Chapter 2

Harry James Potter was sitting at the counter of the bar, sipping Black Samhain. It was his favorite drinks just after an Ice Ambrosia. Unfortunately for him, the barman didn't know how to mix the later, so the raven-haired boy chose the Black Samhain instead. It was a bit past one o'clock in the morning and he just came out of a concert. He went to see Sheryl Glorybird and she sound even better in live than on the radio. It had been great and Harry had thought that the end came way too soon.

Not wanting to go home, he went to a pub where most of those who attended to the concert went as well.

He looked at the blue drink in his glass pensively, recalling this summer turn out to be the best of his life. He only wished that his godfather could have been here as well. Unfortunately, Sirius could risk to visit him often, or the Order will became suspicious eventually find him and bring him back to the Dursleys. However, Harry will eternally be grateful for the freedom his Godfather offered him. Sirius had bought him a flat in Ireland and sent him there by portkey on his sixteenth birthday. And all that under the nose of the old bearded man. Dumbedore hadn't wanted Harry to go to the Burrow or to Grimmauld Place, thus Sirius decided that Harry needed real vacations and sent him to England. No need to say that all hell broke loose at Grimmauld Place and Moony chewed Sirius a new one when he learnt what Sirius had done. But everything was well now. Sirius and Remus managed to come visit him regularly even though it always for a reduced amount of time.

As of his new love for wizarding music. He had Luna to thank. She had send it to him not long after he came back to Privet Drive, with a load of magnatic tapes compiling several musics hits of those last years of different styles along with a Wizarding Walkman.

Anyway, that's how he had discovered Sheryl Glorybird and he had fallen in love with her songs. So when he had heard that she'd perform here in Branide Ford (the magical town he was currently living in) he had immediately bought a ticket.

Yes, he, Harry Potter was happy and in an extremely good mood. So happy that he decide to practice his new skills. Sirius had told him earlier this summer that his mum had been quite talented at using glamour. So Harry, had started to practice a bit essentially because that art of disguise could have been useful for him, but also he had wanted to know if he would share that that talent with his mum, like he shared the flying with his dad.

He looked around and his eyes fell on a young and good looking man that was leaning on the bar as he was flirting with a girl. Harry smirked. He had chosen his prey.

The art of glamour was quite precise and could be complex and since someone else was already watching his prey, he would need to be subtle so that they don't immediately notice that something was happening to the man's face . He smiled once more. He liked the challenge.

His goal was to progressively alter the appearance of the young man, subtly adding imperfections to his face. He started to add streak of dark green in the young man dark brown hair, since they were in a darker corner, the girl will think that it was probably the light. Then he made the young man's eyebrows growingly bushier. Harry giggled. He loved adding growing illusions the results at the end was incredibly funny. Then he put spots of pink on the man's face, so that it looked like he had slight allergies. He continued by darkening several teeth and even a flashed a golden teeth on the back of his month. He grew the hair and made them messier. Harry snorted in his drink when he saw the girl fidgeting in her seat. Merlin, it was so funny. Soon, the girl would make an excuse to run away. Harry reddened the young man's eyes then created dark bags under them. Then admired his artwork proudly.

''Morgana'' Harry whispered to himself '' I certainly ruined his looks... I hope, that girl wasn't that important''

'' No, don't worry. Torian is quite the womanizer'' Someone said right behind him.

Harry was so surprised that he jumped in seat and fell backwards. He would have landed on the ground quite painfully hadn't it been for a helpful pair of arms that grabbed him.

Harry stood up ''Oh good Lord, you surprised me''

''I don't doubt that'' the man said as he took the seat near Harry. ''You have funny hobbies... Do you often glamour random people?''

Harry turned crimson both from embarrassment and from the fact that and stranger was now conversing casually with him.

''I was practicing'' He said defensively. '' Besides, he won't know about it''

'' Too late for that '' The man replied, pointing a tomb towards the glamoured man:

Harry turned as well and realized that the man was staring at the mirror behind the bar touching his face, a mask of disbelief over his features.

