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Valek swung off his horse and casually walked into the castle, glad to finally be home. The Commander had sent him to Ixia a month prior to spy on some of the master magicians and Valek hadn't found anything of interest, except, of course, Yelena. He spent two nights with Yelena on his way back but that wasn't nearly enough. Valek couldn't wait until Yelena came to Ixia for "negotiation" talks.

As Valek strode to his rooms, he sensed a shift in the air. Over time, he had developed a 6th sense that told him when certain things were off and right now, alarms were going off in his head. Valek thought about poking around but decided to go to his rooms first and see if there was any explanation left for him by Ari or Janco.

When Valek reached his door, he felt the strange tingling of magic pressing against his skin. A magician had been here recently. Valek inspected his locks, surprised to find them perfectly intact and working, when he turned around to survey his room, his breath caught in his throat. It was his worst nightmare come true.

The room had been cleaned thoroughly. All the books which had been previously scattered on the floor where now stacked into neat piles based on topic and then alphabetical order. The papers of his desk had been made into neat piles too. Valek had no doubt that the intruder had helped themselves to his stuff while he was gone. Filled with dread, Valek hurried to his personal room and stopped by all the other rooms in the process. Each and every one of them had been cleaned, with new sheets and the windows were open, allowing the stale air to go out. Even the room that Valek carved in was clean, not a speck of dust could be found. This definitely wasn't Marge's work.

The largest surprise, however, awaited Valek in his bedroom. The hallway was still covered in the fine powder Valek sprinkled to make sure he'd know if anyone had come in while he was gone. The powder seemed untouched but he knew that the intruder was very capable of covering up their tracks. When Valek finally opened the door and examined his room, his heart fell. The room was just as clean as the others and a single Forget-me-not was on his bedside table. Next to the flower was a card that said 'I've missed you'.

If Valek had any doubt who the intruder was, he knew for sure now. Of course it was her. It had been at least a decade since they had last seen one another; it was way past time for her to drop by. Valek hurried out of his room, he had to find her before she caused too much trouble.

Luckily for everyone, the first people Valek ran into were Ari and Janco. "Have you seen anyone new here?" He snapped, not even bothering to say hello.

"Well, it's nice to see you here, Valek. And no, Yelena hasn't dropped by yet. We thought she would be with you." Janco smirked infuriatingly.

Valek scowled. "Grow up and answer my question. Ari?" He turned sharply to the more serious second-in-command.

"I don't know, sir. What do you mean?" Ari asked, frowning.

Valek hissed. "Have you seen a woman who is about 3 inches shorter than me with long black hair and blue eyes? I've been told we look alike, facial features or something."

Janco's eyes widened. "Do you an illegitimate daughter who looks exactly like you? Oh, my poison, Valek! Does Yelena know?" He almost shouted.

Passing servants watched with curious but alarmed expressions. Valek glared at them as they scampered off. "You idiot." Valek grabbed Janco's shoulder roughly. "One, don't talk so loud. Two, if I had a bastard child, why would I ask you? Three, I don't have any illegitimate daughter. I was simply asking about a woman who looks a little like me. For all you know, she could be thirty years older than I am!"

"She wouldn't be a woman than, she would be a grandma." Janco replied, only a little shaken by Valek's anger.

Valek shot him a dirty look. "30 laps for you tomorrow. Have either of you seen a woman who matches my description?"

Janco blanched. "30 laps? If I answer your question, will you reduce the amount?"

Valek fixed his cold, blue eyes on Janco. "I'll think about it." He said with a small, evil smile.

Janco shrank back. "Can I have a guarantee?"

Valek shook his head. "How about this, if I like your answer, I'll let you go without laps. If I don't, 30 laps plus a night in the dungeon." He smirked.

"I don't like that. I think I'll have to pass this deal." Janco held his hands up in surrender.

Valek snorted. "Just answer the question."

Janco decided not to push his luck anymore. "Yeah. She was walking by and she smiles a lot. Kinda hot too, if you don't mind me saying."

Valek was tempted to knock Janco upside the head but decided against it. "Did you talk to you? Did you see where she was going?"

"Uh…she asked me where she could find the commander. She claimed to be an old friend of his…" Janco's voice trailed off as he saw Valek's expression.

Valek felt the blood drain from his face. "And what did you tell her?" He asked quietly.

"I told her where the Commander's room was." Janco whispered. He really had no idea what was going on, but from Valek's demeanor, it couldn't be good.

Valek swore viciously and took off. "If you see her, find me immediately." He called over his shoulder.


Also, chapters will probably get longer over time. I like to start out small ;)