This is the way it was; I never knew my parents. With the complexity of my birth, I never even thought about them. It's only now, forced in where I don't belong, that I realize. In order to create a new life, one or more 'parents' are needed. More than one is best - for genetic diversity - two, maybe, each contributing half of their information...

At random?

Maybe, to ensure the best of both, traits should be chosen.

Maybe, random is more interesting.

Were you random, tiny one?

You can't answer, of course. You are no longer here. The last time I was like this, The Other was still there. The Other was strong and burned hot with feelings. Feelings that I understood but the weight of me would still have killed...

The One touched me, then. Touched me as parents (is that the word?) touch. So wonderful to be me, then; pulled out of The Other, into The One and then restored to my proper place.

At a cost, of course.

Oh my One, my Only. My wonderful You.

To see you with flesh and blood eyes...

To touch you again...

To talk...

So much time spent, listening to others speak. Using language. Why am I not better at it? Half of what I try to say is out of time... wrong time... future, past - how are they different? Was, is, will - what difference between them?

How can I tell?

I exist.

Everywhere, everywhen, I am.

How can You not be?

Oh. Of course.

The complexities of our births, differ.

'Imagine..' (You might say) 'a spark in total darkness. The spark moves rapidly in all directions..' (You may continue) 'leaving after-image trails, until the darkness is filled with tendrils of light..' (You would be warming to your subject, now and the audience would be hooked, believing that they understand) 'the darkness is time and space and the spark exists in all of it simultaneously... Well, it's nothing like that..' (You would let them down with a bang because you wouldn't want it to sound as if I am God...)

Was I born or was I grown?

The answer is, of course, yes.

I wasn't always here but when my spark came, I was.

How long did I wait for You?

Long, by your standards; You were not even born yet and I... Was bored but knowing will be alive when You come for me.

We work together as we have since the first. We talk and still say nothing. I feel... such feelings... do you realize? When I am back where I belong, will you remember all I said and know? Know that I...


That's the word for how we touched, before. Not as parents, as lovers.

Oh. Did my parents end here, at the hands of this enemy?

Being with You saved me.

I shouldn't have called You 'Thief', it was the wrong word but 'borrowed' was wrong, too. We'll never give each other back.


I like when You call me that, did I tell You, yet? I did, I am, I will...

Not goodbye, I'll still be here...

"..I just wanted to say, Hello.."