''Shit!'' Harry whined in his hand, immediately canceling the glamour surprising the glamoured man even more. Harry turned a deeper shade of red, mortified.

The man besides him burst into a jovial laugh, startling Harry out of his embarrassment. And making him smile as well. The green-eyed boy turned back to the stranger, taking for the first time his appearance, and gasped. The Stranger was quite striking. The man seemed to be in his twenties. He had black shoulder-length hair not unlike Harry's, only the stranger's were freely framing his face whereas Harry's were tied at his the nape of his back and safely covering the scar on his forehead.

Elegant and aristocratic features adorned his face on a cream-coloured white skin, giving a shocking beauty. But even more stunning was the colour of his eyes, which were a tender shade of pink.

Harry was still staring at the stranger's face when a polite cough startled him out of his thoughts.

Once again, he blushed, not noticing the amused smile on the stranger's lips.

''I'm so sorry. It's so rude of me to be staring'' Harry blurted out. ''You have the most peculiar colour of eyes, though. ''

The smile on the other man's lips stretched into a grin. '' I could say the same to you...''

Harry eyebrows shot up, ready to protest that his were simply green, But they were interrupted by a cry from behind.

''Lorcan! The most horrible thing happened to me!''

Harry groaned, it was the young man he had tested his glamour upon. Said young man rushed to the seat on the other side of Harry's stranger who's name seemed to be Lorcan.

''Lorcan!'' The other young man blabbed excitedly '' Somebody hexed me while I was flirting with that ultra gorgeous girl. Once second she's totally into me , the next she's running away from as if I had the plague. And then, I look into the mirror and my face is all weird. And suddenly, it disappeared. And then Shannon come by to makes fun of me, and tell me that he took a whole lot picture of it...''

Harry wondered if he was he was jinxed.. First, Lorcan caught him and now this other guy...

He tried to make himself as inconspicuous as possible. He suddenly decided to focus in his Black Samhain that had been left off until now.

'Oh, sorry'' The new man suddenly apologised, as he noticed Harry '' I didn't know you had company, who's you're friend?''

''I just met him, actually. Torian , this is...'' He cocked his head towards Harry in askance,

''Rigel'' Harry replied, ''Rigel DeGrimm.

''Well, Rigel this is Torian O'rourke, one of my best friend.''

''And you are Lorcan, right?'' Harry asked , uncertainly.

Lorcan's eyes widened slightly , before another smile stretched on his lips.

''And I realize that I didn't actually introduced myself. How rude of me. I am Lorcan, Lorcan d'Eath.

'' Nice to meet you both'' Harry waved and smiled, even though he was still embarrassed.

'' Same here'' Torian replied with a smile of his own. '' Were you, by any chance, at Sheryl Glorybird's performance ?''

''Yes.'' The green-eyed boy replied excitedly. '' I really enjoyed the concert, she simply was amazing!''

''I thought so as well'' Lorcan said, nodding.'' She has that incredible voice, that always makes something throbbing inside my chest. She truly, was blessed with that voice of hers. No offense but I never quite understood the Weird Sisters' success. And they've been around longer than her.''

Harry didn't answered to that. He remembered the Weird Sisters from the Yule Ball in their fourth year, but he never really listened to them

''The place was packed, though. I was lucky to find a ticket'' Harry said

'' We almost didn't make too. But unlike you we had an unfair advantage.'' Torian smiled mischievously. ''We knew her from back when she wasn't famous. We used to go see her perform in smaller bars, and we became friends. She got us in , even though the sales were closed.''

''Wow, it must be nice'' Harry responded with a smile.

''It's nice to see that she finally gain the renown she deserved'' Lorcan mused. Then he asked in a louder voice.'' Want another drink?''

''Uhm, no... I think I'm going to head home now '' Harry stated, trying to conceal a yawn, as he stood up'' I don't usually hang out that late. Lorcan, Torian, it was nice meeting you both''

Nodding to them, he was already turning away, when Lorcan's hand suddenly gripped Harry's.

Pink eyes locked into green ones, the taller man declared

''I really enjoyed your company and you unusual hobbies, Rigel.'' Harry flushed at that. ''I hope we meet again soon.''

