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[Chapter One]

Madeleine took the cellphone. She stared at it for a minute, then clicked the message.

"Maddie, I'm sorry. I'll make It up to you tomorrow, I promise."

She almost cried again, but tried not to. She just replied to him an "okay".

After that night, Madeleine called Lulu and forwarded the text message from Garrison.

"What does that mean?" Lulu said.

"I'm not really sure, but I thought, I should just avoid him."


Madeleine took a shower, and changed clothes.

"Good morning, mummy." Madeleine said, and took a seat.

"Good morning, Madeleine. What time did Lulu left last night?"

"Nine, I think."

"Oh, I see."

Madeleine ate her breakfast. Then, somebody rang the doorbell.

"I will get it." Mrs. Masterson said.

Mrs. Masterson opened the door.

"Um, does Madeleine Masterson live here?" A boy said.

"Yes. Are you her friend?"


"Oh, come in."

"Mummy who is that?" Madeleine said.

When they entered the kitchen, Madeleine saw Garrison. He looked really sorry.

"I'm done with breakfast, mummy." Madeleine stood up.


Madeleine walked to the living room.

"What was your name again?" Mrs. Masterson asked.

"Garrison, ma'am."

"Oh, ok. Garrison, go to the living room, please."

"Of course."

Garrison followed Madeleine to the living room and sat.

"What do you want?" Madeleine asked, her arms crossed.

"I just wanna say sorry, Maddie.."

"I said do not call me that anymore. Only friends does, ok?"

"What? Then that means I'm not your friend anymore?"

Madeleine looked away, "Yes."

Garrison sighed, "Then I'm sorry, Madeleine."

Madeleine did not answered.

"Look, that girl in the Mall you saw yesterday isn't who you think it is."

"Of course she is. She's your girlfriend, am I right?" Madeleine wanted to cry "You'd rather to with her than with me, your friend."

"Madeleine, she is not my girlfriend! And I don't even like her!"

"Then why are you with her?"

Garrison sighed again, "Fine. She is my girlfriend. But I don't really like her. My dad & her dad forced us to date for a while, but it'll end soon, I promise."

"When It does, don't come back to me, got it? Now go."

Garrison walked out.

Madeleine ran to her bedroom, and silently cried. She was really right about it, Garrison did have anothe girl. She called Lulu.

"Hello?" Lulu answered.

Madeleine sniffed, "It's me. Madeleine."

"Maddie! I was worried you wouldn't call me. Wait, why are you sniffing?..."

Madeleine didn't answer her.

"Maddie... It's about Garrison again, is it?"

"Yes." Madeleine sniffed again.

Lulu sighed, "I'll be there in 5 minutes. Wait for me, ok?"


After 5 minutes, Lulu came in.

"So, what happened?" Lulu asked and sat.

Madeleine told Lulu the whole thing, and made her cry again.

"Don't cry anymore, Maddie. He's a worthless guy. If I have knew at the beginning, I should have stopped you for liking him."

"Thank you, Lulu. You're very much the best friend I had ever wanted."

"Your welcome, Maddie."

They hugged each other.

Then, someone called in Lulu's cellphone.

"Hello? Who is this? O-Oh, got it." She hunged up.

"Who was it?" Madeleine sniffed again.

"It's err, Theo. I gotta go now, Maddie. I'll see you later! I promise!" Lulu ran.

"That's... weird." Madeleine said to herself.

Madeleine grabbed a book to read. She waited for Lulu to come back, but it was almost nighttime,
she must've been called by her mother. After eating dinner, brushing her teeth, and changed her clothes, she thought why Lulu had to go.

"Family Problems?" She thought. Must've been that.

Then, she heard a text message. "Look down your window." It was from Lulu.

She looked at the window as like she was instructed to. When she did, she saw a very huge picture of an "I'm sorry" in her backyard. Garrison came out of the bushes.

He uttered, "I'm sorry, please forgive me."

Madeleine was about to cry, but decided not to. She ran downstair to Garrison.

"I'm really sorry, Madeleine, I was really a coward-.."

Madeleine covered his mouth, "It's Maddie." She smiled.

Lulu & Theo was looking behind the bushes.

"Plan completed. Finally!" Theo said.

"I can't see anything. Get off, Theo!"

"Is it my fault I am too big!"

"Yes! You're a fat boy!"

"Why you?"

After that night again, things settled down between Madeleine & Garrison. Garrison broked up with Edith and he would even call Madeleine back now.