Author's note:

Did you guys read Branwen777's amazing ''Famously Broken'' fic? No? Well, hurry up and go read it, She made me fall in Love with Lorcan d'Eath even though I didn't know who he was before her fic. The good thing with canon character that don't appear much * coughnevercough* in the canon is that you can imagine their personality (but isn't that just like an OC, then?)

By the way, I'm totally disregarding the end of the fifth book (Sirius isn't dead and nothing happened in the Ministry and of course Voldie isn't officially back. Let's just say he attempted once again to kill Harry.

Anyway, here my fic featuring the gorgeous Lorcan d'Eath!

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Lorcan d'Eath (Pronounced: Deeth): Heartthrob singer, part vampire, nineteen weeks at number 1 with hit song 'Necks to You.' JKR's Wizard of the Month for November 2006 (from HP-Lexicon)

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For the umptieth time this summer, Harry mentally thanked and hug Luna as he once again listened to ''Necks to you'' by Humeur Sanguine on his Wizarding Walkman. She had send it to him not long after he came back to Privet Drive, with a load of magnatic tapes compiling several music hits of those last years of different style. He could also listen to the Wizarding Radio. Thanks to that he knew what was happening in the Wizarding World even thought he was stuck in that rat hole. Moreover, it's kept him from brooding over dark subjects ( once again his friends let him alone and haven't sent a single letter...)

To be honest, he had been surprise that the Walkman, even made it to the wizarding world. He knew that there was radio ( although there were old style, but they were radios nonetheless) but otherwise most of the Wizarding wold was stuck around 1600s.

The Shows were more or less the same as the muggle one, their were both entertainment and informative ones. The best part about it was that everyone could participate; even the students, as long as the radio was a magical one, you just had to tap it with your wand and use the wand like a microphone.

He had done it twice, for one of those shows where teenagers talked about their problems and other people call to give them advices.

Again, this summer there wasn't much about Voldemort but papers stopped slandering him and Dumbledore. Probably because last year everyone had seen that he wasn't actually insane...

So yeah, Harry was happy as he could be. But he was extremely bored. The Dursleys didn't even give him chores to do this summers. He was rarely allowed to go out of the house. His

only others source of distractions was Dudley collections of muggle fantasy books. As incredible as it seems , they are his. Not that he read them – sometimes Harry wondered if he can even read but that besides the point. Those books were his since his best friend, Piers Polkiss offered them to him. Of course once , the Dursleys found out that they were full of witches, werewolves, vampires and feys they immediately tossed them into the garbage. It was only pure chance that allowed Harry to salvage them, he was actually fortunate that they hadn't burned them.

Those books were quite fascinating and sometimes so accurate in their description that he wondered if the author wasn't a wizard or a squib. Actually he was so intrigued it, that he decided to try to use glamour to cover his scar. He had never heard of the glamour before but he knew that most of what the Muggles remembered about Magic used to be true so he gave it a try. He really shouldn't have expect it to works without instruction, indeed , instead of the glamour altering his appearance so that the scar on his forehead vanish, he accidentally grew hair longer.

He managed once or twice turn his eyes grey, and get himself freckles but the rest of his attempt just got him longer hair, so he gave up when the hair reached the middle of his back. Perhaps he would try to find more information about it at Hogwarts. He thought that it would be extremely useful, especially if he wanted to move unnoticed in the crowd. It's suddenly occurred to him that Sirius might know, since he had the humongous Black Library at 12, Grimmauld Place perhaps he could send him the books.

This year his relative had really been lax with him (well except for the fact that he wasn't allowed to go out), they actually allowed to keep his trunks upstairs in his room. Thus, he'd been able to do his homework – ughh – and he actually had the Mirror Sirius gave him so that they could talk anytime and everywhere.

He had often talked to Sirius this summer and it's had been incredible. They had learnt to know each other quite well. Before, he knew that Sirius had seen him as James' son or even as a reincarnation of his best friend. Now Sirius saw him, just Harry. And it felt incredibly good.

''Sirius Black'' He called to the mirror.

The mirror, which previously showed his reflection before fogged a bit before showing the what he recognised as Sirius room.

''Wait , a sec Harry I'm just finishing...There! Hey, how are you godson of mine?'' His godfather greeted jovially.

That was another thing. Sirius was happier than before. During the few moment he had spent with Sirius before this summer , the man has often been tired or in dark mood. It's really warmed the younger man o see his godfather like that.

''I'm fine, Sirius'' Harry replied smiled widely. He couldn't help it. Sirius cheerfulness was contagious

''What's with the hair? It's way longer than what I remember it to be''

''I was experimenting...'' Harry sighed. ''I was wondering, if you knew something about glamour.''