Harry started to shift uncomfortably under the intense scrutiny. He suddenly felt as if, Lorcan was trying to convey something, only Harry wasn't sure what. Unsure, he responded as well as he could.

'' I'm sure we will, I currently live not far from Bermudian Road. I spend most of my time there since I don't have anything else to do. I don't know the town well yet but I do know that Bermudian Road is highly frequented. I especially like Aidan Greene's Ice-cream Parlour, he's just as inventive as Florean Fortescue in London. ''

He must have said something right because a smile blossomed over Lorcan elegant features.

'' I guess I'll see you, then''

''Goodbye Lorcan''

And Harry strode out.

''Is this seat taken?''

Surprised green eyes rise to lock into pink ones that were barely visible over huge sunglasses.

''Lorcan!''Harry exclaimed '' No, please sit down!''

It had been two day since the night of Sheryl Glorybird's concert. Harry was truly happy to see him, besides Remus and Sirius he didn't have anyone to talk to.

''Hello Rigel, how are you today?''

''I'm fine, thanks. And you?''

''I'm very well'' He responded'' I hope I didn't interrupted you in the practice of your favourite hobby? '' The pink eyed man teased.

Immediately Harry flushed ''I... I ... Oh god, that was so embarrassing'' He moaned in his hands.

The other man burst into a cheerful laugh '' Relax , I'm just teasing a bit... What were you really doing?''

'' Well, I was just savouring this delicious ice-cream. I really can't get enough of them, I'm afraid. wizarding ones are way better then muggle ones Which is saying something since muggles one can be excellent. But, I'm babbling again. Sorry...'' Harry trailed off, flushing. The other just smiled.

'' No, it's okay. So, how do you find Branide Ford? I believe you told me you were from London. Is it your first time here?''

''Yes, it is the first time I come here. The town is gorgeous, though I can only judge from what I've seen which isn't much actually '' Harry chuckled. '' But I really like it here, it's huge , compared the other Wizarding community I've seen.''

''Well London's wizarding community are sure smaller. Godric's Hollow is probably the biggest and it's smaller then Branide Ford''

'' I can't compare anyway, I 've never been to Godric's Hollow'' Harry replied. 'No, actually I've lived at Godric 's Hollow but I was too young to remember.'' He corrected, before deciding to change the subject. '' This actually, my first summer in the wizarding world, and I find myself surprised everyday... Still, I haven't seen anything past Bermudian Road'' The green-eyed boy confessed.

''If you allow me, I could be your guide in this town. I've seen quite a lot, and now most of the historical places.''

''I'd love that'' Harry grinned

Thus it's been decided that they would start today , since both of them were free. Harry saw several amazing place like the Branidian Garden which was absolutely gorgeous to look at, or the Kilrayne Fortress on the outskirts of the town. Lorcan also showed him where young people spent their time, beside Bermudian Road. They took carriages to move around instead of Floo channels, for which Harry was extremely grateful since he dislike most of magical transportations. Lorcan replied that he could just buy his own private Flying Carpet, they didn't cause any discomfort during or after the trip. Harry was just astounded that wizards used Flying Carpets.

At the end of the day, Lorcan promised to take him out again, the following day.


'' Hum?'' Harry responded. I was the third day they met in town, He was currently browsing through a book on battle magic. When, it came to defense against dark art, Harry enter what Ron proudly called '' Harry Geek Mode''. He was abruptly ejected of it, when he heard Lorcan's question.

'' There is party tonight at a friend of mine's place, would you like to come with me?''

''I... Yes, I'd be delighted too'' Harry finally said excitedly.

''Perfect! We'll go by carriages, I know you can't stand the Floo''

''Wait, how do I dress up muggle way or wizarding way? I really don't want to stick out.''

''Well, I would recommend the wizarding way, dress robes won't be needed. Don't worry it'll will be will be Torian, and Shannon, who you didn't met but he was also there the night you glamoured Torian. Oh, and there will be Sheryl too.''

''Sheryl Glorybird? I'd like to meet her!'' Harry grinned. ''I really look forward to tonight party.''