sasuke!"

"Please! Help them! Find them!" They looked at Shino, he was lying down due to his wounds.

"Kyoya. You know what to do." Tamaki said in a serious tone.

Kyoya nodded and pushed up his glasses. He took out his phone and started to call someone on the other line.

"Yes, hello, I need the Ootori family medic. Now." And in mere seconds the medic was there in the apartment, taking the 3 people who were wounded. They tried to separate Akamaru from Kiba but he seems to not want to leave his side.

"Haruhi." Naruto called for her and she went to his side while he's on a stretcher. "What is it?"

"The person who took Hinata and Sasuke is, *cough, cough* is Orichimaru." Before Haruhi could ask who this Orichimaru guy is, they took Naruto away in the ambulance with Kiba and Shino.

They were all outside, looking at the ambulance that was leaving at the distance.

And before they noticed it, snow started to fall.

Haruhi looked up at the sky, the snow hitting her face, but at that moment she didn't care, all she could ever think about is why would someone take Hinata and Sasuke?

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