'' Glamour? Yeah, I know a thing or two, but I wasn't that good. Your mother though was awesome at it, maybe you inherited his talent. Well, it's magical method of disguise. A bit like a metamorphomagus. Excerpt that a metamorphomagus change well the form of his body or face. A glamour is just an illusion. The quality of the glamour really depend on the wizards skills. Some glamour are easy to break. For instance, if you're bald and you have a bad glamour, someone only need to touch the head of that person to break the glamour. However an exceptionally skilled wizard could make you feel every single hair.''

''Wow!'' Harry said, truly amazed. 'I didn't expected that. And how good was Mum?''

''She was incredibly good used to change her appearance so that she could avoid your dad when he was too annoying. She could also use glamour on other. It was bloody useful, sometimes!'' Sirius laugh.

Harry was really impressed ''Do you have any books about it in your library, I think it would be extremely useful'' ( he actually hoped that he inherited Lily's talent, so that one day, he could perhaps use it on Sirius as well).

''I'm pretty sure I could find something for you in there'' Sirius answered, after thinking over ti.

''Thanks Sirius. You're the best.'' Harry said smiling. '' So how's life at Grimmauld place?''

''No, fun at all, everything is gloomy in here". the thirty-six year-old said, pouting. 'Thanks god, Moony is around he lightened the mood. There are still Order meeting..old Voldie didn't reappeared since his last attack on you. And I begged the old bearded man, to let you come here, he said he'll think about it...Don't worry, kiddo, if he doesn't bring you here by your birthday. I've prepared an awesome surprised just for you!''

''Oh? What is it'' Harry asked curiously.

i''Nuh-uh, no telling it's a surprise! Sirius replied in a barking laugh.

''You shouldn't have told me; now the curiosity is eating me. Padfoot!'' The fifteen year-old whined

''I won't tell'' He declared playfully

''Fine, fine''

''Oh, Harry gotta go. There's an order meeting soon. ''Sirius said after checking his watch.

''Okay, say hello to Remus for me! Harry said

''Okay, bye Sirius. ''

Once again the mirror fogged up, than it was reflecting Harry.

The morning after, he received two books from Sirius' owl Cassiopeia. The first one was a book on glamour and how to learn to use them but the second was on disguises and concealments. As Harry skimmed over the second book he even saw a section on muggle make-up . It was so engrossing that for once Harry lost himself in the theory and almost forgot to practice. It was something so rare. That didn't happen often even for the defense against dark arts, which was until now Harry's favorite magical subject besides Quidditch.

Time flew to his birthday that he only remembered because it was announced to the radio. Harry had been amazed that they were actually doing that every year. There was even one show dedicate to Harry Potter, where people called and left wished him good luck and happiness for the whole day.

It was in that kind of moment that he realize how much of a figure he was for people (even though, half of them still believed that he was an attention-seeking brat...). It really went right to his heart.

He also received gift from the Weasleys, Hermione, Luna, and Remus. There was even a card from Fleur Delacour, who he kind of kept contact with since she was now working in Britain at Gringotts.

He knew that his own gift to Neville (a rare plant from Brazil that he ordered back in Hogwarts) would arrive soon.

He also received his OWLs results as well as the listr of books for sixth year. To his surprised he did pretty well. He was particularly proud of his O+ in DADA and an unexpected O in Transfiguration. He also had an E both in Charms and Potion (Ha! Eat that Snape!) and As for the rest (except Divination; but who care about that, right?)

He also received a letter from Professor Dumbledore letter saying that he wouldn't leave Privet Drive that summer – what a surprise. Sometimes he wondered if the Headmaster wanted him to be unhappy on purpose…

After he opened his pile of gift, he finally found a squared and kind of thick on envelope that came with Remus Owl. He guessed it was from Sirius.

A shivering of anticipation trail up his spine. He had been terribly curious to know what had his godfather so excited. He pulled out the letter from the envelope.

Dear Harry,

Here we are in your sixteenth birthday. When I think about you, I still remember the little baby you were and how happy we all were when you were born...

Now we're sixteen later and when I watch you, I see such a fine and mature young man. Lily and James would have been so proud of you.

However, I realize that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you haven't had enough time to enjoy yourself. You're a teenager dammit! You have to enjoy of your youth while you can.

That's why I decided to send you on vacation. The old bearded man wouldn't let you come here, so I bought you a flat in Ireland, in the middle of a wizarding town. I haven't been to your flat but I've been in that town and it great, believe me. It way calmer then Britain concerning DeathEaters and it still close enough that if something happened we'll be able to come quickly.

It took four months to ward that place correctly. I couldn't let you go somewhere without the necessary security.

In the envelope you'll find an ID, a passport and a Gringotts key. You won't be able to draw money from your trust vault (there is a possibility that The Order might be able to locate you, even though I doubt that the Goblins cooperate with them. But I'd prefer to not take chance) so I opened you a vault under the name of Rigel DeGrimm (which is also the name on the ID).

There is also the keys of your flat and a medallion which is a portkey.

The portkey will activate itself at noon tomorrow. It will reactivate itself at the same hour for your return the first of September and you'll land at the King's Cross station. Don't forget to get whatever books you need for Hogwarts. (or Moony will kill me !)

Now, enjoy yourself and don't forget your wand, the Trace will be inactive once you leave Britain (Aren't I great?)

I'll try to drop by, provided that I'm still alive when Moony, Dumbledore and Molly find out about all this,



Harry couldn't believe what he was reading .Sirius offered him the freedom he had needed

for so long. A freedom that Sirius himself deserved but didn't have access to.

Harry immediately looked for his mirror.

''Sirius Black!'' He called urgently.

Immediately Sirius face appeared. He was just as cheerful as the last time.

''Isn't it my wonderful Godson!''

''Sirius, I just got your present!'' The teenagers said with emotion in his voice. '' Thank you so much! you're the best godfather ever!''

Sirius smiled even wildly then before. ''I know'' He replied smugly. '' More seriously, I'm glad you like it. You definitively deserve this vacation time. Like I said, I'll come by once everyone will have calmed down here okay! Now , I'll have to let cut the transmission or they'll know I'm up to something - I swear Moony has an alarm system anti-trouble, he kept looking at me suspiciously. Oh, and congratulation for you Owls, I already know you aced them.

Harry flushed under the compliment, not used to having a parent figure proud of him.

''See ya Rigel''

Harry smile at the use of his new name '' Bye Padfoot''

On the first of August, exactly one minute of after noon, Harry Potter landed in his new flat. He looked up to the house and blinked. Twice. Then rubbed his eyes. Apparently Sirius had a skewed sense of ''flat'' because this was far larger than what he pictured a flat to be. When he had imagined it, he had visualised two or three rooms, not this enormous

place. It was so much larger than what he envisioned...

The room he was in was clearly the living-room. A large banderole over the fireplace was proclaiming ''Welcome to Grim's Gift''. Harry smiled.

The house was luxuriously decorated. All of the furniture looked new and clean, and many of the rooms looked freshly painted. There were several paintings hanging, but no photographs. As he explored the house, he was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to see that there were also muggle appliance; he really had no idea how wizard lived their everyday life. There was a phone, a television, a stove, a fridge and even a Micro-wave! He had already seen the living-room and the kitchen, and passed by a bathroom and a bedroom when he saw a flight of steps clearly going upstairs. This time the raven haired boy was shocked. There was an upper floor to this flat?

It was even more richly adorned then the bottom floor. Once he got upstairs, he arrived into what was obviously a library. Harry instinctively loved it. It was a large room with two huge windows, comfortably looking armchairs and a fireplace and a desk on one corner. The Library's walls were almost completely covered in books, and there was also a huge globe.

A multitude of objects were displayed on etageres, that Harry had no idea what it were for and consequently wouldn't touch until Sirius came. The rest of the upper floor consisted of three other bedrooms and smaller living-room with a piano in it.

Harry was very pleased if a bit overwhelmed by the ''flat'', for the first time he really had a home. And it was just as Sirius has promised: somewhere they would be able to live together one day.

Harry chose to settle in one of the rooms with a balcony. Like the rest of the house, the bedroom was just as nicely furnished (nothing to do with cupboard under the stairs or the almost empty room he'd been given by the Dursleys, that's sure). The king-sized bed was placed against the wall facing the door, a desk in a corner and several bookshelves. There were two other door leading respectively to a wardrobe and his personal bathroom.

Childishly, he threw himself in the bed happily; it was like a dream...

After a while, he accio'ed his trunks and started to unpack. He pulled out his beloved Firebolt and leaned it against a wall as he promised himself to go fly later. His family album was put on the nightstand and his school books on his desk. There were no clothes, though. Only his Hogwarts robes and uniforms, as well as his weasley jumpers. He hadn't brought Dudley's hand-me-downs. He was determined to never wear them and thus he would go shopping, this very afternoon.

The thought of going out, reminded him once again that he wasn't in Great Britain anymore. He was really free, for the first time in sixteen years. As a smile spread on his lips, he once again threw himself on a bed , with a cry of joy.

Harry stepped out of his building, a map of the town in hand. Branide Ford was an entirely magical town. It was larger than any other magical area Harry had visited but it wasn't that different from Hogsmead or Diagon Alley. He resided at the 15, Morrigan Street. It was a quiet part of the town even though it was still close to the main street. He tapped his map twice with the tip of his wand and whispered ''Find Gringotts''. Immediately after a red line was highlited on the map, linking the 15, Morrigan street to a large dot labeled as Gringotts.

He went on his way.

Note! Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation of Orion (which happen to be Sirius' second name). DeGrimm is an obvious reference to Sirius' animagus form.